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    Life is not all about you, or you would be allowed to drive as fast as you like without even taking a test. It doesn't even need a second to think about for normal people
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    I’m am sick and tired of people playing the race card at every turn. It is these people that are the Racists and do way more damage than good.
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    I'm kind of intrigued by those that are focussing on what is being done legally regarding covid and vaccines in the UK whilst our Government have been raping us of so many other rights...Those that are so focussed on the covid side are just giving a free ride to the other, much worse, things that this Government are doing...Covid seems to be getting used as a deflection for the rest of the *poo* that is being done.... Anyone that is pushing the anti-covid restriction stuff just seems like a shill for the other horrors that are being pushed through....It's a lovely deflection by the Government, but you anti-covid folks are just playing into their hands.
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    To be honest none of us really understand blu.
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    Whilst central park seems gone for now, it does seem like there is a distinct possibility of retaining a National League side running out of Iwade. Hopefully if the venture comes off it gets the support to make the club viable and potentially keep the door open to a central park return in the higher leagues in the future.
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    heard good news that there’s a offer in for the stadium to be bought and kept as a speedway venue
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    Do any Politicians ever consider some of us don’t want to be kept safe. Life is about risks. Safe is for sooks and losers...
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    Seems the Werder Bremen trainer has resigned after being caught with a fake Covid pass
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    I think there may be at least one other possibly two more NDL teams in addition to Northside based on various rumours. Two existing Clubs running NDL too. Be great news if so after NDL looked dead a year ago.
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    Yet they only let them ride in one other league in fear of them getting injured,.Go figure .
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    SGB PREMIERSHIP RIDERS’ POINTS 2021 (Includes Guest Rides & Tactical Rides) Dan Bewley 240 Daniel King 228 Sam Masters 206 Jack Holder 204 Adam Ellis 203 Chris Harris 194 Michael Palm Toft 182 Hans N Andersen 171 Ryan Douglas 171 Brady Kurtz 169 Scott Nicholls 165 Luke Becker 165 Nick Morris 161 Richard Lawson 158 Thomas Jorgensen 149 Craig Cook 139 Steven Worrall 136 Rory Schlein 134 Lewis Kerr 133 Bjarne Pedersen 125 Kyle Howarth 122 Charles Wright 118 Broc Nicol 109 Troy Batchelor 107 Ulrich Østergaard 102 Jye Etheridge 96 Josh Pickering 96 Jake Allen 94 Anders Rowe 92 Tom Brennan 90 Paul Starke 90 Erik Riss 87 Richie Worrall 75 Drew Kemp 72 Jason Crump 63 Connor Mountain 58 Leon Flint 50 Benjamin Barker 49 Kasper Andersen 46 Ricky Wells 46 Cameron Heeps 45 Jordan Palin 39 Justin Sedgmen 38 Danyon Hume 37 James Wright 33 Stefan Nielsen 30 Tyron Proctor 16 Simon Lambert 13 Josh Bates 10 Jack Thomas 9 Lewis Bridger 7 Tom Bacon 7 Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 6 Ryan Kinsley 5 Kyle Bickley 3 Jordan Stewart 2 Aaron Summers 2 Dan Thompson 2 Alfie Bowtell 0 Nathan Greaves 0 Jordan Jenkins 0 Theo Pijper 0 Jack Smith 0 SGB CHAMPIONSHIP RIDERS’ POINTS 2021 (Includes Guest Rides & Tactical Rides) Steven Worrall 282 Daniel King 258 Sam Masters 254 Scott Nicholls 243 Jake Allen 217 Chris Harris 215 Leon Flint 214 Kyle Howarth 206 Bjarne Pedersen 205 Craig Cook 201 Josh Pickering 201 Ryan Douglas 197 Charles Wright 196 Nick Morris 177 Ricky Wells 164 Erik Riss 163 Rory Schlein 163 Paul Starke 163 Michael Palm Toft 161 Richie Worrall 161 James Wright 161 Benjamin Barker 157 Aaron Summers 155 Broc Nicol 150 Thomas Jorgensen 148 Simon Lambert 144 Troy Batchelor 139 Sam Jensen 138 Alfie Bowtell 135 Dany Gappmaier 134 Kye Thomson 132 Hans N Andersen 130 Connor Mountain 127 Michele Castagna 124 Danyon Hume 124 Jason Crump 123 Theo Pijper 118 Max Clegg 117 Ashley Morris 112 Jack Thomas 109 Dan Thompson 108 Kasper Andersen 103 Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 103 Jye Etheridge 102 Jordan Palin 101 Adam Ellis 100 Zach Cook 97 Ulrich Østergaard 96 Cameron Heeps 95 Tero Aarnio 94 James Sarjeant 93 Ben Cook 92 Stefan Nielsen 92 Adam Roynon 90 Josh MacDonald 87 Kyle Bickley 82 Richard Lawson 82 Jordan Jenkins 81 Ben Morley 81 Dillon Ruml 79 Zaine Kennedy 78 Dan Gilkes 76 James Shanes 76 Zane Keleher 75 Justin Sedgmen 75 Joe Thompson 73 Connor Bailey 71 Anders Rowe 67 Tom Brennan 62 Drew Kemp 62 Lewis Kerr 61 Matthew Wethers 59 William Lawson 58 Nathan Greaves 55 Benjamin Basso 40 Valentin Grobauer 36 Jake Mulford 32 Jason Edwards 29 Marcin Nowak 27 Josh Auty 17 Tom Bacon 15 Tyron Proctor 14 Paul Hurry 11 Jack Smith 8 Steven Goret 8 Jordan Stewart 6 Josh Bates 5 Luke Crang 5 Kyle Newman 5 Joe Lawlor 4 Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 4 Greg Blair 3 Archie Freeman 3 Jake Knight 3 Connor Coles 2 Ryan Kinsley 1 Alex Spooner 1 Tom Woolley 1 Joe Alcock 0 Daniel Phillips 0 Luke Ruddick 0 Ryan Terry-Daley 0 NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE RIDERS’ POINTS 2021 (Includes Guest Rides) Kyle Bickley 130 Dan Thompson 117 Dan Gilkes 103 Jordan Jenkins 98 Joe Thompson 98 Connor Coles 93 Daniel Phillips 91 Greg Blair 87 Harry McGurk 85 Jason Edwards 84 Tom Woolley 78 Leon Flint 77 Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 73 Jake Mulford 70 Sam Hagon 69 Tom Spencer 65 Ryan Kinsley 64 Jack Smith 63 Sam Bebee 58 Nathan Greaves 56 Luke Ruddick 52 George Rothery 48 Alex Spooner 48 Kieran Douglas 47 Elliot Kelly 45 Mason Watson 44 Jacob Clouting 43 Sam McGurk 42 Ben Trigger 42 Paul Bowen 41 Mickie Simpson 38 Luke Crang 35 Ben Rathbone 34 Nathan Ablitt 33 Gregor Millar 32 Benji Compton 28 Ryan MacDonald 26 Joe Lawlor 25 Ryan Terry-Daley 25 Lewis Millar 23 Ben Morley 23 Archie Freeman 21 Sam Woolley 19 William Lawson 18 Vinnie Foord 17 Josh Warren 17 Luke Muff 16 Kai Ward 16 Ben Woodhull 14 Sheldon Davies 9 Luke Harris 7 Danno Verge 7 Nick Laurence 2 Tim Colley 1 Gavin Parr 1 Jamie Sealey 1 Kelsey Dugard 0 MIDLAND & SOUTHERN DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE RIDERS' POINTS 2021 Ben Trigger 55 Sam Woolley 50 Jacob Fellows 38 Bailey Fellows 29 Josh Warren 20 Tim Colley 17 Nick Laurence 9 James Chattin 8 Luke Muff 8 Eli Meadows 8 Kai Ward 8 Ryan Ashcroft 5 Stephen Whitehouse 5 Ben Phillips 4 Kyran Lyden 3 Jamie Sealey 3 Francesca Kirtley-Paine (aka Cesca Wright) 0 William Richardson 0 NORTHERN JUNIOR LEAGUE RIDERS' POINTS 2021 I've removed the riders points, because the league co-ordinator has changed the results of a number of meetings from those that the referees declared on the SCB website, and it's all got a bit confusing. Compiled by Mike Moseley.
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    50k annual rent and 20 meetings is draconian and also kills off any thoughts of NDL in my opinion. As I see it if CL is 10 teams and you have 9 home and 9 away plus KOC and a few fillers, you'd have to run as many as 6 home meetings as "fillers" to reach the 20 fixtures so, they would be loss making meetings right off. If you don't run 20 fixtures you have to pay more rent per fixture to pay the 50k There is very little land available at right price in the right areas in Birmingham / Greater Birmingham, and The Black Country is the same, look at Cradley issues trying to find land in Dudley and Sandwell Boroughs. The big brown field sites like Longbridge have been used for residential and commercial development. The NEC / Airport area where nosie would be less of any issue is pretty much full up. The City Council and Regional elected Mayor are useless. As long as Wolves can hang on to Monmore or Coventry can reclaim Brandon, it's a very sobering outlook elsewhere in the area. There is another problem there though as any land that's encroaching on their territory so only robs Peter to pay Paul. Grim times so we all have to pray that we can keep PB for as long as possible.
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    Covid: Wearing a mask is effective at preventing infection, study finds https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/covid-mask-wearing-spread-study-university-edinburgh-b967199.html still waiting for Mark246 to get back with an answer, as well...........
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    Vets and the extortionate prices they charge. £104.74p for Lucy to be examined. £106. 80 to test blood and urine samples. Fair enough, but another £98.88 for antibiotic tablets which were collected from reception that are only £34.75p for the exact same ones from an online vet in Bristol. Damn annoys me that they charge almost 3 times more.
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    Tbf the teams are prob already signed, just not announced!
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    The ‘ masses ‘ won’t believe you as they know best. Very few outside the ‘inner circles’ of a speedway club have any understanding of the finances involved as many a post on here shows . Championship Riders on a £100 plus a point ? Vans , houses, bikes, mechanics, given free ? never mind flights paid for. Those clubs still getting involved in those things are the ones most often on the endangered list.
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    There is also a black very good American moto X rider, James Stewart.
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    Supply and demand for the U24's has meant (forced) the second and third tier clubs to have increased their salaries.. A good time to be a better than decent young up and coming rider.. Someone suggested that Tom Brennan would have been better joining an U24 team in the top division.. At this stage of his career getting those type of numbers in the 2nd tier would be far better.. You can upgrade your kit quite significantly for long term progress with that type of remuneration..
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    There are swings & roundabouts to every story. I honestly don't believe Rafiq is in it for money & fame. I genuinely believe he's not in it for people to lose their jobs etc. I think he seriously is only interested in understanding & education. The problem is that people refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. People need to come out and own it & Rafiq I'm sure would be perfectly fine with that. David Lloyd owned it & there's not much backlash towards him. The issues are quite clearly the people lying about what's been said & done. Rafiq himself has been pulled up & apologised for Anti-Semitic messages. Some on here clearly need to educate themselves too, every excuse under the sun coming out saying Rafiq's the problem. This really is acknowledge, listen, understand. Education, education and education.
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    Absolutely brilliant to be scrolling through the teams and see Oxford in the list
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    Tony Blair was a breath of fresh air after years of Thatcherism...it was only years later that his reputation laid in tatters.

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