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    Agreed. Remember back in those days weddings were cancelled, family members dying were forbidden from comfort. Women in Labour denied company. Those making such grim instructions, clearly ignoring them whilst the general public were , at times forced to endure emotional torture. That is where the anger comes from, and why the politicians might squirm, but it is a very big deal for those who suffered whilst the charlatans clinked their glasses.
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    Except he hasn't been treated the same. Again, I don't agree with Djokovic's public anti-vaccination stance, think he was unwise to brag about his exemption, if he'd just kept his mouth shut then probably none of it would have come to light. The fact he seems to be mates with Farage also suggests he's either in the alt-right camp with all that entails vax wise or is completely politically naive. However, as an Australian resident I'm quite familiar with the regulations and a medical exemption is a valid reason for entering the country for anyone. Now it's probable that the organisers and the Victorian government have been fast-and-loose with the regulations (as happened with the BSPA and work permit approvals a few years ago), but that is not Djokovic's fault. He's quite clearly been targeted by an unpopular Australian PM for political reasons ahead of an election this year, and I find pretty disgusting that normal people (regardless of whether they are a top tennis player) should become a victim of that. To use lese majeste powers as well - after the initial reasons for cancelling the visa were rejected - including detaining him and confiscating his methods of communication, for someone who's not a clearly criminal or terrorist and very unlikely to be a serious threat to public order, should have every resident and innocent traveller worried. I think the ATP should be boycotting the Australian Open next year unless cast-iron assurances are given by the Australian government that arbitrary targeting and detention of players will not happen. The one thing that COVID has brought to light is that people are not as free as they deluded themselves. Governments, even those in supposed western democracies, just seem to think they can do what they like with impunity these days. And sadly most of their populations are willing victims.
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    Surely it's irrelevant whether or not it was sociailising or working, because the context of them being there was work. Once they were all in one place for work then they were together, so whatever you catagorise what they are doing as, they would still have been in the same building. The point of everything was to avoid people mixing as much as possible, surely. It wasn't about not being allowed to do anything remotely pleasant. These people were already mixing for work so having socially distanced drinks would make no difference whatsover. A lot of fuss about nothing.
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    I think Cummings is doing his utmost to destroy the government as much as he destroyed his own credibility. He is a worthless snake and absolutely not to be trusted, the idea that two other staff corroborate his 'saying' he told Johnson is here nor there, it is still about taking his word and that has no value at all. However there is plenty of evidence these parties actually happened, Johnson knew about them and even attended them so he has to go. Any other MP attending parties at that time should be subject to the same outcome and civil servants should be subject to disciplinary procedures for attending as well. It happened, the reasons for it being discovered are immaterial, we wouldn't say a thief shouldn't go to court because he only got caught a year later when somebody grassed him up for their own ends.
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    Car manufacturers that make it necessary to dismantle half the car in order to change a bulb Given the significant safety issue of non working lights, bulbs should be able to be replaced at the side of the road. It's just cost me £82 to replace a side light bulb on my wife's car and now my indicator has gone on mine which necessitates removal of the wheel, wheel arch liner followed by keyhole surgery to replace a 50p bulb!
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    So what you are saying is that Keir Starmer and his team should have all gone into separate rooms to have their lunch so they were breaking the rules too? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that nobody would have faced a fine for rule breaking for having a break at work with other people. Everyone is just dancing to Dominic Cummings' tune.
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    The rule/law at the time was no social mixing. The same politicians that forced that rule onto the public very clearly broke it. THAT'S the point. The work issue in that context is completely irrelevant no matter how stupid it seems. At the time, there were so many things we couldn't do but we could get on a bus, go on the train etc. with loads of strangers...BUT we couldn't socialise with our families. A lot of it made no sense and was nonsense. However, they broke their own rules which cannot be unpunished when so many folk were fined for doing the same. Therefore it's a lot more than a fuss about nothing.
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    It's in the email - but it could always be taken to mean alcohol will not be provided so if you want to drink anything you will have to bring your own.
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    Poor Birmingham desperately need a number one. In fact I’d say their future and survival looks very bleak indeed without one. doesn’t seem right to me.
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    That's DC got his dogging days mixed up.
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    One bevvy that we know about. Personally there are very few MP's I would trust as far as I could throw, my betting is the vast majority of them have broken rules over the last couple of years.
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    Lets see who our last 3 signings are before we start to get the violins out ? LOL
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    It made me laugh, Arsenal U23 game was played which then ruled out lots of young players because they played recently. But with an injury crisis and squad sizes at PL Clubs, why aren't they being involved. The whole purpose of the structure is to do that. Under 23s & age group squads under that are pretty much as big as First team squads. You might unearth Sakas or Smith Rowes who are brilliant. Its laughable, all of these call offs need to be investigated retrospectively as clubs have deliberately played the system. Pre covid none of the games that have been called off would have been.
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    No such thing as 100% sure but Lawson in particular is going to be choosy over who he does business with.
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    Sorry fella. I thought it applied to both. Do you only have an opinion on the Johnson one then?
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    Drew Kemp has bags of talent.....it's a confidence sport !
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    So nobody was allowed to have lunch with a work-mate outside whilst socially distanced? What should they have done for lunch then, all gone to their own homes?
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    who Boris and the rest of the government came out in support of and said what he did was OK So is this another instance of Boris telling lies?
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    He does want to ride in the uk but not yet. He has a team place in Poland already
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    You missed my point too....and you STILL refuse to say why you ignore the loon but jump on others! Come on DC2, get some credibility back and tell us why you ignore certain eejits on here.
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    Yes don't think too much can be read in to those stats, riders develop at different stages in their career. Definitely a good prospect and a snip on his average.
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    A 17 year old who's world under 21 final performances are, for his age, better than: Zmarzlik Dudek Pawlicki Janowski Kubera Smektala ...should do ok
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