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    All those problems are history, ask the riders
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    Nope. They should be mentioning names like Verge. James Jessop and Richard Andrews cause thats the sort riders that will end up being signed
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    I think you will find Poole were the only team with a 100% home record last season, plus most riders go well round Poole because its a fair race track
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    A former leader who has reportedly voted against the Labour Party close on 500 times.One has to ask why he even wants to go back.
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    I think that's true. However, in the past riders who rode at smaller tracks didn't have the power or set ups to compete on big, fast tracks. It seems to me that modern bikes are built for speed and fast tracks so much less advantage for us at the NSS.
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    Ipswich won't need them anyway
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    Belle Vue is an unbelievable racetrack, but there’s little home advantage is there, every rider likes going there, got to get the set up right for sure but not got the same sort of home advantage of say monmore green or other smaller more technical tracks
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    It's ok Dave, you don't need a carrot.
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    Is this spoken from personal experiences ?
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    To be seen to be doing something. Under pressure from teaching unions and the like. The government is a victim of its own incompetence and has created a rod for its own back. After floundering over masks they stapled them to the mainstream narrative as part of “the science” which “we must all obey” and a clear badge for the public to brandish against “Covid deniers”, but masks have become bigger than the government ever intended and now the media, the unions and the public refuse to accept that they are next to useless.
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    Thank goodness we got rid of all that EU red tape. Just a few (electronic) forms needed now...
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    What they are doing on the island is fantastic. Yes I agree I to would like to see IoW back in NDL but if the current owners cannot agree with the politics then this is their best option. I may not enjoy grass bikes or Flat track machines on a speedway track but I see the business plan in that this allows access to more competitors it is a system that has worked across the world of motorcycle racing. In Australia NZ USA & SA all different types & standards will come together to produce the whole event & nobody can argue that anything upto 50 races is better value than 15 no matter what standard or discipline.
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    I agree... someone can create something under Nora Speedway... that will be just perfect...... We stage "real speedway" thank you...real speedway that includes youth racing at every meeting, real speedway races at every meeting with other categories, real speedway that includes new rules for the benefit of the sport as a whole, real "inclusive" speedway.... real speedway full stop actually.... but then I like passing, action, characters, interaction, shale, and so on... so we have "real speedway" and the Islanders were defunct some 7 years or so ago
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    Maybe we line up with: 1) Covatti 2) Keheller 3) Shanes 4)Blodorn 5) Auty 6) morris 7) Nielsen
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    Surely if that was the case he would have gone years ago
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    We fully appreciate that we are not for everyone. However we have embraced the European/US style of speedway meetings (and I have been to both of them) which last year worked very well, and we hope for the same this year. Personally I dont see the point to say this or that and that along with "glad its not my club" and not have actually experienced what our race nights are about and include. It is so easy for us Brits to put something down rather than saying well done, that is brilliant, good effort, congratulations... sadly it is a known Brit trait However, the simple fact is, and again we fully appreciate that it is not for every speedway/motorsport fan, but the overwhelming result of the year was that people really enjoyed what we put on, loved the atmosphere, and returned. Imagine what could be done without restriction, or fear for riders/clubs being penalised. Our view of the sport remains the same, keep supporting your clubs where you can, attend where you can and provide constructive feedback to your clubs about what you want to see on a race night. Thats exactly what we did. All the best all and thank you all for you feedback, it helps us grately.
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    Same could easily be said about British Speedway as a whole. Whilst IOW don't claim to have all the answers they are at least posing a few questions and getting people talking. The meeting types and formats clearly won't work a lot of places as they simply don't have the track to accommodate it but to successfully run an alternative to league speedway has to be applauded even if it doesn't directly appeal to you.
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    We've said before that the variety of meetings kept the sport fresh. In addition to the league and KOC, every track had a couple of individual meetings, at least one regional cup, plus things like best pairs and 4TT's. The real icing on the cake was being awarded a Test Match! Those were the days...
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    Test Matches were always great......One of the one's that really sticks in my mind was the GB v USSR international at Wembley in 1964.....Although the Russians were well beaten the atmosphere there was nothing short of fantastic. Wish they would bring back regular test matches now. There was another series in Australia in 2001.....Young Australia v Young Britain.....Aussies won the series 5-4 Thanks for posting.
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    Variety is the spice of life. If we all liked the same things life would be pretty boring. IMO one thing the sport can do is provide a bit of variety in some if not all the meetings. How many former regular attendees posting on this forum have said 15 heats and endless laps by a Massey Ferguson is one of the reasons they no longer attend. The sport needs to win back these supporters while also attracting new ones, 8 riders doing a few Flat Track demos may attract some who wouldn't go. At the end of the day the same old format being done every meeting isn't getting a new generation of fans through the door.
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    Over £21 for a 60p mug........Right !!
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    Don't know what is involved with changing engines/batteries on these electric cars. is it just a case of flicking out 2 AA batteries and sticking in another 2?
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    Always lively 'banter' on the terraces there, Steve! I could have been one of the fans you were having discussions with! Normally it was the Dons fans getting frustrated as the Witches were winning so easily! I enjoyed my visits to Plough Lane. In the 70's early 80's it was the polar opposite to Foxhall Heath. The stadium looked so smart. Always felt I should wipe my feet on entering! The racing was entertaining, good atmosphere on the steep terracing and I liked how compact and enclosed it was, again the total opposite to Foxhall. You could sense the history. Enjoyable as it was watching the customary tonking of the Dons back in 70's, I think the most fun was had though in the two seasons the Witches dropped down to the NL, 1989 and 90. The PA was always cranked up, Dave Lanning really got the crowd going and there were some superb meetings between the two teams. I think the Dons won them all! - but always tight. We would have a sweepstake amongst us as to which section of fence Moggo would take out first. Mind you, we did that everywhere...

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