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    But they don’t like trolls with nothing sensible to contribute so come back when you have something worthwhile to say.
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    In 7 pages of this thread nobody has condoned slavery and nobody has said it should be honoured. If you look at the OP and Wealdstone further post of 7th January he was at pains to make clear that the thread was not a about the rights or wrongs of slavery. It was about whether an unelected mob should be entitled to remove a statue - any statue - arbitrarily. I don’t know how you find it so difficult to comment on mob rule, but at the same time transmute the discussion, falsely, into one of honouring slave traders. It seems to me that if the ones responsible for causing the damage were to pay for it, justice would be seen to be done. It seems to me to be iniquitous that BLM supporters could raise thousands upon thousands of pounds to pay the legal fees of the four concerned, but leave the taxpayer to pick up the £4000 bill for recovering the statue.
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    Everyone loves a keyboard lawyer......
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    Very hard for anyone to debate this. There was no Pandemic...
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    As with most modern day drama productions it has to be 50/50 white and black. Almost every couple is mixed with their offspring being the perfect mixed race the leftist elite fantasize. Of course this isn't reality but if you ram an ideology down the throat of the easily influenced long enough via mainstream media then what is the minority soon becomes seen as the normal. I've stopped watching most modern productions because of this (Anne Bolynn was black apparently!). I prefer to watch documentaries, reality and sports because at least they are real.
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    Latest treatment for omicron is revealed.
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    Bjarne was superb, amazing gater but could he pass, oh yes he could, i remember him getting 22 points at Arena Essex once, what a performance, absolutely top rider and a really nice guy too, always had time for a chat.
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    That makes the event less attractive. Places would be empty if there's meetings where the No2/No4 & No6 race. . It has to be fixed to be a pairing from the top 3 in the team averages otherwise there's just going to be no interest at all to attend.
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    Israel yesterday reported the highest convid rate in the world, despite having a 4th jab. Maybe they need a 5th...
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    Wouldn't be a surprise that after the first pairs meeting is run at Peterborough and the meeting is poorly attended due to the quality of the riders on show its knocked on the head
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    If a statue is not honouring someone, then what is it doing there? Some would rather these monuments to honour career slave traders are retained, some would rather they were not.
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    Zinc ionophores help zinc, a water soluble metal, pass through the fatty acid cell wall. Intracellular zinc shuts down the replication of viruses. I trust this is helpful to you...
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    To me, this is a completely wasted opportunity. Media, guests, sponsors and season ticket holders only. Why? We are not in the luxurious position that can afford to separate. It’s a rare season opener marketing opportunity - why not try and sell it to all that have an interest - nothing to lose, only potential gain. If we really want to promote then bloody promote it.
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    I thought it was very disappointing. Dialogue stilted and imo a very unrealistic scenario. Pity both leads didn't get blown up at the end of episode 1! I thought "The Responder" which was on last night was a much better watch.
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    Wolfie sprouting crap again.....no surprise mind..... https://news.sky.com/story/boris-johnson-sue-gray-has-received-photos-of-parties-in-downing-street-which-show-the-pm-next-to-wine-bottles-sky-news-understands-12525259
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    I keep hearing that Belle Vue are chasing a young Aussie that lives in Perth???
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    That's no apology - just ignorance. If you mean Britain or UK say Britain or UK.
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    I have always enjoyed my visits to Monmore it is fair to say, not all about the track, I like the people too.
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    ‘Russia is about to invade Ukraine’ is the 2022 equivalent of 2003’s ‘Iraq has WMDs which can be assembled and launched within 45 minutes’. They were lying then and they’re lying again now...
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    I think Starmers time at the head of the CPS and his departments response to what I believe to be the biggest crime of my lifetime, the grooming scandal, should rule him out of being in charge of a corner shop let alone a country.
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    It should be compulsory if you leave the banner you were elected under.

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