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    The message remains the same. Protect the children…
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    I for one do. My son (11) has a lung condition, so we got him jabbed as soon as it was open for his age group. Pleased we did, as 2 weeks afterwards he caught covid (one of 4 kids so far in his class), and he is so far coping very well
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    Good answer Waiheke1 and very good reason to have your child jabbed. Sorry to hear of your sons condition. I have children around the same age as you, and fortunately as far as I know they have no underlying medical conditions. I would not be queueing up to get them jabbed as I believe the ‘data’ doesn’t provide strong enough evidence to back up the need. It’s also not long until they are adult so I believe they can make their own decision when they are allowed
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    You could say this for most, if not all the tracks in the country. 99.9% of fans are fine and you can have a decent conversation with them and enjoy the banter, but you still have that 0.1% who (usually) have "one over the eight" and cause you grief. Rather than cause trouble, unfortunately, the only option is for you to move to another part of the track. I must say though in all the years of travelling away to support the Diamonds, it's never come to that, but I know it's happened to others, even at Brough Park.
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    Surely the questions should be is it right for someone to pretend to be a Doc and give advice. Plus Blu is either too easily fooled or knows it is crap and shares it anyway. I mean the amount of crap he shares, means he either has the memory of a fly and is a major fool or he is a major troll
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    I shan't set foot on the STMP again. In 50 years of watching speedway it's the only place I've felt uncomfortable, especially with my daughter. I don't go anywhere to be heckled by idiots, and as Redcar is the only place that has happened, I'll give it a miss.
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    Before the lockdowns, we used to stand in the 2nd temporary stand with some Redcar supporters and had some great 'debates' and laughs together. Usually stand in the gap in front of the refreshments bar now, and that's because we meet other Diamonds fans and with Bears fans. Usually if you give it back respectfully, you can get a great atmosphere. I feel quite at home at Redcar, but last year we had someone cleaning the refs windows during a meeting, now there's a first. Wonder who he was ?
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    So you think we should be jabbing children?
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    Really? That's a very bizarre comment to make! I'm still on here, despite Wimbledon closing. So is iris123. And cityrebel. And Robbie B. Come to think of it, MOST of us who are on here have lost our tracks, yet it's no cause for us to leave the BSF.
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    As topic title. This is great news! CHAMPIONSHIP STREAMING GOES LIVE! - Thursday, January 27, 2022 (britishspeedway.co.uk)
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    Great idea watched a few live streams last season means supporters can watch their team away from home if it's to far to travel.
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    Haha I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he appeared to be with @TotallyHonestJohn so I can only assume he'd tried to keep up
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    Lasse is still riding? Kenneth, along with Broc Nicol. It's not Woffinden & Jakobsen, but probably the best available. Bjerre maybe a few years beyond his peak but will be a solid heat leader on a track he knows. It's getting to the now or never stage for Nicol's European career, which he must realise. Had enough time to become accustomed & more opportunities than the average Brit his age is ever afforded.
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    Be good to see a live stream if it could be done
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    I wonder if Sandor actually participated in the Hungarian revolution- I guess he was born in the mid thirties and would have remembered Admiral Horthy, who was deposed in about 1943 or 44. Replaced by Ferenc Salazi and the Arrow Cross- Jewish Hungarians were ok until that point but then they became the last major victim group of the Holocaust. I thought Horthy did the best he could- he survived the war and retired to Spain-wrote a most interesting auto biography. I wonder if Sandor with a last name - Levai-was Jewish, and Levai was just a derivation of Levy. Anyway-he really helped out Newport.. A most interesting guy.
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    In my view leaving the EU will be the catalyst for the end of The United Kingdom as we know it. I have queried many times with leavers if they thought it a price worth paying, but the response has been equivocation.
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    Could be wrong, but unless you point out where , we'll never know. We'll take it for now though that you cant point out where I am factually wrong
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    If its factually incorrect, there is nothing to stop you correcting it.
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    That's because he's the British youth champion,surely that would more than meet any criteria required to be part of these things.
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    I fondly remember Sandor being a Heathen in 1974 and 75. John Berry wrote in one of his books that Sandor made a mistake coming back following his retirement at the end of his stint with Ipswich, but most Heathens fans would disagree. Certainly round Dudley Wood he gave us a touch of solidity which was very welcome following a dismal 1973 season. My memory of Sandor is more personal but was why he was always one of my favourite riders even before signing for Cradley. 1969 was my first full season as a Speedway fan and I ended up the season totally besotted with the sport. So much so, that when asked what I wanted to do for my Birthday in October the answer was a trip to Monmore Green to see some Speedway (the Dudley Wood season having ended a few days before). My main reason for going to see the enemy was that Newport were the visitors and they included former Heathen Chris Julian. We were stood on the sparsely populated back straight and cheered for the Wasps riders all night. Its fair to say Newport were put to the sword and my former favourite Chris was pretty poor. However, the only Wasp who put on a show was number 1 Sandor who amassed 12 of the team total of 23. As he coasted round round after his 3 wins he obviously became aware of us cheering and waving our programmes and began to wave back (both before and after his heats). This continued into the second half - which he won - with our reception and Sandor's reaction getting more animated each time. Ever since that night Sandor was my favourite "other" rider and we always went to support him whenever he rode at Monmore.
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    Strange that Danny Ford of Wednesday track Poole is on the BSPL Management Board and party to those decisions?!
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    Why would I headbutt you ? You make some good points in that post. We all know the horrors of slavery, and its good to keep them in the public eye but throwing Colstons statue in the drink doesn’t change the course of history. So where does it all end ? Tear down all statues with links to slavery and all you’ll do is erase more evidence that it ever existed. I get it that BLM came into existence partly to raise awareness of the plight of some black people ( and partly to line the pockets of its organisers) but that’s a problem for today, as is sex trafficking and modern slavery, not statues from the past. Ultimately change comes from education and what’s in people’s hearts . Not laws, not marches.

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