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    Seems a stupid idea to me. There's no need for it, what was wrong with a draw? Also as has been seen in the SON. Someone falls on the first lap or touches the tapes etc & you get the boring situation of a virtually pointless re-run where only one team can win with the 4,3,2,0 scoring system being used. Also cannot understand why they'd introduce a rule change like this & not announce it?
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    Yeah, but, Omicron was seven times more transmissible than Delta and twenty times more hysterical.
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    Thanks for proving me right. As I pointed out, Lemon didn't say he "hoped" Etheridge could move up. He said he believes he's capable of moving into the main body of the team (having been reserve last year). That's clearly why he's giving him the no.2 job to do this year.
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    The death toll would be a lot higher without the vaccines. But don't let that minor fact affect your agenda. You're utterly obsessed and consumed by things, so feel free to bang on and on about PCR testing scams blah, blah, blah as nobody (except maybe your BFF DC2) cares any more. The country has moved on. You need to, too.
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    I'd personally switch the reserves around, otherwise I'd agree with that line up. Hard to tell on the pics but the pits seem pretty much in the same position (pics are on Facebook). I believe they are containers, with the fronts 'chopped off.'
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    Another deliberate manipulation of the facts. Chris Bryant made that claim without any factual evidence in support hiding behind Parliamentary privilege. Farage has come out in the National Press and National TV and not only denied the claims but challenged Chris Bryant to make the claims outside a Parliament so he can be sued. So come back Hump if Bryant ever repeats the claim in public otherwise it’s the usual Chris Bryant nonsense that we are all familiar with.
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    With a Monkey you say....................................................Now that's an idea. Plus the monkey would probably talk more sense.
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    Are people really stupid enough to believe this horserubbishe...
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    Plenty of people all round the world who did business with Putin's regime. No-one comes out of this well, especially since Putin's aggressive intentions became clear 15 years ago. The bottom line is though, that you can't simply replace Russian oil and gas in a matter of weeks, as I'm sure you know perfectly well. Moreover, the UK and its overseas territories has been at the centre of Russian dodgy money for years, so can't be moralising about anything... It will eventually also come out how Russian influenced Brexit, despite the offical cover-ups we've seen to date.
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    It's almost as if Trump is Putin's mate (or lapdog) or something: https://www.newsweek.com/russia-sanctions-joe-hunter-biden-hillary-clinton-10-others-1688214
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    In terms of deaths, absolutely nothing happened in either the delta wave or the omicron wave. In terms of deaths, the 'covid' crisis was over by April 2021...
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    But a bug bear , for a lot of people is drawn out meetings. Now, you could have a 15-20 minute interval after heat 10 or 12, a 5-10 minute gap for the nominated heat 15 + possible track grade then another 5+ minute gap for the same riders(probably) in heat 15 to have a tinker with their bikes while another track grade takes place.
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    I get the theory behind this, to try and create some entertain towards the end of a meeting to get an overall winner - but to achieve that, surely you are better served to return to the old bonus point system and if the scores are tied on aggregate then go to a run off! The scoring system is one of the few things British Speedway has got right in recent times… and now it was a success they’ve decided to balls it up! Can’t make it up! Edit - missing word in original post
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    Unbelievable stuff from Dan Bewley here!
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    Final line-up for Sunday, cracking one and lovely weather too. Looking forward to supporting the wolves lads involved and will be behind Team Kangeroos.
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    Aye,,, am almost convinced that someone left a copy of 'The Book' in the houses of Parliament a couple of years ago!
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    On the ticketing site it gives you the option to buy more than one ticket You could select 2 adults 1 older child and one kid for a quid on the same booking admittedly it adds on the pound per ticket booking fee at the end. Selecting car parking is simply scrolling down a little further It's not perfect but at least it's doable with a positive attitude instead of what seems to me a very negative one.
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    Sweating when you've got to put fuel in the car, feeling sick when you have to pay for it, you have carownervirus.
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    Certainly easier in the case of postponements for promotions to refund customers who bought tickets online rather than issue re-admission stubs. How many times have promotions been criticised in the past for a no refunds policy? I do find it funny that promotions and the sport in general is criticised for living in the past and not using up to date technology and when it does, in a case like this, there is criticism because they are not catering to their fanbase.
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    If I Didn't Care - Ink Spots
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    Brexit supporting Tories have been happy to accept Russian money for years, and yet they accuse others of being fifth columnists. You couldn't make it up...!
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    English is a world language I guess that's why. She was showing that Russian people are part of the world in a way. There was a Russian guy on TV this morning, and he said that using the phrase "no war" is now a criminal offence in Russia, which may also be part of the reason.
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    One thing that is very odd (although perhaps expected as this is Speedway) is that such a huge change was not communicated in the past AGM statements In fact there has been no official announcement as far as I can see , just simply slipped into the new regulations to be seeped out via eagle eyed supporters.....
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    Bladdy complicated dramas on BBC, where you watch and then think what the hell was going on there. The bilge on some tv channels. Peeps like Lineker and Zoe Ball paid obscene amounts by bbc for waffling on. Too many black peeps on tv in ads and presenting, must be almost 50%, when less than 5% of population, very few South Asians, Orientals etc., PC gone mad, some of the best people dont get jobs because of diversity. 5 quid to drop someone off at Heathrow, 32 quid to park at O2 arena for 2 hours, congestion charges, rip-off Britain. Shell ripping off motorists with ridiculously high fuel costs. Boycott them.

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