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    I totally agree with Craig Cook, being told where to put the clubs sponsors on his racesuit, bikes and even his cap takes the pi$$. And to be told his sponsors have to be in black and white !! Craig was well within his rights to ask Peterborough to make up the shortfall he'd be losing. A Mickey Mouse attitude by what's become a Mickey Mouse sport with one of the smallest followings in the UK.
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    To be fair, you’ve got to admire how Buster’s done this for maximum media exposure. He announced the KL team one by one over several weeks and now he’s sacking the Boro riders one by one. Genius
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    Nicki took Pawlicki wide. Didn't leave him much room at all, and Pawlicki bailed. I'd agree with an exclusion for Pedersen as he ran him up just that bit too much. But nothing to comment on beyond an everyday run-of-the-mill exclusion. As for Ward, well I hate to see him the way he is now. I'd love to have him fit and well and back on a bike racing. I don't want to see any rider suffering the effects of serious injury. But as a person, he was an obnoxious pillock before his accident, and he's still an obnoxious pillock now.
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    Now everyone knows Nicki is no angel but Darcy didn’t seem to mind him when he wore a replica suit to help raise money for Darcy.
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    How dare you compare it to the "good ol' days"!!! Your sort just won't admit it was absolutely perfect back then! Immaculate starting procedures with nobody ever needing a 2-minute warning, the noise, the smell, capacity crowds every night, incredible racing with 20+ passes on every lap, riders staying with the same teams for 30 years, and every British rider was so much better than that Aussie Tia Wofflebottom (or whatever his ruddy name is)... Steve
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    I think Peterborough are in the right on this one. Absolutely 1 million percent club sponsors should take priority over individual riders. Club sponsors and the revenue it creates is what is helping keep clubs afloat at the moment so more and more of that is required. If a rider, in this case Cook, isn't happy about that then go and sign for someone else. The irony is that he has absolutely no sponsors on display now.
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    He's only posting about Poole riders on a Poole thread. Quite right too imo. Bore off yourself!!
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    I suppose it is the 'good nature' of decent human beings to be reluctant to 'lay into' the opinion of an ex rider who has suffered enormously at the hands of fate. And we cut him a lot of slack. in the last few weeks the Ben Fund meeting was a reminder of the cruel way in which this dangerous sport can take down the most decent and noble of the speedway fraternity. Guys like Garry, Wilkie, Joe et al. I suppose this Twitter rant, which advocates causing another human being deliberate harm during a race, does show that tragedy doesn't just strike the good guys.
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    O.K. I know he was very badly injured, but, now to wish others were as badly hurt as himself comes over, to me, as pretty sick.
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    I have to agree with Cook's stance. If the club want to take over prime sponsorship space then they should expect to pay for it or at least compensate the rider.
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    A rider brilliantly blessed with riding talent but sadly deficient in human compassion and common sense.
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    I'd rather say it was a typical Pawlicki fall, like he has performed many times. Certainly nothing to justify Darcy Ward's twitter comment, what's wrong with him? There nothing dirty about Nicki's riding in this race.
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    They can wear what they like so long as speedway continues at Scunthorpe or anywhere else for that matter.
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    When the weatherman said on TV this morning that Summers coming, little did we know it was a hint to Peterborough signing a rider. Media Genius Or What!!!
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    The club must always come first No rider is bigger than the club As far as "image rights" is concerned - good grief, this is British Speedway we're talking about, not some multi-billion pound/dollar concern like Premier League, F1 or all those US "sports" Get real, Craig Cook and any other rider who believes our sport and the promoters of the club's owe them a superstar living on a par with Lewis Hamilton, etc All this whilst fans on here bemoan the levels of admission prices! Does my head in sometimes!
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't all GP riders had the same fork covers for yonks, advertising the company that sponsors the GP not the individual rider. Craig Cook seemed to accept that. I'm not too sure quite how this fundamentally differs
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    Lidsey and bewley both practised today
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    Just to say good luck to all Pooles opponents this year and hope the cheats finish bottom.
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    How - and why - is it worrying? There is nothing written there that we didn't already know. It's been covered to death on the BSF. I don't think the head-in-the-sand attitude comes from the supporters; we all know British speedway is in trouble. The apathy from supporters stems from the fact that realistically, there is bugger all that we supporters can do to stop the rot... Steve
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    Happy to take the love and support from those who provided then kick them when it suits. He always was and still is an odious character.
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    The above is spot on, its been long overdue that the clubs should be dictating the deals on offer and if riders choose to accept what is offered or not that is their prerogative. Riders are not bigger than clubs and Craig was clearly trying to get the club to change the policy just for him. Should he have been announced prior to a contract being signed no which is wrong from both sides but Cook has effectively allowed himself to be left out as he didn't secure a deal a P'bora have to find a late replacement. Its just another in the long line of saga's that follow CC around and will likely continue until he has upset every club or drastically re-evaluates how much he thinks he is worth.
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    The issue for me is that this should have been sorted out before now. Its an absolutely ridiculous situation and neither party come out of this well...
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    You are right, there isn’t a great deal wrong with the action but unfortunately lots of other stuff around it is poor, some out of the sports control but many things completely within. I’m thinking poor stadia and facilities, poor customer service when the weather is bad, poor promotional communication, expensive admission, failure to appeal to a younger audience, bad presentation, poor track prep and meetings dragging on. Obviously not every track or every week but these things occur far too often and people unfortunately vote with their feet.

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