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    If every fan was like me Starry Speedway would still be booming. I regularly attend meetings at Boro, Ipswich and Mildenhall, and have done for many many years...
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    And what do you want me to talk about the company I was employed by is no more 2018 cost over 30k I have invested 10k for 2019 already and you want me to talk about fans
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    A brilliant service for all of us a real unsung hero, something we should never take for granted.This forum sometimes gets some stick but the guys who do the updates are proper speedway people who really care and make a difference.
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    Most off topic posts hidden from last two days. Please keep to the topic. Thanks
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    Surely, A supporters club run by supporters, is a supporters club, of which the supporters decide on what any funds are spent on. A supporters club run by the club, is a funding stream run by the club for it's own benefit, and should not be called a supporters club, as it is without the control of the supporters. The way to support a club is to pay through the turnstiles. The clubs responsibility is to provide adequate entertainment to achieve that.
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    fACEBOOK ! whats that ? is the the one where your husband or wife looks up old school friends/work colleges ? then the next thing you know , he or she is leaving you for an old school friend work mate etc . then you are saddled with a 2nd mortgage to pay them out , but still have to pay for kids and the extra money they get off you goes towards a new car for the new partner and not to the welfare of the offspring . not speaking from experience or owt like OH, that facebook .
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    Should have stayed in the Championship and not sold out to ruddy Chapman.
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    I think people should think twice about looking for someone to blame and remember the support that local businesses have given to the club over the years, and the fact that when we are looking to return in 2020 we will be looking to them again to help get us up and running again. Never bite the hand that feeds you
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    Signing a rider +6 weeks ago, promoting a ‘marquee signing’, selling season tickets, then release the rider in order to cut costs. That’s a Pi$$ poor business model.
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    For goodness sake - you tried to disrupt the lakeside thread on a similar subject, why don't you just leave the things you mention to the folks who put their hard earned time and money on the line for this cause. It's actually an insult imo for you to post something like this. So pompous. Best wishes to everyone connected with the Coventry cause - don't let such negativity from pillocks like this disrupt the passion you all have.
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    For somebody who use to be pit based in the late 60's ,70's & 80's I was on first name with nearly all the riders , You'll be amazed at the corners they cut to save money, many riders hosed the bikes down at the end of the meeting in readiness for the next. Back then Terry Betts use to say a new bike would last him a whole season without any major problems. Oil and adjust the chain, and on the next meeting. He used to have a new tyre and chain once a month and was always competitive. High in the rankings, he was regarded as a top rider in his time. His costs were manageable but even then he also worked in his own garage to supplement his earnings.... No, he didn't ride in other countries and there were no SGP series, but the sport was popular and well supported. There is no reason why that scenario cant be re-created . The BSPA have to forget about other countries, other leagues, and the SGP and concentrate on creating a new beginning. This has to be done on cheaper bikes, sealed against tuning, and admission priced at a cost to attract the fans back. As long as the races were competitive, it wouldn't matter if the heats were slower. Leave the tuned bikes for the SGP. if the top riders wanted to race here, then they could on our terms, on bikes similar to all the others . Plans for survival have to be implemented now making bikes ready for 2020. The clock is ticking and time is running out fast This idea offers so much potential but by doing nothing our sport is destined to die....
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    The problem is that you need to use it or run the risk of losing it - that's the standard line. It is actions like this that drive more fans away from a sport that is "dying on its @rse". So rather than encourage new fans they p!ss off existing fans - not a great business model
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    Edinburgh’s fans probably are the best for keeping there club afloat every year they raise some amount of money I applaud them
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    The plan they follow is astoundingly unfit for purpose. In fact it is so far away from being suitable it is truly laughable to think sane men and women sign it off every year.. Promoters spend hours contriving meetings, cobbled together with random septets that some cannot afford, sharing riders together, and all to win a competition which, by their very own operating model, is rendered completely worthless... They collectively must spend literally Millions of pounds each year, all trying to win a competition that they 100% completely devalue by the very way that they run it.... You seriously couldn't make it up could you? Lets be honest, who cares who wins a Speedway prize in the UK? It has zero kudos. So therefore how do you ever hope to attract a crowd to engage with it? You then compound the issue by putting together 'teams' of random riders who may be available to ride for you if they haven't got another better paying job on, or are already double booked elsewhere, and expect fans to become emotionally attached to that club. (Like a team sport should get you involved).. The riders they sign are then expected to have the best equipment at their disposal to 'win' some silverware. The best equipment that costs them a ridiculous amount each year. And all to keep up with other riders who are doing exactly the same.. The riders then (quite understandably) wants recompense for their increased annual outlay. Outlay that actually achieves nothing more than allowing them to 'run to stand still' against their peers. Peers who will be paying out the same, to the same people, using the same top equipment, and getting it expensively tuned by the same tuners.. The Promoters therefore then pay out those Millions of pounds to the riders in the vain hope that they can win something hardly anyone cares about, as 99.9% of the population of this country don't attend a single Speedway meeting (and a big percentage won't even know it exists).. Just to add further 'magic' to the cunning plan, meetings are often arranged around their riders agenda rather than when the fans can attend, leaving meetings crammed in in the dark days of winter after having months of summer devoid of Speedway.. You can then add on an admission fee that is set at the level it is to desperately offset the huge outlay that they choose to pay out, rather than a reflection of the quality of what they are actually selling.. All of the above plan has no place or investment for a national marketing plan it should be noted... Millions paid to riders that the vast majority of the UK have never heard of. In a sport that most people have never heard of. Yet hardly anything spent on marketing.. You spend Millions on the sport yet (astonishingly), run it this way? A truly quite incredible situation and concept isn't it? It should go amateur? Could that be regarded as a step up in certain areas?
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    According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Chris Harris is gutted to be left out of Panthers team and could anyone blame him, Ged Rathbone has said he cannot comment on this and Carl Johnson said he been instructed not to comment about it . Did Ged go over the allowed budget or is this Chapman flexing his muscles to get equality amongst his 3. clubs. Supporters club committee have held a behind closed doors meeting with representatives of Chapman at the weekend to let them know what is expected from them for 2019. So Chapman being club owner has silenced those promoting the team which effect means they have been gagged. All this just to keep the premier league functioning. I am beginning to wish we had stayed in the championship and not sold out to the dictator.
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    Top-flight titles for Pirates: 1969, 1994, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Starman, would like you to borrow that abacus, so that you can count up to 10?
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    So a newly merged thread which hopefully can be kept on topic. (Thanks Phil for locking the original thread and removing some of the posts which had been taken over by various warring parties with nothing to do with Poole - for once!!) Poole 1. Jack Holder 2. Brady Kurtz 3. Nicolai Klindt 4. Josh Grajczonek 5. Richie Worrall 6. Nico Covatti 7. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen
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    The supporters club have supported the club in very real terms over the years, they have given substantial donations for the purchase of a new fence, the purchase of a second ambulance, loan fee for riders and many many more. In fact without the supporters club and its donation I suspect Berwick Speedway would've gone by now. The thing I find most distasteful about Mr Barrie`s article is the way we are categorised, either fan or supporter, to me they are one and the same. Anyone spending their money to attend meetings, and in many cases making sacrifices to do so deserve better. It is true there were differences between the club and the supporters club last season but as has already been mentioned bridges were being built. This topic was debated on here and looked to have been put to bed, at least partially, now that can have of worms has been opened again, I will only make the point I made at the time, the club would do well not to pick a fight with its most loyal and those who help the club either directly or in-directly as there is only one winner there.
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    You need to wake up and smell the coffee - if you believe the Fairy story we have all been fed so far! Transparency and honesty is the first things we need from a new owner especially as he is the Chairman of the BSPA but so far it appears sadly lacking.
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    No, it's good for Busters League. Ippo and Boro were doing just fine in the Championship before he got his grubby hands on both clubs. I'd rather watch Kemp at Ippo, and Bacon at Boro progress in the Championship tbh...
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    I think you'll find that when the team was named there wasn't a negative post to be seen and that was despite the owner. You need to ask yourself what changed? Yes Panthers may have supporters who pay their money year on year and tell it as they see it but why give them ammunition in the first place if you know what sort of return you'll get. Most Panthers fans want the stability they had for decades rather than the running or not hokey cokey we seem to get every year. Is the current set up going to deliver that? Who knows. We've also experienced the negative impact of dual ownership when Horton took over Oxford (Remember the Cheetahs?) so you can appreciate (well it appears not) some concern. As I said, the 3 tracks need to be operated independently, equally and without owner interference then they all might prosper and progress beyond being the gang of 3.
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    Just like the press releases from both Ipswich and Peterborough when he’d taken over both clubs. Think we know the game now. It’s sh!t, but we know the game. Going to be very interesting to see what the crowd levels are at the start, and throughout next season at both clubs Has all the makings of being disastrous this.
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    I'm not a diehard, but I am gutted about the Comets closing. I live about 150 miles away from Workington and attended more meetings because of my friendship with announcer Dave Hoggart. I went about every other Saturday, and that consisted of travelling over to Dave's and then a superb run over the North Pennines and the Lake District (this included much debate, laughing and piss taking ) . Into the Henry Bessemer for a pint or 3 and a huge mixed grill, then on to the track. The racing was usually pretty good and then there was another pint and a natter with the locals in the bar afterwards. It was almost always a belter of day and while it was usually £50 a pop, I'll miss it hugely.
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    Back then there were characters in the sport and they were allowed to show it. I remember Simmo having a right go at someone (forget who) by the pit gate after a race because he took the mick . We all loved to hate Olle Nygren (until he became one of ours of course). The banter when Tipswich turned up and the riders played up to the crowd (Shane Parker was a master at it). Sadly the powers that be have stifled all of that. I'm not advocating full blown fights between riders but spats that get the crowd going and involved all added to the atmosphere. If a rider tried anything like it nowadays they would be landed with a fine of a few hundred quid.
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    Whilst I'm really not a fan in the slightest about dropping down a league, the Somerset promotion have done what they believe to be the best course of action to make the sport sustainable. What should be sending even more alarm bells to all teams in the whole country, is that if Somerset "couldn't" make it pay - a team who owns their own track, car park, bar and catering facilities with no rent to pay - then what chance do the rest of them have?

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