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    I like going to the pub and I like going to the speedway. Both of these pastimes have been in serious decline over the past few years and people have stopped going to both in droves. Some of the reasons can be found in both of these pastimes. It's hard to tempt people out of their houses and pay money for beer when they think it's overpriced and the same can apply to speedway. The pubs that just do the same thing that clearly doesn't work time and time again, and just throw their doors open expecting the public to flood in are the one's that die. This is what speedway 'promoters', by and large, tend to do. They offer a product which does not represent value for money and do nothing to keep the fans they have got, never mind attract new ones. Some pubs are thriving because they offer what the customer in their community wants. Some offer live entertainment, some offer food, some offer karaoke nights. My local offers a warm welcome, a nice pint and friendly people and it's busy most nights. The landlord drives around in a Mercedes and has a holiday home in Florida. It works where I live but wouldn't work elsewhere and the promoters have to work hard at getting their product right for the audience they want to keep and attract. To do this they need a product. The product they are offering is potentially one of the most exciting sports in the world and surely, this must be a good starting point. However, what they provide is an overpriced chaotic shambles of a sport with no direction, no identity and no credibility. They need to get back to basics. Offer a full and attractive fixture list with a team of riders that ride for one club. Not the current situation where any seven riders who pull on a race jacket is called a team. It isn't. People will moan on about the 'not enough riders to go round' myth. There are enough riders, they are just riding at the wrong level. Grand Prix riders should not be riding in the second tier, half the third tier riders should be at Championship level and the poor kids stuck in the Development League should be in the National League. If they must charge £17 to get in, at least give the fans £17 worth of entertainment. Unfortunately, 15 races of 55 seconds interspersed with 50 minutes of track grading does not justify parting with £17 in cash. The continual fixture list farce demonstrates absolutely the reasons why the promoters should not be allowed to run things for themselves. I am sure they are all successful businessmen and women in their own right but they have no idea how to work collectively for the benefit of the sport. It is all about vested interests and stabbing each other in the back. I cannot think of any other sport where the owners of the clubs run things themselves. It needs someone with authority and respect to run the sport. There needs to be some way of cutting down on the rained off meetings. Is it any wonder there is hardly any travelling support when riders refuse to turn out if someone spills so much as a cup of tea on the track. I know that if it's tipping it down at start time then there will be little chance of racing but some way of covering tracks cannot beyond the capabilities of the human race. It is also about time we stopped penalising success and rewarding failure. We go on about the lack of riders yet Joe Jacobs, who made massive progress with Belle Vue a couple of seasons ago can't get a team place the following year because his average is too high, whilst another rider who under achieved and threw tantrums was rewarded with two team places the following season because his average fitted!! Finally, the riders have got to come to their senses. If you want to be a full-time rider and are either rich or riding in Poland in front of 15,000 fans, then fair enough and good luck to you. If you are second string in the 'Championship' riding in front of 500 people, surely you cannot expect to be full-time. Look back at the Peter Oakes' Who's Who book in 1974 and the vast majority of the riders had jobs. Now, for some reason, all the riders seem to feel that they are entitled to be full-time, thereby expecting the wages that would enable them to sustain that lifestyle. It cannot continue on current crowd levels. However, having wasted half an hour of my life typing this, I expect that the 2019 season will result in three small leagues, riders riding for multiple clubs, more riders being frozen out of the sport, fixture chaos, declining crowds, arguing promoters and more tractor racing. I'm off to the pub.
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    I'm obviously not a Workington supporter, I have only ever been there twice and that was during a couple of years when I visited every then second division track at least once and yet today I woke up with a smile on my face. Why? Because it's great to see one of the unfashionable clubs, not fancied at the beginning of the season and who have overcome obstacles put in their way, not only win the league and the cup but who have done it with ease and style. Enjoy your success. I hope that you go on to do the treble but most of all I hope that a way is found to secure the future of the club. We can't afford to lose any teams but it would seem particularly unfortunate for your fans and promoters after achieving so much this year.
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    Its a bit unfair to single out individuals when there are so many interesting and knowledgeable contributors to this section of the forum . Yes there are also a few numpties who's sole purpose is to wind folk up and also one or two of the nasty variety . But thankfully they are in the minority and the rest of us love the sport and i enjoy the quiet moments reading the various threads . I remember the days when i went to the speedway ; went home and didnt have anyone to talk to about it until the following week , so this forum has been a godsend in that respect . Long may it continue to flourish .
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    It's not the teams who should be fined it's the idiots who messed up this season's fixture lists!
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    Credit should be given to the Vice Chairman for his actions last night... By heat eight the aggregate lead had been wiped out and it was obvious Scunthorpe were going to get badly beaten.... Yet he graciously allowed the meeting to continue.... In fact, in the first place, he also kindly allowed the meeting to take place on an 'off night' for Worky so fair play to the bloke... Lets hope Worky winning is seen as being 'in the interests of Speedway' and the result stands... Well done Workington, I think you have a lot of neutrals on your side around the country given the way you try to go about your business and have been treated this year... Best of Luck this weekend...
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    Let’s not overlook the the culpability of the BSPA Chairman and especially the Vice Chairman in all this. It’s thanks to Godfrey interfering with the fixture list to suit his own club that meant that Lakeside, Peterborough, and Workington had difficulty completing their fixtures, and thanks to the pair of them that Lakeside couldn’t use both Arena and Rye House get the Remain gin fixtures . Thats Chapman and Godfrey for you, bleating about protocols and to hell with the fans. Even by BSPA standards the sport has sunk to a new low, made even worse by Chapmans boasts that he was going to do this and do that but he has done nothing. Words cannot e,xpress my contempt for the pair of them, especially Godfrey. Look at the mess the sport was in when these two clowns took over, and look at it now - even worse. Unbelievable . And they both think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. As for Peterborough, Lakeside and Rye House Stadium, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are all history by next year. Sadly. What a bunch of clowns run this sport from to bottom.
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    Well....never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be posting on a thread where I can say that Workington Comets are the Championship League Winners 2018 !!! What an amazing feeling , Lakeside were demolished last night with no answer for our boys. Even more bittersweet considering the crap this season our management and riders have had to endure . Not bad for a team forecast to finish round bottom of the league. Over the moon for everyone involved in Workington Speedway , going down in history as the best team to don the Blue & White Well done boys you have been the Dream Team that we have longed for .....Thank You My dream now would be for Workington to come to the tapes next season ........
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    We sure do, I once congratulated Edinburgh on something once, can't get anymore out of character than that .
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    If any of the two teams get punished due to the second meeting not being completed, then shame on the people who make these decisions. They should be named and shamed. There is no way three major trophies competitions should be run days prior the end of October and this could/would have been avoided, should certain individuals considered what is in the best interests of British speedway.
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    Unfashionable they maybe, but they are still a terrific little club as well. Definitely one of my favourite places to visit for more reasons than the racing alone. A quick word for Tony Jackson here. I have never met him, but I have never heard a bad word about him either (which, where speedway is concerned, is exceptional). Comets through and through, from standing on the terraces to becoming team manager and co-promoter. There's no doubt he has made a substantial contribution to Workington's season and its all the more pleasing when one of the decent guys gets his share (more than his share) of success. I echo your view regarding the future of the Comets. For me at least, speedway simply wouldn't be the same without them.
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    Comets deserve particular praise for the way they stuck with Kyle. He got his best score yet last night and it was his pass of Wajtknecht in heat 11 that mathematically pushed Comets over the finishing line. I'm glad he has proven that Worky were justified in supporting Kyle when he was finding the adjustment to CL difficult.
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    I 've only been with the team for 5 years but I sense that Sue probably ages twice as fast as the rest of us, literally her phone must never be more then a foot away from her charger. I can say the best texters to read can be the most hard work for the updaters. Often halfway through typing heat 10 comments and heat 12 result is coming through. Often it means ignoring visitors or family to sit in front a laptop, updating a meeting that sparks no enthusiasm in me, but I know to someone somewhere stuck at work or at a family do those updates are the most significant part of their day. As it would be for me if i was following a Kent away fixture I couldn't get too. That's why it works, we are all fans and want to know how our teams(or favourite riders) are doing and that's why it has worked for so long. It's for the fans by the fans.
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    Hi to all Workington Fans. Here is the rub, running in 2019 will be very difficult and honestly it still is in doubt as to whether we will be coming to the tapes next year, however I am proposing something different and developing a business plan (with others) to save the club and to ensure it runs at least for the next three years whilst Derwent Park is still available, what happens after this period we can worry about then. What I am looking for is some commitment from fans; local businesses or anyone who has contact details of anyone who can offer support who I can talk to, the proposal is to form a new partnership (LLP) to run the club. For obvious reasons I can not go into much detail on here however, I do have the bit between my teeth; but I can not do this all on my own. I am working with the promotion to formulate a plan to take the club forward and continue with the sport in Workington. The Club "end of season bash" is at the Workington Railway Club this Friday and I will be open for any discussions then where the plan can be discussed or if anyone would like to PM me I can provide details. The Speedway Trust who have provided invaluable support over the last two seasons and will be heavily involved along with all of the fan base. It is an open secret that the club isn't financially viable and has had cash flow problems, hopefully my proposal will go a long way to correcting this. As the BSPA General Meeting is coming up fast this proposal is time limited unfortunately as certain assurances and guarantees have to be met at the BSPA AGM. So come on Workington how much do you want Speedway, its your call. Once its gone I very much doubt you will ever get it back Regards THJ
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    Viewing is personal preference. I never minded going to RH a couple of times a year when the weather was nice and ejoyed the close up viewing but I wouldnt want it every week and for regular viewing I much preferred Arena, where I could always see the whole track from the main stand or entry to bend 1. As for racing, what you said is simply not true.Rye House is a converted stock car track. It is also a small track that rides like a big track, I.e.full throttle and if a half decent rider makes the gate and keeps the throttle open he won't be caught, especially as the straights are relatively narrow. . As for Lakeside being too flat, you only have to stand on the stock car track at the apex of the Speedwáy bends and you will see the Speedwáy bends are banked to around knee knee height. The racing at Lakeside was improved when the shape was changed to give more width going into the bends. Neil Middleditch described Arena as a thinking mans track, in other words a rider has to be thinking two steps ahead of where he is on the track all the time. Kelvin Tatum said that because it is mentally demanding a lot of riders are beaten in their minds before the race even starts. I think referee Chris Gay summed Arena up pretty well, he said Arena was not the best track he officiated at but it is in the top half. Unfortunately you, like several others on here want to impose your opinions as being absolute right or wrong, but there are plenty of long term Lakeside fans who take the opposite view. To see a rider like Peter Karlsson going from last to first with one of his famous cut backs, or riders like Ed Kennett or Lewis Bridger scraping the air fence and firing themselves off the banking at Arena is as good as you'll see anywhere. The great thing about Britsh Speedwáy is that all tracks are different and the style of racing is different. The problem is that some fans are too closed-minded to acknowledge that.
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    Your Workington bias is understandable , it"s not every season one feels the euphoria a treble brings . Just make it a four timer by coming to the tapes next March to defend your titles .
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    Rider of the year: James Sarjent, for single handedly doubling the length of time it takes to run a meeting, what great value for money Most impressive team: Poole for managing to cheat their way to a title yet again Team rider of the season: Chris Holder One to watch: Matt Fraud Bulldog award (Best British rider): Rory Schlein Meeting of the season: Eastbourne vs Mildenhall 26/10/18 Surprise of the season: That the sport managed to survive it Underperformers (Team): BSPA Unluckiest rider: James Sargent, the refs keep picking on him Newcomer of the season: Martin Vaculik
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    he sure is and it must have been a pressure cooker moment for him . everyone gets them . we are humans ! maybe it was something from a previous race . good lad all round .. but it happens . a nice family and dont deserve any flack at all . great lad all round, but get a hair cut man .
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    Good luck to Laura and her Workington team & supporters tonight
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    Another fantastic night , only downside was watching mr garrity in the pits hitting walls and swearing like a trooper at kids asking him if he was ok after his first race defeat the man appears high as a kite.hoggy was getting the crowd going am so pleased for laura more than anyone she deserves this night and many more like it
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    There’s two precedents set. One is to go on the meetings that have been completed. In this case, Lakeside win by 46-44. The other comes from Redcar v Glasgow last year, when a result was declared before Heat 10. The SCB took into account that even if neither Glasgow completed Heat 10, the result was still conclusive. Two 5-0s to Peterborough in Heats 9 and 10 and Lakeside would have still progressed. To be quite frank, no more time can be spent on the semi-final – it’s not fair on Workington, in particular. Workington and Lakeside need to start planning the final, which must take place next weekend.
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    i predict Kings Lynn will top the team vote but Poole will win on a technicality
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    Richard Lawson is one of the nicest guys in speedway....
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    I am at a loss to understand how far downhill the sport has gone. Mildenhall cannot find enough riders for a meeting at Eastbourne and one wonders whether this has anything to do with the alleged rumours over financial condition of the club and the fact that it is supposedly up for sale. Perhaps riders are unsure about being properly remunerated. Here we are at the end of October and still unfinished business in two of the three leagues. In the upper echelons of the sport Mr May is whinging in the SS about comments on forums and claiming people don’t know all the facts. Well perhaps if he and his cohorts who run clubs were open, honest and stopped treating fans with such disdain and put the record straight rather than let speculation run riot then they would have no need to ‘blast off’ as he says. The comments on here and elsewhere manifest themselves primarily because none of you at the BSPA know fact from fiction and if it is so frustrating Mr May do something positive about it. You obviously read some of the comments, get some balls and respond. No one really slags off speedway just those that run it and some who participate or don’t as is the case with riders not bothered about meetings. Why don’t you all reflect on what a mess 2018 has been, admit it and then get your own house in order then you would find fans would have little criticism to make on a public forum, but alas for years you collectively have failed miserably. That Mr May is why people ‘blast off ‘ and will continue to do so as long as you treat the punter the way you do. If it is that bad, shut up shop and do something else, but as long as you involve the public you put your head above the parapet and have to be prepared to deal with the flack. Clearly you are having trouble with it. As the topic implies, it is a fixture shambles which is out of control and gets worse year on year and that sums the sport up as well, a shambles.
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    After a meeting full of arguments, backstabbing and threats the best AGM ever, the BSPA have come up with plans for an exciting new era.. Doubling-up: It's clear that this is starting to become a slight problem. Teams will be limited to having 6 riders who double-up. Fixtures: There have been a few difficulties this year so from 2019 onwards all teams must have a 6 week period during June-August with no fixtures taking place. This is to ensure the annual scramble to fit everything in at the end of October takes place. Teams finishing their fixtures in early September will simply not be allowed to happen. Fixture planning: After his successful intervention this season, Rob Godfrey will compile the fixture list and any changes/re-arranged fixtures must have his approval. Guests: Teams should only use their contracted riders if a suitable guest is not available. Admission prices: In an effort to increase attendances, admission at all venues will be capped at a maximum of £10. Clubs may also add an exit charge of up to £20 which fans will be required to pay before being allowed to leave the stadium. Abandoned meeting policy: If a meeting is abandoned for any reason after the meeting has started, the captains of each team will take part in an exciting new addition. Using the Barry Briggs homologated rain-off hat, 4 coloured balls will be placed inside. For every race still to be completed, the captains will take turns and whichever colour is drawn out first is deemed to have won that race, drawn 2nd is 2nd and so on. This will take place on the centregreen and fans will be invited to watch it take place for a fee of £1 per heat. Improved presentation: Before the rider introductions on the parade both teams will be required to take part in a club war cry. All music played should be from the 1980s and 'The Final Countdown' must be played before heat 15. Failure to do so will result in the meeting being awarded to the away side. Social media: Recognising this is vital all clubs will be encouraged to keep their official websites up to date with a detailed match report expected within 48 hours. To celebrate these plans it can also be revealed that a new 'Chairman Chapman' Wulfsport coat will be available from December. Pre-order now for a guarenteed Christmas delivery - the ideal present!
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