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    Yes totally played into Glasgow's hands. After all the Glasgow riders only had to travel to Glasgow with their private jets, ride on Friday night and then be chauffeur driven down to Eastbourne, have nap and massage before having to ride on Saturday evening whilst watching the grand prix on their mobile devices as there mechanics sorted the bikes.
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    So a rearranged Danish fixture on an off night for them still takes precedence over our SGBP fixture which has been on the approved FIM International fixture list since the start of the season!? That's really putting the bspa in its place!!!
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    Very very talented but His name has obviously opened a few doors or does every track let teenagers onto the track who wish to learn and become a photographer. The photographers at Edinburgh and Glasgow and other tracks have served our sport well for years for NO financial gain and they have won awards in the past. This scenario should have never made its way onto a public forum. Father Lanning has used his profile to put his side of this sorry tale over and decent guys throughout the UK have not the same platform to respond. Sort it out behind closed doors.
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    Might as well not have fixed race nights then lets all go back to our normsl race nights and have done with it !!!!
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    Absolutely love Peterborough ~ the track, the racing, the music, just everything. Also love my dogs who are so good and go to sleep while the match is on. My cars not bad either as it's almost 18 years old and can still belt along at 70......I mean 60........when there aren't any speed limits on the A47. If anyone is feeling a bit depressed with Speedway take a trip to Peterborough.
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    Back from the meeting. Good racing again. For all the stick I have given Buster I have to be honest and give him praise. Over the last couple of weeks he has put in effort with the track and the team changes. So fair play to him.
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    Cannot believe some on here can say it isn't strictly bullying as it was a private WhatsApp group, sorry but it is bullying and it is unacceptable. I'd tend to agree with the posts above that it's a lot of sad, old men who have had it their own way for too long and now they have a bit of competition. However, and having said all that, if Taylor is getting a leg up because of his dad and Pearson then it's not right. Pearson seems to be slowly taking over all speedway media recently, including these "special" programmes we get for the shared events. I did note in the recent SoN programme that Pearson had something to do with the company that makes them. These jobs for the boys are the kind of crap that speedway could do without, and just carries on from the Terry Russell days. We'll never get fair media now we'll just get whatever Pearson wants. Whatever the truth is, bullying of a 17 year old child is pathetic, but perhaps not unexpected from some of those involved.
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    THE following statement has been issued by Eastbourne Speedway: As supporters and all speedway fans and well-wishers will be aware, Tom suffered a bad accident in heat 12 of the meeting at Eastbourne against Glasgow last Saturday (May 18). Following admittance to Hastings Conquest Hospital on Saturday evening, Tom was assessed and diagnosed with a broken leg in three places to his tibia and fibula. An operation to pin and plate the breaks was planned for Monday. However, on that day, Tom showed signs of breathing difficulties which meant that the planned operation had to be delayed and these symptoms worsened on Tuesday. Following a full consultation with the family, Tom was placed on to a ventilator and an induced coma on Tuesday to both give his lungs chance to recover and to ease his distress. On Wednesday, the specialists were confident that this had worked well enough to allow them to undertake the important operation on Tom’s leg and this has now been completed and the leg pinned and plated. As of this lunchtime (Thursday, May 23) the surgeons are "very happy" with the outcome of that operation. Tom remains on a ventilator and the plan is to bring him round sometime later today so that further assessment can be made. The diagnosis is that the impact of the crash has caused some damage to Tom's lungs that can be fully assessed once he wakes, and now that the vital operation on his broken leg has been successfully completed. The family are very grateful and overwhelmed by all the messages of support at this very difficult time and have apologised for not responding to many of them at this stage. They have also asked that all messages are passed on via the club at this stage and Eastbourne Speedway will of course pass those on for you. The club will only comment when authorised by Tom's family. We send them collectively, individually and on behalf of everyone all our love and support. Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles will be holding a "bucket collection" for Tom at the meeting against Berwick on Saturday and there will be big GET WELL cards for supporters to sign. So as to not inundate the family, if you wish to bring your own Get Well cards for us to pass on, we would be delighted to do so. Tom is very much an integral part of the Eastbourne family and we hope that you will all come along and show your love and support on Saturday, so that we can all collect together to support a very special person and family.
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    Why do you lot engage with Shït Shovlar. He spouts crap just to wind you up.
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    This has become more open to a wider audience since green light go created his profile just to highlight the situation. You have to wonder who has something to gain out of a this becoming public, who made it public and if they regret doing so now that more details are coming out ? Seeing now that he’s been credited with some work that wasn’t his AMOW isn’t bullying, it’s claiming what’s rightfully yours
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    Its not often I start a thread - particularly after race day - but this match deserves one. I suspect I am not alone in thinking that this would be one sided but it was, in fact, anything but and I think the final score slightly flatters the Colts. It was, in fact, a splendid meeting. Nip and tuck most of the way and with some excellent racing thrown in, the highlight was perhaps a superb maximum from Jordan Palin. Aged just 15, he never really looked like being beaten and how vital his contribution was is shown by the fact that Plymouth's top 5 outscored the Belle Vue's top 5. A word, too, for Ben Rathbone, who also put in an excellent performance and jumped up from what looked like a horrible crash in heat 14. Big credit to the Gladiators. I thought they'd get humped but they really attacked the track, particularly Richard Andrews. His last bend drive to split Leon Flint & Kyle Bickley in heat 15 would have graced any Aces meeting. At just £10 - cheapest speedway in Britain - this was excellent value and a major advert for in NL speedway. If any Aces (or other) fans haven't tried the Colts, give them a go.
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    Honestly What would the council have done if the Speedway had run? they certainly couldn't have widened the pitch if the Speedway had of been operating that's for sure!!! the football club would have had to play on a narrower pitch!!! Not all football pitches are the same size? The length of a pitch must be between 100 yards (90 m) and 130 yards (120 m) and the width not less than 50 yards (45 m) and not more than 100 yards (90 m). However all rugby league pitches I believe are the same size and rugby league is played on a field 112–122 metres long by 68 metres wide. When you look at the aerial shots of the two grounds it is noticeable that Borough Park is wider than Derwent Park however you could still have fit an "FA sized" approved pitch onto the Derwent Park footprint without "Butchering" the Speedway Track. I hold nothing but contempt for the shower of "A Wipes" who are driving and delivering this death blow to the Speedway, A common accusation of Speedway promotions is that they are self-indulgent self-serving and self-centred; However the local council along with the management committees of the "Reds" football team and "Town" the rugby league team certainly take some beating when it comes to saying "screw you" and looking after their own interests which they have done implacably and to the Comets detriment "In Spades" I would hasten to add... I hope the the fleas of a thousand camels infest the collective crotches of all those involved in "Screwing Over" the Comets and that their fingernails drop off to stop them scratching... Pure awkwardness on behalf of the Reds who seem to think they will be in the third division of the football league within the next 5 years, what an absolute joke... who believes that is likely to happen? As for "Town" the lies and disinformation they have spread about the situation and how they would stand by the Speedway and look after their interests well "Et tu, Brute"? backstabbers to a fault... Regards THJ
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    As others have said, once again, those running the sport in this country have shown that they haven't got a bloody clue. 20 years of TV coverage now and STILL they haven't grasped how to use it to market the sport.
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    Peterborough are currently converting seven bmx bikes with laydown engines to be able to ride the notorious pot holes
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    The slower the track the better the racing is
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    Wouldnt say its ridiculous at all Lawson went well at Poole earlier this season scoring 11 + 2 from 5 rides.....if he scores that again he will have done his job replacing Brady. The only issue i can see is that he has confidence riding for a top of the table side and dropping down to ride for an average side could affect him
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    Yeah he was at another Redcar meeting with Dave Payne as well. It's no secret that the way speedway had been run in recent seasons compounded by how Workington were treated last season had never seen him so disillusioned with the sport . The magnificent treble was just reward for an unsung hero who gave up so much of his own time for his love of the Comets.
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    The collection for Tom Brennan came to over £1700. Well done eagles fans and it shows how much we care about him.
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    Brilliant meeting. My girlfriend who isn't normally into speedway was really excited. Not seen her get that excited before.
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    Won't see a better meeting than that in the UK all year. Bloody superb.
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    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, it may be right, it may not. But that won’t stop him coming on here and spouting bõllocks
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    A brilliant speedway track and a stadium right up there with the best in terms of viewing. I'm just so damned angry about all of this. Town have been in the rugby league wilderness for years now while the Reds are further away from the football league than ever. The Council owe it to the Comets to get seriously involved in helping any initiative to make a comeback wherever that maybe and not sit on their hands in resignation of the situation. A visit to Redcar's South Tees Motorsport Park would aptly demonstrate to them just what a bit of support and ambition can achieve at not huge cost ! I wonder if the Reds will have to pay rent to their rugby league landlords and be denied any profit from bar takings like the speedway had to financially endure ?
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    You're not supposed to.... Nobody is.... That's the whole point of them....
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    I pride myself on being super critical of the FIM and BSI wherever I can. They continue to make some really silly decisions and need to be called out whenever they do. The Speedway of Nations continues to be some sort of Dog's Breakfast. BUT I cannot understand any of the ongoing criticism of SGP scoring and format. Especially this obsession some folk have with trying to invent bizarre extreme scenarios to aid their arguments. It seems just about perfect now. Better than any system before it. And should be left alone. Its just ONE of the few things in the whole Speedway world that isn't even slightly messed up.
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    Traditional race sheet for 2019 Warsaw GP https://www.keepandshare.com/doc16/23334/gp-2019-1-pdf-37k?da=y

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