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    Weather permitting I will get a few more this weekend me old pal... but it is going well and thanks for asking... Over 100 metal posts concreted in around the outside ready for the actual fence (and the air fence) and the pits gate got hung as well... Back this weekend and I will get a couple of snaps (which may include the seating areas with a bit of luck) Regards THJ
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    This forum is amazing at times. Scunny make the right decision in plenty of time to prevent people making a wasted journey, publicise it well... and yet people still find something to complain about. The meeting was called off just before lunchtime - at around 11.45am. By noon, the news of the call off was on social media, the club website and the BSPL website. Scunthorpe make early decisions to avoid having to make late decisions and waste everyone's time. And it works. I live over three hours away and yet I hardly ever end up at Scunthorpe for a rained off meeting. You can trust Scunny, because by lunchtime, they'll decide they are going ahead and they then try their absolute hardest to go ahead and complete the meeting - Scunny v Poole was an example of this.
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    Why RR in NDL give the rides to an unattached rider
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    He looked good at Kent on Sunday, 3 wins, including 1 over each of the Thompson Twins
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    It's unfortunate also, when you talk to a lot of the senior polish riders who came over here to learn their craft and become better riders because of the variety of track etc, they are now telling me that because polish tracks have got slicker over the years and much more rider friendly, the skillset of how to turn a bike, throttle control etc is not seen as important any more. So the young Polish riders no longer look to come over to the uk to learn for a couple of seasons. Combine that with the high revving, light flywheel engines we have now, and all you get is a load of throttle jockies who are super fast on the continent and then end up in row Z when track conditions are anything other than perfect. It's just the direction the sport is going in. Plenty of people on here love flat out racing at Belle Vue, but when the track conditions are consistent the only real skillset is getting the absolute perfect set up for you engine, and being as light as can be. The rider has less and less influence on the modern speedway bike and tracks.
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    Apparently, THEY have portable chem trails now.
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    Regrettably many did not think deep enough, and some not at all
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    You'll have to quote the post excusing the appalling Tory behaviour as I can't see it.
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    Distance of opposition? Berwick were at Plymouth last night, hardly a mammoth journey!
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    So now having nothing to say is the same as condoning that behaviour? Of course it's not, what is there to say? Somebody has been accused of a terrible crime, if they are found guilty nobody will be defending them because of their political party. At the same time which side of the political divide they are on has no bearing on whether they are criminals and/or sexual deviants and claiming it is smacks of desperation. If you want to look at politics and sexual crimes talk about Starmer and the grooming gangs, the worst crimes of my lifetime that no political party seems to want to mention too much.
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    Sometimes it's great being negative, like me covid test!
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    Do the regulations cover off how many teams Bomber can ride for per night in the Pairs?
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    The top two in the NDL table go head-to-head at Shielfield on Saturday! Bullets: 1 Kyle Bickley, 2 Mason Watson, 3 Ace Pijper, 4 Greg Blair, 5 Luke Crang, 6 Kieran Douglas, 7 Ben Rathbone Royals: 1 Alfie Bowtell, 2 Jamie Halder, 3 Danno Verge, 4 Joe Alcock, 5 Ben Morley, 6 Chris Watts, 7 Sam Wooley. As well as the NDL racing, there will be an NJL mini-match, festuring Berwick's Academy youngsters and Redcar Cubs. All for a tenner! Which means you get 21 heats for your money at less than 50p per race! Bring it on!
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    Dreadful performance from a 3 man Redcar team , Roynon & Andersen were really poor , Ben Morley did well , Allen showed he was no loss when he went back to Scunthorpe. Great battling performance from Edinburgh, would not be surprised if they win on Sunday as Only Riss ,Wright & Kerr can get out of the gate
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    Please can we bin that long protracted interval after heat 10 , we fall in a heap after that most weeks
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    Two miles from the track and it was a steady drizzle from 7.30pm onwards , with a deluge at 8.50pm. So weather forecast was correct, early call off correct and if you can't be bothered to check websites before travelling boo hoo!
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    Someone made the decision, correct or not,,, if folk didn't look out for any updates or news on the big day out, what more could be done?
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    They’re Aussies. Moaning comes naturally to them. They invented the expression “whinging Poms” to cover up the fact they’re the world’s best at whinging (I’d add a smiley face there but, for some reason, can’t)
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    He was your man, who was going to take back control. It was what you wanted and we warned you Fools who never listen
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    As predicted... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-19/stagflation-shock-to-uk-likely-to-be-among-world-s-worst A trade war with the EU will only make things even worse. Meanwhile not looking good for a US trade deal either... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-us-trade-deal-protocol-b2083179.html
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    I'm almost certain that back in the old National league days, when I was a lad, there weren't any guests. R/R for heatleaders only and if both teams were operating R/R the #8's were promoted into the 1 to 7 at reserve with the top reserve promoted to the 1 to 5. Imagine the sales of pens at the track shop!! I'm sure a doctors note had to be provided as well. And all this before air fences and all the advancements in safety equipment. Of course the riders were probably riding on average twice a week so the probability of getting injured was less. Trouble is that guest riders are good news for promoters and riders alike so I guess they're here to stay despite the manipulation and lack of credibility they bring.
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    No reason at all, just copying the stupid (in my view) SON rules from last few years!
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    Maybe the offer for the land was too good an opportunity to turn down regardless of the loss of income through covid etc..Big shame as Somerset was a great track and produced some very good racing.
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    You forgot to mention he also went to prison for fiddling his expenses, along with a few others from Labour, Tory and the SNP. Different snouts, same trough..... I am surprised you can’t see it
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    Having earlier not been too impressed with Tatum as the lead commentator, think he has settled down and relaxed into and is doing a much better job. With Chris Louis they are turning into a decent partnership.

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