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    As neither the BSPL Chairman or Vice-Chairman thought the biggest speedway event held in Britain this year worthy of their attendance, it’s no wonder that the belated press release - nearly 14 hours after the event was completed - gets it wrong. Having overseen the near collapse of the NDL, the league that was one of the things that helped all four of the GB riders find their way in the sport, they should now bow their heads in shame and walk away. The disastrous last few years, with problems accelerated rather than caused by Covid has shown that vested interest in decision making is dragging British speedway down the road to ruin. The new GB Team operation shows what can be done with skill, initiative, forward planning and total commitment. They deserve to be supported by people who understand about sport at the highest level and what it takes to be successful.
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    Very emotional night here in Bordeaux, I may have Indulged in a glass or two. to say I’m proud is an understatement, thank you all for the lovely messages. Jon xx
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    I often disagreed with him on here ... In a very enjoyable way. His view was to be respected and I greatly appreciated the numerous times he instigated one to one discussions via personal messenger that greatly enlightened my understanding of the 'real story' that would not be possible to print. My respect for him was greatest just because he did have the balls to come on here and engage in real debate with us. He did so with the passion of someone still in love with the sport but with the deep knowledge of his lifetime of covering it so magnificently in print. A wonderful combination. His biggest legacy is of course Speedway Star, which PR curated for so long, offering Michelin Star coverage of what is often a transport cafe sport. I trust the team will carry his torch well. Farewell Philip.
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    Firstly thoughts with Jordan. Looked an absolute shocker. This was my first and probably last time at Birmingham tonight. Having moved to the city at the end of 2019 I was pretty excited to have a track on my doorstep again having not had a local track since Reading - plus Wolves and Leicester not too far away… but I won’t be back! An utter shambles with 5.5 hours to prepare the track, yet as 7.30 rolled around there was a lot of standing around and not a lot of track work…. Absolute contempt for the paying customers. Not sure what happened there but it’s unacceptable - before anyone accuses me of being a ‘keyboard warrior’ and praising the promotion… I’m a paying customer and I didn’t pay to stand around for over an hour listening to music that is older than me whilst being told we’ll be underway shortly again and again. Speedway in the UK just doesn’t get it. As a mid 30s fan of almost 24 years with disposable income I’m exactly the type of fan Speedway should be trying to attract and maintain. But there is very little thought for the fans and nothing to attract newbies to stay. I was planning on attending at least 2 meetings a week across Brum, Wolves and Leicester. But having endured Wolves opening abandonment, Birmingham tonight and a very slow delayed first Lion Cubs meeting I think I’m finally done… there are better things to waste my time and money on I’m afraid. The sport needs an absolute revolution in this country to drag it kicking and screaming into this century.
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    PRESS RELEASE (Taken Off Facebook): The Inspiration and determination of the late Dave Tattum breathes vital life into Diamonds' future Newcastle Speedway owner and promoter, Rob Grant, was shedding more than a few tears on Sunday, along with hundreds of other Diamonds' fans who were attending the final farewell of the club, but in honour of the memory of his former co-promoter, Dave Tattum, who tragically passed away at the weekend following an arduous and lengthy battle with illness, the Geordie former racer feels it would be grossly disrespectful to walk away and allow the club to close right now. An emotional Grant said last night: "Since Sunday's amazing meeting, which was charged heavy with emotion, I've done nothing but sit back and think, and talk with my family about the past and the future, and it seems totally disloyal to Dave's memory that I walk away at this stage and potentially shut the Diamonds forever under our promotion's name. "Dave Tattum spent most of his last months teaching me in depth, with all the information and skills I'd need for running a speedway club, and all that while he was fighting for his health under very difficult circumstances, but as my great friend, he dedicated his time to me and Newcastle Speedway, and that is why I cannot walk away from this great club. I cannot do that with Dave, his efforts and, his belief uppermost in my mind. "No concrete offer has come forward, but we've been looking at my other two businesses and looked hard and deep into things, and I will not walk away, and I will keep Newcastle running in 2022 for the memory and influence of Dave Tattum. We do have new backing and I've learned a lot in the last 18 months which will only benefit the future of the club. Also, I have sent in an application for a new co-promoter to join me, and he's a businessman, who will be a very familiar face to the Brough Park faithful, and obviously knows this club inside out. "The loyalty shown to us proves people of this City and beyond, love this club and desperately want it to continue, and the love poured out over the weekend has been an important factor in this decision and we have to repay that huge level of loyalty. "This time, however, will be starting preparation for 2022 on a level playing field with the rest of the teams, and won't be playing catch-up in the team building stakes, which will, at least mean, we'll have a decent chance of challenging for much better league place that this 2021 season, which is now well behind us." The Newcastle Speedway press office will be keeping a close eye on this story, and will report all developments as it happens, but above all else, the important news today is the Diamonds will come to the tapes in 2022 and powered by the memory of the late Dave Tattum.
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    6:15pm on Sunday. That genuinely was one of the best speedway meetings I have ever had the pleasure of calling. Full credit to the referee for whizzing it through to beat the rain, the riders for an incredible show, the fans for creating an amazing atmosphere, and thanks everyone for watching. A draw was certainly a fitting result - tonight, the sport of Speedway was the winner.
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    Just thought I d share what I posted on Facebook this morning about last night. Massive shout out to the Edinburgh Monachs, staff, fans and management. Never has a speedway club been so welcoming, with everyone thanking us for coming, doing anything they can to make us welcome. Stadium owner insisting we stay until close and filling us up with homemade cake. locals plying us with beer, and then doing running races around the track with thier young fans at 11pm.... And even after the taxi never came back to collect me and Kieran, the guy locking up the stadium took pity on us and drove us to the hotel. If carlsberg did speedway. ..... These guys are right up their with the IOW Warriors Way.
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    I have bouts of mental health problems, and its only over the past few months that I've "Come Out" to coin a phrase. Some people told me to buck myself up, which is the worst thing to be told. Some people don't understand the situation, and I get that, because they won't if they've gone through it. Some people are very understanding. I'm currently having a great many demons, but have confidence, and obviously hope, that the people helping me with it, will get me out of the other end of the tunnel. I like Craig Cook. I feel for Craig Cook, and I pray he gets the help he needs from this invisible but deadly problem. Please people, whether you like the man or not, show him the respect and love that both he and his family needs at this present time. With the right guidance and love, he'll come out the other end with a smile on his face. Thank You.
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    Finally blew my top yesterday when the government announced the latest delay to reopening England. We are being taken for mugs. On the one hand they steadfastly quote scientific evidence to back up their decision. Then the next day we see that Wimbledon Tennis is to go ahead with 50% attendance to start and then 100% on Centre Court. Football at Wembley with 18000 not a mask in sight and no social distancing. Both events in London where the data shows a 10% lower vaccination rate than elsewhere in the country. Cricket at Edgbaston Birmingham with 18000 in an area with a large delta variant population. Yet speedway has to tread on eggshells and cannot have more than several hundreds in attendance. Even worse in Glasgow - no speedway crowd allowed - yet thousands pile into Hampden Park to see the Scottish football side . That's wee Nicola ......just as silly as Boris. The "scientific data" is clearly being tweaked to suit the select few with big bucks, and little to do with public safety. Or "ARE WE BEING TOLD THE TRUTH" If you look back when the indian variant was first spotted it took 5 days after the "Red Lights" came on before arrivals from india had to quarantine on arrival, they even laid on extra flights to give the variant every opportunity to spread . Switch the lights to RED and let the traffic carry on coming for another 5 days. We really are being led by a bunch of public school buffoons of the highest order. Anyone think that July will see the end of this shambles? .......... NOT ME. .
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    I would just like to wish Len and his family a well earned, long, healthy and happy retirement. He has been an ever present during my time as a speedway supporter. He must surely rank amongst the true icons of British Speedway promoters, and I was delighted to see him inducted into the Speedway Hall of Fame this season at Central Park. At 89 years young, he is a truly remarkable man, and I am forever indebted to him for the speedway entertainment he has provided to me over the years. Thank you Len.
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    Someone once said that Forum sites were where the miseries the world meet up. He was right. I was in the south stand and thought the whole spectacle was brilliant apart from the crashes. Zmarlik alone justifies the entrance fee. What a rider. Just what do people expect? Here's a challenge to everyone who thought that meeting was poor. Go on Youtube and find a meeting from the 70's, 80's, or 90's where there is multiple passing in every race and then post it on this forum. You will search in vain. This and and premiership plays off's have been represented the best of modern speedway as a spectacle. I've been watching speedway since the 60's and I'm not sure I've seen anything much better than these last three tv meetings.
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    It's not too often that Terry Tibbs talks speedway these days but when I do, people say Terry you're still the man! So Kings Lynn fans talk to me! I've told Busty so many times that unless his brings back Main Man Rogers into the fold that the sport in the Fluxing Arena of Eastern England is on a slope more slippy, than the EU butter mountains. I had a lunch with little Johnny C in the Wimpy in Chingford High Street just last week, after 2 Milk Shakes and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, little Johnny C agreed that there is only one man to bring back the glory days and that is Main Man Rogers! I have sent Busty a telex telling him he needs to quickly contact The Ace that is Mase and agree a deal for Main Man Rogers to return with immediate effect. The German chap was ever so nice, in fact my 4th wife Greta had a liaison with him once in Krystof Stojanowski's caravan in the car park of the Smallbrook Stadium on the Island of Wight, but that's a different matter for now! Answer me this, is there is a man with more credentials that Main Man Rogers - the answer is simply no! Look what he did for the career of Bomabardier Harris, turned him into a near GP Gold Meadlist. Don't forget what he did at Coventry Speedway, the way he mentored Big Blayne Scroggins into probably their greatest team manager of all time and of course his success at turning Mildenhall Fen Tigers from the FSO's of the sport to the BMW's! Talking of BMW's my valet boy Christopher Mills, is around to do a bit of spannering if any of you are looking for someone who is handy with a wrench, whilst my business Jimmy Lynch is busy with that wench Audrey he met at the Chinford British Legion just before lockdown in January 2020! But once again I digress. I could go on for hours, but we need to act fast Listen to Terry, bring back Main Man Rogers, Busty! Thank you, goodbye, much looove!!!
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    Disappointed Tiger heading home , but today is why speedway is the best sport in the world , the best two teams in the league served up a classic on a brilliant track .
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    Why is being gay worth celebrating?? We're all the same, we should treat all as the same. It would also be classed as Homophobic if there was such a thing as 'straight pride'.
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    Cases mean nothing in a vaccinated populace. They're clearly working. I find it stupidly ironic that protecting the NHS from covid has led to a potentially crippling backlog of appointments & operations. Now we're going to see the true cost of lockdown. Short term gain, long term destruction.
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    If there was a single reason for Uncle Lens decision then it would be easy to argue against but its a perfect storm of multiple things against vs very few positives that have clearly strained the patience of the most stubborn of men. Kent have been afforded the luxury of a very supportive landlord previously and some hefty sponsorships, Len has said that Kent made a profit each year, if that is no longer the case he isn't going to continue throwing good money after bad. Rent increases, track access, an expensive CL team that failed to make the play offs, rider retirements, rider grumblings, an under performing NDL team, a set of rules imposed upon the NDL making it a lesser attractive product (Len was the NDL spokesman and wasn't even consulted), throw a fine in at the end and you can see why there are plenty of reasons to walk away. The gesture to donate the air fence and some track equipment to Iwade though is an act of pure gold. To enable and benefit a local training track rather than seek a few personal pounds back speaks volumes about the man and how he has been a life long benefit to the sport of speedway.
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    No not guilty Rob has done this all himself... I got a call on Thursday to say hang fire with what we were doing with the fans as something was happening behind the scenes that had sparked Robs interest and he said he needed a couple of days to think about where he was going with the whole thing and this has been the end product... We will find out who the new promoter is and what is happening in due course no doubt but in the mean time its nice to know we have a team to support going forward... By the way can I add my thanks to all the fans and businesses who were prepared to stand up and be counted and offered their financial support and backing and if Rob hadn't changed his mind I think we had it covered Bit early for a Christmas present I know but it's still good news going into next year... Regards John Courtney
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    This is a very challenging time for Martin, myself and everyone associated in one way or another with the Isle of Wight, and personally I am close to saying it's enough now. All we wanted to do was put on a viable speedway product, the BSPL emposed rules upon us giving an yes/no ultimatum to join the league in 2021. That means, no discussion, nor any prospect of allowing discussion in future years. While we did not agree with the points limit we were not allowed to discuss it - its this or nothing.... We are told that every promoter in the sport wanted it... yet I can name at least 6 who we deal with regularly who will say no such discussion has happened and even if it did, why are their views more important than ours for our league, our business. Of course it is not, but they didnt view it like this. Even to today.... Martin and I have received no communication from any member of the board of BSPL other than the office manager during the time that we wanted to leave. There was no "please come to the office or take a zoom call and lets discuss it", there was nothing... Yes - no, in or out... and like this for years to come. Now we are left in a situation where it is OK for BSPL clubs just to hire and fire riders at will, nomadic club names can used in amatuer events that bring in private hire revenue but cannot be used in amatuer second halves, and rising stars who are supposed to be protected clearly are not. And.... all the time the Isle of Wight has the ability to give these riders more rides, in a safe, relaxed, entertaining environment, and yet ultimately because we did not agree to not having a say in how our league is run while others who have no vested interest in it can, and without a prospect of this changing, rider will have the fear of sanctions for themselves or their BSPL club's and the only people who will miss out are the fans, volunteers, sponsors and riders of our sport. Believe me, while working full time too, running a speedway club is no pleasure ride, there are so many challenges, so much that you will never see or hear of that just makes us all want to stop it. But we love it...nothing gives us more pride when people have really enjoyed the show, or a young rider who we help scores well, or a rider from MFS becomes a mascot, MDSL rider, and so on... but the personal toll that we have to endure and now this increased toll.... its just heartbreaking. Enjjoy your speedway everyone wherever you view it... every club will need you all and all your positivity this and the coming years.... oh and BTW my smiling/laughing face earlier on a previous comment was only because even now people still think the reason Martin and I left was over the points limit, it totally was not... it was over how we were treated (and continue to be) by the BSPL. All the best.............
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    I've no sympathy for the current 'management'. It's the fans i feel sorry for, they are the big losers. Promoters and riders can move on. For some people it's a lifetime of support for a club. As an Arlington regular, I'm devastated by the news.
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    It is somewhat emblematic of speedway's state that its most prominent owner announces his decision to sell, not after poring over a business plan, but in an emotional outburst worthy of a six year old.
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    Now that the 2nd Lublin Grand Prix is over let me get back to Falubaz, who has no clue about myself and talks utter rubbish. I am not an emigrant, or educated at the primary school level, but the 1969 Poznan University graduate. My first speedway meeting that I watched in Bydgoszcz was in late 50's. Mieczysław "Mike" Polukard, Poland's first world finalist from Bydgoszcz, was my childhood hero, so anyone can guess how old I am. Whilst living in London, every Friday I cheered for Zuper Zenon and Hackney Hawks. For my retirement I returned back home to Bydgoszcz and still follow speedway worldwide..so don't believe anything Falubaz says...just ignore him.
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    Cannot get over the negative crap on here.......Britain won fair and square, get over yourselves and enjoy a rare British win!
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    Anyone think we should go back to the every point count scoring system
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    Both the ONS and NRS state that the average age of death due to Covid is 82.4, so Blu`s assumption is not unreasonable. Thousands of people have caught coronavirus and been ill, but recovered, just like a typical Winter "flu " season. We manage our way through that without vax passes and quarantines. Thousands of people die or are maimed in Road Traffic accidents but we accept the need for travel, and try to mitigate the risks. Thousands of people are unwell every weekend due to hangovers, yet choose to repeat that behaviour without state coercion or interference . The current obsession with safetyism is tragic, too many people frightened into submission by the State and its propaganda, and they will never recover. That should be their choice, some others prefer to live rather than exist. We should be free to do what we choose, without state intervention, as long as it causes no harm to others. Given the vaxxed and unvaxxed both contract and pass on the virus, it should remain a personal choice. Masks dont work, so if you wear one in the shops , but prefer to get pissed in the pub bare faced that should be your choice. Otherwise we are following the path of 1930`s Germany. The only difference between a vaccine passport and a yellow star is 80 years . The governments plan to turn citizens against one another is progressing nicely.
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    Okay..... *take a deep breath* first of all... I’m not a Leicester fan.. my name clearly states that... but I’ve got a problem with this part of your post... You talk about the Thompson twins and how they dominated in their last season racing... they’re young laddies who have worked their way up to heatleader status in NDL and have taken a massive jump into championship level... with the top 5 you have, they should be 2 that are exempt from criticism. Now... “the overrated Flint”... are you having a laugh... that laddy has worked his way up and deserves every bit of praise that he is receiving and has rightfully earned the chance to ride in Poland for Rybnik. You need to remember that this is only his 2nd full season at championship level. He’s probably had to work harder than most due to his locality... Berwick now has the facilities for the youngsters in the north but Leon has had to travel many thousands of miles over his short years in this sport... he’s worked hard to build up sponsors... he’s completely changed the way he trained and his overall fitness level is second to none... he’s got a great team behind him and is quite frankly the brightest prospect to come from North Northumberland for quite some time! So quite frankly, “the overrated Flint” is quite an insult to what that lad has actually achieved!

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