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    Potential 10 year jail sentences for COVID offences? As I said previously, this government is a danger to everyone...
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    I must admit that my experience today has left me a bit baffled about this lockdown. Obviously exercise is essential to good health. I myself need to exersise to control my blood pressure and I take long walks as often as I can. Today I walked along the seafront from Bournemouth pier to Hengistbury Head along the seafront. I'm fortunate that I only have a 20 minute walk across a heath from my front door to the pleasure gardens which then takes me to the seafront. The weather today was nice and the promenade was rammed to a point that distancing was impossible. It was a mix of walking family groups & runners interspersed with cyclists & electric scooter riders weaving through the gaps. All the carparks were nearly full and beach hut owners had their tables and chairs outside which narrowed the walkway even further. At the other end of the prom where vehicle access is allowed, the council were taking money at a hut and allowing people to park on the already overcrowded area where they were just having picnics either in or by their vehicles and one guy was flying his model aeroplane on the beach. I'm not entering in to a discussion in to what the risk level of any of this activity was, but how does sitting outside a beach hut having a cup of tea, riding an electric scooter along the prom, having a picnic or flying a model plane fit in with essential reasons for leaving your home? All under the eyes of the Covid officers patrolling the area. I checked later as to what the rules were on beach huts. The BCP website says that beach hut tenants may use them within the government's guidelines and gives a hyperlink to them. Well I'm struggling to see where it says that using a beach hut is an essential reason for leaving home. It seems the council still want to take the beach hut & carpark funds while turning a blind eye to the rules. The lockdowns have already cost me my job so either enforce them properly or forget the whole thing. I don't mind which tbh but this is a joke.
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    Obviously youve never been there have you? The Arena is rented from a local school. Speedway share the pitch side dressing rooms and allow for them to keep a rugby pitch behind the back straight. There is little scope to widen the track as there is only about a 15ft walkway between the stand and rugby pitch. No point in lengthening the straights as that would create problems for riders with the extra speed going into the tight turns. I have been a heavy critic of the state of the track preparation over recent few seasons. To the point of Mark Phillips saying he would ban me.! I say what I see and that doesnt sit easy with some people. We had several meetings called off because of the state of the track, not the weather. That said, Mark has worked his socks off in remedying the situation. I cant possibly argue with that. The last couple of meetings of 2019 you could see the effort paying off. The track did improve a fair bit. In 2020, Plymouth ran 2 meetings under very strict Covid regulations. Their organisation was absolutely top notch. Clear instructions from volunteers at every pinch point throughout the meeting. The track itself stood up very well indeed. How much of that was due to constant preparation ,lack of weekly action, I dont know. But, in my opinion, it was a good as its ever been, if not the best ever. Before the start of the 2nd meeting. I bumped into Mark and congratulated him personally on his fore thought and arrangements. I felt 100% safe. Add in the superb stand along the start finish straight, they made for a a good atmosphere with everyone that I know going home with a big smile. Indeed it was very disappointing when they cancelled the next fixture because the Covid situation had changed, I totally accept that. For Mark and his team to go out and gain promotion and deliver two excellent signings shows his intent. He IS listening to fans on just about everything. I applaud him and his team on their efforts so far. I wish them well for 2021, except of course against Poole!
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    Swedish corona deaths are higher than its Nordic neighbours, though excess deaths are similar to Denmark and Finland during 2020. Norway did best, though demographic younger. I think we have been here before ? If we are comparing neighbours, have you looked at South America? Brazil, now trailing lockdown happy Peru and Argentina, in deaths per 100k, though I know you are aware of that. The MSM have been very quiet on that continent as it does not fit their obsession with lockdown. Australia and NZ have done very well, but at what cost to economy and tourism? Will they ever open up again? Will the Robinson Crusoe mind set last? Do they stay in isolation for a generation or open up post vaccine ? The state of Victoria has been like a concentration camp, and now Perth have joined in..... I don’t believe it’s possible to control the virus...just like it’s not possible to control the weather. Human activity is little better than futile in the face of nature’s events. Now we could and should have directed efforts into protecting those most at risk, but we in the UK decided to quarantine the young and healthy, and trash the education of children who are bulletproof to the virus. Makes you wonder what we do if H7 influenza comes calling one day?
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    The snow and cold weather are a big con. Don't believe it. Its not real! It's just the government dreaming up ways to control you with big coats and woolly hats Primark are in on it too, as are welly factories. Bill Gates has got spy cameras in every snowflake! They're controlling the weather to control you!! Don't buy into their crap. Refuse to put your heating on. Throw your jumpers and coats away. Be free. This is all true cause we read it on Facebook.
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    It doesn’t matter if it’s 9 years or 4! He shouldn’t be on it full stop.
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    Bates is 25/6 and has 9 years experience - if he is on the rising star list then it's a disgrace.....
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    As far as an app is concerned, the possibilities are endless. For example, how about each rider carries a helmet cam which fans can link to through the app, therefore experiencing the action first hand? Riders could also have a small digital display mounted on their handlebars on which supporters could send them messages during a race, such as "get your finger out", "how about team riding for a change", he's behind you", or "are you trying to artificially lower your average again so you can go back to Poole?!" Just a couple of ideas .
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    At least Palin is actually a rising star
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    Congratulations Scunthorpe straight into the quarter finals of the KO Cup same as Leicester......funny how thats worked out....
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    Mayor Khan continues to preside over record levels of knife crime in London. Six weeks into the year and we already have 10 young men stabbed to death in London and many others, badly wounded. Still ,Mayor Khan has a steady hand on the tiller. He has found the money set up a commission of 15 parasites activists including actors and the bloke who wrote The Queer Bible to look at street names and statues. And they wonder why Labour are behind in the polls
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    To be fair to the Peterborough promoters it isn't a bad idea... It means that their team will be the first one in the country whereby all their riders have received the vaccine...
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    You listened to David Lammy and you're not depressed?! I'm certainly not depressed, I'm fed up though and I guess that's where a lot of people are now. But you're right, being 'depressed' has become a glib saying bandied about by many who are nothing more than a bit bored.
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    There are two things that are constantly overlooked when considering so-called dirty riding. The first is speedway and thinking distance . Even on the slowest part of a small track the riders are exiting the bends at around 30 mph which has a thinking distance of around 9 metres per second. In other words a rider will travel something like 5-6 metres between thinking of something and starting to do it. If a rider wants to execute a dirty move he somehow has to work out where both he and the opponent will be on the track some distance ahead. Frankly I don’t think many so called instances of dirty riding really are. They are more often stupid, wild or over enthusiastic, often with Adrenalin taking over. It is after all , a very tough sport. The other thing is who decides where the border line is between hard riding and dirty riding. I remember Lee Richardson telling me years ago that at the top level, all of them , even Mr Nice Guy Greg Hancock are very, very hard men, and if they weren’t they wouldn’t be at the top. So once again we come back to the fact that it is a very tough sport, and at times the border between hard and dirty can easily and inadvertently be crossed.
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    One day soon, people will look at Sweden and recognise that the cause of lockdown ... is lockdown itself.
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    Think he deserves a thread don't you, our covid inspiration has passed away
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    The same people that say flu has disappeared because of masks, also say 'covid cases' are because people haven't been wearing masks. As many have said, its almost as if colds and flu have been rebranded and given a fancy name...
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    Ordered it yesterday afternoon, it came today before 2pm.. Always liked Kelvin, even when he seemed to be less than a favourite of many of the English fans.. (Although to be fair to be him, many of the fans at that time seemed to think they were all Americans).. And for me, does a great job on the commentary with Nigel P... Not everyone's cup of tea, but who cares, they sell the sport fantastically well...
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    If the UK government had spent as much time and money on the long term wellbeing, health and fitness of the country as they have done on locking us all up to ease the pressure on the NHS, they would probably find that the NHS would be under much less pressure...
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    NOW, this really is good news ... The owner of Cadbury will bring production of the chocolate bar from Europe back to the UK following a £15m investment at its original site in Bournville. Production of 12,000 tonnes of chocolate - equivalent to 125m bars - will be relocated from Germany and other sites in Europe to Birmingham from next year said Mondelez. It was formed after Cadbury's former owner Kraft demerged its grocery business in 2011. The shift will mean most Dairy Milk will be made at the Birmingham site from next year and will add to the 35,000 tonnes made at the factory in 2020.
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    Unbelievable...All viruses mutate, its basic knowledge that is taught in school science lessons. "None of us were able to predict" coronavirus would mutate or variants would emerge - Dido Harding, head of the National Institute for Health Protection
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    BBC reports the banning of the Ryanair “Jab and go” advert. After completely failing to report the banning of the government’s “joggers and dog-walkers are highly likely to have Covid” advert! Hypocrisy.
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    More irresponsible scaremongering headlines (mainly from the Beeb) about the South African strain.
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    I’d quit while you’re behind if I were you, flagrag actually knows what he/she is talking about.
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    Says the person who regularly reposts ridiculous tweets or YouTube videos in a vain attempt to shore up his own deluded conspiracy theory nonsense in which he has invested so much of his own emotions.

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