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    Some people seem to be so hard to please, I think Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum do a great job, as does Natalie Quirk. How luck we are to get any kind of speedway coverage especially domestically.
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    In the speedway star today bomber blames the track for his lack of points. Sometimes it’s grippy and sometimes it’s slick and it’s not his fault he can’t find a set up. With 20 years plus experience on all tracks it’s a pretty poor excuse. The fact is bomber isn’t a number one anymore and hasn’t been for a few seasons
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    I hope you never suffer from mental health issues. People like Craig need support not abuse from prats like you.
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    If we have a National Speedway Stadium, shouldn't all the big meetings be there.
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    Might help if he wasn't so aggressive and insulting to other posters!
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    Get your head out his backside he’s acted unprofessional again today.
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    Brady reckons he was winded which is why he sat down after trying to get up too quickly!
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    He was laying on the track you bell. He had no points whether he stayed down or got up. He was out regardless.
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    Not sure why you have to constantly goad him and wind him up, it got boring a long time ago.
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    Craig Cook just been an idiot again, track staff were repairing damaged fence by starting gate plenty of people on track, Cook rode round to the starting gate even though referee put red lights on. Clerk of course walked up to him and told him he had to leave and he didn’t, so clerk of the course pulled his cut out.
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    In the absence of Alpen, we will will be massive underdogs for this fixture. I just hope that we can pull together and sneak 3 points. Copyright: Steve Shovlar c/o Piaza Navona. Rome.
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  13. 8 points
    Just in from Owlerton - my first speedway meeting in three seasons. Didn't see anything to tempt me to go more often. Racing way too processional to be interesting. Crowd looked about 1,500. So, pretty poor. Unsurprising, though, given Edward Kennett, Scott Nicholls and Charles Wright were late withdrawals. Not thrilled, either, to discover Owlerton's first bend terracing is now out of bounds. Defending champion Craig Cook should hang his head in shame. A big meeting like this, and a so-called professional speedway rider cannot prepare a bike capable of lasting a lap? Pathetic. Not what we paid £20 for! Glad Erik Riss won the Grand Final, especially off the unfavoured inside gate. Nought out of ten to Sheffield Speedway, who, despite this meeting starting at 5pm, wouldn't allow anybody to take food into the stadium. Not everyone, Sheffield Speedway, wants to eat the sort of tasteless, overpriced fast food invariably served up at speedway meetings. Wake up. It's 2019! Overall, poor value for money. But that's speedway all over these days, isn't it? No wonder its fan base is down to the hard core.
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    Having read some of the Poole fans posts, I just can't see why people think they have Poole tinted glasses on. Anyway,, maybe Brady was winded, luckily for him he heals quickly, which just happened to coincide with red light coming on. The cheating twunt
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    Leads you to believe? Its a fact. And no, i am not a Poole supporter whatsoever . I just like to pass comment when people seem to slag off Poole for no reason , doesnt mean I support them. I dont think i could ever support a club that has Lisa Collette and Starman as fans to be honest .
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    It certainly looked the part... I remember the grass banks... As we always allude to on here.. That racing last night, played out in front of 1000 punters, would have been deemed devoid of atmosphere, not worth the admission, and unlikely to be revisited again. . Played out in front of 15000 passionate fans, sat and stood close together, and you get a memorable event which will no doubt see many return next year.. The NSS and Cardiff are the perfect example of this. One a great race track which delivers great racing but struggles to get more than 1500 there to generate real atmosphere, and one that delivers average racing but a huge crowd every year to sample the great atmosphere that their very attendance generates... Speedway in the UK really need to cop themselves on that getting a crowd in (however you do it) really does make all the difference to that virtuous circle needed for long term growth.. Great crowds deliver great atmosphere which then delivers an urge to sample it again.. Sadly the vicious circle of low crowds, no atmosphere, and no urge to keep sampling it, appears to be accepted as an inevitability by many..
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    You should have stayed for a proper , competative meeting between two decent sides
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    Heat 15, he went for a gap to overtake Jye Etheridge, there was contact, Jye came off, Cook was excluded. Nothing wrong with the move, it was hard, there was a gap, he went for it. The decision was right. There was bravado afterwards, finger pointing, threats, pantomime stuff. It all added to the atmosphere. The noise generated by both sets of fans in the second meeting was brilliant and this just ramped it up a bit. Glasgow meetings are always special, because they bring a load of fans. The more fans create a better atmosphere. There is a good bond between the two clubs as well. Cook is the rider Berwick fans love to hate, mainly because of his time as an Edinburgh rider and the fact he is so bloody good around the place. I reckon if you asked Berwick fans they would say that they love booing him but they also admire him because he is damn good to watch around Shielfield.
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    How can virtually the same riders produce better racing just because the league has a different name? I didn't realise Rowe Atkins Stoneman etc must be so much more attractive a proposition that Fricke Doyle and Iversen.....
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    Has anyone told Rohan that his battling 2nd place in heat 15 secured the Witches a play off place? I'm sure he will be stoked
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    Those saying last week unhappy at Iversen and Zagar qualifying again for next year, tonight shows they still 2 of the best riders around.
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    Scooters I can understand. If Bomber is there, he would steal it, and see if it goes any quicker than his bikes! Of course, it might take him a time to get the setup right... I'll get me coat...
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    Could it just be so we have a complete historical analysis of British Speedway from it`s earliest days which is 100% as accurate as possible ? Hats off to Dave Allen and helpers for doing this time consuming work.
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    But surely Plymouth can't go on without Wallinger? They will have to close the club down.
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    Once upon a time the bottom half of the series automatically went into the challenge. As others have said if you exclude GP riders you risk weakening the field for the series. I too would like to see some fresh faces in the GPs but if they can’t beat the old guard in the qualifying events then perhaps they aren’t ready or good enough to get there.

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