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    Both teams agreed to give it a try. If the riders wanted to give it a go who’s in the better position to judge, the guys putting their neck on the line of some bloke on the internet who’s probably never swung his leg over a bike?
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    Most riders these days have "teams" with them in the pits, simply because they see GP riders and think they must have the same. Far too many riders now trying to make a full time career from speedway and the sport just cannot justify this on crowds of 500 to 1,000 a week. Costs have spiralled out of control and most riders have become involved in an arms race, spending ridiculous amounts of money to try and get that tenth of a second quicker. Undoubtedly speedway has become a much more professional sport, but the costs can only be justified if they are met by money coming into the sport, from TV, sponsors or more fans. None of which is happening. Unfortunately riders are killing it for themselves.
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    The most progressive development in UK speedway in recent years was the building of the NSS, which took more effort and determination than anything Matt Ford has achieved and if you're looking for promotions who have raised their game you may want to consider Glasgow, Isle of Wight, the present Belle Vue promotion and maybe others as well. They have managed it without creating the controversy that always seems to surround Poole and are trying to move the sport forward in ways that benefit not just themselves but the sport at large. Matt Ford has done an excellent job for Poole but little to benefit UK speedway.
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    Except Vaculik isn't Polish
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    "a big man in a small place" starman a ludicrous statement and a touch insulting to somerset speedway,speak regularly to a guy who goes nearly all poole and somerset meetings and was his opinion that last yr of the two, somerset had the better crowds.Its very possible in fact probable that somerset have the better business model,they own their stadium so dont have to pay say 50/100 k yr in rent(pure guess)they keep all food and drink receipts and any car park receipts plus income from all other events at the stadium,of the two businesses to most businessmen i would think somerset would be the more attractive option
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    Anyone know if there are any tickets left for the Poole end of season dinner dance next month?
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    Maybe not. But it counts a damn sight more than yours.
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    “ I don’t let BSF run my life” says the man who spends half his life trolling in it. Were you there last night ? ( I was). Did you speak to any of the riders or managers before or after the meeting ( I did) have you read Rosco’s statement? No ? You made up your mind because of something you read on the internet. Riders and managers had the chance to test or protest before heat 1 and no one chose to. They decided to get on with it for the fans who actually get off their ârses and go to meetings rather than the numpties who sit at home criticising. It didn’t work out and unfortunately some riders got injured. Still, some bloke who’s never been on a bike saw something on the internet and is more informed than anyone who was there. Thsts ok then. Sorry. You’re completely right.
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    To be fair, I think SS was 100% correct with his forecast.. It can only be presumed therefore that it was the weather that was wrong....
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    It shouldn't be rained off , I'm here at home 160 miles away from Wimborne Rd and i can say there's no reason to call this off.
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    I HAVE been a vocal and vociferous critic of many things in speedway for over 50 years and could come up with a long list of things that are wrong with the sport today. Nigel just screams, sounds like a monkey, doesn't use any words. Do you actually read what you write? Of course, he is not everyone's cup of tea, no one is, but your comments are so ludicrous that no one will take them seriously.
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    You were saying.....hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
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    To the over cocky Poole fans (you know who you are) - your boys took one helluva beating! Maybe your mighty team isn't as good as you thought it was and hopefully you have come back down to earth with an almighty bang! Hahahahahahahaha! Well done to the Robins - you certainly showed those pesky pie rats! Every other teams fans will also enjoy this moment!
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    Meetings between these two rarely disappoint and this was another cracker watched by a huge crowd with plenty of travelling support , from Ht1 that saw Doolan and Worrall passing and re-passing right up to Ht15 that saw a typically spectacular ride from Chris Harris there was value for money in every race. Big crowd, great racing, close score, value for money and a meeting done and dusted in good time, more of the same each week please, the speedway season has started.
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    Each stadium / track will have it's own for's and those that are against , at the end of the day it's another speedway track that is still open for business , like it or like it not , which we should all be grateful for with the sport as a whole in decline and very little chance of seeing new stadium development anywhere .
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    Can't be off surely? My wonderful thing called technology (copyright Steve Shovlar) says Poole is currently experiencing a 30 degree heatwave & is being assessed to be classed as a desert.
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    When I saw the title of the thread I feared Philip Rising had fallen on hard times.
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    Please could anyone confirm whether the relegation race off is in place again this year? Just asking for a friend who lives in Dorset.
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    I remember a certain Poole supporter saying can't see what all the hype is about Dan bewley .well done Dan tonight
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    COULD be called the Ivan Mauger stadium. That might swing a few votes...
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    What an idiotic comment to make about suing Swindon. Both teams have to agree to race which they did. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out from.
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    Please don't assume all Poole supporters are this arrogant, sometimes afraid to admit who I support.
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    THANKS to everyone for their comments here. I speak as someone who (other than sanctioning the cost!) had nothing to do with its production. I'm very proud of the of the people who did the hard graft and know they appreciate how well it is both perceived and received.
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    Spot on.... Watch any of the PDC darts streams from the 'floor tournaments' that take place almost weekly around the country as qualifiers for other TV tournaments. Many have no commentary at all.... Many are played in sports halls in front of 'one man and his dog' and sometimes played out in front of no public whatsoever. If a stream has any commentary it is often just someone detailing the scores.. It can very often be therefore mind numbingly dull, with the only sound heard being the match score announcer and the 'thud' of a dart going into the board. There's no way on earth watching that would get you 'into the darts'... Then equate that to watching darts on Sky and ITV... The SAME 'sport'. The SAME players, MVG, Anderson, Cross, Wright, Lewis, Wade etc etc have to play these 'floor tournaments' but its millions and millions of miles away from exactly the same thing played out on a Thursday night in the PL, in front of huge 10,000 crowds with commentators shouting out loudly what's happening above the ear splitting crowd noise. .. Tatum and Pearson bring their passion to the Sport, and as it's a high adrenaline, high octane Sport, there is nothing wrong with trying to impart how exciting it can actually be to a (often ignorant of Speedway) watching nation.. More power to their elbows (and vocal chords)...
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    Great to see that Chris Morton attended. Given the loudest cheer on the pre-meeting parade, and had loads of fans approaching him in the PC suite and saying how pleased they were to see him back, by all accounts. Sad that Peter Collins still refuses to pick his dummy up and end his petty vendetta. Awful to think that he is in danger of being remembered as the bitter and twisted old man he has become, rather than the dashing charismatic, most naturally talented speedway rider that he was.
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    Hopefully lessons have been learned but there is not a promotion out there that have not done this at one point or another. Sooner or later the penny will drop that it is an entertainment business and not win at all cost business to the detriment of the paying public. Or will they as they don't seem to care about the paying public. I was at Berwick last week and the track prep was spot on , gave both teams a chance to attack it result being a fantastic speedway meeting it is not rocket science.
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    Jesus Christ 10 heats into the season and the glory supporter wants a change already.
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    Let's Just wish all the fallen riders good health or speedy recovery, all this constant bickering needs to be toned down, too many keyboard warriors on here spoiling for an argument........pathetic.
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    You are a piece of work! Is it a crime to mention he isn't Polish or because you were wrong? Obviously i hope the non-Polish Vaculik is ok!
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    I’m hundreds of miles away and the weather is fine. It’s ridiculous this meeting has been called off
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    A terrible precedent that was set a few years ago when Poole called off a meeting against Lakeside as it would affect their planned team changes.
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    Hopefully all clubs promotions will now look into the forum as regards future postponements.If they can contact Steve Shovlar he will tell them exactly what the weather will do 48 hrs prior to each and every clubs home matches.He will detail exactly whether any rain will hit any tracks in those 48 hrs.And on this evidence clubs will know 100% whether to postpone or not.So thanks must go to SS for saving speedway a small fortune in the future.
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    On my hour long walk to work at 4:50 (to Wolverhampton) this morning, the contents of approximately 1400 showers emptied themselves over me on said walk. I was convinced this was rain as it was so wet. However, after consulting with a wonderful thing called technology, this assured me that in fact, this was not the case & I was clearly mistaken. Hope that clears things up.
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    No one forces a Speedway rider to ride, they do it because they enjoy riding a bike and getting payed for it, and believe me it’s much better than a 9 to 5 job, if they don’t think they don’t get paid enough, simple get a normal job
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    Ah! days gone by...the Easter 3TT involving Oxford, Swindon and Reading. Oxford on Good Friday, Swindon on the Saturday and Reading Easter Monday. Those were the days!
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    Talk all you wish too. The best 'promoter' in the country has caused hundreds, more likely thousands of fans to walk away from the sport. EVERY SINGLE clubs social media for the last ten years and more has been full every single season of fans sick of the manipulation and downright corruption in the sport with 95% of the time Ford and Poole squarely in the middle of it. Whether or not their complaints/suspicions were genuine or not, they were there and continue to be there. There is no doubt at all the damage it has done to the sport. What has been done about it? Absolutely nothing other than gloating from Poole fans like yourself which have the net result of worsening the problem and zero action from the BSPA either in clarifying rules or being open and honest. Yes, Ford has played the system, however the question has to be asked why has he continually been allowed to do so. In other businesses/sports there would be an investigation into alleged corrupt practices.
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    Let's face it, SS would say the Aussie cricket team played by the rules if they were based in Poole. His glasses are so blue tinted, it's a wonder that he hasn't fallen off the quay at Poole because he can't see through them properly. Watch him at a speedway meeting, every decision that a referee makes against Poole is wrong.
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    It has become quite obvious that to most of us, it is you who believe what you hear, after you preach it so many times. In any sport, equality is so important, without that equality you have to question the integrity of that sport. Every other Promoter tries to run their team to the rules as they were intended, not looking at ways to deceive the intention of them rules.. I have often moaned at the BSPA for allowing people like Ford to ride roughshod over our sport, but it is wrong that they have be on the lookout for these kind of people who are only interested in pulling the wool over genuine member’s eyes. The competition of this sport should be governed by the racing of bikes on the track, not by the person who sees a loophole and bends the rules the most. You say ‘other promoters should be like Ford and the sport would be far better’, but in truth Ford has been the biggest disease our sport has ever known. The sport has done well to battle his onslaught of underhanded deception for as long as it has. Poole fans may think they are the cream of the crop, but the truth of the matter is they are nothing more than sour milk. Fans are leaving by their droves because they are fed up to their teeth with how the sport is run. If you are allowed to bend, cheat or deceive them rules to prosper than any rewards are worthless. I‘m so pleased, that the majority of the promoters uses the rules how they were intended, and any success was achieved doing it the right way….
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    Just joined this forum as I’m sick of reading the dross people keep posting. Newcastle have signed 7 riders willing to try their best for the club and as a supporter that’s all we can hope for, a rider going to try their best in every heat they ride. It’s time people get behind the club instead of keep stating how much they are going to struggle, stay positive as paper teams never win the league anyway and get behind the lads and support the diamonds.
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    While you are looking for that, could you please do my ironing.
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    Are you that naive the sport as a whole has to prosper to make progress it is not all about one club your club or mine Poole need clubs to race against your philosophy is as long as Poole do well everything is rosy no it is not your club needs teams to race against and year by year that gets more difficult for most clubs.
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    That's just rubbish. As Sidney has rightly pointed out many foreigners have been employed when Brits just as good or better have been available. I understand your philosophy of win at all costs but it is just plain wrong if you want the sport here to prosper. It was no coincidence that the last boom in the 70's coincided with a period when British riders were the best in the world. A successful British team gets the national media interested, which increases crowds. The selfish attitude of we've got a full trophy cabinet does nothing for anybody other than your team and now the novelty has worn off and the running streak faltered your crowds are also suffering.
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    Relieved to read JD’s tweet.
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    What's happened to freedom of speech your democratic right ?. Thought it was just Scotland that has Sturgeons nanny state with her storm troopers kicking doors in if you say something she doesn't like. Looks like it's spreading.
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    We are not all mouthy gobs as you put here at Poole thank you ps there is a lot off speedway between now and October win or lose so let's enjoy it
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    Embarrassing from Poole and Somerset. Should be made mandatory that all top flight sides must have team kevlars. Excuse of saving a few quid is pathetic. Show a bit of professionalism ffs. Makes the sport look pikeyish. The self proclaimed "Manchester United" of speedway looking like a rag tag bunch thrown together is a terrible look for the sport & that club. Looks like they've gone back to 1988. Somerset over paying Doyle as their excuse for no suits is dreadful. Team kevlars was one of the few professional things about the sport & now we have Ford being a t0sser & Somerset taking us back to the 80's.
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    So if people dont agree with your opinions , you dont want them to quote your posts ? Im afraid thats not how forums work,
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    THINK you are on a different planet to most of us ... planet of the apes by the sound of it.