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    Thank you. Suffering from mental health issues myself, I can relate to putting on a face. What an amazing woman she is. Danny will be proud xx
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    Posted by Danny's partner for people who doesnt have Facebook. What an amazingly strong lady she is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with a broken heart I have to say that my soul mate, daddy to our two beautiful babies and your peoples champion, has lost his battle to mental health. Danny absolutely lived for speedway. That was the only place he was truly free, free from any troubles and cares in his mind. He absolutely adored his fans. It was his utmost joy to be your ballsy entertainer and riding that dirt line on the edge, #whoDAyreswins. When he rode on that track, he gave everything he could to bring you excitement and give you, his fans, the full experience of the Showman of Speedway!! He absolutely thrived on that energy you gave him and for that, he truly loved you all. I know he would want to be remembered this way ❤️ I’m utterly overwhelmed by all of the support and kind words you have given to Danny, me, Lilou and Anaiya xx Speedway is a huge extended family to us all, so please pull together and if any one of you are struggling with mental health issues, please, please open up and talk to someone. Anyone. Just know that you are loved and NOT alone xxxx Rest in peace my Baby. I will miss you throughout my whole life. I promise to let our babies know what an absolutely amazing, incredible, crazy, fun and loving person you really were. Until we meet again.... Night-night my baby, you can rest easy now xxxxxxxxx Love to you all xxxxxx
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    I think you miss the point. This was a friendly match between a few Australians and a bunch of young Brits (all under 21 I think) wintering in Australia (plus Tai Woffinden). It was not a representative test match and neither country would put up teams like that if it had been. What should be taken out of it is, after so many years in the doldrums, how positive the future looks for GB with Bewley, Edwards, Flint, Kemp and a whole load of others all coming through.
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    It is nobody's business how he died. Right now it's about his family I'm sure details will be revealed when ppl are ready to do so Show some respect and stop asking or speculating
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    Best not to speculate out of respect for him and his family
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    Just block him Mike and ignore him - he's the current BSF moron and not worth wasting time on. Hope you're both OK
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    That is an amazing tribute from his partner who is showing how strong she is while probably feeling the weakest she has ever felt. This topic has shown how Speedway, both fans and promotions, are a wonderful family. Like any family we sometimes have our disagreements but at the end of the day the sport is a very large extended family and Danny is in all our thoughts. RIP Danny and thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.
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    As someone who is distanced from current speedway, I was attracted by chance to Danny Ayres in last year's British Final. His efforts that night wouldn't have looked out of place in the 70s and 80s, he was fearless. His sad passing has hit me, as someone who didn't know him. So imagine how his family and people who did are feeling today. The loss of a speedway person is always hard, but somehow Danny's passing seems all the more tragic. There's a lot of love out there for him today. Sadly, that's tinged with grief.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the evening with Nicki Pedersen comes across as a nice bloke off track. I think everybody there can’t wait for the season to start now. Told some good stories and said he can’t wait to get started. Well done Nicki and thanks for giving your time up to come across from Denmark to meet the fans.
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    The day after the night before and it still hasn't sunk in.. Ride easy up there top man, on behalf of everyone at Scunthorpe Speedway - we loved you sir
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    Danny was a complete enigma. Brilliant one minute, miles in the lead and then in the fence. But Speedway is sadly short of riders that generate this kind of excitement, a character and an entertainer and most of all an all round thrill merchant. He would have been revered as a rider in the 70's and 80's when showman ruled. Sadly he missed that era but equally made the relatively dull speedway of today a joy to watch in races he was in. Speedway has lost a gem.
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    https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/news-centre/article/2020-01-27/new-for-2020-emtvlive great news, this was trialed last season and thankfully the bspa have given it they’re full backing. great for people that live too far away to support their side to still watch their side in action. Also for away fans who can’t make the trip north who can still watch their sides also. extra revenue stream as well which in this sport is a positive. Well done to all involved.
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    I hope I do after being a fan for coming up 50 years and directly involved in two bids to revive Rye House. Sadly last year's wasn't successful. I leave it to others to make silly speculations. I don't hide behind a false name so I put what remains of my reputation behind what I post ;-) If what I post is wrong then I am misinformed. It happens, but what I post is what I genuinely know is true, or is an honest deduction from what's in the public domain. It's interesting to see the debt has been raised to Jolly when I was assured that the bid I was briefly involved in last year that the BSPA were happy to receive an application without any requirement to pay others' debts. It's funny., if a business goes bust and another takes over its operations it normally has no liability for the previous business's debts. If this was a case of BMR walking away from their debts only to form a 'phoenix' company to carry on, debtless I could understand but not when it's a new business. I wonder if the BSPA simply use it to deter applications that they don't like the look of? I expect there to be a queue to promote there IF, and IF the kart business rebuild the place rather than just demolish it. Forget BMR. There is nothing that can be done to rewrite history this time and speedway has to move on. Soon we could see a modern stadium, available to stage speedway, within easy access of millions of people including the nation's capital with good road access, to Hoddesdon at least and a direct frequent rail service to central London. Isn't that exactly what the sport in London is crying out for? It would be insane to block it over debts that no sensible business would accept responsibility for? I can't see speedway ever recovering BMR's debt, yet who really is being punished here? Certainly not BMR. Prospective promtions, yes. But in the twisted short-sightedness of speedway there is one apparently forgoten group that suffers the most. THE FANS. Speedway owes those people, not just of Rye House but all of the lost London area tracks one last place to enjoy their sport. Until someone wins Euromillions,there is only one place. Rye House.
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    Why don't we all agree to disagree & enjoy the 2020 season on both levels aswell as the Njl because if it wasn't for ROB GRANT what would we be discussing now eh
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    I have split this topic from the Peterborough 2020 thread. I have created a petition on change.org https://www.change.org/PeterboroughSpeedwayDisabledParking2020 and urge as many of you as possible to sign the petition if you support its content and aims. it is a respectful, constructive petition, and makes no threats or demands, simply urging the Promotion to look at the situation again from the perspective of a Blue-Badge holder. Thanks for reading
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    Oh my. It was a real pleasure to commentate on Danny racing over the last few years. He was without a doubt one of the most flamboyant, entertaining and passionate riders I have ever seen in my career, and I would always look forward to what crazy victory celebration he would come up with next! He would always engage with the fans more than anyone else as well and it was so wonderful to watch him in action. Love and condolences to Danny's family and many friends, Dave Goddard.
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    At Leicester in addition to having a Blue Badge parking area they also have an Electric Buggy that ferries the elderly and disabled up to and from the stadium.
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    It’s to stop riders racing in front of no one watching. And then a 1000 people online. That’s the idea behind it.
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    You each make good points. The free carer facility was to help people who simply could not attend without a companion (for example a wheelchair pusher) - that companion may well not have any interest in speedway. It wasn't for a wife who was an ardent fan simply travelling with her disabled husband (also a fan). That is why it was on request and not advertised, but if I was contacted and asked if such a policy existed, and was given an explanation why it was needed I would never refuse.
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    Interesting that some fans are calling for the return of the fours qualifiers on the basis that four meetings in four days would be an attraction, but the BSPA is being widely criticised for organising events either side of the British GP. How many fans can actually afford to go to four meetings in four days? You really think the interest level would be there on the fourth (or even third) leg for supporters of a team well behind from the first couple of legs? Can you imagine the logistical nightmare if one (or even more) of the legs is rained off? It's bad enough trying to get two teams to agree on a re-arranged date, never mind four. Fours qualifiers are best left in the past, when every day was sunny, every meeting was close, every race had passing and life, in general, was just better. Except it wasn't always so. Fours finals day can be a great occasion.
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    Came across this piece on one of the founding fathers of the sport.
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    As a 21 year old Charles Wright was averaging less than 4 for Redcar in the second tier. So to suggest that Nathan Greaves can be so casually discarded seems very harsh. (And after 6 years of Conference league experience Paul Starke averaged below 2.5 for Newcastle in the PL). We need the likes of Greaves, Hume and Bowtell to have decent opportunities to continue their careers as we continue to find it more and more difficult to attract riders from abroad.
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    The four named riders are 23, 22, 21 and 21. None should be without a team place. Keleher, Ben Cook and Kye Thomson have done nothing to give them a prior claim.
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    think theyre looking for a young aussie who can "double-up",that is doubling up as a painter and decorator at the chateaux on non racedays!
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    This is a complete marketing disaster. Constant communication is ‘free’. We are now advertising season tickets without a product. FFS get someone in that can promote - or we are doomed. It’s really not that difficult. Something doesn’t make sense.

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