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    Jamie Swales was announced as new co-promoter. Certainly no stranger at Redcar, and currently oversees the Northern Junior League. A good appointment I think - and certainly good news for the Cubs I would imagine.
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    Morning all, Thank your kind words - its much appreciated. Delighted to be in the position to be able to do this, and as a real fan of Speedway, it means a lot to be able to work with Buster, Dale & the team - who have both been brilliant to deal with to make this all happen In answer to question above, our third office is in Caister-on-Sea, next to Great Yarmouth. Heres to be a big 2020!
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    Yes, keep the panic and over reaction going. Ignore all medical advice. That's the spirit!
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    I had two women literally fighting over the last packet of paracetamol in my shop last night.. One woman picked it up and another snatched it from her as she had gone for it at virtually the same time.. They kicked off an argument and the one who got there seconds late wouldn't give it to the other woman so the one who had got there first gave the other a proper good right hander to the head, knocking her clean over and she landed like a snotty heap on the floor.. I would suggest she needed the paracetamol after all.. A certain irony. .
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    Whatever people think about Neil,,, at least he had his name out there,,,.
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    One really should keep one's gob shut. https://summit.news/2020/03/11/islamic-scholar-who-said-coronavirus-was-allahs-punishment-gets-coronavirus/
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    The more you reply, the more you prove what a tool you really are.
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    So far in this century, like a cat with 9 lives I've managed to survive Mad cow disease (not the 80's version, the new one from the middle of last year) Sars (another coronavirus) TB Ebola a Flu pandemic Possibly Brexit - although that might be premature. and probably more that I cant remember. All of which according to the press were likely to result in vast swathes of people dropping dead worldwide. (possible exception for Brexit but I thought it was funny) As a child of the 60's there are another 39 years before that where I was fortunate enough to survive all sorts of certain death such as lead paint, wrapping asbestos string around exhausts and working on asbestos brakes, walking through a workplace without a bright yellow vest on, lifting more than 25kg all on my own and so on. So no matter what the press and internet tell me I'm going to keep riding my luck and carry on just as I am without giving a toss
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    I can see a marketing ploy here: ”Beat Coronavirus and watch live speedway, the only sport with fewer people than self-isolation!”
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    Didn’t think there would ever be a more mind numbing thread on this forum than gavan arguing with poole fans but some how this one has managed it
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    I've just finished Tai's book "Raw Speed"... or as it should have been called "It Is What It Is". And while it was very interesting to read his take on things (I still can't make head nor tail of why he punched Ben Barker, other than they were both drunk) I have to say that I don't think I've ever read a more poorly written "Autobiography" and I've read a few. At least a third of the book must be pure filler as it goes off at tangents giving irrelevant and needless details and giving you history of who people are and and venues etc. Which quite clearly haven't been penned (or even thought of, I suspect) by Tai. And if I had a pound for every time I read the sentence "As I've mentioned before"... Take away all of the filler and I don't think it's anything more than an extended Speedway Star interview. 6/10
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    Heard the Diamonds advert on Metro Radio this morning, and it was very good, to the point, all the info and likely I would say to make the possibility of people coming to our 90th anniversary meeting on the 29th real. Metro Radio are our Media partner, and they approached us given what was going on when Rob came in to save the speedway. The radio station is the biggest commercial station in the North East, so it's great to be partnered with them and good for the sport in the area.
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    no point arguing who the best is, just be thankful we have Iversen, Cook, Pedersen, Crump, Doyle etc in this country
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    Sounds logical. And considering that we're so concerned about H&S that we throw BBs outside (sorry for that bit, unnecessary but had to get it in), can you imagine waiting around for a county ambulance to transfer an injured rider? Firstly we'd be sitting there all night, secondly, if and when it did arrive, what priority would that be at A&E with limited, stressed and overworked staff with limited resources? We can't run under such circumstance.
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    First ride of the season James Sargeant breaks the tape.
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    There is already anecdotal evidence that sell out events are being poorly attended due to people choosing to avoid public gatherings. Against that backdrop and fan's general adversion to guests, what does speedway stand to gain from persevering with the current fixture list? It would make more sense to get ahead of the game, announce a six week delay and reschedule fixtures accordingly.
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    All the doom and gloom merchants have their opinion yet again, rumour after rumour about Niki if the supporters put as half as much effort in to the speedway club as the promotion have over the last few years and especially last winter they would do well, instead of finding fault with everything at the club and starting falsehoods off about who is riding at Sheffield and for how long. Its time now to get behind the club not slag everything off
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    The full line up is now on the BSPA site. What I find totally disgusting is that a team have put their press and practice day on the same day as the Ben Fund meeting and forced one of their riders to withdraw from the Ben Fund meeting. Even worse is that the Ben Fun meeting was moved to accommodate the very same team with their now cancelled opening meeting.
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    Think it will be a huge benefit to both Wolves and Luke Becker that he will be doubling up with Somerset.Can't think of a better track than than the Oak Tree Arena where he can hone his skills and push on with his development.
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    Well done & good luck to @AlexBrady in his sponsorship of the Stars in 2020
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    regarding this common knowledge about Jason coming over because of seth, yes it was common knowledge but what is also FACT as geoffs likes to tell people is that Jason himself said that seth is not coming over but is staying in Australia as he had 1 more year left in school obviously at the time of the interview he was not aloowed to say that seth is riding in the championship as seths team hadn't announced it yet so Geoff please shut up for once
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    Is it not the case that a lot of young British riders do not get a chance because of the senior British riders moaning that they can’t make the sport pay unless the ride in both leagues.Some would ride in all 3 if they were allowed.
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    What Speedway wouldn't give for a "large public gathering"!!! No danger in Speedway being effected in that way... I'd be more concerned on how much of the fan base is left after this lergie has been and gone
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    Can we please have a reality check here. Do you think fans of Hackney, Cradley, Coventry, Reading, Workington etc etc would say "If you don't provide covered seating I am not going" I think they might say its a shame they haven't build facilities like Belle Vue but I HAVE MY TEAM BACK AND IM MIGHTY LUCKY. Please we are at a delicate stage and Im sure messages such as on here are read by interested parties, but if you feel so strongly about certain issues Im sure the landlord/Promotor will be very happy for you to put your hand in your own pocket and pay for them yourselves if you wont or cant, then please support those who are.

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