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    Been banging this drum for a few years now, British speedway is run by the riders for the riders and until someone somewhere within the sport realises the fans are the be all and end all the sport will continue to die
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    I have never read such crap come out of a keyboard warrior as I have reading all these comments. You are all just total nasty people. Nothing Newcastle speedway does is good enough for anyone on this forum. They could be the best but they would still not be good enough for you all. If your not slagging the track it’s the management or it’s the riders or it’s the day they ride and even the volunteer staff have been called. Just pure nastiness. It’s not even freedom of speech or entitled to your opinion chat it’s just pure slagging then off for the fun of it Well I’ve had my rant and I’m sure I’ll get nasty comments back but as you all say I’m entitled to my opinion and that’s mine
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    Hello there, How are you? As apart of the Admin team on Updates site. We'd like to invite you a long to show us how it's done. We're always looking for volunteers ;). Dan is an excellent part of our team and offers an invaluble service all free of charge if only there was more like him.
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    It's not so much the wait between fixtures, although it goes without saying this is frustrating. A 6 team league has absolutely no appeal. Ride all year just to avoid 5th or 6th place. A League title has so little meaning or sense of achievement. Needs to change and quickly as this is probably the biggest factor threatening my commitment. Anyone else feel the same?
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    Uncomfortable truth, but a truth nevertheless, is that there are too many tracks running at an unsustainable level... And when I say unsustainable I also include impact to its credibility and reputation, as well as financial considerations.. You cannot run a team sport with 3 Divisions and all share each others competitors, therefore, if you decide to do so then it simply isnt a sustainable model to follow if you want fans to buy into it.. And if they dont buy into it, and it doesnt look like they do in many places, then the brand itself is damaged.. And with a damaged brand you will always suffer.. Poland, Sweden and Denmark have it right (not perfect, but right), in that they focus on their top league and everything else feeds off it... Some fans in the UK often complain about Poland and the GP's "ruining British Speedway", yet the ONLY nation wanting to run its Speedway operating model from Monday to Sunday is the UK... Not one other league does it and they seem to cope well enough with Poland and the GP's impact.. With Poland, dont forget, actually running the vast majority of their meetings at the weekends, (but AROUND the wide and various FIM calender)... Bottom line is trying to run two leagues using a huge % of the same riders cannot work if you want to have flexibility to attract the best crowds on the best nights for you, and if you want credibility for the sport.. We have so many guests for example because one injury often impacts two teams... With that rider possibly being due to ride all seven nights of the week, meaning seven replacements for him!! Less teams per league, with clear demarcation between them, with controlled DU's using only those not riding overseas as well, has to be a consideration.. Or one large league with controlled spread of HL talent, six man teams, with the number six slot being an "RS role" for each team, being another.. The current operating model will never deliver growth for the sport, and it has clearly shown that for the past couple of decades at least, therefore you can only presume to keep using it must mean what currently exists is all that will ever exist.. (In the UK)....
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    Killing team sport using my home town wolves as an example Sam masters rides for Edinburgh .Nick morris rides for Leicester. Ryan Douglas rides for Scunthorpe Steve Worral rides for Poole. Drew kemp rides for Poole .leon flint rides for Berwick, only Luke Becker rides only for wolves, right there is why team speedway has died in Britain, how is anyone new to the sport supposed to follow their club when it’s just a glorified swingers club, speedway has many other issues as why it is dying but as far as team speedway goes this has killed the team concept
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    I for one appreciate anyone who does the updates they do a great service for anyone wanting to keep up with the scores.With me being 50+ years old i can remember waitng up until late hoping the final scores would appear on ceefax/teletext,or having to ring the speedway hotline which would cost you a fortune.Now you can see the scores race by race with comments for free and we get people like you criticising and making terrible remarks like that. Keep up the good texting all you texters
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    Many a blind man foresaw this at the start of the season.. Yet those who run the sport didnt, which probably speaks volumes.. Putting uncompetitive teams in a league doesnt work for anyone, as history has been shown in many a long year.. Clubs will have paid out thousands hammering the Diamonds and will have no points to show for it.. And the Diamonds would have been no attraction when visiting meaning getting a crowd in would be a harder sell.. There should be clear leadership well before a season starts that decides whether a declared team can run within each league, and either contrive a more equal distribution of talent to make them competitive or only allow them to ride at a lower standard... With teams to be declared well in advance, not being allowed to "thrutch around" in bargain basements to put 7 riders together.. Hopefully the Diamonds can be saved and their die hard fans keep access to the sport, but you do suspect that some clubs will already be trying to cherry pick riders that they will replace their own riders with... All to get into those "Oh so important play offs"... Best wishes to anyone who comes in and takes over.... Let's hope someone does.. And this time they dont find out some serious legacy issues like Grant did...
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    For me, the lack of credibility is THE key issue and one that, if fixed, would at least start to encourage and engender that vital emotional attachment to a team that any fan of a team sport must have for it to have any purpose or merit.. When you can pick and choose what league you want to race in as "it suits you better" then all it sends out is a message that the leagues have no real worth in winning and should be treated accordingly.. Without aspiration to grow, any entity will stagnate then ultimately regress.. There is no doubt that within the sport there are clubs who are clearly at a certain level, yet choose to ply their trade in leagues either above or below their "natural position", which ultimately then renders the leagues uncompetitive as some teams are too strong for the league they compete in, or wildy out of their depth, and it also then means the supposed "flagship league" is nothing of the sort... Therefore. What should be seen as the aspirational pinnacle of the sport becomes almost an irrelevance given there isnt the will for many to want to compete for it... And when the "top league's" reputation carries such llittle kudos it then permeates down into the other leagues who subsequently then have even less kudos... The current set of Promoters are not responsible for all Speedways ills obviously, but their lack of innovation and desire for radical change to try and do something different, is definitely down to them.. Covid being a huge opportunity for a reset and relaunch that they chose to not take... What's that definition of insanity? UK Speedway is unfortunatley on rinse and repeat to do the same thing ad Infinitum... Yet. Frustratingly, the 'raw product' can still attract very decent crowds when the infrastructure around it is fit for purpose.. Something we often see, as an example, regularly, whenever an FIM meeting is held over here.... Proving that there is definitely many who still have an appetite for Speedway in the UK, and will willingly pay "top dollar" to attend it.. It's just not an appetite for domestic UK Speedway... As to why that is, is what the Promoters should be finding out, fixing the reasons why, and then hopefully reaping the reward of their enquiries by having fuller stadiums, and wider media coverage of their competitions due to their renewed level of kudos in winning..
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    I think that in all fairness to him... It must be difficult to try and hold an interview in a language that is not your natural one.. But Sam is trying his best..
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    Holding the riders Championship on a Wednesday night at Poole is just plain ridiculous.
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    Potential banana skin for the gladiators no room for complacency.
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    I'm pretty sure with the talent on this forum, within the next 24 hrs we could have it 100% confirmed by someone's best mates brothers uncle, who knows a man who knows stuff, That Aaron only signed for Oxford because he was being given 12 bikes 23 engines, a penthouse flat in Mayfair, and a couple of Ferraris. It's really the only conclusion you can draw.
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    The track staff at Glasgow are the best in the country. They knew what their track needed despite pressure from riders, officials and spectators. It needed time to dry out and then graded. It was perfect come five pm. You have days like this in Scotland with the weather. To those that left you missed a good meeting. Speedways biggest enemy is the weather. Hats off to the riders who in nearly all cases were patient and got on with it. The referee deserves credit for he was calm during the whole proceedings. Everyone I have mentioned deserves credit where it due. Well done!
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    This coming Saturday... mid summer's night, plum night in the Speedway calendar, weather likely to be fine, 2 matches on in Britain both at NDL level, Leicester & Berwick. Absolutely pathetic from all British Speedway so called promoters!
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    Watching youngsters trying so hard that they sometimes slide off is better than seeing the guys who tail off at the back and just ride around, or pull up. I'd never fault a lad who falls off trying......
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    I really didn’t see why the system was changed, under the old scoring every race counted and meant no one could take their foot of the gas. And it was fair to everyone. What exactly is the big deal that the winner needs to get the most points
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    Reading this forum and thinking "wow, someone remembers me "
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    Turbo Twins?? Chris Holder and Darcy Ward were given that title for a reason. Giving that name to the Thompson's is the same as putting Ant & Dec in the same company as Morecambe & Wise.
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    Love them or hate them, The Royal family bring more money into the country than anyone else. You only need to watch a walk about by QE2 to see the crowds massing there is a lot of currency floating around & they didn't bring those flags & hats with them. Congratulations to our Queen for every minute she has been a part of or leader of the Royal family & long may she remain our Monarch.
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    He's a sad lonely man with nothing better to do.
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    I've just had some excellent news today. My application to rejoin the EU by becoming a Portuguese citizen took a step nearer today. It could still be some time yet as I now have to send off various documents to the Portuguese Ministry for Internal Administration, but I could be back soon - in time to welcome Ukraine.....and possibly Scotland! No more queues at European passport desks.
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    I have always been of the view that Boris does not really believe in Brexit but used it as a cynical ploy in hid bid to become Prime Minister. I doubt Boris believes in anything other than himself
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    love to chat but i have to go for half a bushel of bent bananas, 6 shillings and threepence halfpenny. God bless Brexit, this is all it has to offer.
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    I was at Stansted early Weds morn to fly to Poland for a week's work. Frankly, it was mental. 1000s of people logjammed with minimal airline and airport staff to co-ordinate and sort it out. I - like loads of others - missed my flight and had to make alternate arrangements. The staff - by and large - are still from overseas. But they are massively under resourced. Is it entirely due to Brexit? I don't think that would be wholly accurate. But by making it harder to recruit service staff and making it a less welcome environment for existing overseas service staff, then (surprise, surprise) airlines and airports are now short-staffed. So, yes, Brexit is a factor AGAIN in making life harder for the British economy. You'd have to be a delusional sort who insists the Emporer's new clothes are indeed beautiful to argue otherwise.

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