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    You are defending the indefensible again. It was a poor crowd nobody can deny that and the track was awful.
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    Only six holes then?
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    if ever you needed to see just how speedway is spiralling downwards in the UK then last night was a prime example of it. Very small crowd with the average age above at least 45. Track an absolute disgrace. Little in the way of entertainment. Not one GP/World Class rider on show. As a spectacle and as a advert for the sport it probably did more harm than good.
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    Unfortunately we have some glory boys who started 'following' us when we were winning and now if we don't win every meeting are calling for riders heads. It's quite funny watching them as they fall apart (usually on Facebook) . I see them in the pits all over the riders (selfies, clothes etc). Then after a meeting spouting off like the team just slapped their mothers. Sure we can all have a dig at riders who are underperforming but we have little to no idea what happens in the pits and behind the scenes. You win or lose then u move on with life. Wee bit banter, wee bit back and forth then on to the next match. Sucess is very rarely lengthy and tends to come in go. At Edin we have been spoilt no doubt about it. Well now it's someone else's turn, tigers may not have the trophys but they got the stababilty, exciting rides and fans back into speedway. Still reckon we should empty Lawson tho and ref was bias
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    I guess it comes down to the question if the sport (as opposed to the promoters with vested interests) need two 'top' leagues or not. If keeping them separate to allow the top riders to ride / earn at the top level, well that clearly doesn't work with only Doyle of the true 'Elite' still riding here. So why not accept the facts and adapt accordingly. Having a different team visiting each week rather than seeing a rotation of a few teams every couple of months would surely encourage the general fan base to come back each week. Clearly, there's not a big gap between the leagues anymore. so integration would be so much easier than in previous attempts. I used to hate the Rider Control idea as I was a Belle Vue fan, but needs must and if the sport is to survive, EVERY team needs to be competitive and more importantly, viable. When I was 11 in 1971 and going to my first season's meetings with Mum & Dad I'd be reading the Speedway Star on a Thursday and extolling the abilities of Reider Eide or Martin Ashby to them to 'persuade' them to take me on a Saturday to Hyde Road (they always did!) - I can't Imagine a young person now saying "oh, it's Brady Kurtz, Jacob Thorsell, Chris Harris coming to the NSS for the THIRD time in the last two months, can we go to watch.?" Adapt or die I'm afraid,
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    Has anyone started an official proper thread for this meeting yet
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    I'm sure Broc Nicol is not feeling quite so jovial as he's in a hospital bed with a broken collar bone, cuts and concussion due to that idiot.
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    Well, obviously. They're in the Premiership, not the Championship.
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    That's correct : £1 + £1 + £1 + £1 + £1 + £1 = £6
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    Harris crashed at the same time and wrecked his bike. Not short of a few bob, and was useful to Poole, so got a collection. While Neilsen was a Poole rider, Probably lived hand to mouth in comparison, he was no use to Poole after his injury, so didn't get one. They are the facts as I see it.
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    Not for the first time Rory Schlein throwing his rattle out of the pram, its quite embarrassing at times. We live in a reasonably free Country Rory you can always get another job.
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    Thanks Josh Bates for prematurely bringing to an end my 71st year of supporting Speedway ~ Leicester ~ Coventry ~ then Leicester again. I haven't ridden a motorbike for a good number of years but even I knew there was no way you were going to get round the bend with that reckless move and taking down another rider too. Time I reckon to re think your career as you are a liability on a Speedway bike. I left after an hour of waiting for paramedics/county ambulance and a good number of others did as well. I very much doubt if some of them will be back, including me. Sad but that's it now.
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    Absolutely FABULOUS, well done Witches and Stars fans: Ipswich Speedway Supporters Club 2 hrs · What can we say, we've only just gone and beaten last year's total for the Benevolent Fund collection. Tonight your donations totalled a fantastic £2,361 93. A heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you who contributed. It really is a fantastic amount.
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    Tatum’s fault. Went around vandalising it before the meeting by sting a bloody screwdriver in it!
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    Thanks Zagar,,,,, the best thread ever
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    fully agree with that statement but was it affecting him to the point he was a danger to himself and other riders drug tests are not only there to stop you getting a advantage they are there to keep everyone as safe as possible in this and other dangerous sports
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    I can only add that the referee (Paul Carrrington) actually SPECIFIED that there would be no ‘calling it’ if either team thought they had an advantage and wanted do so ... it was set in stone at 10.15pm and nothing else...hence why it was announced. . and with the match drawn at the point of that decision it really could have gone either way. As for commitment to getting in as many heats as possible, anyone that was there will tell you it was fast and furious and the action all the more hectic coz everyone knew it was a race against time! i’d say fair play...?
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    he broke his leg riding for us and we could not do a collection for him .as I said earlier I thought he was hard done by. imo
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    Do some BV fans honestly believe the Poole promotion waited until they were in front before calling the halt ? Its simple really, they could have called it off at heat 8 ( 24-24), but because the fans had waited patiently , They tried to cram in as many heats as possible before the 10-15 curfew . Poole had no way of knowing they'd gain heat advantages from any of the last 4 races ?
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    It says an awful lot about the Isle of Wight promotion that they have landed this meeting and not one of the bigger clubs. What is more remarkable is that they were approached by Polish Speedway, not the other way around.
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    Found it, well done to her ‎Craig Boyce‎ to Speedway Experience 8 hrs I spoke to my blood brother Shane Parker who had his life saved by his daughter doing mouth to mouth until he got to hospital, Ledgend job little lady, he is in good spirits and we had a good conversation, let me tell you now Fireparker will be back with a vengeance!
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    Great advert for National League speedway and makes the recent comments about this standard of speedway by John Cook look very foolish.Racing wise it was much better than the recent televised match at Poole.Credit to both teams with some very good young riders on show.
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    Why do people still reply to this muppet?!!!
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