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    PRESS RELEASE (Taken Off Facebook): The Inspiration and determination of the late Dave Tattum breathes vital life into Diamonds' future Newcastle Speedway owner and promoter, Rob Grant, was shedding more than a few tears on Sunday, along with hundreds of other Diamonds' fans who were attending the final farewell of the club, but in honour of the memory of his former co-promoter, Dave Tattum, who tragically passed away at the weekend following an arduous and lengthy battle with illness, the Geordie former racer feels it would be grossly disrespectful to walk away and allow the club to close right now. An emotional Grant said last night: "Since Sunday's amazing meeting, which was charged heavy with emotion, I've done nothing but sit back and think, and talk with my family about the past and the future, and it seems totally disloyal to Dave's memory that I walk away at this stage and potentially shut the Diamonds forever under our promotion's name. "Dave Tattum spent most of his last months teaching me in depth, with all the information and skills I'd need for running a speedway club, and all that while he was fighting for his health under very difficult circumstances, but as my great friend, he dedicated his time to me and Newcastle Speedway, and that is why I cannot walk away from this great club. I cannot do that with Dave, his efforts and, his belief uppermost in my mind. "No concrete offer has come forward, but we've been looking at my other two businesses and looked hard and deep into things, and I will not walk away, and I will keep Newcastle running in 2022 for the memory and influence of Dave Tattum. We do have new backing and I've learned a lot in the last 18 months which will only benefit the future of the club. Also, I have sent in an application for a new co-promoter to join me, and he's a businessman, who will be a very familiar face to the Brough Park faithful, and obviously knows this club inside out. "The loyalty shown to us proves people of this City and beyond, love this club and desperately want it to continue, and the love poured out over the weekend has been an important factor in this decision and we have to repay that huge level of loyalty. "This time, however, will be starting preparation for 2022 on a level playing field with the rest of the teams, and won't be playing catch-up in the team building stakes, which will, at least mean, we'll have a decent chance of challenging for much better league place that this 2021 season, which is now well behind us." The Newcastle Speedway press office will be keeping a close eye on this story, and will report all developments as it happens, but above all else, the important news today is the Diamonds will come to the tapes in 2022 and powered by the memory of the late Dave Tattum.
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    6:15pm on Sunday. That genuinely was one of the best speedway meetings I have ever had the pleasure of calling. Full credit to the referee for whizzing it through to beat the rain, the riders for an incredible show, the fans for creating an amazing atmosphere, and thanks everyone for watching. A draw was certainly a fitting result - tonight, the sport of Speedway was the winner.
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    No not guilty Rob has done this all himself... I got a call on Thursday to say hang fire with what we were doing with the fans as something was happening behind the scenes that had sparked Robs interest and he said he needed a couple of days to think about where he was going with the whole thing and this has been the end product... We will find out who the new promoter is and what is happening in due course no doubt but in the mean time its nice to know we have a team to support going forward... By the way can I add my thanks to all the fans and businesses who were prepared to stand up and be counted and offered their financial support and backing and if Rob hadn't changed his mind I think we had it covered Bit early for a Christmas present I know but it's still good news going into next year... Regards John Courtney
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    Anyone think we should go back to the every point count scoring system
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    Both the ONS and NRS state that the average age of death due to Covid is 82.4, so Blu`s assumption is not unreasonable. Thousands of people have caught coronavirus and been ill, but recovered, just like a typical Winter "flu " season. We manage our way through that without vax passes and quarantines. Thousands of people die or are maimed in Road Traffic accidents but we accept the need for travel, and try to mitigate the risks. Thousands of people are unwell every weekend due to hangovers, yet choose to repeat that behaviour without state coercion or interference . The current obsession with safetyism is tragic, too many people frightened into submission by the State and its propaganda, and they will never recover. That should be their choice, some others prefer to live rather than exist. We should be free to do what we choose, without state intervention, as long as it causes no harm to others. Given the vaxxed and unvaxxed both contract and pass on the virus, it should remain a personal choice. Masks dont work, so if you wear one in the shops , but prefer to get pissed in the pub bare faced that should be your choice. Otherwise we are following the path of 1930`s Germany. The only difference between a vaccine passport and a yellow star is 80 years . The governments plan to turn citizens against one another is progressing nicely.
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    Don't tell me, when you look in the window you see a reflection of KingoftheTrack looking back?
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    Thought I'd chip in my thoughts on this one. I follow the forum but never really post anything. Firstly I am Speedway through and through, come from a family with a long connection to speedway I have family members that have helped build tracks, been mechanics and sponsors (team and rider). I have travelled all over the country for speedway and have spent quite a bit of time in Vastervik Sweden following Speedway, I mention these things as I would consider myself an avid hardcore supporter of not just Newcastle but the sport in its entirerity. I was brought up on Berwick speedway but naturally gravitated to Newcastle as I got older and they are my local club. For myself I hold the belief that if Newcastle can survive at all it has to move away from Brough Park at some point. This is a view I have held for years and spoken to friends on the terraces about. I go to Newcastle to support my local club, but the product on offer is not up there with the likes of Berwick, Glasgow etc. Anytime I have brought friends to Newcastle Speedway to introduce them I feel I have found myself making excuses before they get there about it not being the best racing etc. I want to make it clear that I don't put this down to the riders, the club or anything like that. For me I find that at Brough Park there is an element of detachment from the racing. You are so far away from the track its hard to FEEL speedway. When you go to Berwick, Glasgow, Armadale, Redcar etc you are so close to the action it is simply breathe taking. You get a feel of the speed, the thump and tire squeal of the bikes roaring past you. You can physically see the skill of the rider shifting weight on the bike, doing different things to overtake etc etc. Unfortunately at Brough because of the sheer geography and set up of the stadium this makes these things that make speedway very hard to appreciate. Its only people that understand speedway can see and appreciate these things from afar. New goers or people trying it out for the first time simply will not see what its all about. However put the same people literally next to the track and I feel the story would be very different. I have had some amazing nights at Brough Park and some memories that I will never forgot and have seen some amazing racing there but its not consistent enough to pull new people into the sport. I honestly hold the belief that Speedway in its purest from is the best sport in the world and the product can sell its self - however it needs the right environment and ingredients to let it thrive and unfortunately for me Brough Park does not offer that up close, get hit with shale, roar of the bikes flying past you experience... Add to that the rent and overheads of running meetings and all the connecting issues with Brough Park, I do not think its holds the answer long term. Not an easy task to find a new venue or field in order to relocate but I'd rather be in a farmers field right up close to the action (with less overheads) than in a swanky stadium. Secondly just as an idea my friends at Edinburgh are involved in the Trust fund set up for the Monarchs, maybe something that could be considered if a future for Newcastle is at all possible. Where people that can and want to set up a monthly direct debit of an amount they are happy to donate into the fund. The fund has a board and the club actually approach the Trust Fund to ask for a specific amount and what it is to be used for. I feel this is something that could be invaluable to Newcastle if a future can happen. It allows an element of control of both parties both the club and its supporters on where money gets spent and provides a safety net for the club as and when they may need to invest or have unexpected costs arise. It also allow supporters for feel more vested into the club. Thirdly I am not minted I wouldn't even consider myself well off however I have worked hard to put some savings away. If anyone on here is involved in anyway with a consortium I could donate a small sum in the thousands if a package could be put together (please feel free to get in touch). Similarly the lad I come with said the same he would happily chuck a few grand in and is in a position to do so... if it allowed the club to survive. This will not be ground breaking money it will not scratch the surface of what it is going to take but non the less it will help boost the fund... Lastly hats off and my personal thank you to Rob and the team that tried. The club would have been in this position years ago had he not come in, then to run in what is still a covid year is an unbelievable achievement of determination. Something that we need to hold on hope to and explain to potentially interested parties is that attendances this year cannot truly be used as future indication. We will not know the true figures of regular attendees until the immediate effects of Covid have worn off. I can see in my work/business figures that covid has still got a grip on things (entertainment industry).
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    You can't change the weather but another classic example of how British speedway shoots itself in the foot and lives in the past. The season should be finished now. The play-off for what they are worth in a 6 team league should have begun the first week in September. Octobers are cold, mostly wet and dark!
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    Some great news from the Jablonski family Mirosław Jabłoński ·
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    But the UK had elected members in the European Parliament, the uk also had the power of veto for any rules they didn’t like. With the tories now handing out jobs to their mates and families, you really do have unelected people influencing the laws of the land. but hey….. blue passports eh ?
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    When they persist in having all the major finals in October, they really do get what they deserve
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    Newcastle Speedway reveal new co-promoter: Long-time Diamonds' sponsor, Dave Tinning. Photos: Steve Brock Photography Everyone who has visited Brough Park for speedway action since 1997, will have undoubtedly heard announcer, Barry Wallace, say every week; "This heat sponsored by Dave Tinning, painter and decorator," well now the local craftsman has whipped out his rollers and emulsion to help renovate Newcastle Speedway behind the scenes along with Newcastle Speedway's owner, and co-promoter, Rob Grant to help promote the club he has supported through thick and thin. Grant was keen to bring new blood having worked out a survival package and plan which has kept the historic club rolling into its 93rd year next season, and indeed beyond, saying: "Dave has been around speedway at Brough Park for many, many years and has supported this club as a very valuable financial sponsor for around 25 of those years, and once we got talking, it soon became apparent that bringing Dave onto our promoting team, he being steeped in Newcastle Speedway, could only benefit this club of ours massively, not just for 2022, but for many years to come. He knows this club well and I can't wait to get started working with him and planning for the future of Newcastle Speedway." When asked about his appointment Tinning said: "I've been working closely with Rob and helping throughout what has been a very difficult season, and I've seen how much work it takes to run a meeting each Sunday. The opportunity then arose to help out Rob with the day-to-day running of Newcastle Speedway, and as such Rob and I both decided that I should apply to be a promoter with the BSPLtd so I can help out even further. "I've run my own business as a painter and decorator for over 30 years, and from this I can bring the experience of running a business into my new role as a co-promoter. I'll be continuing in the roles I have undertaken for the past few years , such as looking after the entrance gates, and I will start to help out in the office. I will, as the name of the position suggests, be helping with the vitally important job of promoting the Newcastle Diamonds to other businesses in the area. "I won't be afraid to get my hands dirty either, as I will help out on the track as well as the pits where necessary. I hope to attend as many away meetings as possible to represent the promotion of Newcastle Speedway, and again assist wherever I can."
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    They need us more than we need them so said the Brexiteers. Unfortunately looks like they dont.
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    As someone who lost his business mainly due to Brexit this is the best post i have read on this thread for a very long time!
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    As was proven by the huge crowd at the GB/Australia Test, people will turn out in their droves to see top names they cannot expect to watch in regular action. The names of Tai and Bartoz (five World titles!) alone will pull them in, and having the rest of their nations' SON squads on parade as well is just icing on the cake. Full marks to Allied, and to Team GB for honouring their sponsorship. Can't wait!
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    Chairman of Next , the venerable Tory peer Lord Wolfson and arch Brexiteer wants the government to allow visas for immigrants to work in his distribution warehouses. Brexiteers are just trying to take the piss now. They've ruined the economy and now they want the migrants to come crawling back . It just shows exactly what Brexiteers are like, pure selfish.
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    So, apart from the food, fuel, care worker & NHS staff shortages, rampant inflation, farming & fishing decimation, hospitality problems, loss of freedom to live freely on our own continent, £36bn debt & dividing the country into 2 angry tribes, what has Brexit ever done for us?
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    The correct section is ‘International World Of Speedway’ but not everyone looks in there - Thought it would be a good idea to let as many fans know of free tv speedway who may not have known about this and featuring Tai Woffenden, Macief Janowski, Dan Bewley, and of course the current World Championship leader Artem Laguta amongst others - For me as long as it means at least one speedway fan now knows about it and will be able to watch it then I think it is justified -
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    Toft got double figures in both A and B fixtures, the Panthers only got 5 from his rides last week. RR for Ulrich yielded just 3 points. Care to rethink your post. PS citing Tatum is a bit like using Katie Price as your expert on road traffic law.
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    Covid? What's it got to do with Covid? Are all the lorry drivers still getting pinged while the rest of the country has turned to App off? Why are we begging for drivers from Overseas if it is because of Covid? Surely all the drivers who are isolating will be back in a few days. It will take longer than that to process a visa. This is 100% because of Brexit in my opinion. How can it be something else if we are now trying to get drivers from outside the UK to come back over and do the work again? The point that it includes other countries as well as EU countries is irrelevant. I just about tolerated this nonsense before, but it's clear now that this country has lost so much from this.
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    Can't believe the ridiculous (and dangerous) panic buying and stock-piling of petrol... mind you, then again the Brexit vote did show there's at least 17 million Muppets in this country, who are to blame for what's happening now.
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    They do need someone to save them from themselves at times I feel.. I look at them sometimes like I would an "addict" as they often show some similar traits of the addicts I have had contact with.. ie A great desire for their fix (in this case Speedway and owning a team).. A belief that what they do and how they run the sport is "acceptable" although deep down many will know it isn't... A belief that they can make slight changes to improve their situation, but actually avoid ever solving any of the fundamental root causes that brings them so many issues.. A failure to seek, and then take, advice as to what is going wrong as the truth may be too hard to handle.. Keeping everything about them almost a secret and never letting anyone "from outside" in close.. And a justifying of their adhoc decision making to try and correct their latest self inflicted setbacks, rather than not inflict the setback on themselves in the first place.. With "Just making it through" seeming to be a clear sum of their ambition.. And just like addicts everywhere they will spend fortunes, yet have very little to show for it.... And by that in UK Speedway terms it means hardly anything in the way of national (and even local) cut through and recognition, and no major sponsor to lessen the money they put in as individuals.. . Therefore you would think that they would at least seek some feedback and maybe do some information gathering as to why so few now attend compared to even ten or twenty years ago wouldnt you..? The key for me as to who can help them are the many tens of thousands who sit at home each week and no longer pay their money into the sport in the UK... Even more people than the ones who actually attend I would suggest.. Yet these people will still follow the results closely, and attend SON's, GP's, FIM meetings etc in the UK, and have a huge love of the sport. (And even travel abroad to watch league speedway)... They just cant justify paying the kind of sums now expected to be paid to attend UK Speedway for the contrived output that is on offer.. Which is a shame, as the raw material of the product itself is fantastic... It's just how it is packaged in the UK that lets it down, and dissuades so many from purchasing... With huge irony the Promoters are both the saviour and the destroyer of the sport in the UK, so maybe opening up to their fanbase (both those who still do and those who no longer attend) and accepting at face value what they are being told could be just what they need to help them move forward... A great many love the sport and would be delighted to see UK Speedway flourish because, ultimately, everyone is on the same side.... As, if the sport disappears in the UK, (as it's current annual run rate of tracks closing suggests it eventually will), then we all lose..
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    Bloody media causing panic buying of fuel, bog rolls, etc., And those silly women shouting daft questions at politicians as they emerge from number 10. Are you going to lose your job? Shut up, they're not going to answer you
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    I take it the dogs don’t get out much then?

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