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    Its not often I start a thread - particularly after race day - but this match deserves one. I suspect I am not alone in thinking that this would be one sided but it was, in fact, anything but and I think the final score slightly flatters the Colts. It was, in fact, a splendid meeting. Nip and tuck most of the way and with some excellent racing thrown in, the highlight was perhaps a superb maximum from Jordan Palin. Aged just 15, he never really looked like being beaten and how vital his contribution was is shown by the fact that Plymouth's top 5 outscored the Belle Vue's top 5. A word, too, for Ben Rathbone, who also put in an excellent performance and jumped up from what looked like a horrible crash in heat 14. Big credit to the Gladiators. I thought they'd get humped but they really attacked the track, particularly Richard Andrews. His last bend drive to split Leon Flint & Kyle Bickley in heat 15 would have graced any Aces meeting. At just £10 - cheapest speedway in Britain - this was excellent value and a major advert for in NL speedway. If any Aces (or other) fans haven't tried the Colts, give them a go.
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    Brilliant meeting. My girlfriend who isn't normally into speedway was really excited. Not seen her get that excited before.
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    I was appalled to learn of some disgusting behaviour of a group of speedway photographers against a 17yr old kid. At Glasgow we have a young man learning his trade and producing some fantastic stuff. He has been subject to an appalling bullying campaign by jealous photographers who are subjecting him to a hate campaign. They were recently busted by someone who screen shotted their WhatsApp group. The guys in question are the Leicester photographer, the Edinburgh photographer and 2 from Belle Vue. I appalled to say that 2 from Glasgow are also involved. i understand that this is being investigated by the BSPA. Personally I will no longer be purchasing any pictures from these guys until I see a public apology. i suggest you do too.
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    Glasgow by about 10 we’re not very good at the moment.
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    It looked a decent crowd for a thursday night. A fabulous meeting tonight. Well run, hard fought with some fantastic racing. It shows what can be done when all the ingredients come together, speedway at its best!
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    You forgot about how easy it is for Edinburgh fans to climb the perimeter wall at Armadale. The steward's always catch them though, grabbing them by the scruff and telling them to get back in until it is finished.
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    THE following statement has been issued by Eastbourne Speedway: As supporters and all speedway fans and well-wishers will be aware, Tom suffered a bad accident in heat 12 of the meeting at Eastbourne against Glasgow last Saturday (May 18). Following admittance to Hastings Conquest Hospital on Saturday evening, Tom was assessed and diagnosed with a broken leg in three places to his tibia and fibula. An operation to pin and plate the breaks was planned for Monday. However, on that day, Tom showed signs of breathing difficulties which meant that the planned operation had to be delayed and these symptoms worsened on Tuesday. Following a full consultation with the family, Tom was placed on to a ventilator and an induced coma on Tuesday to both give his lungs chance to recover and to ease his distress. On Wednesday, the specialists were confident that this had worked well enough to allow them to undertake the important operation on Tom’s leg and this has now been completed and the leg pinned and plated. As of this lunchtime (Thursday, May 23) the surgeons are "very happy" with the outcome of that operation. Tom remains on a ventilator and the plan is to bring him round sometime later today so that further assessment can be made. The diagnosis is that the impact of the crash has caused some damage to Tom's lungs that can be fully assessed once he wakes, and now that the vital operation on his broken leg has been successfully completed. The family are very grateful and overwhelmed by all the messages of support at this very difficult time and have apologised for not responding to many of them at this stage. They have also asked that all messages are passed on via the club at this stage and Eastbourne Speedway will of course pass those on for you. The club will only comment when authorised by Tom's family. We send them collectively, individually and on behalf of everyone all our love and support. Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles will be holding a "bucket collection" for Tom at the meeting against Berwick on Saturday and there will be big GET WELL cards for supporters to sign. So as to not inundate the family, if you wish to bring your own Get Well cards for us to pass on, we would be delighted to do so. Tom is very much an integral part of the Eastbourne family and we hope that you will all come along and show your love and support on Saturday, so that we can all collect together to support a very special person and family.
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    A brilliant speedway track and a stadium right up there with the best in terms of viewing. I'm just so damned angry about all of this. Town have been in the rugby league wilderness for years now while the Reds are further away from the football league than ever. The Council owe it to the Comets to get seriously involved in helping any initiative to make a comeback wherever that maybe and not sit on their hands in resignation of the situation. A visit to Redcar's South Tees Motorsport Park would aptly demonstrate to them just what a bit of support and ambition can achieve at not huge cost ! I wonder if the Reds will have to pay rent to their rugby league landlords and be denied any profit from bar takings like the speedway had to financially endure ?
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    He’s a nice kid. Always pleasant when I see him. If these other photographers are jealous of him and his work perhaps they need to give it up. They have accused him of not originating his own work saying it’s his fathers! They’ve developed their own hashtag on twitter #amow (all my own work) as a bitchy dig at the kid. These ‘men’ by the way are 50+ years old! Times change and move on - Speedway Photographry has too and it’s about the youth. The old guys need to go off and do something else if they can’t hack it. I just hope this bullying doesn’t have any adverse effects on the boy. As a pensioner myself I love to see youth prosper and wish him all the best.
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    I'm not sure it's up to Phil Rising to do anything about it? I buy my speedway star to read about speedway not photographers having a schoolboy squabble. Just boot the offending photographers out and put someone else in their place.
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    One of those 'expert opinions' ? Did he say it was all rubbish then? Bit like the 'expert opinions' that state a rider would never deliberately go out to hurt another rider, then a rider comes out in his autobiography or article and states he once went out to put someone in the fence and teach him a lesson......
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    I'm in no Buster fan club. I guess the "crap" dirt wasn't the problem then
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    I doubt that it's a surprise to any long term Panther fans that Chapman isn't making anything if true. The EoES and speedway sucks cash, always has, always will. No way could they close the grandstand and I doubt the EoES would let them charge extra after nearly 50 years, plus it would be difficul to administer and almost impossible to police. Added to that, they'd lose more fans than any charge would make up for IMO.
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    Best meeting I’ve seen at the show ground for a long time, this is the hans that buster paid for and we all want to see ! However I have been told that buster isn’t making any money running Peterborough speedway. Think he made a loss tonight. Could see them closing the grandstand or something so it doesn’t cost as much per meeting to run. Don’t they charge extra to sit in the stand at Lynn ?
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    Meeting's like tonight is why I love speedway. Best wishes to Brady Kurtz. Very close meeting and Poole deserved a point. Nobody deserved to lose in all honesty. Thank you to everyone involved tonight for putting on a fantastic meeting.
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    Rangers fans are almost as touchy as Tigers fans. Imagine spunking the amount of money Rangers have season after season and winning nothing - christ, even Hibs have won a Scottish Cup since you have. Delusional to think you're even close to beating Celtic to a league title - the minute there was any chance of that they would spend in a January transfer window and leave you miles behind again. Pickering out so not a chance we're winning tomorrow. If Wells gets his arse in gear and Sedgmen remembers how to ride a bike properly we could have an ok season. Not looking great though.
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    Yep especially as its the Championship Play Off final on Monday with 30k fans going down to Wembley also. Its a real shame for me to see the crowds we have had. It cant be helped with side that was built and the start to the season we had. However the management have acted and improved the side and I genuinely thought we would have had a decent crowd last night. Sadly theres one sport that rules and it seems when that season ends its only when others get a look in.
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    There may never have been any integrity among those who have run speedway since 1928 ( or 1923 - see even the birth of the sport is lost in the mists of time ). If there ever was it's a small minority for sure. Most have been wannabe Arthur Daleys.
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    Like a lot of people no doubt, I'm struggling with a reply to this. Can only wish Tom and his family well again, especially now knowing the full extent of his injuries.
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    Honestly The money KD spent on setting up that track it's effing criminal... and tragic... #absolutelygutted.... Regards THJ
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    I've acknowledged this issues at Stoke many times, however an "averagely" prepared Loomer Rd would easily match what was served up at Ipswich the other night. Secondly, I've commented many times on different threads about various tracks, there is always someone who wants to make a comparison with Stoke, well done you get the prize this time! Stoke, Ipswich and countless others are a long way from being the best tracks in the country, that is Belle Vue, by far.
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    I pride myself on being super critical of the FIM and BSI wherever I can. They continue to make some really silly decisions and need to be called out whenever they do. The Speedway of Nations continues to be some sort of Dog's Breakfast. BUT I cannot understand any of the ongoing criticism of SGP scoring and format. Especially this obsession some folk have with trying to invent bizarre extreme scenarios to aid their arguments. It seems just about perfect now. Better than any system before it. And should be left alone. Its just ONE of the few things in the whole Speedway world that isn't even slightly messed up.
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    I totally agree. He must be doing something right if he’s scaring them! I do hope the promoters at Leicester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belle Vue take action here. Bullying cannot be tolerated in our sport in any level.
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    Taylor is producing some cracking shots and has the support of many riders. Some of these older photographers just don't like a young gun stepping on their patch.
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    Reading Racers legend and ace tuner retired yesterday- 2 days after his 64th birthday. Happy retirement Jan.

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