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    We need to embrace social media and speedway could be groundbreaking going forward. Have a app for your mobile which you can use to fill your programme in. Still have all the editorial features and advertising. Then every race day you would be sent a reminder of the evenings fixture with all the team news. Regular updates for weather reports and even photos of the track so you can see if it is really dry !! i would have a camera person in the pits filming all through the meeting which can be streamed onto your app. Action from the pits and interviews could be watched while waiting for the next heat. You could have questions posed like guess the score of the next heat or who would you put in as a tactical ? Youngsters are not going to come in it’s present form as there are too many delays between races.
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    Have Faith you Swindon fans, the three wise men will deliver your super new track and stadium. Has anyone seen that wheelbarrow?
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    To me, one of the main reason the sport has lost the wide appeal it once enjoyed, is the stereo type rules implemented to eliminates the unexpected from happening. Does it matter if a lesser rider anticipates the start, it makes for better racing, Years ago we had riders pushing the tapes, we had riders trying to out think the ref, we had the ref doing his best to catch the riders moving back, it all added to the occasion. All we get now is stereo type races where riders are not allowed to move or show any initiatives. Only allowing for the best riders to win..... Once, every race had an angle to it , each could offer a surprise when an unexpected rider could win... Why do we need strict rules on gate positions, why not let the team choice who rides where, Where have all the character gone??? Once upon a time every team had a showman, a rider or manager who the fans cold relate with. Now we have nothing, just robotic riders going round and round, not even bothered if they win or not... They mustn't do this , they mustn't do that, its little wonder the sport is dying...
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    But, although as you say the racing wasn't always tapes-to-flag in the past, it was more interesting. For starters, we are missing characters. Then we are missing the importance of supporters cheering on someone they have become accustomed to wearing their team colours. I remember in the past how my heart was in my mouth when my favourites came to the line to race for my side. I may as well have been riding the blinking bike, I was that apprehensive. You need the pull of wanting to attend matches to support riders within your team. The riders and the team become part of you. You then don't want to miss it everytime it races. The love of your team then transfers over to when members of it race in individual meetings, like the GPs for example. But when you lose the love of your team, you also lose interest in what are merely then only individuals racing for themselves in the likes of GPs. The racing is probably better now than in the past. But if you, as a fan, haven't got anybody you can associate with through teams not being teams anymore, you lose part of the thing that attracted you in the first place. A good race is a good race. But when you aren't really bothered who wins it, that is the problem. You need to be tribalistic. Otherwise, why bother? In my opinion, fans have become unattached from the importance of team speedway. Teams in speedway nowadays are just like tribute acts for a pop band. They are a novel way of entertainment but only pretend to be the real thing. I used to think it impossible to miss a Belle Vue home match. But then riders began being signed who I knew weren't really Bele Vue. Slowly, as other riders appear who you think the same about, you gradually lose that connection. Hence that is why I can't be attracted to it anymore. The sport could be so great. Me, as a former supporter just clinging on, would love to be able to identify a team as my own, something that makes you look forward to leaving the house to watch, to feel part of every individual in it. I want to see visiting teams with an identity. I want to see two sides who want to win, every rider in them. It isn't the racing.
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    turning the clock back again, I happen to think the choice of gates was better in the 70s. don't like fixed gates in league racing...Olsen always grabbed gate one, Morton usually off 4..this gave slightly more tactics (which lack today), to managers, riders

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