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    Whilst i get what you are saying in reality the MDL style leagues should not contain riders that are learning to ride (although sadly in places it does) it should be riders who are bike competent and are honing their racing skills and techniques in preparation for the step up to the next level. The competent riders along with lower level NL riders would produce good racing as all you need for good entertainment is a raceable surface and competition that is of similar abilities.
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    BSF members will not be surprised to learn that I have already upset one member on this FB group. He has declined to take part while I visit there!
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    Crowds for the average stock cars meeting at King's Lynn are quite deceiving to the general public. While it does look far more spectators than Speedway, 20-30% of the crowd are actually the drivers families and mechanics that don't pay to get in. On average, I'd say the stock car crowds are not that much larger, about 200-300 more. As a business though for Buster, with Speedway he has to pay money out, with Stocks money is only coming in. Just on that basis stock cars take priority over Speedway.
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    Well just like to say i am very sorry for the loss of the Potters just like my own Gunners and the Kings we will never sadly see the the likes of them again ,they were all IMO victims of a changing world and culture .There are things the sport can do but I do feel in this day and age many extenal things have/ are conspiring against it and there has never been the robust support that football and alike have enjoyed from outside parties but has been seen as a blight and antisocial activity by non followers . I think that the NSS will be the last pupose built track in this country and the best we can hope for is that demise of the remaining tracks can avoided for as long as posssible !
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    Sounds right up my street, but don't do FB
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    I think if everyone turns up, there are enough people in there to take point each other that 12 or 13 points may take the title this year.
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    Pity Broc's average will be to high come 1st Oct to replace Nathan for the remaining Bears fixtures. Best option would be Nathan recovering for the October matches.
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    By far the smallest crowd I have seen at a Stars home meeting this season.
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    Better racing at Brough than you get down in Redcar... I'm sorry Just my opinion... You just need some balls to ride Brough... Where Redcar is gate, wind it on and go...
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    more like chasing him out of the door . anyone want to put a dont touch with a bargepole thread on here . would be interesting .
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    Is Cook now peeing on parades as well as attacking innocent marshals?
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    Didn't he ride for Wolverhampton? Or was that James Bond?
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    Better than doing all over the fans who paid to see the CLRC.
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    And neither do the play off matches so its max all the way now for Bomber. Big money and no harm to that nice low average....
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    It’s unlikely to be a good meeting because the shale is crap for speedway, nothing to do with doctoring the track. It will however almost certainly be smooth without lumps, bumps and holes.
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    You have a good memory,that comets team was probably the worst team in national league history.
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    The way it was announced it seemed for both legs, but as you correctly say Eastbourne are riding the same night as the home leg. I'd quickly ask Steve Worrall before Redcar grab him to replace MPT, although might be too late already. If they get Worrall for MPT & Nicol to replace Greaves, they'll definitely be stronger.
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    Because it works. It is popular which means people paying to attend and that means money that keeps promoters solvent.

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