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    Gutted to see Somerset drop out of the top flight after your rise (almost) to the very top of British speedway! So glad I made the after work dash from Warwickshire to see the KO cup final this season as my first ever visit to Somerset, with the likes of Doyle, Iversen, Harris and Lambert (not forgetting your home track hero Wrighty) in action at the OTA. As a Coventry fan in exile, the above meeting provided the perfect end to my season of travelling around the tracks. Just surprised to see this move has been taken, based on the feel good factor I picked up on my visit. I wish you luck in the Championship and look forward to visiting again, maybe the Championship Fours one day!
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    I actually think that there is some light at the end of a very, very long tunnel... Issues such as doubling up are starting to be addressed by the points limits. Quite cleverly too as they are not disallowing it but just making it harder to take on say a heat leader from the Premiership, ie a high earner... Instead Championship teams will need to look to the NL for more riders I would say which can only help bring them on, and cost less. If teams want to have Premiership standard riders then they should be in the Premiership, and the lower tiers then should have clear separation of standards. It looks like this has been taken on board... The 2.5% reduction looks good, however, given its Speedway no doubt there could be ambiguous interpretations of the rule so absolute clarity is needed.. Two fixed race nights have got to be easier to manage than three (especially when one of them was Denmarks night).. The Test matches look positive, and the fans interaction stuff looks like they are dipping a toe into the waters of technology. About time.. New competitions could work but need to be done and dusted well before the annual cram in at the end of the season for all the silverware distribution. Surely next year they will ensure finals are held throughout the season and not just in the last fortnight? Now, don't get me wrong, I am still far from convinced the sport will move forward at the pace needed to get it successful, but there does at least appear to have been some sensible, common sense decisions made... Which after many years of less than fit for purpose ideas, it is a welcome change... As always though, the proof of the pudding will be in the implementation.. And this is British Speedway don't forget, so you never quite know how that will go....
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    Last week we have the national magazine devoting all its pages highlighting the problems with British Speedway, We had Promoters, Fans, Riders , Celebrities all opinionizing on the problems with this sport. Amazingly a week later, at their annual meeting, the BSPA contradicts everyone ideas and does nothing. Just about sums everything up.....
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    They made a big song and dance about running on a Friday night ( remember the famous letter ) so it would be a bit embarrassing to return to a Sunday afternoon after just one season running on a Friday night . I'm surprised at Somerset dropping back down , but glad too as i love the place and if we also get Birmingham and Kent , then we might get some Southern Tours again too . With Ipswich moving up to the top flight , we should be enquiring after Drew Kemp . I know every club in the Championship will be after him , but surely we must ask the question .
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    Not really ..Guests are used because no one and that includes people on this this forum have come with a better idea that wont reduce the crowds numbers ..so intill they do guests quite rightly should stay .
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    I’m very disappointed to be leaving the championship especially now with two extra teams and now we have just six opponents. I will always support my team regardless of which league we are in but I really enjoyed championship racing. My fear is Buster now owns the riders so I’d expect Drew Kemp to be riding for Lynn instead of Ipswich. I remember when Buster purchased mildenhall. He kept the rider assets and sold it on within weeks. Only positive I can see is the derby meetings.
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    If every club has two National league standard riders at reserve it means more actual competitive racing hopefully
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    I assume Somerset are dropping down for financial reasons, I'm a bit puzzled however as Somerset do not have to rent the stadium, perhaps only on paper, and I assume have the food and drink outlet also, so how do some other tracks survive that don't have that advantage. I think it's good news, they will now have more teams and variety visiting, assume admission prices will be reduced, and I don't care if the top stars are missing, as long as the racing is good, don't think it matters much if it isn't an expensive name on the bike..
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    You wait until a Russian troll farm fixes it so that Simon Lambert rather than Robert Lambert is nominated
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, never trust Clark Osborne. He was at Oxford and sold us down the river back in the middle seventies before the 'Save Oxford Speedway' and Greyhound people stepped in to save the stadium.
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    Whilst excited at the prospect of the move up there is also a tinge of sadness to be leaving the Championship I have thoroughly enjoyed the Witches latest time in the 2nd tier and the banter on here with a great set of fans all over the UK I hope you all have an enjoyable 2019 No doubt I will stick my nose in every now and then
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    Not much comment on the AGM on this thread . Has to be good to have derby meetings again with Ipswich and Pboro moving up but at what expense to the Stars ?
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    Chris Holder in a Buster Chapman owned team dont think it will happen
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    Understand he is the Chairman of that as well.
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    To be renamed the Chapmanship.
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    Can’t understand why any sane person would want to own and run 3 clubs. He must have very deep pockets - hope he is prepared for the losses! If he does have money troubles along the way then that's 3 clubs at risk! it doesn’t make any sense!
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    workington had a nl @ reserve , whats wrong with that . they done it a few years ago . fans still supported it .
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    Looking at the pluses this could be very good. I was getting bored to tears seeing the same old teams visiting and this will be fresh, even if it makes away traveling much harder! Would love to see Charles Wright, Jake Allen, Bradley Wilson-Dean and Nico Covatti at OTA, who were my favourite four riders to watch there this year.
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    Been a possibility for a couple of years or so - although the purchaser is not the one most wouldve expected!
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    For what it’s worth I don’t believe Cook and a few others should be anywhere near the Championship, There needs to be a definitive gap between the top two leagues and Cook and some others are too good and too expensive for the Championship. i can’t see the entertainment value in some riders crossing the finishing line when others are entering the third bend
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    Oh come on, in a time of absolute crisis for the sport the message from the AGM is "Everything's rosy" and the sport will largely carry on as it is...over the edge of a cliff.
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    Seems all was well in 2018.
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    It is a pity that the Council did not grow some earlier and force Stadia to stick to the original agreements re starting the stadium at a lower number of house builds. We now wait to see what happens.

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