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    This argument doesn't stand up at all, even if speedway didn't attract non-white people. If Bradford has a population of 530,00 and 67.44% of the population are white, that still leaves around 360,000 white people in Bradford. That's more than the entire populations of Poole and Swindon combined.
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    When they were introduced I was riding grasstrack and longtrack throughout Europe ( albeit on a sidecar) but I would mix with riders every weekend throughout the season. I can only go on what they told me.
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    I emailed Greg Hands over 2 weeks ago regarding the issue of doubling up of VAT duty on imported raw materials. No response, they are all just hiding as they have no answer as the ‘deal’ (if you can call it that) was rushed through without it being properly ratified just so Johnson can say ‘Brexit done’!! By the way, before the usual detractors come on with excuses, I blame both sides!
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    Data in the US has shown that States that implemented lockdowns had more deaths than those states that never had lockdowns. All US States are also showing the same sharp seasonal decline, suggesting that lockdowns only control people, not viruses...
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    So does that make a borderline rider hovering between the two teams a queen?
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    You should have gone to Brainsavers.
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    Using that argument won’t switching to upright make it more expensive as all the lay down engines / frames will become obsolete as everyone has to buy uprights? also second hand kit will become worthless so anyone starting up would have to shell out a fortune as only new stuff would be available
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    Remember Kelly Moran giving one a try and saying how much more difficult it was to handle...and this from one of the most naturally gifted riders! Personally I felt that it was yet another move that only resorting in making the sport more expensive with riders having to adapt and for what benefit?
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    Had a YZ450 not so long ago, changing a spark plug was a bit of a pain but only took a few minutes. However the correct plug was £47 which was equivalent to the price of a Dunlop or Michelin MX rear tyre!
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    I can only see Jamie at Leicester
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    That may well be the case. All I'm saying is that blaming crowd levels on the percentage of ethnic minorities in the city doesn't make sense. I remember going to a Bradford v Swindon match in what was probably the late 1980s and was pretty much stood alone on the back straight.
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    The doubling of VAT is a disgrace that is attributable directly to the HMRC and the government should have dealt with it immediately that people became aware of what is happening. There is no excuse that I can see for this being allowed to continue as it should be easy to rectify temporarily to allow companies to operate and then deal with properly over time.
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    I wasn't suggesting we should switch back to uprights, just wondering about the wisdom of why speedway switched in the first place.
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    I think Somerset withdrawing definitely contributed to Plymouth being accepted so I'm glad they spat the dummy
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    Let's all hope for a dry summer.
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    Also 8 years ago the second tier level was probably as high as the Premiership will be this year, maybe even higher.
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    If Johnson and co had applied mass PCR testing to the flu seasons 2018, 2019 or any other year, he would have created the exact same panic that we have seen for the last 12 months. The PCR test is being completely misused to justify lockdowns... http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/~norman/papers/Neil_PCR.pdf
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  19. 1 point
    They started with 2 surprises that no one saw coming so would be excellent for the last one to be another one. It makes you wonder why the BSPA were so against them joining for the past couple of seasons. They have been a breath of fresh air and excitement to British season for, hopefully, the new season. Some of the more established promotions could learn a thing or two from the Plymouth promotion.
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    This was actually the first known example of sponsorship in speedway. Clever lad was Tommy, an abrasive character, but a dyed in the steel wool stalwart of his time.
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    So the 'shy' non 'publicity' Sussex's are now to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show? What a pathetic couple. It will all end in tears and Harry will want to come crawling back when he realises how his marriage to a controlling freak eventually goes AWOL.
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    You're right about the sources. The numbers vary between 10% and 68% even in sources you are quoting, given the fact that most of Europe has businesses not operating at all and others at a much reduced level it's ridiculous to say it is all due to leaving the EU or even to try and put a figure on how much. I always thought you had the most perfect forum name but I'm not convinced now that Corporal Fraser wouldn't be more suited. There were always bound to be issues but it does seem that both sides have people making things more difficult than needs be. Does anybody know why the HMRC are applying the VAT rules in a way that seems to do nothing but create problems for example? On the face of it that seems very strange. There has to be a will to make trade between the EU and UK work and eventually business will find ways to reduce the excesses of over eager civil servants, it always does.
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    A few of my customers have said similar. The eu is throwing its own member states firms under a bus. Nice. Another reason why my decision to voted this vindictive organisation was correct
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    Not irrelevant at all. Times change, businesses change, adapt, transform or go bust and are replaced by something else. That’s the way it always has been and will be.
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    What now, Steve, moving up to Sunderland and applying to Nissan? On a serious note, I do sympathise.

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