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    Is it just me who finds people who hold grudges several years later irritating? Also please let me know which second division teams that Tungate, Fricke, Vaculik, Pieszczek, Andersen, Iversen, Doyle, Batchelor, Thorsell, Kasprzak, Kurtz, Woryna, Szczepaniak, Holder, Jeppersen, Andersen, Lambert, Cook, Bellego, Masters and Musielak are riding for this year as I think I must have missed it
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    Well I don't think the budget would stretch to the likes of the Lambert deal. I think both Kennet and Scott have berths in the Premier, but that won't pay them to ride in the PL alone as they don't do Poland, Sweden or Denmark either. They will both need for financial seasons, to have a supplement to their earnings especially on marginally lower money in an easier league like the Championships. If they had signed the other way around, their Championship salaries would have been higher than they can expect now. They won't be cheap, but I would think at least they will be at every meeting unlike one that we know. Funny enough they are both at Lakeside, alongside Robbo, what's to say Scott's travel could be combined with a hitched ride with Robbo to half his driving. No doubt there will be a plan to get him to Brough every Sunday and Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berwick fixtures will just be combined as two days racing instead of just one home meeting. Let's see what happens in the middle of next week. Never know we might have another couple of riders announced by then.
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    Why should you be dragged in, unless you want to be ?
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    Concentrating on his cars apparently.
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    Have to agree with Bruno. Since officials, especially team mangers and promoters, get often unfairly criticised, it is not unreasonable for them to answer their critics and also make comments about their accusers...they are, after all, just people.
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    Good job it was one off World Finals Ivan won, Shudder to think how many he would have won in a GP format!!
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    Bit over the top. Good news it is though, and proof that all the whittling and worrying people did over the winter was unnecessary.
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    I've jut read LaurenceRogers posts and can't see what he's said to upset anyone, I think it's a good thing when officials give there opinion even if we don't agree with them
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    good side but so was last years and look what happened there. Good enough for play offs i reckon
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    “No doubt”? Hmmmm if you mean being able to lean and bunny jump your bike this way and that way, Darcy was brill, but if you mean honed skill and dedication over twenty years with the trophies to show for it, there’s only one winner. It’s tragic that we’ve been robbed of Darcy, but his temperament casts doubt on whether he would have applied him self sufficiently to become another Ivan Mauger.
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    Mark Loram, Joe Screen, Kelly Moran.......all more talented than Ivan Mauger on a bike but it takes something special to become a multi world champion. For all his talent Darcy hadnt got there when his career cut short...................but to say he would have been world champ time and again is a bit much
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    No doubt that Darcy was more talented on a bike than Ivan. If he hadn't had it taken away from him I'm sure he'd have been world champ time and time again.