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    I assume you realise that some folk on here are close enough to people involved at speedway clubs to know what’s going on without it having to be in the public domain?
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    I think the more they build there for everyday use the better the opportunity that Speedway CAN not only go back there but survive. No stadium can lie empty and unused for 300+ days a year. That's how Speedway thrived and did best when sharing stadia with Dogs (especially as could be 4-5 meetings a week) Stocks and Football. Every day a Stadium is unused is like throwing money away.
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    Indeed, as well as those three being on arguably false averages they are all riding in positions below where they have done in the recent past; Harris should be a good third heat leader, Hans the same as a second string and Nicholls an excellent reserve. The most important thing is winning at home regularly and this team should do that whoever the number seven is. I can see Lynn having a very difficult evening there in their opening fixture.
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    The more I think of this the less I can understand how anybody could do something so totally rotten and show such a complete lack of understanding regarding the basic concept of Blue Badges. Once again regardless of the evidence or view of others management feel it it undermines their status as management to even consider they may have got it wrong
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    I think this side has potential to be challenging for the title, it has riders who are all not what they were apart from possibly MPT and Tungate but Hans, Harris and Scott had really bad seasons last year and they are all much better than that. Harris still has the ability to beat the best on a track he likes.
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    This team only needs NKI to maintain his average and they will be challenging, good looking side in my view with most riders capable of much better than they showed last season.
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    If all Swindon Top 4 maintain their average they will have had a good season, I think Perks can improve a little but it really depends on what Stewart and Rowe are capable of .
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    What is your source for saying this?
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    Peterborough look a bit dads army for me. Agree there is big potential but it’s only that, and I think the reason for it looking like potential is their age. Perhaps those averages are accurate given the stages of their careers? That said it’s a still a team which challenge for the play offs
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    That's why so many folks think he's a plonker.
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    So people who disagree with you are muppets?
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    So basically he thinks Vissing is going to top the Championship averages come the end of the season
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    Did lent start in 1990
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    ITFC have given up playing football for lent.
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    tungate and Howarth added, 3 more to go crump wright bewley kildermand s worrall lidsey kurtz riss hans tungate howarth klindt lawson
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    And he wouldve done had it not been for the visa issues... Not that you will accept this as reasoned debate and understanding isnt high on your list of skills
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    Ipswich will finish last by a distance. King's Lynn could be the surprise package in 2020 if Thomas Jorgensen or Ty Proctor can kick on.
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    Then they can play like they've never met each other. Bit like the Tractorboys
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    I had a look in at the track last Saturday and spoke to Razor, Him and Jamie Courtney Had put in a full week at the track. Track looks wide, some of the cambers have changed quite a bit, he said they still had a lot of work to do building the track up but the weather hadn’t stopped them, a new fence has been fitted from the pits to the football tunnel 4 inches higher, and the track is being built up to meet it, this he says will help the riders taking away the dip that was there and making a natural camber to run water off.
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    meanwhile: "i know something you don't know" like a junior school playground
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    Seems a bit odd that he would agree to do the Ben Fund meeting on the clubs P&P day then?
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    I used the link from the BSPA site but I suspect they still have a link to the old site! I will try a Google search for the new one. EDIT:- The new site works well, just a shame the BSPA are behind the times for not the first time. It would be even better if they could publish the correct start time for meetings! Good luck to Rob and everyone at Newcastle Speedway in 2020.
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    I have seen the movie....it's a kids film. No problem with that....but not my cup of tea! Sound message though, as it seems to be saying to its target audience:.... get off that games console and get out into the real world as opposed to a cyber one!
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    As nearly all the teams are nearly complete in the Premiership I would go the following odds SWINDON 6/4 SHEFFIELD 4/1 IPSWICH 6/1 PETERBOROUGH 7/1 WOLVERHAMPTON 8/1 KINGS LYNN 10/1 BELLE VUE 12/1
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    Audenshaw programme fetched £340, I bid at £320, gutted I got outbidded!

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