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    Lesson is don’t pay on appearance ,pay on performance. Imo
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    Decent solid performance tonight with promising rides from every rider Bomber was a class apart with a couple of sublime passes (even more commendable given the track) Impressed with Jake and Cam generally and Richard finished strongly Danny seemed a little subdued but thats not unexpected David had a tough start but had a encouraging race win Drew didnt look totally comfortable but scored well and great to see him with a Witch on his chest Only slight disappointment was the lack of any victory parade. Quite a number of Witches fans had travelled and deserved some acknowledgement Nice to start with a win and I can see this being a team worth watching Get yourself down to Foxhall good people and give it a look
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    Must be the fact Harris on proper Buster money now, good job hes not polish as your mate geoff would be even more unhappy banging his head on the wall
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    Yes thank you very much - he was rather good 2 sublime passes that you really wouldnt have thought possible
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    How - and why - is it worrying? There is nothing written there that we didn't already know. It's been covered to death on the BSF. I don't think the head-in-the-sand attitude comes from the supporters; we all know British speedway is in trouble. The apathy from supporters stems from the fact that realistically, there is bugger all that we supporters can do to stop the rot... Steve
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    Covatti and Jakobsen are stronger than Allen and Heeps no doubt... Ipswich look wooden spoon favourites Strongest heatleaders- Swindon strongest middle order - Wolves Strongest reserves - Poole Weakest heatleaders - Ipswich Weakest middle order - Peterborough Weakest reserves - Swindon/Wolves - all depeneds on Becker..

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