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    Jeez ,let's flog a call off to death. 1) Crappy weather forecast for evening. 2) Power supply issues. 3 Hole in road is just off the public highway B1430, some 200yds from the EWR . The EWR can be seen in the background of the Twitter photo, but the land in between is private land which Rob has no influence of. Clearly contractors doing repairs with their tape and fencing around hole. Google maps is useful. 4) Some people just want to make waves for Rob Godfrey. I cannot see many promotors wanting to take up the poisoned chalice of Chairman/Chairwoman post. 5) Some people you just cannot help, even when you give valid info. 6) Track had from 10.15pm until the following morning to dry out for the next meeting. 7 R.G runs the country, Boris and Rishi are doing a good job, the illegals crossing the Channel are welcome, inflation is a blip and Putin is misunderstood!!!
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    Nope, totally fake as i saw rob with his spade dig that hole,,to be honest this is not about calling the meeting off, its more of a chance to have a pop at Rob and Scunny,,, why does it matter to someone in ipswich, lakeside, leciester,?
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    He said the stock market would crash and it hit a record high He also said, you would never hear from him again…. But I see he shared a platform with a well known right wing racist and paid a 100,000 dollar fine in recent days As for gas prices. Well we had that one a couple of days ago with all Republicans voting against helping people out Not really making much of a point as ever Blu
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    I love a good conspiracy theory... is that a man wearing a badge hiding behind the grassy knoll? It does look remarkably dry in the photo though
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    I think the fans will support it well enough. My concern is more weather the riders will support it as I would think the pay will be based on BSPA pay scales & not the riders contract agreements. I will wait & see for the future rounds.
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    Yet another piece of biting witty satire from Wolfie - or rather, copied by Wolfie from someone else. Better by far when there is a disease to be unprepared for it and not have tests, vaccinations or treatment available. They knew how to deal with things properly in the 1340s and 50s. Paint an X on your door. After all, something like just under 50% of the population survived the Black Death, so what's the problem? I blame all those woke sheeple!
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    The three pre-war and the 61 fetch good prices these days the '36 went for over 300 quid recently.
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    Bullets are a very strong side especially at home and reaping the rewards of loyalty towards riders. Going to be serious contenders come play off time
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    FFS Wolfie,I thought he was the lead singer of the B52s
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    My entire collection of Wembley Lions home programmes which is complete from 1929 to 1939, 1946 to 1956 and finally 1970/71. My favourite is probably the first one dated 16 May 1929!
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    Well he's been with us longer and my Dad's bigger than your Dad so nur nur nur nur nur nurrr.
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    I can't read that article because it's blocked unless I take out a subscription but the link clearly states 'pavement' not 'street'. Imo, pavement parking is inconvenient at least for pedestrians, often downright dangerous for wheelchair users and people pushing prams and pushchairs and should be banned.
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    Weather forecast for P'Boro Monday is a little damp.
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    Well it looks like two people in the world are sh!tt!ng themselves over Monkeypox. The rest of the world, not so much
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    A47 is now fully open.
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    There is no difference between Autoimmune Blistering caused by the Convid Jabs and MonkeyPox. It's the skin doing its job as the largest elimination organ to get rid of toxins the kidneys and colon couldn't. This is just natural detox. Disease is a medical pharma scam. Everything is about toxins and getting rid of them. Pharma is just more poison which stops the detox process, causing even more problems down the road...
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    Going up to Perry Bar on Wednesday and I agree that it won't be a walk In the park I am sure thst Poole will treat the Brummies with respect and will all need to be on form to get a result.
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    Richard Lawson is one of the best riders in the league, he would be first pick for me very consistent rarely has a bad meeting.
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    I`m not sure quoting a post from 19 YEARS AGO is relevant to any thread
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    As a Poole asset it kills me that he's racing for Lynn!!
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    I asked for people to name their favourite memorabilia. NOT ONCE did I ask for people to tell me that they didn't have any memorabilia...
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    Peter Oakes unquestionably. The only one who has consistently cut through into national media beyond the speedway bubble and has been doing it for decades. His section is still the best in the Star every week too.
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    Tom Johnson was a legendary reporter for the then Wolverhampton Express & Star. He perfected time travel in the pre-Internet days with his ability to cover an Aston Villa football game and a Wolves / Cradley fixture that would have the same start time; but be over 100 miles apart! A slight 'green & white' bias would offend us Wolves fans, but speedway always got good column inches. At the end of a meeting he would always beat us into the New Inns / Great Western pubs. Sadly missed but never forgotten.

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