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    This post maybe shows me you COULD????? be a genuine guy.I have been a Swindon supporter since 1968 but from 1983 until 1989 went to Reading most weeks.Loved the Monday night out and when the track was good Smallmead was decent night out some real good racing.Reading in that time had a couple of years where they were really challenging for the title i remember one year they were there right there to the end in the title race with Belle Vue and Ipswich.To see Per Jonsson develope the way he did was terrific he was worth going to Reading everyweek to see him a real class act Per and Gustafson at Kings Lynn both were classy.
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    I would say generally the last three years it has been poor and i have said endless times forget the teams forget the averages forget the rules.The sport needs to concentrate on making it a decent night out entertainment comes way before winning or losing at the moment that is not happening.
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    My first meeting in 90 was Reading v Swindon oddly, when Per arrived on the centre green in a helicopter after winning WC, I would of been 7 or 8. Burghfield Bullet as in Andrew Appleton, possibly it sounds familiar, would of been years ago.

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