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    Basically as the title says, i would like to wish Stuart all the best for his retirement, been a great servant to the sport a really nice bloke and a great help to many younger riders that have come through, including my son. Thanks Robbo.
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    This non completion of fixtures is a farce.....and running the National Trophy/KOC matches before the League fixtures doesn't help matters....but 'I/we' (other forum members) have already mentioned this.....but I doubt that the BSPA will take any notice!
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    Well we must have gone to a different meeting last night, cause I see a totally different race than the one you are describing. Sitting up in the royal box looking down onto the track you see anything quite clear . That heat 15 was the all important race, tension was ripe, The tapes go up with Riss on 1 and Batch on 2 make decent starts, But it is Musielak who creates the problem, immediately he gates he moves LEFT squeezing Lambert. Robert has nowhere to go and is squashed into Batchelor. all 3 are tangled way before they get to the corner. It was amazing they didn't all go down. eventually Musielak freed himself and shot across Lambert's bows, taking his front wheel completely. By that time the bikes were controlling the men. Robert veered off into the safety fence at some speed , thankfully he was OK for the rerun. All the talk of blaming Batch was ridiculous, he was a victim of the situation as much as Lambert was. If anybody was to blame it was MUSIELAK who moved into Lambert. I thought the abuse Batchelor was getting, was related to comments he had previously made about the club and the walking out he did last year, but if it was by fans and Posters thinking he was to blame for the accident then they are all wrong..... Batchelor did nothing wrong...... Strange meeting this. Swindon arrived with a scratch team made up of weak reserves and RR, Lynn on the other hand were a heatleader missing. Initially it seemed to be plain sailing for the Stars, but it soon became apparent this was turning into a gate and go extravagancer. When Niels got injured the emphasis changed. Swindon appeared to have more race winners and riders who could get out to the traps. We were hanging on to a 2 point lead. only the exploits of Robert and Riss were keeping us in the match. Then came Heat 15 (above) I can understand the excitement of the fans, and the relief to reach the final, but one has to feel sorry for the Robins, if they had a full team they would have won, no doubt One thing that became obvious last night was, Although we are not a one man team, without Lambert we are short of race winners when it matters.... When Niels pulled out we were in trouble,. Yea, we got there, but only just......
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    Jackobsen for me showing his guts and bravery swung the meeting with his heat win.He never looked quick but rode some great lines and really dug in.A really good team effort even Worrall was unlucky there was some good racing but the track at times is puzzling the inside was working then there was grip outside and Doyle in heat 1 looked slow good meeting though enjoyed it.
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    I have to rate it as the worst meeting I have seen at KL. In 12 races out of 15 there was nothing of note after exiting the 2nd bend 1st lap ( now common everywhere ). Purely processional. I can only assume that Swindon agreed to use Scott Campos sight unseen because it was a disgrace parading such an obviously unfit and out of shape rider as competitive. He then proved that on track. After quite a number of years, he could not turn the bike properly. Any other.young rider would have benefited from the experience. There was no sense of urgency by the promotion to "get on with it" and there was 35 minutes of tractor racing during the match ( I know I measured them ) which resulted in slower races immediately after and no closer racing. Buster is delusional that his track magic during a match improves the whole presentation of it or gives better racing. It's a pity if the salvation of UK speedway means more scenes as in heat 15 with fans brawling over Rollerball speedway! It's what Rossiter said before that point that was most despairing - that promoters were also arguing heatedly over 2019 and he had no idea what was happening or how to prepare for the changes that were coming. He made it clear that he was against further dilution of team strengths, but that is obviously what is likely to happen. He also said that it was a "make or break AGM" ( where have we heard that before?). It has been repeated for many years! Finally ( I promise ) I came home feeling that, that is me finished with live speedway in the stadium, to watch the BT match which showed without a doubt that if you prepare the track fairly for racers to race on - they will. I rate that match as one of the best I have seen in 60 years of watching. Passing in every heat by daring men on their flying machines, inside and out 10 /10! As good as anything you can see from Poland or Sweden. Of course, it involved two teams eager to go for it and win the league, every team member on both sides had a moment or two! Put that on, on a regular basis and you could hold "lost" fans and attract new ones, I feel sure. That really was speedway racing at it's best. And made me eager for more!
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    Interesting debate on the radio yesterday about trialing the new cricket 100 ball format to try to bring in new cricket fans. They are investing £200m a year! Aggers was on the radio and he thinks it wont bring in any new supporters and will probably alienate existing fans. Cricket obviously has a lot more money than speedway to invest but will be interesting to see if it works.
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    Always the cautious serpent aren't you Gavan protecting your own words....It's not for anyone to throw it away. Was a tough meeting and the second leg will be as tough. I'd imagine ALL Poole fans/management were surprised at this result. So did Somerset throw it away? No. It was a close tough meeting and this league this season has been close for all bar Leicester (don't know what went wrong for them). ps. Steve Shovlar has had a short ban thanks to ?????. He asked me to pass on my love to you all. X
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    That is exactly what I miss. If Speedway had that kind of atmosphere week in week out the sport would thrive. It needs tension and rivalries. Everyone gets involved and the kids love it. It's what creates memories and love for the sport, 9 times out of 10 the actual racing is easily forgotten. Night's like tonight is when I wish I was there.
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    Read what Halifax Tiger says about speedway at Workington, been some excellent meetings this season and last. I've been to Newcastle once, the track seemed ok on that occasion.
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    According to most near the first bend Batch didn't turn at all,quite intentionally to squeeze Lambert up.Disgraceful move really which could have ended up very bad for Lambert.How he walked away from that i will never know.He was tossed around like a rag doll before clattering into the fence with his bike.Boy his adrenalin was pumping in the re-run though,the atmosphere from the fans come to life there and then.Like S.Lambert said the atmosphere was like a boxing match for ht 15 keep it up. Well Batch not bad for a sh*t team eh.Topped the league,ko cup final and the play-offs to look forward to.No wonder you were the last one to leave the pits a tad embarrassed i would think
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    It's only half-time and still plenty to do. Now is not the time to get cocky so let's give Somerset the respect they deserve and treat the next leg with the same 100% effort. But great effort so far guys just keep it up!
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    Probably waiting for permission from him to run
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    I'm a Comets fan and have no problem with Glasgow's signing of Cookie as it made a lot of sense for them at the time. It was an opportunist move, appears not to have broken any rules and is one a few other promoters probably wish they had thought of first. I think the problem is no-one is sure of the rules any more, including some of the people responsible for making them! Cookie seems to get a bit of stick, but as in other sports opposition fans very rarely boo a poor opponent. Furthermore he has been down to DP a few times this season where he has been seen helping and offering advice to our young guys Dan and Kyle. As far as I am concerned he is always welcome at DP. I know he is likely to visit DP shortly and rack up a lot of points, but surely we all want to see the best riders competing against each other. It's just a shame we won't have our full team out - I would have loved to have seen Cookie and Dan going head to head. Hopefully the rest of our team will be fit and maybe, just maybe we can finish the season with that bit of elusive silverware.
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    I really do think that the Birmingham Riders and Management wish they hadn’t refused to ride at Buxton earlier in the Season, If they had have ridden they would now be in the Play Offs, As there League Fixture was changed to a Trophy Meeting, But what I don’t understand is they were prepared to ride on Sunday when it WAS Dangerous,
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    How you lived there no didn't think so. Anyway back to the speedway and awaiting news on opponents , who do you think Edinburgh will get in the play offs. Oh wait.
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    Rather ironic that of all the tracks that Dag appeared for (Reading - Tilehurst, Hackney, Oxford & White City) Newcastle is the only one that stages speedway today! Sign of the times I suppose.
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    Poole experienced riders showing their class,Take away Doyle and Rebels are championship Team
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    Heat 8, no way did Jacobson win that. But look at the scorecard. Some of the Somerset riders are below par.
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    There are plenty of people, including referees and riders that say otherwise.
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    Robbo has been a great servant to the sport whether he was riding for Newcastle, Coventry or Rye House. I remember first getting involved with him in 1993 when he was just 15 and brother Scott was riding for the Diamonds. A full on gutsy style we had to lend him out to Edinburgh, because he kept demolishing the 4th bend regularly. Always been a fans favourite because of his nature and genuine care for the supporters. I hope he finds a position in Speedway as he has so much to give back to Speedway with his wealth of experience. All the best for your future Stuey.
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    You have to go to a track on a regular basis to form an unbiased opinion on how good the racing is. I've been to the showground three times this season, and the racing has been crap. Does this make it a poor track, not in my eyes.
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    Oh yeah, the old Yahoo! group... I joined the BSF around the same time, and have been a regular - if not prolific - poster here. Most of the time I am on the "Years Gone By" section, but now I can get the live streams in the US again, I have been more active in the GP section. Steve
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    Before your time? I'm not THAT bloody old! If you look at the fact that I always sign my posts as "Steve", frequently mention that I am not in the UK anymore, and the fact that I sometimes talk about darts, I thought that MIGHT have been a clue! That was the first UK Open in 2003; the only one I qualified for. My dad passed away a couple of months after that, and I dropped out of the PDC. Do you remember me playing David in the World Championship? I am friends with him on FB, and we chat occasionally. Steve
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    Honestly Jenga is that the best snide remark you can come up with “are you J.C.F. in disguise” and accuse me of posting “bilshot” Well Geoffrey we all know who the “King of Bilshot” is don’t we. You keep posting constant diatribe and vitriol under the guise of “it’s a joke marra” it’s just a bit of craic marra” “can you not take a joke marra” “it’s all done tongue in cheek marra” but it’s not Geoffrey is it, you are just an odious little man who gets pleasure from trying to wind people up and some sort of sad pleasure when you get a bite. Well go on I will bite. As after watching you cry like a baby in front of Steve Whitehead when he gave you a solicitor’s letter for the rubbish (bilshot) you had been posting on here then turning away after apologising profusely and still in floods of tears stating to your marra Scarra “I told him’ he’s just a Muppet” wow what a comeback and especially when Steve did not hear it, well what have I got to lose. On my first ever post I had to apologise to all my loved ones, family, friends and Stuart Robson as I vowed to all of them that I would never post on here, unfortunately the straw that broke the camel’s back was something that you posted on the Lakeside Hammers v Workington Comets - Friday 1st June thread and as a new poster I could not get my content uploaded and passed in time to enter the debate, however you have given me the golden opportunity here to respond. There had been four previous occasions where I had come mightily close to posting on here twice to Mr Snackette who could be rather condescending at times to say the least and twice to your good self and my intention was to be the “Voice of Reason” but that pen name was taken so I run with THJ as I will always endeavour to be honest in whatever I post and likewise if I am wrong I will be just as quick to retract and apologise. Remembering the issue you posted on the Lakeside Hammers v Workington Comets thread - Friday 1st June which was Libel, plain and simple. You accused Steve Whitehead of “taking money” off the riders to fund Mr Whitehead’s “Playboy Lifestyle” and as Libel is defined as defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures. You basically accused Steve Whitehead of theft and of living the high life on the proceeds of taking money off the riders which is totally untrue and as such; Libellous. Now Geoffrey I don’t know how you could perceive Mr Whitehead is a Playboy as I can confirm Steve is a hard working straightforward guy who has a regular 8 till 5 job and works dam hard at juggling this job, his commitments to his Sister and ongoing commitments to Workington Speedway on top of regular family commitments (like most of us). Oh but he wears casual shorts when it’s only warm outside and sunglasses on the top of his head, in Workington of all places, how very dare he, LOL The efforts Steve Whitehead has put in behind the scenes at Workington are often underappreciated and I have heard various comments from people deriding him and his efforts and actually quoting from ludicrous and inaccurate posts made by you Geoffrey, and at the start of the season you were a one man wrecking crew with the damage you were doing to the Comets Brand and when you were chastised about it you went sarcastically the other way and tried to tone it down but your obnoxious inner self is starting to show through again Geoffrey and you are reverting to type. Steve is “marmite” to be honest but there is not a malicious or dishonest bone in his body and if you don’t like him; his view is “that’s your choice” and he would not lose any sleep over any statements or comment made (especially on here) If they were nothing more than personal thoughts stating perceived facts. However to actually state that someone was stealing from riders to fund a Playboy Lifestyle was bang out of order especially when it is common knowledge that the club have had some financial issues especially towards the end of last season and the start of this one. The “Poor Jenga” brigade need to be made aware of a long (very long) past history of antagonistic and obnoxious posts not just on this web site but on the “Workington Speedway Unofficial Forum” which was shut down by the promotion due to the continuous diatribe being posted by Jenga and his terrace buddy and partner in verbose malfeasance Scarramanga. The promotion could have (and should of in my opinion) taken action at this time but chose not to do so in the belief they would keep the peace and by not stating the real reason as to why the plug was pulled on the unofficial forum however they got absolutely slaughtered by you Geoffrey and Scarramanga for shutting the forum down. So they were condemned for keeping a discreet silence. It is a complete contradiction for the promotion as they are dammed for perceived heavy handedness in one breath and then slated for not passing out information or keeping the fans informed in the other. So if they had of informed the fans of the real reason why the unofficial forum was shut down they believed it would have stirred up a hornets nest so as a Service Recovery Strategy they decided to say nothing. Honestly they can’t win!!! Not just this promotion have felt the wrath of Geoffrey and friend thought as the previous promotion was targeted by these two with some pretty nasty and cheap shots and can I add unequivocally that Keith Denham was (and still is) a gentleman and was always approachable (as is Steve) and neither deserve the abuse they received through these forums. Keith like Steve is a hard working (and successful) businessman who has a passion for Speedway and both opted to become Speedway Promoters and I don’t think Keith would have left the club as a promoter if it was not for the vitriol being spouted not just against him which he accepted (just) but when the attacks become very personal and directed towards his family this I believe was a major factor in why he decided to call it a day as a promoter What if these forums had been around when your dad was a promoter Geoffrey what would you have made of it? If there were vitriolic and disparaging comments made about Eddie Thornborrow (Thornbarrow Thornburra Thornborough Wheelbarra, Peterboro, whatever the spelling is. LOL "just a joke marra") during his tenure in charge of the Comets which was not very successful in the one year (1980 I believe) he ran the club as a promoter. I could make other cheap shots here but what’s the point I don’t want to sink to the depths you “troll” Geoffrey. Two wins in the whole season and then the club folding the next, wonder what the "Jenga" of the day would have made of that, More to follow eh! Further if disparaging comments had been made public about what Eddie was up to; or not; whether true or not: whatever the case may have been when he was running the club and someone like your good self was making disparaging comments about his family would you carry on the way you do now. Or is this why you do go on like you do. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was no internet in Eddie’s day and with the team being bottom of the league and with only two wins to their name all season, surely even a team full of your favourite rider “James Sarjeant” couldn’t have performed that badly. Could they? You scream that as a paying customer you are entitled to information, what happened when Daddy was running things in the 1980's before instant media? You waited for the local paper, the Speedway Star or on rare occasions a radio or TV report, the opportunity to vent your spleen was very limited. Everyone has the “Right of Free Speech” will be the cry and yes I agree they do; to a certain extent however there is no such thing as Freedom of Speech without accountability. Legal systems sometimes recognise certain limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other rights and freedoms, such as in the case of libel amongst others. Justifications for limitations to freedom of speech often reference the "harm principle" or the "offence principle”. Limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction or social disapprobation, or both. Therefore Geoffrey you can state anyone is a miserable s*d, ugly s*d, tight s*d, old g*t etc. as a statement of fact, however you put thieving in front of those then you better have the evidence to prove it or be prepared to face the consequences that come with making that statement (especially in writing). This is why Steve Whitehead asked for a retraction by you and an apology as the post was offensive, totally untrue and constitutes Libel and I don't think Mr Whitehead was being unreasonable in what he was asking. I suppose the crocodile tears were just for added effect once you had been outed. Geoffrey I find you a morally reprehensible misanthropic miscreant who tries to play the “cheeky chap” card with his cute spelling mistakes in his barbed comments writing them down like a school kid new to the scene and when challenged about your reprehensible behaviour you try to play it off as a joke and turning it around on the other person with the “can’t you take a joke like” adage or “it’s just a joke get over it” or the delightful “am just joking Marra” Sorry Marra I am not buying that in the slightest. As I have stated I was there when Steve Whitehead politely and discretely pulled you to one side and explained what he (Steve) was upset about; and you in floods of tears vowed to mend your ways, post an apology and said you didn’t mean what you said and fully understood Mr Whiteheads point of view. Again sorry Marra I am not buying that one in the slightest either. Not with all the crocodile tears in the world then adding !I will try my best but I don't really understand this internet thing" and "I am not sure what to do"? PMSL In fact as someone previously had posted your content is a load of “Tripe” and if you had any sense of shame or even honour you wouldn’t show your face around the place ever again; you have relentlessly disparaged this promotion and the previous one for that matter and the two guys who have been at the forefront of your obnoxious, snide, misinformed, bitter and twisted comments; in Steve Whitehead and Keith Denham; who rest assured both only ever have had the best interests of Workington Speedway in their hearts and souls and all you wanted to do Geoffrey was hide behind an avatar (or a made up name at least to hide behind in relative anonymity) to put across your biter and twisted agenda you are some piece of work pal. Well I have been totally honest in my opinion and I do hope people see you for what you are “an obnoxious pathetic little specimen” and I do wonder at times is it a case of jealousy in that your old man couldn’t make a go of it but the last two promotions have at least made a good fist of the job at hand and delivered on putting out competitive teams and delivered on the entertainment factor You are a plastic fan who needs to take a long hard look at himself and stay off here and well away from Derwent Park. Oh and if you do turn up I will introduce myself and pass on some “billshot” its nice to say hello. More to follow. Finally you might consider a name change and I know you have been accused of being a “Troll” and a “Keyboard Warrior” in the past but can I suggest Gollum because I can see the resemblance with this character and yourself Geoffrey with the exception that you have more wrinkles but slightly more hair and if you are unsure who Gollum was he’s a “Lord of the Rings” character described as follows: Gollum was a Stoor Hobbit of the River-folk (Derwent River), who lived near the Gladden Fields (Cloffocks/Stainton Hole). Originally known as Sméagol, he was corrupted by the One Ring (The One Forum) and later named Gollum (Jenga) after his habit of making "a horrible swallowing noise in his throat" (Whilst crying like a baby) See you Friday and "More to Follow"!!! Regards THJ

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