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    You sound just like someone else when you say that,,, well,,, actually, when I say someone, I mean a fair few someone's
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    If a speedway result has happened, it should be Speedway Star's job to include it. The sport has been robbed of 90-plus years of archive material because magazines - not just the Star - failed to include details of meetings. That is why the sport's history is so patched-up. Anyone who has tried to piece it together will know this. For example, I have two random examples: I'd have included all the results of the mid-70s training school matches which the Star only gave details of occasional ones. Another I can recall are details of the 1984 Belle Vue Junior Championship were not listed in the magazine. I attended the latter meeting but didn't fill in my programme. Depending on the Speedway Star to fix that the following week was my mistake. We didn't have the internet then, and so these results could fall from existence, unless people kept the programme. If a speedway match is being raced in Britain - yes, even two sides in a training school afternoon, the Southern Track meetings - I would try to find somewhere in the corner of the magazine to include it. Only when you have researched for speedway history do you realise the chance to recall some matches have been lost for good, because magazines of the day failed their job. I know we have the internet now, and results are online. But the results that nobody can find, which magazines of the day failed to include, will always be lost.
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    Yup, looking forward to the season starting in September with 3 in 10 days in potentially worse weather, the football season in full swing, speedway all but forgotten after an unprecedented summer break and Panthers at the foot of the table with nothing to ride for. Good luck with selling those meetings.
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    Swings and roundabouts - could say the same the other way with Danny.......
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    And some people can also see that the person who directed and produced this 'epic' is also the director and producer of the sport in Britain as a whole... It's not looking too good overall is it? Watching it tonight was like watching a small, cute furry animal dodging fast flowing traffic across a busy eight lane motorway... There is an inevitable conclusion to what you are seeing, but you simply have to keep watching in the vain belief that all will miraculously turn out to be ok.. A new low for me tonight with regards to how the Sport is presented to a wider potential audience.. Its almost as if they have all but given up on the TV contract such is the garbage so regularly getting beamed into people's living rooms.. Kelvin, Nigel and Natalie must wonder how they can keep sounding enthusiastic when deep down they know it's nothing more than a pretence to be maintained. The pretence being that Speedway in the UK still has some level of credibility or relevance.. The racing tonight was appalling, the crowd level watching it was appalling, and the entertainment factor on view was even worse than the racing and the crowd level.. It came across as something just waiting to be put out of its misery.. Something so desperately needing to be grabbed by the scruff of its neck and violently shaken into action.. Passed the point of saving in the UK I would now suggest in its current guise.. Therefore. What is next?
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    I just can’t fathom why anyone would want to make the inside line at one of the best speedway tracks around so grippy thus turning it into a one liner. Baffling.
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    Could be wrong but weren't they planning to re-sign him only to be hugely gazumped by Lakeside who promised Nick a shedload of money - most of which he was never paid. Maybe Berwick's problem is that they pay up. Would it be better to offer the moon and then deliver a bit of scorched earth?
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    To say there is nothing wrong with the track is quite a bold statement.. since day one there has always been an issue with the track at Kent. There are many issues mainly with shape and size. They definitely did not use the potential of the site to its fullest which is a shame as no curfew and you have a championship team waiting to go.
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    Careful, you're not supposed to say things like that on here, you'll be labelled a sympathiser. If you want to fit in with the locals, stick to phrases like "lack of entertainment", "no value for money" or "rider X must go". At the risk of sounding like Basil Fawlty "don't mention you had a good night, I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it"
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    I wouldn’t call it a Motor Sport Venue as such - that is such a small part of what goes on there these days - for instance we don’t have a home meeting now until September due to the unavailability of the SHOWGROUND. Many years ago it did have a separate race track for cars/stock cars or whatever which is long gone and is now the Car Park for many functions including speedway. With regard to tonight’s meeting there has been growing dissatisfaction with signings for the team together with the track itself and I believe not offering a discount for this televised meeting was a huge mistake resulting in fans staying home to watch.
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    It is the sort of character in this team that might just, and I use the word "just' see us to the title. The great thing is that opposition teams worry about us now rather than the other way round!
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    Total and utter tosh. Compared to Kyle Bickley who had a full season last season in the league, Drew had 7 meetings, In those 7 meeting Drew scored more points than Kyle points did from a full season. H e started the season on a assessed average of 2 due to not done enough meetings to gain an average. As soon as he gain an average he found himself in the main body of the team, yes he has found it tough, but the lad has stuck at it not given up. I cannot think of another rider who has moved from a reserve berth to the main body of the team before they were 17 , I don't remember Bewley doing it and Bickley still has the luxury of riding at reserve at Glasgow after over a season in the Championship. Oh and in the World Under 21 Team Cup he outscore Kyle Bickley, at track that Kyle calls home. If Drew should not be in Championship then there is a whole host of riders should not be either.
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    The bloke is a pillock and a troll. As usual, his angle is to hijack a thread and swerve it onto his beloved facebook groups he is in with his mate Karl Fiala - he's rude and if the shoe was on the other foot he'd be having a right old hissy fit. Keep up the good work Mimmo and best wishes to the Mrs.
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    Definitely the 4th Grade Grammar rule " Which rules have I broken?". That's three rules really.
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    Has the track been like this all season? If so Buster has ruined it I’m afraid. The only decent TV meetings from the UK this year have been from Belle Vue, everywhere else has been rubbish so far unfortunately.
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    Damn and blast CW injured and not riding in this one. Knowing Redcars luck, the only replacement they will allow for Charles will be a district nurse on a pushbike with a basket on the front.
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    Same bikes ride the NSS with barely a crash in three years...
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    Also, "Dan Bewley gingerly walking back to the pits". Now that is really out of order, needs reporting.
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    You like to sh*t stir for the sake of it nowadays. ps probably spoken by yourself.
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    Agree ,Think it would have been more sensible to put Lambert in Team and Bewley reserve.Harris has had his day representing GB.
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    I would have put Lambert in the team and Bewley at reserve. I know Bewley isnt the same since his very bad injuries last year, but come next year he will be back on form. Would have been just a brilliant experience for him, that would see him all the better for it.
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    Can't wait to get a copy as i enjoyed watching Steve he was also terrific in the test matches for the USA and raised his game for them.Another memory i have of Steve was a meeting at Eastbourne we had just signed him and he had to ride borrowed aquipment what a heep of junk he was on and i can remember him not being to happy about it a real character.
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    This was won by @TMRitchie and I will present it to him @glasgowtigers meeting against Newcastle on Friday 19th July with races starting at 7.30pm..the winning bid was £200. I will arrange for Claire Norris to receive the money & will post pictures of both. Thanks to all who bid

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