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    Then and Now. The Daily Express and Project Fear
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    Such a shame there's so much bitterness and sniping building within this thread, no need for it really, on Monday we were treated to what has been described as one of the best meetings in recent years, the scores are finely balanced and fingers crossed we will get more of the same tomorrow evening. Whoever wins will deserve the victory, Peterborough have had some tough luck but so have Belle Vue, that's speedway. As far as I'm aware no team has cheated their way to the final, as unfortunate as the injury to Hans is it occurred after the final had commenced, just like if it had happened tomorrow evening, the final is underway and both teams just have to make do with whatever changes they can make that fall within the existing rules, no special dispensation should be allowed imo. Would say the same whichever team I supported. Obviously the usual trolls chip in with their stupid comments, one even claiming the Belle Vue doctor isn't a proper doctor and that Hans should ride in the 2nd leg, if he was knocked out then he cannot ride, it wouldn't be fair on himself or any other rider taking to the track. Here's hoping we get to see some great racing in front of a bumper crowd, whoever wins will be crowned champions and will deserve the accolade.
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    it's a shame there are so many supporters that only turn up for playoffs when they're needed all season
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    Really enjoyable grand final , massive congratulations to The Panthers it's a nice feeling! Great way for Bjarne to bow out but also want to commiserate the Belle Vue riders and fans ,know that feeling also.....except NSS1/Geoff because he's a d**k....
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    Maybe trying stop him from killing himself or somebody else you dimwit.
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    It's really quite appalling that the Prime Minister didn't actually understand what he was signing. You also have to question who actually is advising him, because it was clear even to some of us on BSF what the implications would be. The BoJo government seemed to think bluster and brinkmanship would win the day, and when the EU stood firm it was forced to back-down and sign some sort of agreement as otherwise it would have been a total disaster for the economy. Now they seem to think they can carry on playing the same nonsensical game when their already weak hand is even weaker. The current UK government is total disgrace and an embarrassment to the country.
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    I thought the two finals were a superb advert for the sport with two very good teams going at it for the full 30 heats, both tracks produced good racing and their cannot be any doubt that the best team won the title. The Panthers were written off by pretty much everyone at the start of the season but they showed good form throughout the campaign and carried on winning pretty much everywhere, apart from a few guests we finished the season with the same 1-7 we started with, we had a few injuries and attempts were made to change things but as per usual we got little if any help from the sports administrators which of course makes our success even sweeter. Every single rider contributed to our success so it’s hard to single out one rider, they all rode well over the season and some of them when they were carrying injuries but they all deserve credit for an outstanding season and the team spirit was the best I have ever seen in over 50 years watching. A special mention must be made for Rob Lyon, when he was made team manager I applauded the choice and he has done even better than I thought he would, he is light years ahead of some of his rivals and had a brilliant relationship with his riders. Keith Chapman has a lot of critics but he put his money where his mouth was and he has warmed to a lot of Peterborough supporters and trackstaff, he has the backing of the supporters club and has truly delivered, nobody can ask for anymore.
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    When every British rider in the Premiership and Championship this season plus our two GP representatives started in the third tier of the sport, it was complete nonsense to suggest that the NDL needed to 'get back to its roots'. If truth were told, it was already there. Whatever the make up of the league it was admirably and extremely successfully doing one of the jobs for which it was created. I think its absolutely clear now - although as you rightly say many do not need the benefit of hindsight - that the decision to cut the points limit was an extremely poor and damaging one provoked by nothing more than the self interest of the top two divisions.
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    The lies told by the Brexiteers laid bare... https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/brexit-eight-things-were-told-21843284
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    People saying the racing wasn't that good,,, no it was not as good as it can be/used to be,,, but was still far better than most tracks,, and would love racing to be that good every week at my teams track.
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    At the end of the day, we've been treated to probably the best top flight final in many many years. Loving it
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    Another Doctor talking rubbish I suppose https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/health/covid-warning-from-suffolk-doctor-8408548?s=09
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    Ok, Glasgow had an awful meeting, it happens, Monarchs were up for it and deserved to go through to the final, Edinburgh is not a trick track but is a technical one , and often riders see it for the first time and it gets in their heads, took Josh G a few years to get round it, as for Tom , he has been brought up riding another technical track at Eastbourne, so adapted easily and for some of the comments on here that Tom was cheating in heat 15 by falling off because we were losing on a 5-1, give your heads a wobble as Tom gives 100% and is still young , he made a mistake, no way would he risk an injury by deliberately falling off when he has some big meetings coming up. Edinburgh have 3 solid heat leaders and a very impressive second string in Kye Thomson, Glasgow have 1 heatleader since Ulrich was injured and have done well to finish 2nd in the league, I reckon the Monarchs are peaking at the right time and will go all the way , and good luck to them. Please stop with the money men can't buy a league title crap, us fans have been through extremely difficult times over the years and are happy to be secure that we have a team each year to follow. I Don't mind a bit of banter but some of it is below the belt, football type stuff, such as the unwashed weegies, not funny. Rant over
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    Seems to be..I wouldn't live in London now. Large swathes of east London, Tower Amlets and Newham, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, have been taken over by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians etc., mostly from mass immigration from late 90s onwards, different values, some make little attempt to integrate, high rates of benefit claimants, trying to impose sharia, and no interest in Wet Spam15% of London is now Muslim, nearly 1.5 million. In contrast to the Hindus and Chinese, who are mainly law abiding, educated, high achievers, the same as their Jewish predecessors, who worked hard, with high aspiration, and moved from the east end to leafy north-west London. The Somalis are well known for high levels of unemployment, violence, knife crime, drug dealing, sex attacks, homosexual attacks etc.,and the ancient practice of female genital mutilation. They even tried to take over the drugs dealing in Swindon..How many of these Islamic terrorists are living in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, etc.,? biting the hand that feeds them. Evidently the MP who was killed showed sympathy for refugees.A very sad act of terrorism in a sacred place of worship. How many more Brits are going to be killed by home-grown terrorists?
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    If those who run the sport are happy to celebrate 'other teams' success as if it was their own, then it shows, when you add in the constant sharing of riders at any given moment, that there really isnt any rivalry at all is there? No wonder many fans, mainstream media, and major potential sponsors, dont treat it as a serious team sport, given the plethora of evidence to the contrary laid bare in front of them all the time..
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    Well done Peterborough! C commiserations to Aces. But the absolute winner is speedway. Fantastic two matches to end the season. If only this level of speedway could be at every match the the sport wouldn't be in the trouble it is in.
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    How come pedersen is so far back from the tapes poor referee get a grip ?
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    Has the Start Marshall considered asking the Home riders to actually get up to the tapes?
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    More bother than he is worth off track is the general opinion on Ben.
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    That ship sailed a while ago for some. Never to return. There's some obvious repeat offenders on here. Let's be honest, there's millions of them out there too...they walk amongst us. Such is the slavish devotion to the right wing narrative and slogans, they are utterly conditioned. Whenever the elite are held to account - even when they are elected to represent us - their first instinct is to attack foreigners, BLM, LGBT activists, the left, environmental campaigners, muslims, anyone really who might challenge or undermine the power of the elite establishment and their cosy, cushy corrupt existence. Frankly they are oblivious to it, little more than an obedient subject with a vocabulary limited to parroting meaningless terms coined for them like "woke", "liberal" and "lefty". It's all they have got. In short, just the people whose votes matter, but naff all else to the elite establishment, to enable them to fully exploit for nothing more than personal gain.
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    Given up on sensible discussion and an actual defence of the Government's position I see. Much easier to accuse those you disagree with of suffering from a mental illness or problems in the bedroom. Problem solved and no need to defend an indefensible position.

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