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    I disagree personally i would rather see a competitive meeting with 7 riders each side if that means a single guest tonight so be it.
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    Peterborough at its best is second only to the NSS in this country for me.
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    Jeez, how wide do you want it. You should have seen it before it was widened for the 2001 World Under 21 Championship.
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    I have said it before, but there really is something unique and incredible about Tai's style. It seems like he is riding on rails, even when switching lines. He may not have a style like Collins, Craven, or Moran, but I have never understood those who label him "boring"... Steve
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    well contributed to what was a brilliant brilliant meeting twists and turns and well done somerset ,in fact well done all 14 riders you served up the best meeting i have seen in years at perry barr. As for guests and attracting big names to this country it matters not one bit to people because that 4 million people would not have a clue who anyone is anyway. Producing racing like i witnessed tonight every week would get 4 million people interested. We will have to agree to disagree on the guest ruling but i want to be entertained first and win second.
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    I thought Premiership fixtures were supposed to take place on Mondays and Thursdays?
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    Good as neither are of the standard required to do that - Buster totally messed up our team that looked so promising in the winter so he will have to be prepared to take the financial hit for his decisions when things go pear-shaped. As my parents always taught me - to every action there are consequences!
  8. 5 points
    Great meeting, good crowd, we lost, speedway won!
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    Yes the track is smooth and fast but the racing is not better, It's gate and go so far. I am shocked that they are settling for a team 3 points under the limit and to me it shows a lack of ambition and is not fair on the season ticket holders who bought in thinking we had a title winning team but unfortunately now we haven't.
  10. 5 points
    Owner of the finest collection of Peterborough golf balls to be seen in the Czech Republic.
  11. 5 points
    Congratulations to Ryan Kinsley on winning the first U21 semi final at the IOW. Unbeaten! Jordan Palin getting a creditable 2nd.
  12. 5 points
    Just knew this was coming, after two 46-44 wins with last heat deciders they think this is now a winning team and people will keep coming though the gates week in week out, its now the cheapest team in the league and that must suit Buster down to the ground.
  13. 5 points
    I think Brad went for a gap that wasn’t really on. Thats the first time in 50 years I can remember that every heat was under 60 seconds, not so much one line but the inside was the quickest. Gating is all important at this level as very few mistakes get made and so it has proved in our first three matches. Hopefully the racing will improve a little over the next few months but it’s certainly entertaining, and the meetings are being run at a quick speed, about 1.5 hours so far.
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    I understand. It's an easy subjective way to belittle a rider they - for whatever reason - don't like. He looks every inch a rider who has all the attributes to be the best of all-time. The professionalism of Mauger/Rickardsson, the overtaking ability of Collins, the technical ability of Nielsen, the coolness under pressure of Fundin/Gundersen. A very special rider indeed.
  15. 5 points
    Nice picture on the Kings Lynn Twitter thanking their fans for the wonderful support Just one thing - it happens to be presenter Kevin Long, The Massif and other Witches fans https://mobile.twitter.com/ipswichspeedway
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    Thanks LC. Signed Jesper, Nicki, Bjarne and KB, and ran my free training school for 10 years now that has produced all the Gems team, including Archie Freeman 150cc British Champion and both 125 and 500 NJL champions last year. Brought Newcastle back in 1997, and some unpopular cretin says "I destroyed Newcastle Speedway." NURSE NURSE
  17. 5 points
    I've had my run-ins with Tsunami on the political threads, but you can't question his speedway credentials. Involved in one of the most successful spells of Newcastle Speedway and then running some invaluable training schools.
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    First this season perhaps but nothing new in the grand scheme of the last couple of years as fans of Rye House and Glasgow will tell you. The irony of your post is that your top three are probably one of the strongest in the league on paper as well. Offered Schlein, Harris and Covatti or Kennett, Lawson and Kerr I reckon you’d have a near 50-50 split on the trio fans would take. Eastbourne have a longer tail than yours but their home track advantage negates that in the case of Saturday’s meeting. If you thought Atkins and Rowe should have been getting anything out of Brennan and Wood round Arlington then you’ve not done your homework.
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    I'm sure its not that hard to nip to a cash machine before entering the Stadium
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    I reckon it's a 6-hour journey on a normal day - probably a 7-hour journey on a Good Friday. Poole should ride on Easter Monday instead.
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  22. 4 points
    This particular poster definitely falls into the ‘pinch of salt’ category. On a not entirely different subject anyone seen Fred Flange lately?
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    Yeah mate. We get it. Over and over again! The 1 thing more boring than brexit is this regurgitated topic. You’re entitled to it but nobody cares if you are there or not. . its good to see a good performance from the lads. I’m glad the crowd showed support to Kasper. He may struggle at home but the points he scored somewhat unexpectedly were the difference at Poole. If he keeps that up away then in the bigger picture. As long as we keep winning at home then it doesn’t really matter too much
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    Am I not interested anymore? That’s news to me just because I chose not to attend doesn’t mean I’m not interested anymore I wouldn’t have deleted Kings Lynn Speedway they blocked me for a view that not club policy they don’t like criticism of any kind if your a happy clapper your fine I guess the clubs Twitter account has become a sunshine and roses account were your not allowed a point of view other than the clubs view , But if they won’t listen to fans views then Speedway gets what it’s deserves .
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    Don’t forget Lynn start fifteen minutes later than the others.....an hour and a half is reasonable I’d say.

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