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    As someone who is obviously close to Rob you are certainly not helping with the reputation of the club with posts like this. In any line of business where customers pay their money then they are entitled to their opinions and I am sure Rob is big enough to accept that his position will no doubt bring criticism when things go wrong. The former promotion certain had regular criticism over the years. As someone who works for the club maybe a bit of professionalism should be shown by you, especially at a time when the club needs more supporter not less. As a forum for opinions then if you don’t like people having their own then maybe best to avoid reading it!
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    Credit where it's due, I thought Tatum and Louis and Scotty were excellent last night. Kelvin in commentary, Chris in his analysis and comments and Scotty getting riders to open up and not just to inane questions. As good as it's ever been and that's not dissing Nigel at all but praising those now in the chairs.
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    Jack Holder limping after his crash in the GP in Poland expect this now gives him an excuse to miss the match at foxhall with a recurrence of his infamous toe injury
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    Keep taking your medication Lewy
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    Todays engine tuners judging by their engine covers: Leon Madsen ? Mikkel Michelsen Graversen Fredrik Lindgren Graversen Jason Doyle Graversen Vitalii Lysak Graversen Robert Lambert Holloway Dan Bewley Holloway Tai Woffinden Holloway Max Fricke Holloway Anders Thomsen Jablonski Martin Vaculik Kowalski Pawel Przedpelski Kowalski Bartosz Zmarzlik Kowalski Jack Holder Kowalski Patryk Dudek Kowalski Maksym Drabik Kowalski Maciej Janowski Kowalski Jakub Miskowiak Kowalski
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    Whilst I agree with pretty much all the sentiments above, and sounding off makes many feel better, I fear you are all just wasting your breath and your time. The fundamental failings of speedway in the uk are simply that the sport is governed and run by those individual business owners within it. They manipulate whatever is necessary to their own ends, and will continue to do so. Any new member to the club will soon be hounded out or suppressed if they start to break the mould. Until that changes, everything else is window dressing, posturing, and general BS Its never going to change voluntarily, as to do so, you need all these business owners to hand over the control of the rules by which their businesses operate. This isn't a championship problem, it's all uk leagues. The only way these people are going to hand over control is ££££ and lots of it. That's very unlikely, so if you want to carry on bickering about how wrong things are, fine, but at least be realistic. Unless some Barry Hearne type figure walks through the door offering big £££ to take control of UK speedway, It's not going to change. All the BS in the world is just spin. When all is said and done, we are just customers of some business who sell a product. They do as little as they can to get as much ££ as they can. Your 'rights' are you can either buy the product or not. You can bitch and moan about it or not. And please don't ever quote the 'fans' thing. Fans are just a clever marketing ploy to make individuals buy into a brand where they will make illogical decisions and spend more money on a product than is sensible. Turn someone into a fan and you have a gullible cash cow waiting for you at every opportunity. Might sound harsh, but it's true. I think we should just spend more time enjoying the simplicity of watching 4 people racing 4 laps with no brakes a bit more, for what it is. Trying to ignore what we know goes on in the background. If you think too hard about the rest of it, it just sucks the life and soul out of you. Keep hoping for a Barry Hearne type figure to come along, but I believe that opportunity was had, and rejected 25 years or so ago.
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    It's UK Speedway.... It doesnt really matter... Just go along and hopefully enjoy a good evenings entertainment... There is pretty much no kudos in victory, no major financial reward, and hardly any media coverage other than the odd mention in a few papers for the play off winners allied to good coverage in the Speedway Star, so it really doesn't matter who wins any league.. What does matter is that teams win at home most weeks and stay solvent, which ensure riders who spend tens of thousands on kit are able to ride on many nights of the year to justify their expense.. The sport has been ran in a "bit Mickey Mouse" way for decades so it wont ever change.. It still has the capability to deliver a cracking night out, and the racing today is as least as good as I can ever remember, so just go along and enjoy what is on offer.. You might be even be lucky enough to be there for Bomber's 100th appearance of the season...
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    Let's go back to 2018 when The CHAIRMAN lost a rider to injury so gave himself a Guest ALL season and even cancelled others Clubs Fixtures so he could get a suitable Guest. Let's look at the failure post Brexit to be prepared for Visa delays that were clearly going to happen Let's look at the failure to put some sort of limit on the combined average of top 3 heat leaders. Let's look at the closed shop that is the PL meaning not enough riders to stock 11 CL Clubs to a more level playing field. It's far deeper than Newcastle, Birmingham and Plymouth. They are victims of the system as opposed to them being the perpetrators. The sport is run by a cartel, for the cartel full of their own agendas. Start with an inpedendent Governing body, separate the SCB which the BSPL have effectively taken over and neutered.
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    There's a great tribute here: http://www.wolvesfpa.com/remembering-nigel-pearson/
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    Ellis was never going to do a full season at brum,he won't serve a ban as he is not withholding his services, he's been replaced.
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    That thread about quitting Facebook has disappeared! He can't find any way to delete his account, but he certainly knows how to delete threads and posts on here...
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    http://www.birmingham-speedway.com/_mobile/news.php?extend.3158 Birmingham just don`t get it, when you make a team change you are meant to make your team stronger.
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    I was doing the crossword in the pub the other day with Duncan my Scottish Mate. I told him i was stuck on one. Trapped on a desert island 8 letters He said marooned I said thanks mine’s a pint of best bitter.
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    In a nutshell if you have a changeable track you would like too think they would have the know how to do likewise with set up. if it’s not working don’t persist with it . anyway a week off from Speedway. Seville bound for a minor football match this week then im on to Tenerife on Friday. You heading over yourself ?.
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    Whoever is in charge of getting things right at any club needs to get them right on the night. Whether that's the track, programme, presentation, stewarding, medical cover etc..... The fans, like myself, can make valid opinions whether they are educated ones or not. Wot we see on the night is wot we see & determines whether we are attracted to go back again or not no matter what explanation is given when things go wrong. All these wishy washy reasons given, valid or not, are not good enough especially when trying to attract new fans. Oxford was so bad, extremely bad with the dust vs Poole it was like desert storm. Do you think new fans wud want to put up with that each week. Never had shale dust & chips before. I've been going to speedway for 43 years & that was shocking at Oxford, I don't care even if they said something like we put x amount of gallons of water down blah blah blah.... It's all about getting the product right on the night, nothing else matters not even valid reasons!!!!
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    Apparently... You cared enough to comment!!!
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    there's no rider shortage, the ridiculous strength of the 2nd tier is strangling their progress from the 3rd tier. Even if they're not world beaters they're competent and could make up team numbers. Yes, I'm saying the CL should be weakened. If Eastbourne and others come back next year it will be needed otherwise it won't work and we'll lose tracks.
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    Just a reminder of the announcement by B'ham main website when Adam was signed. It clearly says he's joined for the 'Season'! Management are quick to jump on here when something negative is said.... Just wondering why they're not as quick to 'quash' these rumours , unless they're true? P.s it also states that to bring him to B'ham is big big news....well, to lose him after such a short time under false pretences would be even bigger news !
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    I believe he only signed a short term contract so adam has done nothing wrong.
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    Compost Corner was a feature on Tiswas . There was a bunch of us who followed the Witches home and away late 70s, early 80s - and many different names and nicknames were used for riders and teams. KL were called the Deadbeets (after the sugar beet factory behind the first/second bend was demolished). Those of us who watched speedway then saw the last heyday of the sport.
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    Perhaps Speedy Guy or Jack Keen from Erith showed him how to do it !
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    In case you questioned Gordon Brown’s motives for trying to ramp up some more Convid hysteria. Look no further...
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    Spot on! Great Britain Speedway Team has arguably the best junior programme in Speedway, even the envy of Poland apparently and then dumps it's developed riders into a 2nd league flooded with top league talent. The likes of Leon Flint, Tom Brennan, Joe & Dan Thompson, Jack Thomas, Anders Rowe, Drew Kemp, Dan Gilkes, Jordan Jenkins, Jason Edwards & Jordan Palin should be heat leader/ top second string standard in the CL instead they're second string / reserves. It's really all a bit of a mess at the moment with the Polish restrictions and PL only having a 6 team league and until that changes things are likely to remain the same
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    I can only see manipulation on the rise. Teams whos play-off chances have gone will see riders tripping over themselves to finish last. Two "bad" matches could easily see a rider trim 1-2 points off thier average.

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