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    I think you Diamonds fans need to take a breathe and be thankful you have a new promotion,team manager and team .A couple of months ago it looked like speedway was going to be lost on the Tyne ,so be patient as your team due to the uncertainty has had to have the pick of the riders left after all sides had virtually picked there riders . Support Rob Grant or speedway will be lost ,as I know only too well when Hull Vikings closed a lot of years ago . I know get my methanol fix at Scunthorpe Scorpions alongside my dad aged 80 ,so give it time and support and good luck to all associated with the Diamonds for the 2020 season
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    It's not baffling at all, it's completely natural to develop an affinity with the team you pay to watch every week.
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    It didn't take long. I looked it up several years ago, when they were doing the initial selling, and I'm pretty sure I did post it at the time. Do you have an attitude problem in real life or is it just on the internet?
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    Theo came to Berwick in 2018 halfway through the season, and thanks to his performances Berwick ended up 5th just missing out on playoffs by 1 point. Replacing Danny was never going to be easy as Danny was a one-off great rider, character, showman. Hopefully, Theo will do a good job and Scunthorpe have a good season.
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    Does it really matter?
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    Not sure of the negativity surrounding Pijper's signing, I think he'll do a good job!
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    I thought I remembered Grachan posting something similar before so I've done a quick check and found these 2 posts which confirm he did..
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    Looking forward to Rob saying sorry
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    Oh god here we go again!!! Wheres Sid
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    Was at rye house yesterday with my son for a practice I must say they are doing a lot of great work off track and it’s looking good and a lot has changed since the last time we were there a few years ago ,the track was perfect and a pleasure to ride a near perfect track according to my son 98%(a little more shale on it Would have been 100% lol) considering the way the weather had been the last few weeks and will provide great racing soon so whoever is doing the track there i take my hat off to you , it was worth the very long 820 mile journey and they are very hopeful that there will be a team coming to the tapes next season
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    Lucky escape really. Surely it's not good to be associated with an operation that treats its disabled customers so shabbily, with weak reasoning and then isn't big enough to admit to a rethink to extract themselves from the mess they created for themselves.
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    Honestly Picking up a previous poster's post 3 times in your original post and having to post the same crass post twice within minutes is something an 84 year old would do... Regards THJ
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    I very much doubt long standing loyal supporters like Grachan or any of the others including me who you have picked fights with in the past would be seen dead with you at the speedway, so don't flatter yourself bus-boy.
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    get rid . awful words .
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    People saying he's not a good manager. Why not give the bloke a chance or even more see how the team performs because if they are not good then who will the fans turn on Grant and the rest of the people involved ?as Jason wasn't there when the new team was picked.
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    Pipey is a good bloke when you know him,he’s all about speedway.ive known him help riders out in the past financially out of his own pocket.dont knock the guy he will give it his all.
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    So sorry to hear that. I became quite friendly with Len over the years. He was always a very happy and cheerful sort with a great sense of humour. I used to enjoy our little get-togethers. Still, one thing I suppose you can say was that he had a good innings and was still fit and with-it almost to the end. R.I.P., Lenny. You've earned it.
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    My son needed some track time Before the season starts and with the weather up here in Glasgow really bad decided to head south we had planned to practice at Scunthorpe on Saturday But it was cancelled so we new rye house was also open Saturday and weather looked ok so just kept going south and glad we did got plenty Laps in to blow the cobwebs away
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    Hopefully very similar to last years, far and away the smartest I've seen tbh, possibly a bit of pink included this year
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    What diffence does it really make? Either way He isn't going to come back and not put 100% in. It might actually be easier for him if his son is over. One thing is for sure he'll be as committed and probably more so than some of today's star riders who are chasing Polish money and GP points.
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    Bellego fits a treat then.
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    Reading Jason Pipe's comments on Newcastle's team he thinks Claus Vissing can put a point and a half on his 8.43 ave and James Wright can put at least 3 points on his 4.00 ave! Diamonds could challenge for play-offs of those predictions come true!
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    Its not only the NL that needs to breakaway from the BSPA, however as a minimum the League needs to make its own decisions not have them forced upon them by an organisation that has an entirely different agenda to the NL.

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