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    The financial situation and team building in the NDL is very different to the other leagues. As greyhoundp has pointed out, the points limit was imposed - apparently without any discussion or negotiation - on NDL clubs by BSPL members who, in some cases, do not even have an NDL team. That is not the case in the higher leagues. A few years ago, Scunthorpe ran an extremely weak NDL side but every one of their matches was run as a double header with the Championship team for one reason and one reason only: Rob Godfrey knew no-one would pay to watch it if it ran the NDL meetings seperately. My understanding is that Newcastle (at least) plan to do the same. Consequently, a double up club can afford to run a weakened NL side - Isle of Wight cannot, as they rely on putting out a competitive and attractive team to pull in spectators. The reasoning for weakening the NDL - or at least the team strength - is an attempt to get other clubs to join. It has to be questioned just how many of the new teams would have joined the league if the points limit had stayed at 39. No rider is in a 'comfort zone for easy money' in the NDL. True, some have been there for years but that is simply because they have reached their level and have nowhere else to go. It would be ludicrous to suggest that any rider would remain in the NDL if their ability guaranteed a place in one of the higher leagues. You must know something I don't because at no point have Isle of Wight simply said this is a matter of 2021 only. They could, indeed, have closed for good. You say 'go back to its roots of bringing on young riders' as though that has not been done for years. One check of the British riders in the Premiership and Championship for 2021 will show that they all started their careers in the third tier of the sport, as did our two representatives at the highest level, Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert. The NDL has no need to 'go back' to developing riders as it has been doing a pretty decent job of that since it was formed. You're obviously not aware of the reputation that the promotion at Isle of Wight have built up since 2016.When Mimmo said that they were the 'most forward looking club at any level, that I can remember seeing for many a long year' his comments were neither exaggerated nor misplaced - that's the general view of a large number of people from right across the sport who has either had the opportunity of attending one of their meetings or has followed their progress closely. One glance at facebook comments following the news of their closure will show that while there is a significant degree of sadness and disappointment at what has happened there is no anger or criticism whatsoever - indeed there is a large amount of support for their actions. As far as their supporters are concerned, while there are those to blame for the demise of the Warriors that does not extend to Barry Bishop and Martin Widman.
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    They started with 2 surprises that no one saw coming so would be excellent for the last one to be another one. It makes you wonder why the BSPA were so against them joining for the past couple of seasons. They have been a breath of fresh air and excitement to British season for, hopefully, the new season. Some of the more established promotions could learn a thing or two from the Plymouth promotion.
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    All very true for many people i'm afraid...
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    Short term workers from the EU not coming over to pick daffs would be nothing to do with the ban on international travel and everything to do with leaving the EU then?
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    If anybody connected to the Warriors or supporting them feels let down, I'd wager that they most likely feel let down by speedway's governing bodies and not by Barry and Martin.
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    You may have missed it Vince as it hasn't been in the news much, but a few weeks ago there was this thing called "Brexit" where Britain decided to leave the EU. As a result, we needed to negotiate special access for areas where Britain didn't want to be treated the same as all the other countries outside the EU. Some areas where we didn't negotiate special access includes the export of live shellfish and frozen meats, therefore all of those British exports are now treated exactly the same as exports from any other third country. This lack of special treatment appears to have come as a surprise to those who believed the likes of Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al. who said Britain would get a "great deal" and that "the EU needs us more than we need them".
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    Still the thread rolls on with the depressingly small minded ranting on. The EU got it wrong on vaccine roll out. And were refreshingly quick to admit their errors. Can anyone imagine the UK Government actually taking responsibility for their own (almost daily) litany of cock-ups? Accountability is not something this Brexit Government does. It's says everything that whilst the UK becomes poorer (in every sense), the small-minded Brexiteers zoom in on celebrating the UK's vaccine success as "getting one over the EU". No wonder. If you have that mindset, there's little else for you or the off-shore owned, tax avoiding Brexit press to celebrate. British science is among the very best in the world. That is something to celebrate. Why? Because they are collaborators par excellence. They attract (or at least could) the best talent in Europe and beyond and that's why they attract heavy investment and funding. Indeed Oxford University itself was award £56m in EU funding as recently as 2019. https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2019-12-12-oxford-university-awarded-56-million-european-research-council-funding " to build up their teams and have far-reaching impact" Can anyone imagine the UK adopting such a rational and fair-minded adult approach when its relationship with that country was being unpicked? Not a chance. Lucky for us - and Oxford - that the EU didn't demonstrate the childish pettiness that has evolved into a national trait in the UK. We should all celebrate the success of British-based science. Everyone doing so should also bear in mind that the scientific community are incredibly pro-EU. They understand the benefit of international collaboration more than most. They see the bigger picture. These are people that make decisions based on analysis, evidence and data. There's a lot on this thread who could learn a lot from them.
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    The IOW are the most forward looking club at any level, that I can remember seeing for many a long year. We're not privy to whatever the issues were to cause Messrs Bishop & Widman to withdraw from the BSPL, but whatever they were, the Board of Directors should have worked their socks off to ensure the club could continue to provide much needed entertainment for those that live on the Island, along with the holidaymakers. The sport just can't afford to keep losing clubs like this, and I just hope that sense prevails, and they can be welcomed back in 2022, because speedway is dying on its feet, at a fast rate of knots. Gutted for all you people across the Solent, along with all your sponsors.
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    I remember saying the same thing a few years back now But I think it was the SWC or GP series
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    I don’t know how professional speedway can be classed as ‘elite’ given that the sport received nothing from the government whilst other sports that ARE elite did. Speedway appears to be classed as semi professional so should be fighting their corner to start earlier with crowds.
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    Coronavirus, whatever it is, has a 99.7 per cent survival rate, the average age of those who succumb to this is 83, and even then it’s people with serious underlying health conditions. Therefore, I have no fear of it. Why anyone would want to take an experimental gene therapy, the trials for which are still ongoing and won’t end for another two years, is beyond me...
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    I would Steve if she got it overturned, and we had to fete her for the rest of her life, and it could open the doors for others like her wanting to return. Burnt their bridges methinks.
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    About time Judges agreed with most of the people of Britain!... "she made her bed now let her sleep in it."
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    They'll be leaping for joy
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    Why are a lot of negative posts on here regarding our youth riders ! Just let them develop onto the next stage of there carreers & see how they do
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    Well thank you those in power at the BSPL for ruining what is the most interesting League in British speedway! This smells very similar to the BSPA's attempts to water down the 1997 3rd tier and try and force standalone clubs to move up by restricting the amount of fixtures which wasn't overly productive. Having top up and coming riders beating novices by half a lap isn't going make them World class riders and will also cause fans to lose interest! Wobblers already had the Junior Leagues to start in and any rider with some potential would soon get a NL spot! Standalone tracks that don't want the expense of higher League racing were content in the 3rd tier including the IoW who've been one of the most go ahead clubs in recent years, now sadly lost to League racing. The BSPL have short memories cause a few years ago the NL was the saviour of current Championship sides Birmingham and Eastbourne. If a similar scenario occurred now would the likes of Eastbourne and Birmingham have dropped into the new watered down limited NL? - After all the IoW have opted out! As a Mildenhall regular I fear for the club in this new set up and the lovely Sunday afternoon racing at West Row which more often than not was better value for money than its higher League neighbours! I respect Rob Godfrey for what hes achieved at Scunthorpe but as chairman of the BSPL hes made dreadful decisions like the set race days, forcing other Friday night clubs to postpone home meeting at late notice a few years back and now this all of which have resulted in club closures.
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    And it doesnt really matter what the "rules" are, because, as we know, Polish Speedway will do exactly what is right for Polish Speedway, at even the slightest hint of them being impacted... Up to, and including, banning their riders from leaving...
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    But isn't there a presumption that sportsmen stay in bubbles with their team mates/ fellow competitors - a model that doesn't work when riders ride for different teams in different countries.
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    All the more reason to increase the 4.00 starting average for new foreign riders. Not a pop at those teams that have taken advantage of this if they can as it's all within the rules. Whilst acknowledging how big a part foreign riders have to play, I think if you're serious about allowing UK riders to progress removing these low averages for foreign riders has to be considered.
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    Must change my cap to.... MAKE. FLU. GREAT. AGAIN.
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    Read today that thousand of Daffs left to rot in Cornwall due to lack of EU workers. Fortunately however we have control of our borders .
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    Pretty much spot on. In nearly every episode of that programme a fisherman would say something along the lines of 'Back in the day we used to be able to haul tons off this area, we could fill the boat within a couple of hours, not like that now' and fishermen everywhere will blame quotas, climate change, poor spawning years, the EU, bad weather, sea anglers, fish migration patterns, the French, the Spaniards, the Dutch and every other conceivable excuse except looking to their own actions. There's no denying that the rules governing them were crap and made their dangerous job more difficult but they didn't force them to target spawning fish, use techniques that capture whole shoals instead of just parts of them, hoover up 1000's of tonnes of sand eels, the main food source for numerous fish and sea bird species and sell them for fertiliser, continue to use illegal gill nets, continue to beam trawl when they know how much damage it does to the sea bed and to always push for maximum commercial yields of certain species rather than sustainable numbers. When the EU actually did do something right like increase the minimum landing size for bass the fishermen, instead of increasing their net mesh sizes to allow the smaller fish a chance to escape carried on using their old nets , landed fewer fish and chucked more undersized back dead. The programme also highlighted something that's common around all fishing communities - most - not all - of the families involved have been fishing for generations and feel like they own the seas and everyone else on the water should make way for them and it's their right to take as much as they want. If fishing is to have any future the fishermen sooner or later are going to have to realise they'll have to work with the EU to manage stocks. Unfortunately for them the fish don't recognise the arbitrary boundaries drawn on the seas and roam widely, There's not 'British fish' and 'EU fish'. There's also little point the UK catching fish in a sustainable way if the EU allows bigger catches, they have to move together. I can't see it happening though, they're far too short sighted. There'll always be a market for fish so there are opportunities for innovative fishermen who look at the long term picture. And they need to persuade consumers that there's more in the sea than just cod, haddock, mackerel and plaice.

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