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    YERS, very much so. Before speedway found a place on TV, the vast majority of people in this country thought it had long since died. Sky brought speedway back in front of many. Admittedly, the majority didn't also visit tracks to see the sport live but you can hardly blame Sky for that. The money Sky poured into British speedway was never well spent. It largely went to fund rider payments and never to improve the infrastructure of the sport. Cannot really blame Sky for that either. British speedway had a great opportunity to build on the exposure and platform provided by Sky but didn't do so. Personally cannot see how Sky can be blamed for the demise of domestic speedway. They don't create the product.
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    THE BSPA General Council met on Tuesday at a time when speedway in the UK is in crisis. But, as usual, no word from the inner chambers of ACU House in Rugby. We are not allowed to know what they discussed, what plans they have afoot or any decisions made. They have become the ultimate secret society. And yet they wonder (maybe they don't) why the paying public, on whom they depend, despair and are deserting the sport in their droves. Are they interested in what British fans, those that are left, are prepared to pay to watch?
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    All those making snide remarks abut Glasgow " Splashing the Cash " are hypocrites , not one of them would turn down that sort of investment in their clubs . The Glasgow owners should be admired and applauded for what they've done ., without them It's most likely there would be no speedway in Glasgow now . Good luck to them I say for giving it a go , I for one would be quite happy to see them make success of things and for Glasgow to win the title , ( if it's not going to be Berwick that is ) , the petty jealousy is boring and sad IMHO.
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    There are many Rye House fans, myself included, who have lost our club and are devastated by this. Yet it seems to have turned into a crusade by Rob to make himself out to be the most hard done by. It’s sad. And for the record he isn’t. Those who were on the terraces EVERY week and who went away as often as they could in the name of supporting Rye House are (not counting myself as one of that number, as I wasn’t). I don’t care about crowds at Belle Vue, or how Coventry are doing at Leicester. They have their own threads. And above all else I don’t care about reading Rob McCaffrey name calling and being a big part of the reason this thread has descended because he can’t enter into a debate without making things personal as opposed to giving a reasoned answer to those who have a different opinion to him.
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    Can you, or anyone provide the reference number in the SCB Regulations to the alleged "no gp rider rule" in the Championship, or is this another BSF myth that the ill-informed are getting hot under the collar on? Regarding Glasgow requiring permission from Edinburgh to sign Craig, I believe that when a loan agreement is already in place with another club, it is that Promotion (i.e. Belle Vue) that Tigers will be dealing with and Monarchs will not be involved. The Glasgow press release did state "The changes are subject to BSPA management committee approval." which other clubs have used in the past in such situations, so allegations of being presumptuous are unfounded. FWIW I believe the majority of Edinburgh fans have no problem with Cookie being able to supplement his earnings by joining Glasgow. After all we were able to loan Palovaara from Glasgow and John Campbell thanked Tigers for their cooperation in his column in a recent programme.
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    Not fans at fault it's down to the BSPA who have allowed this to happen , fans, have not created this situation , alarm bells have been ringing for years , when the so called top league started poaching riders from the now known championship to double up in reserve positions for the now known premier league , you see they even nicked our league name because they know we have a better product.
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    You been in a black hole?
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    All this money bags Glasgow is getting a bit boring now They have a bigger budget than most.. So what... Fair play to them
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    Not doing something right as probably most fans having a look at Poole threads do it for the comedy value like me. If I need cheering up I always look in here first.
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    Getting tired of the money bags and trying to buy the league comments, where was all the support when we were rock bottom for years. Riders are contacting Glasgow for a place not the other way round, it makes a change from struggling to get anyone to come to Glasgow, a lot of jealous people out there. Speedway is dying a death and something needs to be done to stem the total collapse . The Faccennas have put money into more than just Glasgow speedway as has Grant Henderson too. Cookie contacted Glasgow looking for more rides to help his season improve, we would be daft not to look into changes after Lewis Kerr season ending injury, it is unfortunate that Richie os the fall guy. Lets get behind our team and support them. That goes for other teams too, support your team or lose it. Gosh I have supported the Tigers home and away when possible , even when we were absolute rubbish and hitting 30 away from home was something to celebrate. Let us enjoy what we have now , while we still have it.
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    Think I got the thread title spot on Well done Worky We may well have won without the injuries but again all our bad luck was self inflicted Solid effort and a deserved away win Get well soon to Danyon and Jonas
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    Rather than knock the management for not signing a decent replacement for Kerr, let’s see a list from you guys, then we can all make a judgement on your judgment.
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    Maybe Glasgow have been taking advice from Rob (I didn't say that ) Godfrey.
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    Monday is speedway night that's obviously why only one PL team chose it when they had a free choice. Nothing interesting about those comments just his self interest because it happens to suit him and a disregard for the future of the sport in the UK.
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    Even better, by four, absolutely buzzing what a result big well done kyle Bickley with his 4 pts doesn't sound a lot but it's a big deal for kyle I'll bet,well done worky
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    Who do you think you are? “You lot”? This is a forum for opinions - I gave mine. I’m fine with you disagreeing with my opinion but don’t you dare refer to me as “you lot”
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    Are you really that influenced by what other people think? Why not have a bash at making your own mind up about things. It might be a pleasant surprise to you.
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    As soon as this torid season is over, the first agm on November 1st and the first question is a simple one , do we want british speedway to be a competitors sport like Moto GP, motox etc or do we want to be a team fan sport like it has always been, a team sport on motorbikes, if it’s the first then there is no point perusing the team aspect and make it pay to race with prize money, if it’s the second then the bikes,riders, cost, presentation and the team ethic need to be looked into and changed , currently we are trying be be the fan based team sport but being run like a competitor sport and it doesn’t work, there is hardly any control over mechanical side of the sport and riders and tuners are pushing and pushing but in reality all they are pushing is the cost up and many fans and potential fans couldn’t care less, to prove this point something I would like to see is take a meeting like poole v belle vue and get the riders to all use a basic no frills engine used by all 14 riders but don’t tell the fans, the fact is hardly anyone would notice because it’s not something they care about , it’s all about the riders and their teams, we need to push the team model
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    At least the Glasgow promotion are pro active good luck to them
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    2010 / 2011 was the beginning of the end of speedway in this country. The F.I.M changes in silencer regulations changed speedway bikes forever in noise and performance and rendered many British tracks unsuitable in shape, size and material to produce good speedway racing. While the throaty raw of a speedway bike was lost, also the smell of Castrol R disappeared and the atmosphere on the terraces was never the same again. The sport in Britain has plummeted rapidly ever since.
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    He is in the top league with Glasgow and also rides in the would be top league with Belle Vue.
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    Not having team Kevlars makes sense now. Mind you probably would have got a discount for a bulk order.
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    Not only are they silent and secretive but they also silence those within who dare to speak out
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    Think he's been eating brownies or is that just what he talks.

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