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    "Ben also needs to realise that he has the potential to be a professional speedway rider and that's a very different animal to being a star in a League where half your opponents struggle to stay on, get their bikes to do four laps and in some cases can barely skid a bike. I've seen him have some terrific rides at this and Elite level so the talent is there. I don't think the NL comfort zone is doing him any good" The above is a quote by Eastbourne's Jon Cook. Delightful to see what he really thinks of the National League, a league that Eastbourne have just moved out of and that featured a lakeside team not so long ago. Nobody claims that NL riders are the finished article but i personally find the above comments incredibly rude towards everyone who competes in and follows the NL. Here's my quote back "You can stick your opinions and any club you have anything to do with now or in the future where it doesn't shine as you won't be getting one penny from me."
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    Chapman only did what he did because he hasn't the wit or wisdom to carry out the root and branch restructuring the sport desperately needed, instead he's enabled the many times failed premiership model to carry on for a little longer until it goes t!ts up again. Have said before I think this will put the long term future of Ipswich (and Peterborough) in serious jeopardy. No one was looking long term when this ridiculous deal was made.
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    Middle of June and I have seen Poole race in person just once. Years ago, I wouldnt have missed even a single meeting. Did that for around 25-30 years. Last week I had intended going to 4 meetings in as many days. Incredibly, there would have been 7 guests! Complete and utter madness. I accept injury cover,but I do want to watch each teams declared riders racing where possible. None of this 'because his Swedish,Polish,Danish' club needs him. WE need him. Get out of the FIM. End of. Poland seem to be pulling all the strings. That makes everyone else their puppet. Cut the strings then they have no one to manipulate. They wanted Sundays, they got it.Now they want every other day as well. So do Sweden and Denmark. UK now has so little speedway on days when the fans can freely attend, home or away. We dont need the so called 'big names'. Well, at least they dont need us, so get rid. The Provincial League did it all back in 1960 and arguably saved British Speedway. We want our declared 1-7 to be there week in week out. Give us back OUR teams. All the others get theirs, but not us. British Speedway is being raped by the Polish lead FIM. We need to stand up and be counted. Neil Vatcher,grow a pair and stand up for British Speedway. Stuff them.
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    The problem the clubs have is the large cost of having a meeting postponed after all the riders and staff are present. If a meeting is rained off we have all seen posts wanting to know why they didn't cancel earlier, very often those posts are from people who also object to an early cancellation! On the other hand we have all seen forecasts that show dreadful weather and the club cancel early only for the forecast to be proved totally wrong at which point the posts flow saying they were wrong to cancel so early! Seems the promotions are damned either way!
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    i know the new co promoters are having to quickly find their feet but it would have made sense to make sure the grader was actually available before announcing in the press that said grader would be in action during this fixture break
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    As a first time visitor to Ashfield, I have to say that it was an enjoyable evening. The promotion have clearly devoted a lot of time, money, effort and love in bringing the stadium into the 21st Century. Signing the stadium all the way back to the motorway junction made it far easier than expected to find the track. It would be fair to say that the racing got better as the meeting went on, with some cracking races e.g. Iversen v Lambert and Covatti v Aarnio. My impression of the riders; Berge - V. poor. Not interested and comfortably beaten by Bickley in Heat One. Tungate - Three exclusions and one point. Enough said. Andersen - Evidently took a chance on his shoulder, but after struggling in his second heat, he wisely decided to withdraw. Cook - 15 point maximum. Not quite as electric from the gate as I expected, but controlled and super quick when behind or in front. Smektala - Biggest disappointment of the meeting for me. Apparently didn't practice and rode like a novice in his first two heats. Two heat victories and a last - another Polish gating tart? Aspgren - Biggest surprise of the night but a deserved qualifier - comfortably held off Iversen, Lambert and Holder in his first three heats. Aarnio - Battled hard all night, with great races against Covatti, Nicol and Thorsell, but not enough speed to trouble the top scorers. Iversen - Controlled and ruthless. Got better as the meeting progressed - cracking race against Lambert in Heat Fourteen. Nicol - Impressive. Looked quick and took a deserved third to first victory in Heat Eighteen. Moi - Pleasantly surprised. Only one point from his first four rides, but he looked better than expected. Took Iversen from the back in Heat Seventeen before being repassed. Probably needs more meetings either in Sweden or UK to progress. Lambert - Two comfortable heat victories and three second places. Looked quick and deserved to qualify. Niedzwiedz - V. poor. Still surprised he was selected by the Polish federation. Never got to grips with the track. Easily passed by Moi in Heat Three. Covatti - The best of the non-qualifiers in my opinion. Attacked the track and looked quick. Not afraid to mix it - e.g. race against Aarnio. Holder - Not quite enough. His bikes didn't look quick enough - held off Aarnio in Heat Thirteen, but comfortably beaten by Cook and Lambert in Heat Twenty. Riding his brothers bikes as at the SoN? Smetana - Decent UK debut. Went somewhat backward as the meeting went on and the track produced better racing. Thorsell - Disappointing. Gone backwards since I used to regularly see him ride for Wolves. Comfortably passed by Nicol and Aarnio in Heat Eighteen. Biggest positive of the night - having the pleasure to speak to a range of speedway fans over the course of the evening; especially the two elderly Glasgow fans sat next to meet in the grandstand. Genuinely nice people, welcoming, knowledgeable and very tolerant of my over excited five year old!
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    A sensible rule book, properly policed and fairly applied would be a start and would give the sport credibility. For those who don't remember it was one of Chapman's promises when he took office. Many might think it is an easily achievable objective that wouldn't cost very much, if anything. For reasons I can't fathom, we are still waiting.
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    IMO Chapman is a clueless numpty. He couldn’t run a bath! He’s been chairman of the BSPA and overseen the biggest decline in British Speedway in recent years. Chapman and his useless sidekick are arrogant and don’t listen or understand the fans and are totally incapable of improving the sport. If you ignore your customers, they will eventually ignore you. Speedway and loyal fans deserves better!
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    As I’ve said before he’s in it to make money and therefore home defeats and struggling teams won’t work. Wins and Play Off qualification will. To that end I’m not sure why he wouldn’t treat all three the same. Agree about him being incapable of reforming our sport but it’s the same for pretty much all of the current promoters. It needs a completely fresh approach but anyone who has tried that in recent times has been forced out by the old boys club.
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    Thank goodness for that .......i initially wondered if it was turn 2 at Poole.
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    Does anyone care what John Cook says ? he should be fined for his ridiculous comments em he probably could not afford to pay.!!!!Look at the difference of Cook and passionate and progressive MR Bishop at the Isle of Wight they are like chalk/ cheese.
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    Totally agree. It needs a level playing field with fixed points money which then drives costs and if all riders participated using standard equipment and were then forced to hone their riding skills instead of being gate and go merchants on bikes that many if not most fail to control across a wide range of track conditions then the sport might get back to close racing, team riding and entertaining the punter. Until they bite the bullet and do what is right for speedway and not their own insular but contrived business arrangement where they operate on outdated business models with no idea of what the punter is crying out for, speedway will not even register on the sports radar of any potential new follower. SGP and many of the other televised European meetings as well as the overseas leagues have been given carte blanche to crap on U.K. speedway from a great height and this has been condoned by the BSPA headed by two cronies who the sport would be better off without. Sacrifice is needed for the greater good and the sooner that some of those running clubs realise this the better.
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    Spot on why risk being entertained when 3pts is all that actually matters
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    That was a very enjoyable meeting especially as I got to see speedway with my brother who is no longer the regular he used to be. He'd not been to Arlington since the Elite days there and was very impressed as was I with the whole show. Some decent racing on a well prepared track, plenty of passing with Kennett and Lawson especially impressive. Bukhave deserved more points for Diamonds and looks worth persevering with. The announcer and meeting presentation there is top notch and I was told by locals the Cardiff GP guy Kevin Coombes. Parade at 7.25 sharp and first race at 7.30, some over fussy referring and a few falls delayed things but no tractor races and they go on with it pretty well. A big crowd by modern standards it looked like as big if not bigger than their Elite days my brother reckoned; and on a par with crowds there when I've been with brummies this season especially after the rain and it was cold. Decent grub and the only minor quibble is the 1950's toilets but you can't have everything. The best thing there though is their Community work, looked like 100 + kids there tonight being shown round and then having pictures taken before the meeting, mascots. which I had not seen in earlier visits and the impression this is a Club that is grasping the Championship and trying to make speedway popular and accessible to new fans. Well done to the promotion there and lessons others could learn. "We'll be back"
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    If you are on facebook, this is definitely worth a read (Isle of Wight Speedway page) It pretty much sums Barry Bishop up - honest, decent, caring and passionate. I daresay the words he first thought of aren't reflected in the post...………….
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    Track not fit for racing Ray ? If so nothing new there
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    I saw an excellent meeting on the island on tuesday Sid. Cook's comments are an insult to all of those riders that put on a show to entertain us.
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    Dropping himself can be nothing other than withdrawing his services. What else can withdrawing services be?
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    I don't often agree with Sings, but on this subject he is 100% right. Jon Cook should be ashamed of himself for this insult.
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    Good meeting tonight, close throughout. Ben Wilson was in a class of his own including a superb win off 15 metres. Luckily the island avoided the monsoons on the mainland.
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    And you would be happy if two teams full of guests plus r/r plus juniors raced against each other. Throw in the dodgy weather and that would really draw in the crowds. Do you really want scunthorpe to join the ranks of former speedway tracks.
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    I do t think and die hard are enjoying them selves. I'm certainly not. And I'd say all die hard know the sports on its knees. Trouble is Pearson/BSPA actually think all things are rosy. They need to start looking inwards at the sport from a fans perspective and not outwards from a biased perspective
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    I suggest that the BSPA ,BT Sport Poole Speedway do us all a favour and switch the TV match to either of Kings Lynn v Ipswich or Swindon v Belle Vue.
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    I didnt go, but so good to read good reports from the meeting. Two evenly matched sides going for it, makes for a good night out. Well done both teams.
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    A key issue is whether the fans would turn out given consistent awful weather forecasts.

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