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    Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
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    dont blame Boris , blame the thousands of humans who went to the beaches, pubs and other events and could not get to grips with the covid craic . they are the ones who put the mockers on the next 6 months + .
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    The few are those who not only disagree with what an elected government is advising, but is actively demonstrating with their actions they are ignoring any advice and mix with society in general without taking precautions. Thus, the increase that is taking place meaning the many who want to work along with the advice so restrictions can be lifted and get back to as much normality we can at any point in time.
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    Dear God, I know you are only replying Bwitcher, but please not on this thread too
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    Pretty much this... The sport has dug an ever increasing hole for itself with the mantra "ahh, but you see, this is Speedway, we are different"... Which is code for "we will ignore all the general best practice 'rules' of running a team sport and make our own 'rules' up as we go along".. All of which makes perfect sense to those within the 'Speedway bubble' but often makes no sense to even its most loyal fans, and worse, can actually deliver overwhelming ridicule from them, which ultimately erodes the loyalty of so many to the point they 'give up'.. There are so many glaringly obvious basic issues to resolve which can only make a positive difference if they got fixed, however those in charge seem to not have the will, (or maybe skill?), to resolve them.. In the UK, as evidenced by levels of crowds, it shows without any doubt that what we have had continously over the past couple of decades or so, just simply isn't fit for purpose if you want the sport to be taken seriously and have a large fan following for the individual teams.. Unravelling some of the self inflicted poor decisions won't be easy I am sure, but one thing is for certain, to carry on doing the same thing can only keep the fanbase going one way. . And it isn't upwards.. The irony is of course that the crowd levels today are around about as low as they will go given its pretty much the die hards who are left, and they will watch anything served up as they show by their attendance. Therefore any well promoted and marketed 'reset' of the sport over here couldnt fail to prick the interest of those who used to go, even if it doesn't generate new followers.. But just getting back those who used to go could deliver triple digit % growth for a good many tracks I would think given starting numbers are so low.. Maybe the likes of Adrian Smith will start to get some cut through and help drag the sport out of its insular looking malaise and shape a much brighter future? He seems to be one (there maybe more?), who hasn't yet succumbed to the "this is the only way the sport can be ran" philosophy, so let's hope he (and others of a similar mind), can make a difference... The core product of the racing is still unique in how many "wow" moments it can deliver when put up against other team sports, its just the infrastructure around it that needs a review, then a reset and, for me, then a total 'well hyped' relaunch.. Put the past mistakes to bed and look to the future with a fit for purpose operating model that followers believe has credibility, potential, and takes place on nights, or days, when the sports' followers can get to their local tracks in their biggest numbers.. Rather than having your employees, and other businesses more than 1000 miles away, dictating to you when you can, and cannot open your doors, like is allowed to happen at present.. Because having that as your business plan is pretty much guaranteed to fail, and surely cannot be any surprise to those in charge when it repeatedly does..?
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    and there we have it.....”more people shopping in a market close to 4 days a week and not wearing masks and social distancing is unheard of”. These are the sort of people that are knowingly flouting the advice and so the virus takes hold again. There our speedway supporters on hear who happily tell they too are flouting the advice, some saying they hope to go to Ipswich and would flout the advice their too. Selfish self centred people who do not care there are others who would love to go to speedway too, but may be vulnerable to infection so are put off going anywhere, never mind a speedway meeting, because they know others couldn’t care less how others feel. A case of a few spoiling it for the many.
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    Yip - free entry but £12.95 to get out
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    One of the most ridiculous things to be self inflicted (even amongst the many others it stood out), was the removal of Friday nights for Workington.. The fact they chose that night should be 100% down to them, and not anyone else who felt they had 'first call' on it... It was mentioned that too many clubs were riding on the same night so guests were a problem. So solve the problem of guests by reducing team spots per team to free up riders, or keep seven per team and devise a fit for purpose R/R system that adequately covers your best rider being missing, rather than change a tracks' racing night.. I am sure there were enough Friday nights in the calendar to get every team who wanted to ride on this night a completed season, and if there wasn't tnen it wouldn't have been 'loads of weeks' that clubs would have had to have rode on their 'other' night.. If any teams decree that 'Night or Day X' is their No1 money maker then simply build the fixture list to ensure that every track gets its chosen night or day to allow them to maximise their business potential, and maintain a stronger overall sport... And if UK fixture lists cannot be built to do this because of riders being 'elsewhere' then simply don't give those riders the team slots..
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    Plymouth's communications have been superb throughout the last month. The fact that in the middle of covid (with so many extra things to do) they were able to respond to complaints about lighting and respond by making improvements before the next meeting is quite a contrast with some clubs who can't even fix a PA system after three years of fans moaning.
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    Couldn't agree more Bob C. My first visit to Plymouth for a few years (last time NL with Brummies) and was very impressed. From the minute I walked in to hand over my e-ticket and be ticked off a list and given a nice free 8 page race Card everyone was friendly and courteous. Very well signed and stewards available but not in your face. I sat quite high up in the new Stand and the view was excellent. Lots of friendly locals and a few from visiting teams too. The Announcer i recognised as Rob Dyer and there was also a Centre Green announcer (I was told he is from "The Speedway Chat Show") an Australian guy who was superb, involving kids in guessing race times, handing out prizes, some in race commentary and a few rider and Promoter interviews too. There seemed to be a film crew there and one of the Officials who I believe was Ian Jordan explained they were filming a documentary for the Club. It just added to the feeling that this was a National League Club behaving like a Premier league Club. I'd remembered the track as dry and bumpy from my last visit and read a lot of adverse criticism last season. Last night it looked and rode smooth and a lovely dirt line later on delivered some stunning action. I've never seen Henry Atkins ride as well, Bowtell looked very assured and several of the Young Lions, especially the twins did very well. Brennan and Palin seemed very subdued on the night, may be exertions catching up with them. Not a tractor in sight all night; just a bit of watering near the end although there was a bit of drizzle and the first 12 heats in well under an hour. Some sidecars to finish too. I can't remember seeing a meeting there under lights before but they explained they are renewing all Track lights with LED and track was very well lit already. A local told me that they have added lights at back of the Stand for safety and supporter benefit since the last meeting too. I ended the night by having a fantastic Polish sausage roll at an open air BBQ, served by a Polish chap I got chatting to who told me Plymouth are very friendly towards his Community. The Referee howler was quite funny, didn't spoil the night or the result fortunately. My only disappointment was the realisation driving home listening to the Radio was that this may be the last live meeting with a Crowd in 2020. A shame because so much effort is being put in there. I'd love to go back and see the Brummies down there and hopefully this upwardly mobile Club can get the stage their efforts really do deserve. 10/10 Thank you everyone at Plymouth Speedway for restoring my faith.
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    I just get lines of text saying "You have chosen to ignore"
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    Jeez, don't let B'Witcher or DC2 (and their clique) read that post. You'll get hung, drawn and quartered for posting such 'nonsense' (in their eyes) but common sense to most others. For the record I agree with you and if you don't comprehend my comment above, pop on over to the 'Covid-19 Are We Being Told The Truth' thread if you have 6 hours to spare...
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    Tobias Musialak and Rasmus Jensen didn't need visas to ride for Swindon last season. Did make them British? Crump is Australian, but I have no problems in him riding in this year's British Final Actually for once I feel sorry for the BSPA, they have sweated buckets to get this event on and been met with a barrage of whinges from fans, and now there is a strong likelihood that the event will be cancelled and they'll have to foot the sunk costs.
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    ONE of my favourite stories about Kelly, who you had to love no matter what he got up to. When Kelly returned to Hull for his first meeting after finishing fourth in the 1979 World Final, behind fellow Viking Ivan Mauger, promoters Ian Thomas and Brian Larner presented him with a very fine canteen of cutlery to. commemorate his achievement. After the meeting, as the crowd was leaving, Ian spotted a fan carrying the gift. He rapidly approached and asked how she had obtained it. The answer was simple: Kelly sold it to her Ian actually bought it back ...
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    Why are we discussing this Lets make it simple touch tapes your out It worked years ago I say bring it back
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    I must admit I'm in the if you haven't touched the tapes then let it go camp. If you don't have the technology to check for jump starts and 99% of tracks don't then one Refs perspective of who's gone too early will differ from the next. Some riders seem to be able to predict when the tapes will go up better than others and sometimes they will demolish them when exclusion is the punishment they will get and deservedly so. If the sport had something like the motor x barrier system I've seen elsewhere they certainly wouldn't be trying to get a flyer and risk getting seriously injured. I think the powers that be just need to make their minds up on a system or a ruling to sort it out once and for all!
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    It's madness for this not to be happening, with the current level of doubling up I think it still needs to be fixed race nights in whatever way means that riders HAVE to commit to riding in 95% of their clubs fixtures Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If it means breaking away from the FIM then so be it
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    Yes let's just bow our heads,tug our forelocks and get on with putting on our muzzels and taking any experimental medicine they concoct in the coming months without any objection No thanks. If you don't agree you should shout it from the rooftops, question every dodgy statistic and projection. Follow the rules whilst doing it but dont just comply meekly
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    Whatever your views on how serious or otherwise the situation is , I find it difficult to understand why some because they dont agree feel they are entitled to ignore the rules.
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    I wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket but feel gutted for the fans that did but now can't go. Whether it was a good or mediocre line up is irrelevant it was a speedway meeting and that's what counts. I know this virus is serious but for goodness sake do this Government have any idea at all what they are doing. A speedway meeting with 1000 fans watching in a stadium that holds thousands more than that gets cancelled yet there are more people shopping in a Market close to me 4 days a week and not wearing masks and social distancing is unheard of. For goodness sake Boris get a grip and let's have some sort of life back.
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    C'mon lets get real here. If 1000 folk can't get to attend the 'British' Final it's not the end of the world. Getting on top of the pandemic has to be the priority. At the end of the day speedway is still just a sport and although Ipswich and BSPA have put a lot of work into preparing for a meeting there are greater priorities in life. Covid 19 is out of control so why are measures not been brought in immediately rather than October as quoted? Surely it would be better having a couple of months full lockdown now and perhaps some level of Christmas and New Year can be salvaged and families can get together and businesses saved.
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    Anyway, IMO it's fine to call it the British Final. Fingers crossed, that as a test event, it's not affected by this morning's news from the government. The BSPA have had to really jump the hurdles to get this on - let's hope all that hard work is not scuppered.
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    Not true though is it. There was no spike following beach crowds that were widely reported, or following the well attended stock car events at Ipswich and King's Lynn for example.
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    Sad news, he started his British career as a Edinburgh & Coatbridge Monarch ‘65 /‘67/‘68 remember going to Wembley to see him in World Finals for Monarchs in these years, very stylish and great favourite with the fans, Along with Reidar Eide transformed the Monarchs in that period.IMO RIP. Bernie.
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    Having made your feelings known elsewhere blu it's a good job you're not attending as the do's and don'ts to enable this "test event" to go ahead are massive and would definitely curtail proceedings if people don't do as asked. That's your choice and equally your opinion, but let others enjoy what's on offer if you will.

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