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    Anyone know if there are any tickets left for the Poole end of season dinner dance next month?
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    You were saying.....hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
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    To the over cocky Poole fans (you know who you are) - your boys took one helluva beating! Maybe your mighty team isn't as good as you thought it was and hopefully you have come back down to earth with an almighty bang! Hahahahahahahaha! Well done to the Robins - you certainly showed those pesky pie rats! Every other teams fans will also enjoy this moment!
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    Please could anyone confirm whether the relegation race off is in place again this year? Just asking for a friend who lives in Dorset.
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    I remember a certain Poole supporter saying can't see what all the hype is about Dan bewley .well done Dan tonight
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    COULD be called the Ivan Mauger stadium. That might swing a few votes...
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    Hopefully lessons have been learned but there is not a promotion out there that have not done this at one point or another. Sooner or later the penny will drop that it is an entertainment business and not win at all cost business to the detriment of the paying public. Or will they as they don't seem to care about the paying public. I was at Berwick last week and the track prep was spot on , gave both teams a chance to attack it result being a fantastic speedway meeting it is not rocket science.
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    Sorry Chris, but I find myself at odds with your comments on the Rye managers offering congratulations to Dan. My game was Rugby both league and union, and we were told that you congratulate your opponents after the match, it was called sportsmanship in my day, yes, in the dressing room you let your feelings be known about the performance or lack thereof, but a performance like Dan’s should be recognised. I’m old fashioned, tell them well done but kick their backsides next time.
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    Been raining in Paisley for a couple of hours now , but i'm not worried as its a nice bit of natural watering , as long as it stops soon . A few of us meeting in the Horseshoe at half 12 to raise a glass or two in memory of Falkirkbandit ( wee Marty ) . Rest in peace wee man , we had some great times on speedway trips
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    That was an absolute privilege watching The Brummies at Loomer Rd this evening.I even bumped into the legendary Potters supporter,Vog!
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    While you are looking for that, could you please do my ironing.
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    I think it's more to do with trying to ensure away teams are sent home pointless. Fewer points your opposition take is less chance of them making the top 4 play offs. It's all about the end of season points tally that counts. Anything you can do to restrict points scoring by the opposition the better.
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    Are you that naive the sport as a whole has to prosper to make progress it is not all about one club your club or mine Poole need clubs to race against your philosophy is as long as Poole do well everything is rosy no it is not your club needs teams to race against and year by year that gets more difficult for most clubs.
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    That's just rubbish. As Sidney has rightly pointed out many foreigners have been employed when Brits just as good or better have been available. I understand your philosophy of win at all costs but it is just plain wrong if you want the sport here to prosper. It was no coincidence that the last boom in the 70's coincided with a period when British riders were the best in the world. A successful British team gets the national media interested, which increases crowds. The selfish attitude of we've got a full trophy cabinet does nothing for anybody other than your team and now the novelty has worn off and the running streak faltered your crowds are also suffering.
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    Predicted line ups. Kings Lynn 1. Iversen 2. Rose/RR 3. Proctor 4. Jorgensen 5. Lambert 6. Kerr 7. Andersen Poole 1. Kurtz 2. Woryna 3. Grajczonek 4. Sundstrom 5. Kildemand 6. Szczepaniak 7. Shanes After Pooles performance last night, i'm cautiously predicting a 75-15 Lynn victory.
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    The shale going on a Poole is proper stuff not cheap rubbish. Its a speedway blend to our specification . The other 10% is limestone 6mm to dust. Glyn
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    Shocked and saddened to read this, seeing him at Berwick was all to brief and all to rare but he was a thoroughly decent guy. RIP Martin.
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    Speedway should be marketed as an extreme sport, not a family sport or anything of the like. When you hear the intro music being described as 'jolly' it really does make you cringe.
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    A wonderful tribute to Ivan Mauger in today's Star with great words by people who clearly knew and loved the man himself. Made it very difficult to read this morning But brilliantly put together by the whole team. Looking forward to next week's issue which is promised to offer even more and, hopefully, by then the emotions of his death will be a little less raw for us all. I particularly appreciated the chequered strap at top and bottom across the pages ... a great touch. And I have to say the new style Star front page combined with the stunning 1970s photos of Ivan look just beautiful. Thank you to all involved.
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    Good job the Poole Lost Property Pirates didn't go for race suits or Ford would be out of pocket when he needs to sack half the team!!
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    Hey Starman, forget Morris, is Kurtz better than Mitchell Davey?
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    oh dear, what has happened to the mighty 2018 league winners (tipped by all the blue tints i hasten to add) tonight. well done to the 2017 league winners tonight.. carrying off where they left off..
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    In the words of Kevin Keegan "I would love it, just love it" if the Robins pull off a win tonight
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    I used to hate Ivan! At Poole, the meeting before Ivan was due to appear, Mr Knott would get us to practice our boos! All pure theatre of course. As an 8 year old in 1963, I remember shoving my autograph book at Ivan, along with many other kids. He simply put his finger across his lips to 'shhhh' us all up. He then said, 'I will sign for everyone, but get in line and say please and thank you. He did. Something Ive never forgotten to this day. I am not an autograph hunter, but he taught me the simplest of manners. Ive liked him ever since, even though he was an 'arch enemy', especially when he joined Exeter. R.I.P. Ivan and thank you for some wonderful memories.
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    If you feel like that I suggest a new name for you. Rosco’s Super Fan. You can now cheer on Swindon. Happy days.
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    Nice to see Heeps off the mark & Ash maintaining his form. The pre-season prediction of a Pirates juggernaut is looking a bit wobbly at this early stage. Time will tell I guess.
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    It is what it is, but for us to cast judgement and say it's very badly advised may itself be badly advised. We only have our selfish opinions as fans. We aren't close enough to the guy or his family to know all the facts that went into making that decision. It might be unfortunate for the world of speedway, but there's a lot more to life than just speedway.
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    Agree but they probably don’t get paid for that and god forbid that they do something for nothing in order to improve their performance. It just seems that they don’t give a damn about the fans nor do they realise what a poor state the sport is in. They turn up do the four or five rides and leave. It is what it is, but they don’t realise that fans of the sport have options including more speedway on TV. If the riders cannot be bothered why should the supporters part with cash. Let’s hope the riders take a good look at what they have, because when it’s gone that will be it and they will only have themselves to blame.
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    Entertainment to my mind is where ever race is not over by the first bend and if it is your track staff are directed to sort it out. I remember a number of years ago being at Workington when the Bandits were taking a comfortable lead after four heats out came Messers Stonehewer and Thomas with the track staff and that track was completely changed allowing a easy win for the Comets. It was clear our guys were being out gated but there was nothing for them to work with once they left the gate. If you ain’t got home advantage after the first four heats make dam sure you do after heat five. I rest my case!!!
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    Very few people taking their places at Shielfield last night would have predicted what was about to happen, but take nothing away from Newcastle they thoroughly deserved their win and had Berwick not finally got into some kind of form in the later races Newcastle`s win might've been all the more convincing. Gating was vital last night and the away team were far better in virtually every race and with track conditions ultra slick passing was always going to be difficult. Hopefully for Berwick this performance was a one off, and it might be a blessing that it was in a non league match that saw such a poor night for normally reliable riders. I guess we will get some answers next week against a handy looking Lakeside team. Thank you and well done to Dick Barrie on a perfect tribute to the late Ivan Mauger and letting us remember Berwick supporter Martin Hastings.
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    Wonder if we will take a leaf out the Monarchs book and ride under protest, now that would be ironic double standards yet again but only when it suits.
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    Dejavu again, no fault of the promotion though. Why is it, we always seem to be playing catch up, some clubs will actually have had 3 league meetings (weather permitting) before our first league meeting. Should be all clubs start their league fixtures in the same week, not a month in advance of other clubs.
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    Beating Glasgow one week and losing to Newcastle the next - Berwick Bandits in a nutshell.
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    Aldershot, Ballymena, Barrow, Belle Vue Hyde Road, Birmingham Perry Barr, Bristol Eastville, Coatbridge, Coventry, Cradley Heath, Eastbourne, Edinburgh Old Meadowbank, Exeter, Glasgow White City, Glasgow Hampden Park, Glasgow Blantyre Stadium, Hackney, Halifax, Hull, Ipswich, King’s Lynn, Leicester, Liverpool, Long Eaton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, New Cross, Newport, Norwich, Oxford, Poole, Rayleigh, Reading Tilehurst, Reading Smallmead, Rye House 1 (1957 track), St Austell, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke Hanley, Sunderland, Swindon, Wembley, West Ham, Weymouth, White City, Wimbledon, Wolverhampton, Workington 47 tracks listed, can anyone add to these?
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    Well if that doesn't liven the thread up nothing will
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    I agree about the scoring system, it was one of British speedway's best ever ideas which worked really well, then they went and spoilt it by giving the home team three points for any win. Hopefully one day they'll put it back to how it was.
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    Personally I think it's wrong/unfair that swindon are allowed to race Thursdays. If anything happens to any of the riders (hope it doesnt) and they need to have a guest they will have a bigger pool of riders to choose from unlike the rest who are limited because of set nights. Tnoughts
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    I think 5 away is better than 3 at home but I wouldn't use a score in one match to try to prove anything. I appreciate that you haven't had the advantage of seeing Worrall this year but those of us who have could see the marked improvement over his performances at the NSS last year. That coupled with knowing the efforts he has made to be in excellent physical shape and to lighten and improve his machinery is why I feel confident that he would have had a good season. Nobody has predicted he would this year develop into a GP rider, a PL No. 1 or an international star but the signs were there that he would improve significantly on his starting average. That is why it is so difficult to replace him.
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    Always good to here from people who are actually involved with the sport. This track lark isn't as easy as many ,including me thought..
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    What do you mean - just let them have a team average higher than the other teams because someone was injured? Obviously not as box office as Vaculik but Bjerre has good experience of the tracks in this country and did well last season for BV.
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    I thought he meant his riders?
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    Always liked the Stars, hope they have a decent season.
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    Just waiting for the Poole 2019 thread to appear.
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    I think you’ll find, PK, only signed for Poole for this meeting so he could have a good laugh with Rosco and the Swindon boys.
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    Hey, we’re all Matt Ford Fans now! Thanks for the biggest laugh of the season, Matt!!! Presumably, they’re still covering Shovy in tar and feathers?
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    Great planning by the Robins promotion to start the league campaign against one of the lesser teams in this season’s competition. The Four Point Arena is very aptly named and clearly many of the riders from last season’s Championship squad have enjoyed familiar territory. I was hoping that Matt had put together a decent side over the winter but clearly he hasn’t, and frankly its getting a bit boring now keep spanking Poole in their back yard. Good job the Swindon asset was trying, otherwise, it could have been even more embarrassing...
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    Wanted. Number 1 at Wimborne Road. Hang on, Swindon had six of them, including Kildemand.
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    Bet Ellis is buzzing sticking one over Ford again at the newly christened "4 point Road"
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    I should give up this predicting lark as you have not got a clue.
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    Big night for King's Lynn tonight, IMO its more important for the evening to run smoothly than the result! Entertaining races, on a well prepared track, with 2 full teams of riders, and races run promptly will get crowds coming back even if Stars lose...