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    Well had a visit today for a cuppa of our very own Chris Schramm.... He was looking well... still got that beaming smile and we had a good chat and a better laugh... He's doing well... keeping fit and busy.... and two hours went over in what seemed like 10 minutes... really pleased to see him and it brightened a crappy Monday... Regards THJ
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    never really watched polish speedway till this year dont know what all the fuss is about to be honest quite boring at times .
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    We move on to round 5 next Friday/ Sunday Friday July 10th Rybnik v Leszno programme start time 4.45pm 1st race 5pm Eleven Sport 1 and Freesports(5pm) Friday July 10th Wroclaw v Grudziadz programme start time 7.15pm 1st race 7.30pm Eleven Sport 1 and Premier Sport 1(7.30pm) Sunday July 12th Czestochowa v Lublin programme start time 3pm 1st race 3.30pm N Sport and Premier Sport 2(3.30pm) Sunday July 12th Zielona Gora v Gorzow programme start time 5.45pm 1st race 6.15pm N Sport and Premier Sport 1 ( delayed ) 12.45am Monday 13th
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    I'm sure the government don't pay that much for jobseekers allowance.
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    This, of course, reopens the whole starting procedure debate. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have recently watched some quite old matches. Seeing riders charging the tapes, rolling back and forth, lead to some awful starts, uneven and even unfair. The overall rules governing starts in Poland and Britain are the same. But it is quite clear watching Polish meetings that the rules are more stingently applied in Poland. And guess what? Riders sit still, in a straight line and starts are rarely unsatisfactory. It's only human nature. Riders will muck about and push the envelope if there is a chance of getting away with it. Reduce that chance and you seeing better behaviour at the tapes. Not perfect, but better. The increase in power given to the starting marshall is also to be applauded. How many times have you watched meetings over here where the starting marshall might as well not be there? The riders ignore him where they can. Give him some real teeth, as they appear to have in Poland, and all of sudden the riders do as they are told. (the exception is when riders are called to the tapes - even in Poland, they come forwaard when they are good and ready). And even the flying starts seem to be reduced. Again not eliminated but reduced. Could it be that riders are conscious that they can be given a warning even after the race have an effect? I know the "Free for all" side of this argument won't agree, but I think we can learn from watching the experience in Poland.
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    TERRIFIC obituary on Maurice by Peter Oakes, who knew him well and worked alongside him at times, in SS this week. Well worth a read.
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    Excellent.. Look forward to lots of different surnames for the riders.. If you listen to Sam, you would think there must be approximately 36 riders on view..
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    Or if you just see the movement chuck them out, no 15m handicap in Britain. I've watched over 100 meetings online during lockdown and we didn't have the current problems once the tape touching rule was created. It seems to have steadily grown in Britain to the point where it is becoming a major disruption to meetings. You look forward to a race, off they go, on go the red lights and you find something to do for five minutes. Eventually you just want the race over. This wasn't the problem when the first rule was created, so why now? This is one aspect of the sport that the Poles have exactly right. No need for hi-tech, just use the eyes of the ref. Works in Poland.
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    Speak to friends. That's why, for me, nothing compares to live speedway. Watching it on TV doesn't really appeal. Watched a couple of the Polish matches on freesports and can't get excited about it. For me, its all about the social aspect.
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    In Poland every race starts at the end of the 2:00 clock almost without fail. It is a great system they've got in place and the referees aren't afraid to dish out the warnings to riders too.
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    But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you
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    In the UK your average earnings are about 3 times of that in Poland.So logically thinking you would pay roughly 3 times more for things in the UK than you do in Poland.
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    The pricing is low because the wages in Poland are low.If you want to pay less to get into speedway ask the UK government to lower wages in the country and low and behold everything will probably be cheaper, even speedway. That is why if you lok. at Denmark everything is more expensive as you also earn more. Nothing to do with getting the price right
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    Of course a bargain, unless of course you are earning polish wages or have to pay for flights and hotels
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    It seems its a default answer though that when someone asks a reasonable enough question, the reply is normally ask or contact the club. Other clubs have either refunded season ticket money or giving their season ticket holders alternative offers, or at the very least put out a statement. It shouldnt be asking to much for Berwick Speedway to make some kind of statement for those of us who have bought tickets, much better IMO to let everyone know whats happening rather than answering individual emails surely, or maybe an email could be sent to all season ticket holders, after all the club should have our email addresses.
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    Surely the Club should issue a statement though.?
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    Good afternoon to all. The promotion at Newcastle would like to make a statement through the Supporters group in regard to the current rumours and to hopefully help people stop worrying about our situation at Brough. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and for the benefit of greyhound racing at Newcastle there had been talk of staging greyhound racing on a Sunday and live streaming into bookies. This had been talked about for a bit and would of been more then just for a short term period, moving us onto the only other day available at the stadium, a Monday. Thankfully the greyhounds have opted out of Sunday racing and have decided on taking their extra meeting mid week now. This was advised to us yesterday, Saturday. One issue we do have at the moment is with exception of a handful of track staff and a racing manager, all office and grandstand staff are furloughed till later in the year and the main grandstand areas are all locked down, which for speedway are very much needed to operate. We have put a proposal to the stadium in regard to the grandstand and are waiting for a reply. We will update you all as soon as we can. Many thanks.
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    The point is that is the norm for Polish speedway starts and it works. The start marshall and the referee are connected by headsets and in Poland every rider must have his front wheel right up to the tape and every rider( especially gate 4) must be lined up straight. So the start marshall was doing his job- the ref was doing his job and it works because in Poland there are very few races stopped for unsatisfactory starts.
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    First off its kept the Speedway banter going and secondly if it does happen you can say well the fat lad was right... and if it doesn't well it's filled a couple of pages where we have been in the limelight Regards THJ
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    No!!! . I just think that there are levels of decency honour and integrity that should be the norm for everybody. If that makes me a trouble maker I can live with that appellation.
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    you mean when there were 120,000 spectators at Katowice in the 70's!!
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    "Coventry Drone" ? That's no way to talk about Peter York!
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    Fans in Poland don`t though because they know there are very few race starts called back as the riders know they cannot mess about !!!!
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    We move on to tomorrow. Sunday July 5th Wroclaw v Zielona Gora programme start time 3pm 1st race 3.30pm N sport and Box Nation (SKY 427)(3.25pm) Sunday July 5th Grudziadz v Leszno programme start time 5.45pm 1st race 6.15pm N sport and Box Nation ( 6.10pm) race cards Wroclaw v Zielona Gora page 43 https://wts.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/program050720.pdf Grudziadz v Leszno pages 18 and 19 https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:069bdd93-3fa2-4e78-8075-cf7847e166d1 Links http://spedway.ucoz.lv/ http://www.maniak.tv/mk7 http://www.drhtv.com.pl/drhtv-4.html https://daddylive.live/embed/stream-25.php

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