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    Honestly This is a real genuine concern as no consideration has been given to the Speedway Club and talking to a friend who used to be on the Allerdale Borough Council he has said there is a bit of a power struggle going on at the moment in the "corridors of power" for want of a better phrase and obviously I cant go into much detail but it would appear that the struggle is between the two sporting factions and it is common knowledge that there is a long-standing dislike between the factions who will be putting up Councillors in the forthcoming elections and this will impact the Speedway and you are correct that DP will be going soon with the Football and Rugby sharing a new facility sooner than you think. The new proposed site I believe is Lonsdale Park which was the old dog track and ironically the original Speedway track as well. In my (unqualified) opinion DP has about 7 years left if the "powers that be" get their way and you will see new (Sellafield, BNFL possibly!) offices on that site in the none to distant future. Again you are correct in stating that all three sports average between 450 to 700 fans for various fixtures, (excluding international and one off events) however Football and Rugby seem to carry much more popular support than Speedway. The ideal situation would be if the Speedway maintained the higher crowd levels which would give the promotion more clout in negotiations and I am not talking thousands here. If the Speedway could pull in another 200 to 300 more fans through the gate the impact would be immense (colossal, huge, massive) in the negotiating power the promotion would have with regard to negotiating and obtaining a new stadium. (Which there is some council support for I must add) The other issue is the location of any new Speedway Stadium as Northside would have been the natural go to site (I would have assumed) however as you will be aware this site is now being proposed as a new permanent site/home for the "Travellers" who are local to the area and this has cast a major shadow on the proposed development of Northside as a motor sports venue. As stated there is some support on the council for the Speedway at present and I would urge any local Speedway fan to question their counsellors on their view of the sporting allocation and structure in the borough and what importance they (both) place on Workington retaining a Speedway team as there are (as stated) council elections due in the area within the next 18 months I believe. If the old counsellor isn't up for Speedway or wont support it! change your vote! if the other person is for supporting and retaining Speedway regardless of Red, Blue, Yellow or Green party colours (others available) as they are all the same (and just tow the party line rather than support the local community) give the person who is advocating retaining Speedway and promoting a new venue your vote. The old adage of "if you don't use it you will lose it" has never been more true. Not just your vote but your sport and a possible venue to run it) I am also aware that the promotion have been in discussions with the council to see what the prospects are for the sport going forward and what help and assistance they can expect once the old stadium goes and I have been led to believe that currently there have been positive noises coming out of the Local Authority with regards to the retention of a Speedway team. This however could all change following the elections. We need to give the promotion all the support and encouragement possible to show them that Speedway is viable in Workington and the fans want to see the club go on for many more years to come. What better opportunity over the next 6/7 weeks as we come to the business end of the season, still in two cup competitions with an excellent chance of progressing in those and a play-off semi final against Glasgow (who will come down in numbers to shout their team on), to show your support for the Comets. The next few weeks could be the catalyst for Speedway in the area, because this team could achieve things no other Comets team has and if that doesn't get the juices flowing and generate some support and interest bringing folk back through the doors I don't know what will. Get out there, tell people what is happening, bring a neighbour, bring a mate, drag them off the streets and through the doors and cheer this team on to success (you can go to Spoons once the season is finished). #WeBelieve Regards THJ
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    Just a thought but if mother nature decides to pi*s on our parade literally and we end up not completing the season due to the weather and/or failing to get meetings run, how stupid are the people running our sport going to look after the warmest summer in decades. There decision to alter the fixture calendar could ultimately cost them there jobs (here's hoping).
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    Traditional race sheet for 2018 German GP:- https://www.keepandshare.com/doc16/21456/gp-2018-10-pdf-39k?da=y
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    The nail has largely been hit on the head. Focus on the product and not the names. There si no doubt that a GP star in full flight is a fine sight to behold BUT week in week out i would rather see closely contested races with riders going to the tapes and all having a genuine shout of winning & the potential for some actual overtaking. I care not about who is involved in producing a good race as long as its a good race. The gulf in quality within teams needs to be reduced as does the gaps between teams in leagues. I like many i know want affordable entertainment simple as that.
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    Your thought processes may have been a little different if the Hammers hadn't moved!
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    If Cook rode for Workington , I would still rather see Speedway live and record the GP.
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    I thought he had been doing that for away meetings all season.
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    Only met him once a few years ago & took an instant dislike to the slimy knowall little sh**. Hope he's getting the crap knocked out of him on a regular basis.
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    IF you have ever witnessed the draw or actually been involved as I was for a while you will know that it is impossible to fix.
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    Got to balance out the dodgy polish referees somehow!!!
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    Looking at the above posts its obvious that multiple meetings with Peterborough are not going to be popular with the fans and you can not blame them it is a ludricous situation befitting the idiots running the sport these days......
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    Basically as the title says, i would like to wish Stuart all the best for his retirement, been a great servant to the sport a really nice bloke and a great help to many younger riders that have come through, including my son. Thanks Robbo.
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    Honestly My mother always said never argue with a woman (but here goes) I don't think I said "the track was crap" for the first meeting , if you read the post properly I think I have said ;or more over; what I was trying to purvey was; that I have seen the track prepared to a better condition following more adverse weather conditions leading up to a meeting than experienced leading up to this meeting, now whether that was down to having an hour less for preparation due to the earlier start time or down to a "devil may care" attitude with it being the last meeting of the season I could not honestly say. However on my travels this season with Workington I have seen and watched meetings at 4 tracks in a worse state than Brough Park was on Sunday pre-start and you were definitely at two of those meetings (possibly 3) and had a fair bit to say about one of those meetings on here to be honest; (and possibly quite rightly as well) and as pointed out Dewent Park was a "tad rough" (primarily very wet) prior to the Peterborough meeting and took a few heats to settle down however in defence it must be stated that it absolutely battered down one hour before the start of the meeting undoing all the hard work and effort put in by Steve Lawson and Chris that morning to get the track ready. So you can end up with a poor starting surface for the most genuine of reasons. (and one should not throw stones in a glass house) So I fully understand anyone jumping to the defence of their home track when it comes under the spotlight on here and gets criticised, my only thought is that a poorly prepared track (for whatever reason) detracts from the entertainment as I would have rather had 15 heats like the last 6.7 or 8 heats in both those meetings without having to go through the first 6 or 7 where it would appear the riders and their bikes are doing the track grading rather than the tractor. (that is a purely personal view) Finally it wasn't the track that did for Workington on Sunday an unwell Rene Bach and Arron Summers didn't have any issues with the track or the surface and once Mason had done his pirouette in the first heat soon got to grips with it, (which was good to see) I would suggest that it was the lack of a third guest (who Tony Jackson tried so hard to arrange) with 3 points for Rider Replacement for Ty Proctor and an under-performing Rasmus Jensen and Kevin Doolan were the issue, Rasmus scored 13+ 2 on his last visit to Brough and Kevin had 5 and 8 points respectively on his last two trips to Newcastle. So if these two could have mustered 5 additional points from the 9 rides they had between them instead of running 5 last places and only achieving 5+1 off those 9 rides or a guest for Proctor then it would have potentially been a 46-44 win. But again if my Aunt had a pair of balls she would be my Uncle. Oh and on a real last point "its funny how there is no moaning about any track when there is an away win and never any credit for the track its surface or condition in contributing to that win" (possibly with the exception of Belle Vue which seems to get positive revues by most on here in equal measure from both home and away fans)(again that is just my perception which may be totally wide of the mark) Regards THJ
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    Well we must have gone to a different meeting last night, cause I see a totally different race than the one you are describing. Sitting up in the royal box looking down onto the track you see anything quite clear . That heat 15 was the all important race, tension was ripe, The tapes go up with Riss on 1 and Batch on 2 make decent starts, But it is Musielak who creates the problem, immediately he gates he moves LEFT squeezing Lambert. Robert has nowhere to go and is squashed into Batchelor. all 3 are tangled way before they get to the corner. It was amazing they didn't all go down. eventually Musielak freed himself and shot across Lambert's bows, taking his front wheel completely. By that time the bikes were controlling the men. Robert veered off into the safety fence at some speed , thankfully he was OK for the rerun. All the talk of blaming Batch was ridiculous, he was a victim of the situation as much as Lambert was. If anybody was to blame it was MUSIELAK who moved into Lambert. I thought the abuse Batchelor was getting, was related to comments he had previously made about the club and the walking out he did last year, but if it was by fans and Posters thinking he was to blame for the accident then they are all wrong..... Batchelor did nothing wrong...... Strange meeting this. Swindon arrived with a scratch team made up of weak reserves and RR, Lynn on the other hand were a heatleader missing. Initially it seemed to be plain sailing for the Stars, but it soon became apparent this was turning into a gate and go extravagancer. When Niels got injured the emphasis changed. Swindon appeared to have more race winners and riders who could get out to the traps. We were hanging on to a 2 point lead. only the exploits of Robert and Riss were keeping us in the match. Then came Heat 15 (above) I can understand the excitement of the fans, and the relief to reach the final, but one has to feel sorry for the Robins, if they had a full team they would have won, no doubt One thing that became obvious last night was, Although we are not a one man team, without Lambert we are short of race winners when it matters.... When Niels pulled out we were in trouble,. Yea, we got there, but only just......
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    It's not about who Craig rides for it's the very fact that he is West Cumbrian and a very proud one at that. Unless you are from the area or know it very well you'll never understand what that means to people from the area seeing a fellow Marra riding at the Highest level. The same goes for Dan Bewley WHEN he gets to that stage...
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    Much like a Newcastle Diamonds speedway rider I cant be a**ed (to check your figures) so I will take your word for it. One of my abiding memories through most of our record breaking summer was 'what a lovely evening for speedway', and there not being any. I know DP wasn't always available due to music festivals and the like, however we have to take some of the blame, as do other promoters for not getting more meetings on during this period. As you say, some promoters manage better than others. This whole fixtures fiasco has turned into a personal vendetta in some peoples eyes, when in fact both the BSPA and all the promoters could have done much more to prevent it happening. It is not the first time we have been behind in getting our fixtures run, as it was very similar last year if memory serves me right - its just made worse this year because we have been successful! As well as cut off dates for league fixtures, there should be ones for the cup competitions too ( by the way, do we need 2 cup competitions?) - the Shield being ok if it is treated as a season opener, however it could still be going at Christmas this year. To sum up, there are lots of people to blame - lets just make sure it doesn't happen again next year!!!!
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    Guy ropes & pegs will be essential for keeping the folding chairs in place then.
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    I'm sure the CEO of Domino's will have more ideas about how to market speedway than the current incumbents at the BSPA. When Barry Hearn became chairman of the PDC did he change the value of a bull's eye to 75 and introduce a rule where if a player is 100 points down his next three darts count double? Of course not. He was looking at the bigger picture, how to revolutionise the presentation of darts, engaging with sponsors who can bring credibility to the sport and negotiating a multi-million pound TV deal. This is the problem with the BSPA. They think they can turn around speedway's fortunes by endless tinkering with the rules, league structures and names. If anything the BSPA are too close to speedway. How often do the likes of the FA, RFU and so on introduce the types of rule changes we see every year in speedway. What the BPSA as the governing body should be doing is looking at the bigger picture not arguing over rule changes every year.
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    2 years ago it was announced that the future of speedway was promotion and relegation, last year it was fixed race nights. I suspect this year it will be something else and most of us would probably agree that the league structure needs looking at, but it will be like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic if they don't seriously address issues like; track preparation, slick presentation and better organisation of fixtures. It seems ridiculous to me that after the hottest and driest summer for years that fixtures are being crammed in at the last minute and that some teams didn't complete their fixtures before the deadline.
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    One of the major cancers affecting british speedway is the farcical way in which the published league fixture list is ripped up by some clubs on a whim. Is it any wonder hardly any fans travel away now.? Booking an overnight stay even a week in advance has proven to be a very risky thing to do as some clubs treat potential visiting fans with potential long journeys with utter contempt. One wonders if any clubs will ever arrange any formal away travel ever again... I cannot imagine any credible sport allows individual clubs to cancel fixtures like we have to put up with. Totally unprofessional and the fact they are allowed to do it so regularly sums up the awful lack of governance of our sport. To be honest I don't think they deserve us fans they still have. This season has been so awful with so many fixtures still outstanding which was totally avoidable. The whole prevalence of self-interest by so many clubs is galling and a major reason why the sport is losing fans.
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    I bet at your age you can't even remember the last time you had a semi If the Comets make the play off finals I shall try my hardest to get up and support you.
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    There's nothing like a bit of variety to pull the punters in.
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    got to say robbo's retirement deserved a full page on the bspa website ..... not a one liner in the middle of our report come on bspa - this guy entertained us for 26 years with his superb passing and riding skills ...... and he is a top bloke who rode his heart out and rode hard but FAIR lets have a proper tribute for his services to british speedway and I for one - would support a Stuart Robson farewell meeting at Brough ........ a 6 team pairs competition over 15 heats .... come on George and Martin .. Im sure the supporters would back it
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    I dont post here very often now. Always degenerates into utter claptrap. Its just plain stupid for anyone to think this tie is all but over. The 2nd leg will be just as close and hard fought. There wasnt a single Poole fan I spoke to before the meeting who thought we would get to within 10 pts of Somerset! In the end, Richies puncture cost us a well deserved draw. SS was stood behind me and between racing Tatum came out of the commentary hut and was freely chatting and enjoying the banter with him. As for Middlo and the fist pump, I agree with him. Before Ht15 started, all of those around me settled for stopping Somerset getting a 5-1. To only lose by 2 pts in the end was an excellent result. Would have bitten your arm off for that result before the meeting, yet, was a tad disappointing to actually lose. Its half time and I am sure both sets of Managements will be geeing their riders up for the 2nd leg. Very very slight advantage to Poole.

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