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    It has now been confirmed on the official website that Comets are good to go in 2019 and that talks have also been held with the leader of Allerdale Council about the longer term future of the club. This is fantastic news for the speedway fan base in Cumbria and i' m absolutely delighted.
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    Absolutely delighted for you and all the other Comets diehards, brilliant news.
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    Whilst excited at the prospect of the move up there is also a tinge of sadness to be leaving the Championship I have thoroughly enjoyed the Witches latest time in the 2nd tier and the banter on here with a great set of fans all over the UK I hope you all have an enjoyable 2019 No doubt I will stick my nose in every now and then
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    Laura and Jacko are working on a press release which will come out very soon... it is all looking very positive indeed. More to follow... as the saying goes. Regards THJ
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    New ‘Premiership Supporters Cup’ with 1 race ‘fans nominated’ via social media – Full details to follow but 1st event provisionally scheduled for 8th April A gimmicky, nonsense idea, open to so much abuse. What planet are the people who dream this up on ? This is not the engagement that fans want/need imo
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    Well if Cook & Harris dont earn enough to pay bills, either live within there means, or get another job, try living on £7.83 per hour, then they might have something to moan about..
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    If two of the other clubs(or maybe even just one) had pulled out, the Premiership would have folded no matter what Chapman did. It isn't just down to him. However, it is down to him buying into Peterborough & Ipswich that the Premiership is able to continue in 2019. It is typical of the attitude of some members of this forum that a man saving not just a team but an entire league can be twisted into something suitable for negative comment. Its little wonder that the forum itself is often regarded as utterly without credibility.
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    people will moan no matter what came out of the AGM, it's all part of speedway
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    You're always tempted to open a post out of curiosity but it usually only confirms why one doesn't bother to read the diatribe on a regular basis. Excellent contribution of drivel as per usual sir, I feel that you're overdue for your visit to nurse Ratched for your medication
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    The big issue for me is, I've lost two of my Local tracks, Lakeside and Rye House in the last couple of months. I wished someone with a few bob could have come in and saved both venues.
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    For what it’s worth I don’t believe Cook and a few others should be anywhere near the Championship, There needs to be a definitive gap between the top two leagues and Cook and some others are too good and too expensive for the Championship. i can’t see the entertainment value in some riders crossing the finishing line when others are entering the third bend
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    Pretty decent on the whole I think - the social media chosen race is a bit of a gimmick but so what, it's interaction which is at least some step towards getting people engaged. Definite move towards having a strong EL and a weaker PL which is pretty much what everyone has said on here for the last few days, get the top riders out of the league and make the PL an amateur league again, where you need a job to survive. All EL tracks are pretty good and Leicester are out of it so the racing should be decent if there are some good riders. The NL supporters club group is another step in the right direction, as is the Ltd company approach, they've opened themselves up which, again, is what people have wanted for years. BT onboard again, happy days. I was actually quite positive reading about it and it sounded good but people on here just seem to pan every AGM regardless of the outcome. About as enjoyable to read as the usual biscuit jokes.
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    Going be fun between you Poole fans and Gavin next season
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    Of cause the format has made it harder to attain those high averages, but it would be wrong to ridicule those top riders you mentioned, as I'm quietly confident they would have achieved those high figures regardless of what format was used. Yes there were journeyman back then but they were usually reserves, bit like they are today. But back then the teams were far stronger with 3 proper heat leaders. and teams more evenly matched. The biggest difference back then was that each rider was seen as a team member and belonged to that team. Now riders race for various teams and have no allegiance to anybody.... consequently the fans don't have that connection with the rider anymore... I remember, often staying late at night drinking with the riders after the meetings, the place was packed with fans wanting this contact with the riders. WE never won much but the place was usually heaving.... Couldn't wait for the next meeting...
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    BREAKING NEWS Planning permission for new stadium granted with no more new homes to be built until it’s finished ✅ Have a lovely evening folks!
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    League winners straight to the final, with pick of home or away in the final 1st leg.. After all the league toppers have done it over a season..2nd and 3rd to battle it out over 2 legs to join them. So top 3 out of 7.
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    It would be handy if the BSPA could release a list of team building averages for 2019.
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    Not a chance, Bacon every time.
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    Try signing in with your password that usually works, I have sent you a reminder of it below cornhillfreebiesh*tforbrainscumontheladslollollol. that should work.
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    Thanks Dorothy see you at the Tigers den in 2019 !!!! What a great feeling to be able to say that I'm soooo happy The hard work now begins to make sure that we all support what Laura, Jacko, Steve are doing in their quest to secure the long term future of our club . Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming fundraising events from the Workington Speedway Trust , we would like the trust to be a major backbone of support to the club as Edinburgh have done, where us the fans can help Tricky team building now its lowered to 38 but we get the chance to defend our 3 Titles of our H18tory season 2018 The future is bright the future is BLUE & WHITE
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    The saddest part really is that this is probably the best outcome of an AGM that was ever going to be possible. Rather like Mrs Mays deal is. Though it pains me greatly to say it. I know just about everyone wanted more or bettter. But there was never any true consensus as to what that 'better' was. And the people actually involved can only deal with the situation as it is today. The real Politik. The last thing speedway needs is a rash of supporter resignations. We are better than Cabinet Ministers, surely.
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    If Buster hadn't stepped in, what would there be.... a 5 team top league and possibly 2 more lost clubs. Its far from ideal but better than the alternative.
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    Gutted to see Somerset drop out of the top flight after your rise (almost) to the very top of British speedway! So glad I made the after work dash from Warwickshire to see the KO cup final this season as my first ever visit to Somerset, with the likes of Doyle, Iversen, Harris and Lambert (not forgetting your home track hero Wrighty) in action at the OTA. As a Coventry fan in exile, the above meeting provided the perfect end to my season of travelling around the tracks. Just surprised to see this move has been taken, based on the feel good factor I picked up on my visit. I wish you luck in the Championship and look forward to visiting again, maybe the Championship Fours one day!
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    Jack Holder would be the first name on my list, closely followed by Jake Allen...
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    Nobody is ridiculing rider's, just stating that the rider's wouldn't be anywhere near the 10+ averages of today's format. That is absolutely correct, they wouldn't. Also, I believe that in today's Speedway the 2nd string / reserves are of much better standard than years gone by too. The only significant difference of now and years gone by has been quality of racing. Rider's are saying it, promoters are saying it, fans are saying it, racing and tracks in the UK are abysmal. Tracks haven't evolved with the changes in machinery. Today's bikes are rev hungry machines but don't actually deliver faster race times. David Howe explained in his Speedway Star piece that today's engine's are impossible unless you're ringing the throttle. Get off the throttle today to change your racing line in the middle of the bend, and these machines will try to put you in hospital. What I'd love to see happen is some testing. Say at Belle Vue, 1 trustworthy rider, 4 bikes. One with his current engine in, 4 heats on his own, calculate the race times and speed. Then, re-dress the track, in the next bike, run the last of the high powered uprights at full tilt, 4 heats as before 3rd and 4th bikes to run the updated Gerhard and Godden engine's. Then repeat the above with the track covered in deep dirt. Then, with the same rider, repeat the whole process at a tight technical track. Work out all the data and from that World Speedway would have a better idea of where it needs to be. After reading the Speedway Star, while everything seems all rosy in the Polish garden it's quite clear they to have financial worries. So, if we can get the machine v track combination right, make the engines run longer etc the sport can then start to look at saving money from top to bottom. Only then, maybe the sport can then get that feel good factor of years gone by, hopefully we'll see and hear clubs turning a profit. What many have said is correct, whatever comes out of this AGM is irrelevant as it won't keep everyone happy all of the time. First and formost for me, there needs to be a program in place to test all possibilities of track and machine, in attendance, the chairmen of FIM, BSI and international leagues to run these tests. To make Speedway the sport it should be track v machine is vital and only then the thrill factor of 4 blokes, 4 laps, handlebar bashing may be a more regular occurrence than just the standard gate and go.

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