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  1. Starboy118

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Four of the seven didn't last very long at all so what does that tell you?
  2. Did he win whilst racing by himself?
  3. In my dreams, or rather nightmares!
  4. I was just wondering if anyone actually pays to watch this stuff?
  5. Starboy118

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Perhaps he has gone on holiday with Cook to an amber.
  6. Starboy118

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Agree completely about the 3 points under remark. And they have the nerve to say that it is nothing about statistics! Over the course of a season, who do they think is likely to contribute most points? A rider with an average of 7, or one with an average of 4?
  7. Starboy118

    Kings Lynn v Wolves 27/5

    I just can't understand all the negative comments on here!
  8. That's all right up to a point but if the Club was on the ball (City) they would have spotted the mistake/confusion and arranged for an immediate clarification. Better still, I insist with all press releases/items to be able to look at them first before they are released. Invariably, at least one correction/amendment is included. From a PR angle, the Club should have been all over this like a rash imho and they clearly were not.
  9. That's a good point. Avoid the bottom two places and you're in the play-offs. How inspiring is that?
  10. I can help you with the football question. My season ticket at Norwich for the coming season (already paid for) will cost me £18 per game. And that's for the Premier League, not League One (aka Division 3). "Mind the gap!"
  11. I fully intend to do so.
  12. Have to say that I fully agree having read the last two or three pages of this thread. You really couldn't make a better job of creating a shambles if you set out to do so. Is he going to ride or is he not going to ride? Are the tickets on sale or are they not on sale? Was it a misprint or not? And so it goes on! Is there no regard at all for the supporters (aka customers), the people who pay their money?
  13. All well and good but the majority of races involve no overtaking and no team riding but, time after time, it is a case of follow the leader. Entertaining it aint. The majority of us wouldn't know where to start, of course. Similarly, how many of us would feel confident and at home running about on a professional football field? Just a thought. It is very easy to belittle something.
  14. It's dying on it's feet because of the sheer incompetence of those running it and people who stubbornly refuse to recognise the obvious that has happened and is happening in front of their eyes. It's a bit silly to attempt to defend the indefensible.

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