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  1. colincooke

    Benfund 2011

    thank heavens for the SS & Scunny
  2. colincooke

    Thanks Johnno!

    1 of the sports few remaining true characters & he will be a real loss to the track. True enough all good things eventually come to an end, but i sure hope Johno isn't lost to the sport for good. If anyone deserves a farewell meeting in the UK it's Steve, so come on UK promoters get it sorted. Good luck Johno with whatever the future holds.
  3. Signed Lorna The very best of luck with a successful application.
  4. colincooke

    Benfund 2011

    bunk off, there is a bug going around you know.
  5. colincooke

    Benfund 2011

    This is a meeting i will never miss as long as it continues & whoever it is that races. The fact that such an excellent race track has been chosen only heightens the expectation & i wish only the very best for the club in regards of the spectacle & the good 'ol British weather. I see that Rob Godfrey is hoping to break the record attendance, being at Scunthorpe is very likely to bring the crowds in for this meeting but i do hope this is catered for with regard to veiwing as that side of things at Scunny is very flat, a few temp stands wouldn't go amiss. Good Luck to all CC
  6. We we're on the coventry mini bus. We took the scenic route to chepstow & monmouth when we seen the road was closed, glad we did as we later heard about the problem on the m'way. Must admit this meeting was better than it usually is & considering the weather i heard they had yesterday a big well done just to get it going. 1 bugbear,well 2 actually. Why an upright Mr Bridger? Well, that worked well eh! The other is the format, some meeting 3 times & others not at all, surely a little tinkering with that here & there isn't too difficult.
  7. Hee hee i got me another tiddler, not worth putting in the frying pan so back in the murky waters of Poole Harbour it goes.
  8. yeah that's right they went out for a curry & your two bit hairdresser of a promoter locked the bloody door. Maybe not the facts bit it'll do for me.
  9. ........... and then we make honey that tastes................... hold on a minute while i savour it. aaaaaahhhhh so sweet.
  10. and Thicky Ponting is a right twit who deserves all the flak he's getting.
  11. The weakness in your lower order if you have 2 top riders is magnified in all the races they compete not just the 2 races at the conclusion of a meeting. by that deduction. Anyway, a team is about being a team not just who & how.
  12. It makes no difference The Aces would have a more balanced team whereas a team with 2 top riders would have to make up for that lower in the riding order.
  13. you know something. you are right. you're luck is bad.

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