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  1. Ben Fund

    There are two inches of snow on the track at Belle Vue as I type. The meeting tomorrow - at least at present - is still on. What do they know that Peterborough don't ? My point still stands : I have never heard of a meeting being called off due to the weather 5 days before hand. 24 hours is exceptional, and actions like this during the season would create chaos. Put it this way, a club could postpone a meeting 5 days in advance in full knowledge that it would affect their - or another - teams play off chances on the strength of a weather forecast and/or track conditions at the point of postponement. I wonder if questions would be asked if that happened ? Weather forecasts are notoriously unreliable for 1 day in advance, never mind 5. My criticism here is not in calling a meeting off on the strength of a weather forecast - that is absolutely understandable and a matter of financial expediency. Its setting a precedent that doing so 5 days before hand is OK that concerns me - and I really don't see that the Ben Fund being a one off makes any difference.
  2. Ben Fund

    Two reasons : Its speedway and so early a call off that it is without precedent. I still think that calling a meeting off 5 days before hand and on the strength of a long range forecast is ridiculous. As I have said, where would the sport be if that became common practice ?
  3. Ben Fund

    Belle Vue don't seem to be having a problem for Monday, nor was there one in having their press and practice last Wednesday. I don't think that in general teams do call meetings off too early. They usually do so on the day of the match in the face of an adverse weather forecast and given how much a rain off with the riders at the track costs (I have it on good authority that even an NL meeting is thousands) its difficult to argue with that. Calling a meeting off 24 hours before hand is exceptional, to the point that it will provoke comment. Doing so 5 days before hand solely because of the weather is, to my knowledge, unheard of and the chaos similar actions would cause during the season doesn't bear thinking about. This is speedway, so inevitably there will be a suspicion that the unprecedented early call off might be for some reason other than that that we are being told about.
  4. Birmingham 2018

    Matt Marson is an Australian rider born in Australia. Under NL rules in force, he is permitted to start on a 3.00 average for Mildenhall. Apart from the fact that Marson has one British parent and this Polish lad apparently has none, I really don't see the difference yet I haven't seen anyone complaining about what the Fen Tigers have done. I am also unbiased and, to me, its simply a question of adhering to the specific letter of the law (or, more accurately, SCB Regulations).
  5. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    When I have seen him I'd agree. I'd be surprised if Belle Vue took him on on the strength of his name, though, so hopefully he's improved significantly. We'll find out on Good Friday.
  6. Birmingham 2018

    British passport + new to British speedway = 3.00 average. Its in the NL regulations. As to a rider taking advantage of that, cue Nick Morris.
  7. Ben Fund

    I don't doubt your word, but its unusual that a meeting is called off the day before hand never mind 5 days before on the basis of a long term forecast - a forecast that becomes more unreliable the further it is in the future. Where would we be if that became common practice ?
  8. Isle Of Wight 2018

    Martin Widman & Barry Bishop did a presentation for the Nuneaton Speedway Supports Club a couple of nights ago and apparently went down a storm. Unsurprisingly
  9. No TV deal?

    I think he's right. I went in the early 80's and the racing was no different. My Dad, who went in the early 50's, always said 'first of the gate always wins'. The only thing is gates are affected by the quality of the racing. I go to Scunthorpe and Belle Vue simply because of the entertainment and I doubt very much if I am the only one. Stadiums might not be packed because of the quality of the speedway, but its entirely possible that they'd be emptier without it.
  10. Stoke

    Er ............yes.
  11. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Long trip down my friend but you should try them out. They are a truly remarkable outfit, setting a standard that shames much of the rest of the sport. Its pretty much characterised by their promoters willingness to come on here and engage with us all - not the 'utterly without credibility' stance of other teams. I'll see if I can get him to respond to you - knowing him a bit, the sky's the limit for the Warriors but this isn't a man who will pour good money after bad for one single second. Huge enthusiasm but financial accountability. There's a novelty
  12. Sheffield 2018

    At the risk of being - for the second time today - uncharacteristically cynical, since when did precedent have anything to do with speedway ? I suspect, however, that on this occasion you might - and should - be right.
  13. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I too welcome the SCB's intervention in the Nicholls case but I'll await the transparency that you suggest because I am not convinced. E I Addio has pointed out that the AGM finished in mid November and the SCB resolved the matter at the end of February - after a challenge by Peterborough, a review by the BSPA and a threat of legal action from Nicholls. His description of the SCB's actions in this matter was 'appalling incompetence'. It could easily be seen as though they took no steps to correct the situation until Nicholls legal challenge, at which point they had no choice but to change the decision. The other thing is is that this is a major issue, one that affects all clubs. It is equally as important that disputes on single decisions affecting just one club are dealt with - as BCD has said - fairly, openly and subject to precedent. I have it on good authority that when Adam Roynon signed for Plymouth last season three NL clubs protested, saying that the average they were using was incorrect. Those protests were brushed aside, despite the fact that the average was indeed substantially understated (something that was later admitted, although not publicly). Matt Marson has a British passport (I stand to be corrected, but I believe his mother is British). As a British citizen and a newcomer to the sport in this country, Mildenhall put him in their team last season on a 3.00 in accordance with the SCB rulebook. Suddenly, he was graded as a 5.00, an average that doesn't even exist in that rule book. My understanding is that it took a further threat of legal action to make the BSPA adhere to their own regulations. On those (and so many other occasions) speedway fans - and even clubs - did not know who made the decision, how they made it and why they made it. That simply cannot be right, nor can it be the case that the sports own regulations are so easily broken to suit the needs of individual promoters. I have never believed that the running of speedway teams should be subject to independent control. Speedway teams are mostly loss making, so it is a case that he who calls the piper calls the tune and that initial decision making must be left to those that put their hands in the pockets every week. However, any protest must be determined by an impartial adjudicator with no interest in any speedway club. It is at that stage that currently the sport disastrously falls down and, quite clearly, if you know that any decision you make could well be subject to independent audit, you're more likely to get it right in the first place.
  14. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Isle of Wight pretty much have a meeting every week throughout the summer. After the fixture list was published, they moved swiftly to fill the gaps.
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    When Tungate is at his best, he is simply magic at NSS. Must be in with a shout.