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  1. Halifaxtiger

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    I think you are absolutely right. Riders at NL level in particular (and especially the NL professionals) do it because they love competing in speedway. Having said that, there's also the matter of ambition. Many of the youngsters believe they have the talent to go further, so while they might love it they also race because of the possibility of fame and fortune. I'd also say that if there was no payment at NL level some (again, the NL professionals) would quit. Moreover the standard would drop, as funds were not available to meet the high costs of equipment in the way that UTB has said.
  2. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I don't think anyone actually hates Glasgow. Some are jealous, certainly - I can remember a particularly vicious piece in an Edinburgh programme shortly after the Facenna's took over the club. I don't think it really matters that much what others think, either. But this forum would be a very dull (and mostly empty) place without those thoughts.
  3. Halifaxtiger

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    Teaboy said in a post recently that Buxton had failed to move on. I think he has a point. It seems to me that many seem to forget that an NL speedway club is a business. As such, they need to pull in enough revenue to meet their expenses which, aside from rider costs (a big chunk, admittedly) are no different from any other track. Rent, ambulance cover, insurance, BSPA fees, track preparation costs - they are the same (or so) regardless. In order to get that revenue, they have to a product that is attractive enough to entice paying customers and, through that, sponsorship, Otherwise they are history. When Rob Godfrey ran a very weak NL side a couple of seasons ago, every single home meeting was a double header with the PL team with a couple of quid banged on the entry price. Its not difficult to work out why he did that : run them as stand alones, and they would attract a handful of fans only. It would be slightly different for the likes of Kent, Mildenhall, Plymouth etc, but there's no doubt a weakened product would affect attendances and, through that sponsorship and, from that, the very existence of the team. Its why I have no problem with the so called NL professionals. Looking through last years starting line ups, most teams had just 1 or at the most 2, and they were nearly all 7.00 or above riders. None of those would take a 2point youngsters place. The way I see it, the NL has done an excellent job of compromising between development and viability. Make no mistake, a low point limit is more likely to put clubs out of business than a high one, which is probably why Mark Phillips has stated that they were all against the reduction in points this season.
  4. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Looks like my source was right after all...……….
  5. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Certainly in my case - and I suspect many others - its not a case of 'bitterness' at all. I suspect that some fans might be a little envious of the financial resources that Glasgow have but, as you rightly say, they would all want the same for their teams. However, it sticks a little in my craw that in one minute you have the Glasgow owners spouting about 6 figure losses season on season and the possibility that 2019 might be the last one for the Tigers and then throwing huge sums of money about - and I don't think there's any doubt of that whatsoever - in building a team for the forthcoming year. That, to me, seems to me to be the very point that many are making, and that's not 'bitterness', its merely condemning hypocrisy and irresponsibility.
  6. Halifaxtiger

    Stoke 2019

    Mildenhall said it was very good, Isle of Wight said dangerous.
  7. Halifaxtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    I wanted Tungate to stay (and I think you are wrong about his away performances) but it would be very difficult indeed to suggest that he is a better option than Bjerre, especially given their starting averages.
  8. Halifaxtiger

    NL AGM 2018

    Ayres, Wallinger, Coles, Perry, Chessell, Priest, Campos & Halsey all signed. Smith & Lawlor out. Its not often I get it right, but I just might have here.
  9. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I always thought that anything you heard second hand was hearsay. My source is usually very reliable indeed and, let's face it, given Glasgow's spending record its entirely believable even if they weren't.
  10. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Not what I have heard. The rider in question was offered a staggering amount but apparently turned it down.
  11. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Dead right. The stupid decision to lower the points limit in the NL - according to Plymouth's Mark Phillips, completely against the wishes of the clubs - is likely to backfire spectacularly. Doubling up is a blight on British Speedway but there will be few who will object to a youngster having a place in an NL team and riding for a Championship club, the lower league aiding confidence, the upper league aiding ability. Added to that, Championship clubs haven't always had a good record of patience with young British riders. If they get dropped, there's every chance they will leave the sport as they are unable to gain an NL place and will have nowhere to go.
  12. Halifaxtiger

    Mildenhall New Owner

    If that were the case for everyone, the stadiums would be empty. This forum's main occupation - often, most reasonably - is BSPA bashing. Given the ludicrous points limit that has almost certainly been forced on NL promotions against their will - Mark Phillips has made it clear that they wanted an increase in the limit, not a reduction - I suspect that many in charge of tracks at that level and their supporters will agree with some - if not most - of what Kevin Jolly said.
  13. Halifaxtiger

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Its no surprise that Isle of Wight do that and have done for several seasons (although I don't think the child needs the paying adult).
  14. Halifaxtiger

    Belle Vue 2019

    Loyalty cuts both ways. Belle Vue stood by Cook as well. From many posts, it seems that this was a matter of terms. As much as I would have wanted him to stay with the Aces, if he was asking for more than they were prepared to pay I totally agree with the decision to show him the door. Its about time other promotions had a sense of financial responsibility - we have seen Glasgow banging on about continual 6 figure losses but word is that they are again throwing serious money about to get who they want for this season. Its anything but the first time we have had a situation where a rider says one thing about his departure, the club says another and I suspect we'll never know the truth of the matter(Acef's point above, however, is a very fair one). It has all the appearance of a childish slanging match but if someone was being untruthful about me I'd almost certainly respond.
  15. Halifaxtiger

    Edinburgh 2019

    Very pleased to see Luke Ruddick get a chance. I have been a fan since his early days at Mildenhall and he's improved season on season in the NL, with a near 1.5 jump last year. Its a massive leap from the NL to the Championship but there's no doubt he'll give it everything he's got.

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