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  1. Birmingham 2018

    Of course they should. To me, its a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    If you buy a day ticket for the main racing only, its £28 (or £34 on the gate). That's not quite so good. You're right, though - just because something isn't comparatively expensive doesn't mean it is value for money and, in many cases, speedway does fall down there. I went to the Belle Vue/Wolverhampton TV match last season and, basically, everything was just bang on. A reasonably close result, some fantastic racing, an Aces win - we even had Chase the Ace doing a 'Staying Alive' dance. I paid £10 but even at the usual £17 it would easily have been worth every penny. All too often, though, we have crap tracks, ridiculous, unnecessary delays, poor presentation and riders who can't be bothered. All that has to be addressed, and soon.
  3. OAP concessions, why?

    According to the Office for National Statistics, that's not true. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/personalandhouseholdfinances/incomeandwealth/bulletins/nowcastinghouseholdincomeintheuk/financialyearending2017 They say that the median retired household's income is £22,400, that of a non retired household is £29,300 (the equivalent mean is £26,347 and £34,363). That's about 30% lower. Having said that, the gap in the last 10 years has narrowed significantly. While non retired household incomes have remained the same, retired households have increased by almost 25% . To me, that means you have a point and don't deserve the abuse thrown in your direction simply for raising this issue. Until, however, those two figures match each other then I think the case for the discount is justified, quite aside from the fact that certainly some of my retired friends would stop going if speedway did away with that reduction and that's regardless of the income they receive. There are a lot of retired people that go to speedway - although the proportion is nothing like what you have made it out to be - and the sport simply can't afford to risk losing them.

    At Belle Vue he will see at least 4 of the World's top riders, including the World Champion. I suppose he could go to Crewe Alexandra instead to watch league 2 football. £9.50 entrance. Speedway isn't expensive compared to other sports.
  5. Ditch the Family Tag??

    I really don't see why it can't be an extreme sport and a family one. The two aren't incompatible. I see no reason why a family wouldn't go to something 'mad, bad and dangerous' (brilliant description, by the way). I might be the odd one out but other motor sport leaves me cold.
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I agree. Yes, he's complained a bit but its hardly new and probably represents what most riders think. Its hardly damning stuff.

    When Belle Vue dropped the piece to £10 for the TV match against Wolverhampton last year they got one of their biggest attendance of the season - the grandstand was packed. However, that doesn't mean it would happen every week and experience suggests that you are absolutely right - the price drop isn't compensated for by the increase in attendances.
  8. Workington 2018 .

    Aces High is about bang on. Bickley is very smooth - looks like he's riding an armchair. Bewley looks less controlled, more bull in a china shop.
  9. Workington 2018 .

    The trick in beating the points limit is getting a team of riders who can improve their averages. With the possible exception of Klindt, I can see the entire Workington team doing that. Having seen him ride many times last season and knowing just how good he is I suspect the biggest improvement will come from Bickley.
  10. Joe Jacobs

    Of course we do can something about them. Whether they need work permits or not, no club is forced to sign them instead of a British rider. Cameron Heeps requires a work permit and does not have British parents. The only reason he got a 3.00 average was one of the NL's notorious bent deals involving the BSPA, Mildenhall, Ipswich & Rye House. I completely agree about putting British lads first. The question is why is it the case that so many clubs do not do that (and I genuinely don't know the answer) ? I can see why Workington are keeping Campton this season but if you had asked me at the beginning of 2017 you might have got a very different answer.
  11. Workington 2018 .

    Indeed he did, and many others besides. The point being made was that in a race that he was unlikely to beat Schlein or King, yet he did it. What you're looking at is last (or previous) seasons performances. To me, building a side is all about potential and that Workington team has a lot. Even Klindt, on his day, can beat anyone. Besides which, having seen him attack the NSS track I can't wait to see Bewley on those big bends.
  12. Joe Jacobs

    It isn't just about Aussies, though, is it ? Its 'foreign dross' , not 'Aussie dross'. If you count up the numbers, I think there are about a dozen others who have been here for a couple of seasons at least and are still under 7 - Cameron Heeps, for example, will be starting his 8th consecutive season in British Speedway in 2018 and he's still under 7.00. Yes, that's what he has said - although whether its a reasonable expectation for a rider of Jacobs age and ability to get a doubling up role is questionable. Perhaps Perks would be a better example. He can't get a place anywhere.
  13. Workington 2018 .

    I'm not a Workington supporter but I think that's good team, simply because it has a huge amount of potential. Klindt aside, the whole of that Workington team can improve their averages, with Bickley, Bewley & Proctor looking most likely. By the way, Proctor beat both King & Schlein at Derwent Park last season.
  14. Joe Jacobs

    No, they haven't. Personally, I think your arguments in favour of employing British riders are more persuasive - and this isn't just about Mason Campton. To me, the problem is less about the asset system and more about doubling up. Restrict the number of riders that can do so and its likely that both Jacobs and Ellis Perks would have found at least one team place. Speaking of Campton , having watched him last season of the Workington riders that finished 2017 he was the first one I would have named in the team this year. His average increased by over a point in 2017 and he looked a far better rider both home and away.
  15. Joe Jacobs

    While I very much see your point here, you have to ask why 'foreign dross' is preferred to British riders.