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  1. Unfortunately they still exist but they are - most definitely - on the way out. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the main reasons why the sport is on its knees.
  2. How can the matches before hand be 'devoid of relevance' ? If you lose them all you can't get in the play offs !! I ask again. Do you think Leeds United fans believe that their season was 'devoid of relevance' ? Teams can't be changed for the play offs now. £29 at Halifax Town for an adult and a 16 year old. Not sure how many minutes you get, but it isn't 90. You cannot simply say something isn't value for money without comparing it to the other options. Personally speaking, I'd far sooner listen to the needs of my existing customers in the hope of hanging onto them and attracting new ones rather than trying to get those who have left back. Most of the latter, it seems to me, do nothing other than slag speedway off. They very rarely actually highlight any of the reasons for going, simply reasons why you shouldn't and that is overwhelmingly evidenced on the pages of this forum. Speedway isn't OK, that's quite clear. But I don't believe its problems will be solved by cutting prices (to precisely what remains to be seen but unquestionably involves a massive financial risk), changing to an unidentified race night and getting rid of the play offs (the meetings which attract by far and away the biggest club attendances during the season). A few years ago, Belle Vue did a special £10 entry. The first week the crowd was much improved. The second week it was down a bit, the third week back to normal. Result : huge loss. To me, the answer lies far more in progressive, hugely customer focussed promotion of the kind undertaken by the Isle of Wight, improving the actual product and, indeed, reforming the governance of the sport.
  3. I thought this would be close - after all, all of Peterborough's riders have had good meetings at the NSS. Instead, the Aces were much sharper at the gate and on many occasions went past opponents with little difficulty. Fricke never looked like being beaten, Berge, Wells & Worrall had their best meetings of the season, Bewley lost points when way ahead due to clutch problems and Bjerre was his usual consistent self. Only Lidsey with two ducks might not be satisfied with last nights performance. Peterborough, on the hand, were a shambles with only Wright and Wilson-Dean giving the occasional flash. Nicholls, Palm Toft and Tungate were especially disappointing. The NSS wasn't at its best but you could pass inside and out as the Aces proved and it was still better than most.
  4. I'd very much agree with 'credibility and integrity' - the cheating is one of my major issues with the sport - but probably take issue with the other three. Value for money is very much down to the individual but Halifax Town charge £20 for adult entry. They are in the Vanarama League, light years away from the top of their sport. Belle Vue was £18 last night, its at the top standard in this country and one of the riders on show will be competing at the very highest level in Prague tomorrow night. On that comparison, speedway looks cheap. I am not sure how last nights meeting had no relevance. True, 7 teams isn't enough but if you are referring to the play off system - and, lets face it, you have to win meetings in the league season to get there - I wonder how many Leeds United fans thought their league matches were a waste of time. The question is which night is right ? Some (I hasten to say I do not agree) will say that's not Friday or Saturday due to competition from other leisure activities. It was noticeable that Workington tried desperately to change from Saturday nights last year (ostensibly due to competition from televised GP coverage) while Glasgow changed from Sundays. Finally, at the pre season Belle Vue meeting, Adrian Smith said that Aces gates were bigger on Mondays in the school holidays than Fridays, and its noticeable that the majority of Colts meetings are now midweek. For me, last night was the right time, its comparatively good value at £18 and it was (on paper, not Belle Vue's fault Peterborough were rubbish) a full blooded league clash.
  5. Halifaxtiger

    NL comfort zone.

    If you are on facebook, this is definitely worth a read (Isle of Wight Speedway page) It pretty much sums Barry Bishop up - honest, decent, caring and passionate. I daresay the words he first thought of aren't reflected in the post...………….
  6. Halifaxtiger

    NL comfort zone.

    Clearly Ian Jordan is trying to distance himself from the remarks made. To be fair, I don't doubt his sincerity for a single moment. Problem for him is they were made by someone very close to the Eastbourne promotion (close enough to actually be able write in the programme) so he won't be able to disassociate himself from them entirely. As to whether Jon Cook is 'perfectly entitled' to make such remarks, I would say that is a matter of debate. While we are all able to give opinion on a particular issue, what we are not entitled to do is to make statements that are blatantly untrue in the full knowledge that they are blatantly untrue which could affect another person or their business interests. The way I see it, that is precisely what Cook has done.
  7. Halifaxtiger

    NL comfort zone.

    Had my say on this on the Eastbourne 2019 thread. It's clear that most believe that Cook's comments are completely unjustifiable. Word I have is that he has little time for the lower leagues, including the old PL when Lakeside were EL. I know that the points limit in the NL was dropped to its present level against the wishes of most of the clubs and at the behest of the BSPA. This was apparently motivated by a desire to force riders up and lower pay costs in the Championship. There's no question in my mind that it made the NL's ability to draw attendances harder. Despite that, I think that NL teams have done an excellent job in putting out competitive, attractive line ups that are a long way from development league standard - anyone who has seen the Colts(for example) this year would, I am sure, agree.
  8. Halifaxtiger

    Eastbourne 2019

    A rider failing to bridge the gap between the NL and the Championship (or PL as was) is nothing new. They can be nigh on unbeatable at the lower level yet still struggle when they step up - Barrie Evans and Jay Herne spring to mind. Personally speaking, I think your view of the NL is nonsense. The gap between riders in the NL is comparable to the higher leagues and may even be less. Is there anything in the NL that compares to the difference between Craig Cook and Danny Phillips, for example ? How about Jason Doyle and Simon Lambert ? As someone who regularly attends the NSS, the Premiership racing there is better than the NL. There is no doubt in my mind about that, but to suggest the NL is 'pretty boring' is rubbish. The meeting with Plymouth, for example, was to use my own words 'splendid'. If riders like Morley and Wood can't - or shouldn't - ride in the NL, what happens when Eastbourne drop them - as seems entirely possible ? Cook seems to have his own agenda here - Bowtell has 'fire in his belly' despite the fact that of the three his present average is the lowest and around half of Morley's. I wonder if the comments are motivated by the fact that of the three Bowtell is the only one not riding NL speedway. I think what makes me most annoyed is Cook's stupid and entirely inaccurate view of NL - 'where half your opponents struggle to stay on, get their bikes to do four laps and in some cases can barely skid a bike'. That, as anyone who watches the NL speedway regularly, is utterly ridiculous and an unwarranted insult against the riders in that league. Not only that, it has the power to damage the huge effort that NL promotions are making across the country to attract paying spectators and stay in business. They deserve better.
  9. Halifaxtiger

    IOW vPlymouth tue 11th june

    Definitely choose Manchester instead. Far warmer
  10. Halifaxtiger

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Just because people aren't buying something doesn't necessarily mean it is too expensive. It can easily be a case of ignorance of what the price actually gets you. Belle Vue's gates are, apparently, around 1200. If half are in the grandstand and half in the south stand, that's income of £22,000. 1700 at £10 is £17,000. That's a £5,000 loss and to make £10 pay, they'd have to increase the gates by 1,000 a week. There is a case for having reduced entry at TV meetings, but it is noticeable that clubs have dropped it. Clearly, the propaganda value of big TV attendances is not enough to overcome the losses incurred. I'll admit I am biased but the comparison I gave is between one sport with near world class competitors while the other is semi professional and light years away from the top of their sport. Comparing the two, to me, makes speedway look cheap. As to turning a profit, apparently Eastbourne are doing very well - even their worst gate was 'break even'.
  11. Halifaxtiger

    One League - Matt Ford

    In the same press release, Eastbourne said that their attendances have been 'excellent and well above target' with even the lowest being 'around break even'. I don't think you are wrong here, but it would be easy to paint a picture that is blacker than it actually is.
  12. Halifaxtiger

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Halifax Town is £20 to go in. They aren't even in the football league. Comparatively, speedway isn't expensive. Speedway isn't necessarily dying. Word I got is that Isle of Wight's gate against Kent last Thursday was the biggest they have had under the present promotion during May.
  13. Halifaxtiger

    One League - Matt Ford

    I agree about 5 riders. But 6 (and all taking 5 outings) would be a compromise between the lack of riders and the need to amalgamate the leagues, especially if 1of those 6 was a British junior(as you have suggested). I think it has to be championship level, especially with the increase in travel costs. At the moment, Poole go as far as Manchester and half of the championship clubs are well to the north of that . That still leaves the option open for some to drop into the NL, although again location may play a big part. Berwick, for example, would be about 200 miles away from the nearest current NL club. Its not necessarily the case that the drop in standard of rider (but not racing) will mean a loss in terms of attendances. Word is that Leicester's gates this season have increased, for example, as did Birmingham's when they went into the NL. One thing is certain. With that sort of loss for one meeting, something has to happen.
  14. Halifaxtiger

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Not too sure about the slicker the better - we don't want them bald. Having said that, the NSS was somewhat dry, pretty slick and slightly dusty last Monday and we had a cracker of a meeting, easily the best I have seen anywhere this season. Not 'bullcrap' at all, then
  15. Halifaxtiger

    Another Saturday night

    Definitely stopped grading the track but the racing I have seen has been slightly below par for Scunthorpe (still better than most, that is).

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