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  1. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    At the track it's will have been one to one ( probably mates) conversation or a small group...slightly different to putting it out on a public forum. Mind you I think you already knew that and you're trying to stir it for some reason
  2. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Plenty of rumours at the track last Friday, all of a similar vein. Given that they seem to be related to personal rather than speedway issues I don't think they can be aired on a public forum
  3. Good result for The Bears tonight, especially as, according to Garry May, we look vunerable at home!
  4. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Might help if you bothered to tell us what you're on about
  5. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Suggest you do more research on that inaccurate statement - Middlesbrough sits 25th in the UK ( & Gibraltar) league table with a score of 11, just one point ahead of Newcastle - strange old world eh!
  6. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Weaker league due to the 38 points limit, coupled with moving to Friday night racing...can't see our attendances staying at last season's levels never mind increasing. You could argue that admission prices should be lowered in line with the reduction in the points limit for a squad - it will take some master-plan and tactical negotiating to get a squad together that is even to last year's standard.
  7. erimus11

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    Not bad right now here in Thornaby but Met office have issued a yellow warning for high winds as from 6pm tonight , right through to Friday and rain expected from 4pm onwards right through the night. Quite understandable why the early decision to call the meeting off was taken
  8. erimus11

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    "Teesside Silver Helmet at Redcar has now been postponed until Thursday 27th Sept due to horrendous weather forecast .We apologise for any inconvenience . Taken from Redcar Bears website
  9. Still can't understand why we couldn't have this fixture on Thursday , our normal home night...not as if Sheffield had a meeting
  10. erimus11

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    Plus BB possibly
  11. erimus11

    Newcastle 2018

    Here we go with the big man act again - "get over it" - I wasn't one of those who gave the death wish verbals and I never would - my comment was to that Mr English didn't say much when Worrall was the bad guy - human nature I suppose
  12. erimus11

    Newcastle 2018

    I have already stated on the match thread that I thought BB was in the wrong and should have been excluded. That said the match was only 6 heats old therefore I don't agree that it was going one way as I still think we would have won even if Tero had not been injured and ridden out all his rides. With regards to BB , I haven't seen him jeopardize a riders safety all season, for a start his bikes were pretty crap for the early part and he wasn't in contention in most races to cause any conflict! Bit over the top saying it's something that happens on a daily basis. Can understand George English's annoyance over the incident, perhaps, in the heat of the moment, he forgot about how he supported Richie Worrell over similar incidents a few seasons ago?
  13. erimus11

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    From our viewpoint at the stand on 1st bend we definitely felt that Ben had ridden into Tero forcing him into the air fence. It wasn't nice to see and we fully expected Ben to be excluded, therefore we surprised to say the least when the white light went on. Speaking to other spectators , watching from different angles, they felt that Ben was in front and Tero leant into him - I still stand by our opinion. Main thing is that Tero is ok and recovers as quickly as possible form any injuries he suffered. I still think that, even if he had ridden all meeting, Bears would have ran out comfortable winners What did George English say?
  14. erimus11

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    I don't particularly have much time for Raving Roy - that said I reckon your comment about him could be perceived as inflammatory at least and possibly libelous ...I would certainly be taking you to task if you called me it.

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