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  1. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be otherwise We do tend to get the "marmite " trait of opinion at times
  2. Just so I understand you correctly, was that a compliment to Redcar's travelling support or a dig at them actually creating a bit of atmosphere?
  3. Correct. As far as I'm aware Redcars' management already knew that they couldn't switch the guest facility from Wright to Toft and had to use r/r for Toft .
  4. Couldn't agree more. The Eagles fans were fair and magnanimous in defeat. I thought it was a very good turnout of Redcar fans, given the distance involved and the fact that we had another away day today at Scunny. to round it all off last night, it was a Bears fan who won the £100 race day programme
  5. Good choice of guest for Charles Wright - Jake Allen scored 13+1 from 5 rides when he rode for Scunny at Redcar earlier in the season
  6. Care to comment on the recent news that Plymouth have "released" Mr Wallinger? Have you managed to get a replacement ( course you have, in fact you have 2 new riders!) are your crowds and revenue going to suffer? As Redcar didn't get "our man" as you put it, what's you take on this news, apparently, Wallinger was finding the journey difficult - just a pity its a day after the transfer deadline for the championship, putting him out of a job
  7. erimus11

    Redcar V Berwick 23/8

    It won't change, Bears have confirmed that Woolley will be in the team until the end of the season
  8. There's a couple of discerning posts on the Plymouth forum especially from their promoter Mark Phillips "I do not know if brian has told you already but Redcar has just rung me and they have signed DAVID Wallinger for their championship team . They race on fridays ! Gutted is an understatement ! That is one of the problems of being in the National league." I'd add the website link but I'm crap at that sort of thing, give it a try anyway! http://plymouthdevils.proboards.com/thread/9983/major-blow-plymouth
  9. Grow up man! As Boothers has already pointed out, Wallinger is 5th in your averages, hardly setting the place alight and certainly not enough to stop your supporters from turning up once he's gone. There are riders out there if you're prepared to go looking for them. To suggest that the Bears will be responsible if you club isn't running next season, well, how many millions of times have I told you not to exaggerate!
  10. Mike0310: I second what Norfolk Bear said, whatever you may feel about the Wallinger situation, what happened between Redcar and BB has no comparison whatsoever - like NB said , Redcar went above and beyond to help him
  11. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Good points made there - imagine how I feel, being the person who chose him as our rider of the night and presented him with a bottle of bubbly! Keep me away from the voting panel in future!
  12. erimus11

    Redcar v Glasgow KOC (1st leg)

    Well that makes me a bit of a jinx! I picked Ulrich as our rider of the night based on his return to form especially in his final 3 rides! Wish I'd known what was in store before I chatted with him on the centre green and said i hoped he 'd turned the corner ( pun intended!) and wished him more great performances for the Bears
  13. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    At the track it's will have been one to one ( probably mates) conversation or a small group...slightly different to putting it out on a public forum. Mind you I think you already knew that and you're trying to stir it for some reason
  14. erimus11

    REDCAR 2019

    Plenty of rumours at the track last Friday, all of a similar vein. Given that they seem to be related to personal rather than speedway issues I don't think they can be aired on a public forum

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