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  1. erimus11

    bandits 2020

    Sorry but I don't see what's remotely delightful or funny about having to use the phrase " window lickers" ( wherever they may originate from). Given that the phrase is extremely offensive I would have thought Mr. Dodds would have been castigated rather than lauded
  2. erimus11

    dannys day auction

    As others have already stated I have only just seen this post today therefore I don't think it's due to a lack of interest that you've not had a response more so because it's a "new post"!
  3. erimus11

    Redcar 2020

    Hopefully out of respect for the club who want to announce the new promoter at their social night this Saturday
  4. Is it worth pencilling in our fixtures on my calendar or should I wait until Poole have decided what suits them best and we kowtow to their demands?
  5. erimus11

    Knockout Cup Draw

    What shot of crick! Just waiting now for the so called speedway "management" to dock Redcar Bears 3 league points because of this fiasco!
  6. erimus11

    Predictions thread

    Fair point, but some people make it difficult for themselves! Saying that a team has the strongest top 2/3 in the league, but still having them to finish 11th ( even with "apparently" the 2 weakest reserves) means that they are either on a wind up or have a deep seated dislike of The Bears, I suspect it probably both.
  7. erimus11

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I think Stewart and Wright will be back at Redcar for the 2020 season - fingers crossed!
  8. erimus11

    Redcar 2020

    I have an feeling that we may well see Tom Woolley back at Redcar but Nathan Greaves will not return
  9. I'll hopefully be there, just round the corner for me. Should be interesting hearing about Cycle Speedway and also Frank's " confrontations" with Jack Millen
  10. erimus11

    Somerset 2020

    County Ground , thanks for the info.
  11. Are you asking a serious question, I didn't think anybody was disputing that fact
  12. Fair point, costs nothing to be tidy and respectful - put it down to over exuberance and not being too familiar with cup winning protocol
  13. There was a plate of sour grapes there as well for anybody who wanted them
  14. I was too busy celebrating our win, what did they say?
  15. I haven't heard anything , nor did I hear any "untoward" comments made over the PA. That said, if I was a betting man, my money would be on the possibility that the performance of a certain Mr Dishington was mentioned

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