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  1. miadfa8

    AGM November 2018

    After attending Rye House yesterday I think that the sport in the UK is currently run at an incompentance level. What they should be aiming for is to bring the sport up to an amateur level. This can be done by scraping team speedway, getting a mainstream motorcycle manufactuerer involved, standadise equipment and getting the the riders to pay to participate. This happens in the majority of amateur motorsport and for the organisers ensures profitability and continuity for their sports. So what about the professional side of speedway in the UK. Well that is dead now and should be left to the people who know how to do it Poland and Sweden.
  2. I went tonight. Absolute shambles and I left at 8.30pm. The electrics at Rye were always dodgy in Len's day as the call always used to go out for Steve Naylor when the they went wrong. The fixture should be restaged and if Lakeside can't do so within the timeframe left of the season they should be chucked out.
  3. Don't know about guest availability but two Lakeside riders in the Whoppa.
  4. miadfa8

    All Clubs are For Sale

    Quote M Ford: "It's a great club," he added. "It's well run and it makes a profit, which is unusual in any form of sport. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/speedway/45823480 One out the last four years ain't bad is it?
  5. miadfa8

    Rye House 2018

    Notwithstanding the spectator viewing aspect of this, what about the rider's view which is far more important from a safety aspect. If a rider can't see a faller and hits them I can really see the doo-doo hitting the fan. Whoever signs off the track for racing should take this into consideration.
  6. miadfa8

    Rye House 2018

    I think it may be a shock to some who stand on the back straight. I think that there will be a new supporter accessory that will overtake the fishing chair in popularity. The step ladder! Will need one to see the opposite straight over the jumps.
  7. miadfa8

    Rye House 2018

    Have a look at what's on the centre green at Rye now: http://www.ryehouserockets.co/news.php?extend.1514 Lots of people ain't gonna be very happy!
  8. miadfa8

    Pie 'n' Mash & Prefabs

    Norbold I have just finished your wonderful book and your description of your childhood mirrors my own memories, although I was born a bit later than you in 1954. My first meeting attended was Hackney vs Belle Vue in 1966 and as they say once your hooked. A mate of mines dad worked on the gate and used to let us in for nothing when his boss wasn't around. Don't tell Uncle Len. I too lived in a "detached bungalow" in Chalgrove Road just off of Morning Lane and partook in the "Food of the Gods" at F Cookes in Dalston. I didn't quite make it to Parmiter's but my brother did and so I had to make do at Upton House instead. Even if you're not an eastender this a fascinating read in social history and is highly recommended.
  9. miadfa8

    Fixture Change

    Going to the West Country on Easter Monday so thought go a day earlier and take in the Swindon/Rye meeting as not been to the Abbey before. Travelodge booked on the cheapest no refund deal (I know, never trust a speedway fixture list) and now this has happened. The Rye website says that up to three of their riders could be missing, hence the rearrangement. Very angry about this. This is the thin end of the wedge and the season hasn't started yet. I reckon the Poles will encroach into UK protected days with rearrangements in future, you mark my words. So any sensible suggestions for alternative entertainment in Swindon on Easter Sunday evening (sensible ones only!).
  10. miadfa8

    Rye House 2018

    2017 Regulations extract: 16.2.4 The BSPA are responsible for the calculation, production and circulation of Rider’s MA’s 16.2.5 At the end of each Season the BSPA will produce a Listing of all riders who have competed in British Speedway during that season and following approval and/or amendment at the BSPA AGM’s these MA’s (i.e. excluding Bonus Points but including other allowances) will be the Riders MA for the start of the following Season. 16.2.6 These MA’s will remain effective for Team Building, Team Positioning, Facilities, rider eligibility for Heat 15 etc. until new MA’s becomes effective. BSPA conference 18 - 20 November 2017. Final averages issued 22 November 2017. Max Clegg issued with a 2.00 point average. Max Clegg rode 2 home and 2 away for Wolves at an average of 1.75. So who is right and who is wrong on this one?
  11. miadfa8

    Swindon Stadium

    Link to elevation plan of building. http://pa1.swindon.gov.uk/publicaccess/files/152F0B2323F327FC3553E7FFDA63EFD4/pdf/S_RES_18_0027-ELEVATIONS-646103.pdf
  12. miadfa8

    Speedway Music

    For fans of Traxcitement the theme from the Magnificent Seven.
  13. miadfa8


    Spot on, although this is what they intend to do but over a longer period. The 8 point rule is designed to restrict foreign riders over for this year and hopefully encourage British talent to come through. This will also bring the standard of the top leagues even closer together culminating in one big league in I suspect 2020. The tac sub rule will get some bloke in the north east to attend again and the starting rule could possibly be about transponders. The biggest problem that there is no mention of is the TV contract, without which the top tier will have to cut its cloth accordingly.
  14. miadfa8

    Poole 2017

    Whats missing from this that was in the Bournemouth Echo article is that the Readypower 2 year deal was worth at least £100000 to Poole. If a sponsor of this magnitude cannot be found by Ford then I think this is the reason that Holder Snr will not appear. The Poole team will be made up of assets as I suspect that loan fees will have to go as well, hence no Ellis. Matt Ford has never nurtured British talent (with exception of Newman) and this year his failure to so may just bite him on the backside. We all await with interest this year's Poole lineup.
  15. miadfa8

    Swindon 2017

    Please see my post no 195.

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