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  1. squall

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Confirmed it where?
  2. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Rumours saying we're definitely dropping down to the Premiership, while Broc is off to Wolves on a full transfer.
  3. squall

    Good Year / Bad Year

    That's sped up? Scunny get theirs done in around 50 minutes
  4. squall

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Sunday afternoons at Sheffield completely drained my enthusiasm. So much so, I chose not to attend a meeting and sit at home instead just because I wasn't interested. An atmosphere never entered the stadium. The last meeting of the season under lights was a joy to behold and made me wish the season was just starting. Performance-wise, we were tipped to make the playoffs. We failed to make the playoffs. We also chucked points away on more than 1 occasion, especially on the road. Have to say, considering all aspects, a hugely disappointing season - mainly due to being bored stiff for 99% of the season.
  5. squall

    2019 championship riders of the year.

    Sheffield Rider of the year - Zaine Kennedy Most impressive against us - Ryan Douglas Most surprising against us - Dany Gappmaier
  6. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    First time for everything
  7. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Stefan Nielsen on a bargain average, loves the Sheffield track. An injury-free season would see him add at least 2 points to his average.
  8. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Bang on what I was thinking
  9. squall

    Sheffield 2019

    Pay an extra £5 to watch the same riders, obviously.
  10. Tonight was all the proof needed that afternoon speedway is no good for Sheffield. Having been bored all season and not enjoying a single home meeting, tonight has left me gutted the season has ended for us. Even the FTGs were closer. Bloody good meeting. Unfortunate for Newcastle, with Jorgensen withdrawing, as they looked set to win the meeting at that point.
  11. It's been confirmed as Wednesday for a while now?
  12. Just do what the missus did and inform them she's a type 1 diabetic and they were not stopping her taking anything in as it could save her life.
  13. Move it to Scunthorpe and you'll get an amazing meeting
  14. squall

    Tractor Guys

    Bring back Graham Trollope
  15. squall

    Sheffield 2019

    One rider has already been moved over the the senior club. How can you support a team where, if a jointly owned team is doing better, riders are moved to strengthen that team?

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