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  1. squall

    Calling All Losers - Who Do You Want To Win?

    That's a lot of years of playing the same record on a daily basis.
  2. squall

    Calling All Losers - Who Do You Want To Win?

    Ask a serious question, get a recycled post from 2009.
  3. I know quite a bit. My dad is one of the old farts who continues to moan about the modern speedway and constantly knocks one out over black and white memories.
  4. squall

    Calling All Losers - Who Do You Want To Win?

    How many years have the playoffs been in?
  5. squall

    Sheffield 2016

    But more than likely be: 1. Stead 2. Bates 3. Proctor/Bellego 4. Compton 5. Garrity 6. Sissis 7. Castagna
  6. Been off here about 3 and a half years and the same old tripe being talked about. Get rid of the playoffs. Get rid of the GPs. Take us back to 1960. Can see I've missed out...
  7. squall

    Sheffield 2016

    1. Stead 2. Castagna 3. Bates 4. Garrity 5. Kurtz 6. Sissis 7. Wajknecht Now for Spinny to do the math!
  8. squall

    Sheffield 2013

    Going by the updates, Mr Hall has rode an away track well. Let's hope he can do that in a Tigers race jacket now
  9. squall

    Speedway Attendances At Brandon

    Rules don't stop people watching 4 blokes, 4 bikes, 4 laps.. People love the noise, the dirt, the crashes, the smell. Now the noise has been silenced (), the smell has gone, the dirt can be found 3 yards from the fence, crashes mean a 30min delay...and we have to pay more for it!
  10. squall

    Sheffield 2013

    Just like Ove Fundin used to be then. He either comes 1st, or loses.
  11. squall


    Because the NL AGM is 3 months after the EL/PL AGM...
  12. squall

    Scunny 2013

    Benji Compton wants to comeback in the PL...loves the Scunny track...
  13. squall

    Sheffield 2013

    So if you buy a season ticket, you get treated like a greyhound racing punter and only have to pay a quid for the car park? Has the car park issue ever been raised? Why is it a quid for the dogs and 2 quid for speedway?
  14. squall

    Sheffield 2013

    Had a few, but I don't see how that is relevant. It seems like Vog had been on the juice as, in 2011, Stoke were in the NL
  15. squall

    Sheffield 2013

    Big of a strong, and illegal, NL side...

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