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  1. Thread created for the group of non-Sheffield fans who wish to continue to argue about who Sheffield should have signed at number 7. Go for it, ladies.
  2. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Sheffield fans delighted with Kurtz. Away fans arguing about if we should have had Kurtz, Auty, Pickering, etc. Only in speedway...
  3. squall

    Poole 2020

    Absolutely amazing. A championship team reaches 106 pages on a thread in the premiership section. Think a few need to let it go and move down to where they belong. Otherwise jump across to support Swindon.
  4. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    1. Pedersen 2. Lawson 3. Holder 4. Howarth 5. Grajczonek 6. Morris 7. Kurtz Absolute solid side. Should go unbeaten at Owlerton, and pick up a few points on the road. Surely need to put Lawson at 2 as he'll win a lot of heat 1's with his gating ability.
  5. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Dear lord not Chris Holder...
  6. Todd Kurtz back at Sheffield.
  7. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Todd Kurtz is back
  8. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    He's coming to the UK but not for Sheffield.
  9. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Kildemand will not be at Sheffield.
  10. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Nicki Pedersen Martin Vaculik Josh Grajczonek Kyle Howarth Broc Nicol Zaine Kennedy Todd Kurtz
  11. squall

    Nicki P

    Must make a note of this post if/when Tai returns to Wolves
  12. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    So, if we're being pedantic, Rider A doesn't turn left upon entry to bend 3 and T-Bones Rider B. Rider B then hurtles into the fence. Rider A didn't turn right, just simply didn't turn at all. By your directions Rider A didn't fence Rider B.
  13. Josh Grajczonek to Sheffield Also, Pedersen's average confirmed as 8.61
  14. squall

    Sheffield 2020

    Oh really... To 'put someone in the air fence' you fence them, yes?

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