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  1. Hellsgranny

    Speedway World Cup 2010

    Many thanks Danish Webmaster.
  2. Hellsgranny

    Race Card Sgp

    You're a star Danish Webmaster
  3. Hellsgranny

    Prague Race Card

    Thanks again Danish Webmaster.
  4. Hellsgranny

    Race Card

    Thanks very much Danish Webmaster - we'd be lost without you.
  5. Hellsgranny


    Most of my family were born in Droylsden - except me!
  6. Hellsgranny

    King Zero

    For Heavens sake, will you lot grow up. I expect this sort of silliness from my grandsons, but they are only 3 and 2, not supposedly grown adults.
  7. Hellsgranny

    Belle Vue

    How you describe the ride is pretty much how I remember it.
  8. Hellsgranny

    Emil Kramer

    R.I.P. Emil May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
  9. Hellsgranny

    Bos Blomfield, 1931

    Bruce (Blos) Bromfield was Australian.
  10. Hellsgranny

    It's A Small World.

    My guess is the late great Peter Craven.
  11. Hellsgranny

    Info Needed Please Shaun Nicholls

    As far as I know, Dennis Parker was the nephew of Jack and Norman. Roger and Arthur (Buster) Frogley were brothers.
  12. Hellsgranny

    Sky Commentators

    Just one thing puzzled me tonight, Chris Louis was talking at the end of the meeting and he mentioned David Danielsson. Could have sworn it was Daniel Davidsson riding tonight!
  13. Hellsgranny

    Riders Who Went Into Transport Industry.

    Tom Owen was definitely into plant hire as he used to deal with my husbands company. One year, at Christmas, instead of the usual bottles of booze being offered, Tom rolled up with a trailer full of carrots.
  14. I once saw Dev from Corrie at Belle Vue. I don't think he was interested in the racing, just wanted to be seen.
  15. Hellsgranny

    Eastbourn Eagles - Looking For More Info

    Try speedwayresearcher.org.uk. Good luck.

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