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  1. Noodles


    You get Eurosport included with Discovery+ so may have to ditch the standalone Eurosport Player and upgrade to Discovery+ - if you want the SGP, SON & SWC to go with your British League & SEC.
  2. I didn't say it was processional? You said there were races (plural) with 10-12 passes in them and then offered this race as evidence to support your claim. You were mistaken.
  3. Nonsense. Doyle was slow but for a track that supposedly has so many lines why didn't they just go either side of him? They were all going for the same line because the track was rubbish, problem was slow coach Doyle was in the way.
  4. I've just watched it - 6 passes. What were the other heats where there were 10-12 passes and I'll check those out too?
  5. Don't exaggerate, there wasn't one race with 12 passes in it. The crashes were caused by riders going for the same ridiculously high line because the track was crap from the start.
  6. Rob B still chewing on those sour grapes I see.
  7. Who was it that was wheeled out to the crowd on a stretcher once?
  8. Is he in his kevlars warming up his bike
  9. But IF Hans does ride, Cook is in for Ully
  10. Who says he is replacing Hans
  11. I just don't see how it can be allowed? I'd also be nervous about how fit Hans will be if he does ride.
  12. They obviously think they have good reason to challenge the rule - not sure how though.

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