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  1. Blame their team manager then, not the ref. And there was no need to destroy the tapes, pure petulance.
  2. Well done to all riders & staff for seeing it through to the end. It was good to see the meeting pushed along, as it was in the first match. Barker, what a t**t
  3. Leon Madsen has decided to ride in the Best Pairs instead.
  4. GB speedway team

    And 50/50 raffle
  5. Thanks. Normally my planner says live if it is.
  6. Coverage in Eurosport 2 starting at 7.15pm, not sure it's live.
  7. GB speedway team

    Thanks, I didn't know that
  8. Freesports HD channel launching on digital satellite only - to start with anyway. So basically Sky & Freesat
  9. GB speedway team

    I was going to say it would likely be Worrall/Cook/Lambert at Belle Vue & Woffinden/Cook/Lambert at Wroclaw but Worralls injury has scuppered that idea.
  10. They're launching a HD channel on Sky in May
  11. Freesports guide now showing Polish league as: Round 1 Sunday 8th 3.30pm - live Round 2 Monday 16th 12pm - not live Round 3 Sunday 22nd 6pm - live
  12. Announcement Premier Sports is delighted to announce we will be showing LIVE Speedway beginning next month LIVE Polish Speedway beginning April 8th LIVE Swedish Speedway beginning May 8th https://t.co/pF8BYueEn8
  13. That aside it was good to see the meeting run on time & at a good pace.
  14. Apart from heat 15 when the tapes went up before the green light/Babs pressed the wrong button.
  15. When did Lakeside ride as a team before last night then?