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  1. Noodles

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    We're just one rider away....
  2. Credit David Lowndes at Peterborough Telegraph
  3. Oh dear 4thbender hasn't really thought this through has he?
  4. A reduced fixture list with weeks & weeks of no meetings & we still have to resort to double headers. Madness.
  5. Tai: “The plan was to win the final 5-1 or 4-2 and we knew we could do that so that was the goal" Pure genius, tactical wizardry right there.
  6. How many times did we see slowing down during the SWC for the Joker? It's nothing new to the highest levels of our sport. If Tai played darts he'd be the type to hit hit a 180 during a pairs match when on 183 - individually brilliant but tactically a dreadful decision.
  7. Wouldn't want any of those three anyway, hardly add to what we've already got
  8. 'Tai and Rob were the Best Pair. They were the ones that consistently tried their best to team ride' Pity they didn't bother in the one race it really mattered.
  9. And 'going for it' would help us how exactly?
  10. So no point even trying then? We've had it rammed down our throats that it's all about team riding & how Tai has been looking out for Robert - just a shame he forgot about him when it really mattered.
  11. Oh come off it Phil, you've been watching this game for a long time. Surely you're on the wind up.
  12. Brilliant over the two nights but got the tactics horribly wrong in the final. What on earth was he thinking?
  13. Ellis Perks has signed

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