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  1. Noodles

    Panthers up for sale.

    So what? The current owner has.
  2. Jeez I've never known a club to make such a pigs ear of their fixtures yet blame everyone else for their own mess.
  3. Noodles

    Warsaw 2019

    No it isn't, the cheapest Cardiff ticket is £20.
  4. To be fair you're half way there already, you don't even have your own track.
  5. It was called off at 2.15pm, so before you set off.
  6. What next? An open top bus tour for finishing 9th in the league?
  7. Thunderstorms & heavy rain is what I'm seeing.
  8. Absolutely no chance this being on
  9. Aah but he was testing a new engine so you mustn't complain.
  10. Changed since I posted that, was showing rain from 7pm
  11. It was only £23,000.
  12. The fixture is 3 days away and absolutely naff all on the website & Twitter - and Ged wonders why crowds have been poor.
  13. Agreed. The timing of his announcement was dreadful & no doubt made early out of frustration. Another few days would have made no difference.
  14. A 28 point deficit which Panthers have no chance of clawing back. No Nicholls, MPT, BWD or Bacon An off race night starting at 7pm Poor weather forecast. Club up for sale. The place will be like a morgue - but I'll still be there.

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