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  1. Noodles

    Cardiff 2022

    Ah yes, I forgot to about that!
  2. Noodles

    Cardiff 2022

    Probably loads not bothering with the Sunday - someone may meet up with you Sunday morning to give your their ticket?
  3. Noodles

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    In hindsight we shouldn't have declared our 1-7 and just signed Ulrich & Hans on a temporary basis until somebody better come along.
  4. Noodles

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    They'll probably be allowed to replace him with Janowski.
  5. Noodles

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    The Ermolenko analysis is absolute car crash, totally cringe worthy.
  6. Yes but on Discovery Plus/Eurosport player only.
  7. Noodles

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2022

    It's on the anniversary of when you signed up - so will expire 29th May. Shame you didn't sign up a few weeks back when they had a years pass for £29.
  8. Noodles

    Belle Vue 2022

    You'd think it would announced via the BSPL channels by now wouldn't you?
  9. Superheats are both league and cup.
  10. How does opening the damn gates sooner help?
  11. They should open the gates at the bottom of the car park and have two lanes signposted from the mini roundabout. Those going into the stadium keep left and those that are parking in the car park keep right and drive on to enter the car park using the bottom gates.
  12. So your number one being replaced by two lower average riders makes no difference?
  13. Horley can't see the tapes malfunction directly in front of her but can spot a tiny red light on a phone on bend 3.
  14. You can pay by card but the quickest way is to buy your tickets online beforehand

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