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  1. slaightear

    Groundsharing - Just A Thought . . .

    Now were rocking people. The idea of of 3 london(ish) based teams sharing the same venue gets the thumbs up from me . . . . .
  2. slaightear

    Groundsharing - Just A Thought . . .

    Im not saying that ALL 3 teams should be supported - the only point im trying to make is that teams in the same geographical location could/should join forces in a venture to safeguard the future of there teams. For example - exeter/plymouth? @ Plymouth swindon /reading? @ M4ish wolves/cradley? @ wolves. Like I say the possibilities are endless - with a bit of co-operation!!
  3. slaightear

    Groundsharing - Just A Thought . . .

    Also i guess in these credit crunching times i suppose it would be to much for say wolves to share the excellent facilities with those of say cradley!! (crikey im brave) - ladbrokes will get more revenue, and speedway will see the return of a much missed team . . . . . yes i can really see that happening . . . . . . . . however i do recall not so long ago when robert maxwell tried to amalgamate swindon town oxford utd and reading into 1 team (thames valley utd i believe.) the possibilities to merge these 3 clubs was apparently discussed in the offices of the F.A. - allegedly!! Ok maybe not to amalgamate that would be much to ask but if teams are struggling for a venue for their side then for some at least i think the possibilities are endless. I Also recall when bristol and newport closed the respective fans swelled the crowds at blunsdon considerably - like i say just a thought and maybe a way of helping defunct tracks return and for some existing to stave off closure - still think its an option to be considered. S.
  4. Maybe this has been mentioned before maybe not and really not bothered as it seems an idea worth exploring to me. Tracks with a close proximaty to one another should surely join forces and resources and maybe locate a geographical area suitable to both and maybe even a third party to ground share? Lets take swindon reading and just for good measure oxford - no please someone take them!! Surely with a bit of co-operation a study could be done for a piece of land that would be geographically acceptable too all 3 parties - 3 teams,3 lots of costs and not having to rely on the dreaded casino/greyhound/stock car nonsense to boost revenue. Worth exploring me thinks. Your thoughts please peeps. S.
  5. slaightear

    Malcolm Holloway Taken Ill

    Therein lies the problem Gotta lose the fags wellee ANyway get well soonly m8 - or else!! S.
  6. slaightear

    Swindon On Sky Again!

    The reason swindon are featured egulary is because its big fair track where riders can really have a go. While i admit the abbey staduim was never one you could call plush the racing was for most of the time topdraw stuff. And sadly in a year or 2 the last of the 'big' tracks will be gone and swindon will have a tiddler to compete on. I still have my doubts over the proposed 'new stadium' as all ive seen are artists impressions ineed to see summat solid. S.
  7. slaightear


    It shall and always will be 12 roasteez and well you know it BA!! ** stix head out of hiding** Has anyone mention 'Loro' and a certain green puppet thingy yet? S.
  8. Good luck to him & Exeter. Seems like a good bloke to have involved with speedway anyway - good luck again. S.
  9. slaightear


    Thanx a lot BA - i was all poised to reply and you ruined it!! Ok then i'll say Ray Morton looks like Roman Obramovich - so there!! **pokes tongue out at BA then hides** P.s. - all done with chemo now - no more - but now the waiting begins . . . . . . . .
  10. slaightear

    The Dons At Plough Lane

    Hi to all long suffering Dons fans. A solution to 2 problems . . . . With AFC Wimbledon now only 2 leagues away from rejoining the football league why not let them buy/lease plough lane, move back in, and in this hi-tech age of putting tracks down over night and taking them up the next why not relaunch the mighty Dons of speedway? It would be summat i would subscribe to and support. Just a thought . . . . . .
  11. slaightear

    Tim Stone Tribute

    All done - nice way to pay tribute to the man who bought the 'mad-taffs' out of retirement!! S.
  12. slaightear


    I hope I dont get slapped for quoting the supporters club but an issue with us needs answering!! Another cause of concern is the delay in the BSPA’s decision to allow us to take to the track again. We have contacted them on a number of occasions asking for a definitive decision and as yet they are unable to give us an answer. This is causing us a great deal of problems. We have already been approached by two teams to take part in challenge matches, and one of these wants to open their season against us in early April. So as you can see time is now not on our side. Soooooooooooo why the delay? S. Waiting for the day the Dons once more can grace British Speedway!!!
  13. Soooooo wot happened to the 'alleged' looking for a favourable site rumours that keep circulating every other year or so - still find it hard to belive that their isnt a stadium that can tick all the boxes or better still patch of land to start again? The loss of halifax/bradford has gone on too long - time for REAL action up north with an approach to the Ham bros (do they still hold lthe liscence?) and for some people to look outside the box a little and come away from Odsal. S.
  14. slaightear

    Milton Keynes

    Anbody at anytime who wants to give it a go will get a good solid buch of people to supprt them. The fans I met over the years at MK were an enthuisistic bunch and if I recall the ale and nosh at the groveway was nt bad at all. Is the alleged 'new' so called purpose biult place the last promoter attempted to build is that no longer available? S.
  15. slaightear

    Bryn Williams

    Bryn was in a bath!! Good luck to a speedy recovery mate.

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