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  1. izzyidiot

    Forum Rider Of The Year 2009 ? ( Final Results )

    Because the choices are wrong or the people are wrong??
  2. izzyidiot

    Forum Rider Of The Year 2009 ? ( Final Results )

    Elite league: Peter karlsson premier league: Darcy ward National league: Mark Baseby
  3. izzyidiot

    Emil Kramer

    Shocking News. RIP Emil! Amazing tribute page on facebook "R.I.P Emil Kramer ♥"
  4. A big congratulations to Bjarne Pedersen on his amazing form for denmark. The last heat he rode was very good And the russians were awesome entertainment.
  5. izzyidiot

    Sam Martin

    "Sam Martin is missing speedway.... 7% that sideways motion 93% just plain BOWAGE"on Wednesday [From Facebook]
  6. izzyidiot

    Time For Me To Go.

    Sorry, i have tryed to avoid this but i have just seen the joe haines thread and its the last straw, that is disgusting and you obliviously making up these stories shows your sick and twisted mind. disiblities are not made up, and it is offensive when put the way you put it and taking the mick out of the person in question is not an "opinion no one agrees with" hope you do depart richard head you sick person
  7. i cant belive he is the oldest one! he rode the spring open quite well!
  8. i really enjoyed the speedway last night from costa mesa, bad luck for billy hamill! and whats with the camera angles, there a bit weird
  9. Can't wait should be a really good meeting, and i think its worth all the money just to see the riders who are not riding over here in the league
  10. . Username and team supported? How long have you been attending matches? izzyidiot Poole pirates 6 years 2.What was the first match you ever attended? poole vs eastbourne i think we lost 3.Favourite meeting(s) of all time? my first good friday meetings [2003] 4.Best race ever witnessed? poole vs kings lynn- tony rickardsson touched the tapes and whent 15 metres back, he wooped everyone i know that was somthing easy for him at wimbourne road but i thought it was great! 5.Best track you have ever watched speedway at? wimbourne road!! 6.Funniest moment watching speedway? henka gustafsson losing a tyre 7.All time favourite rider? Tony Rickardsson 8. All time 7 man team? the poole team 2003 rickardsson adams and lindback
  11. izzyidiot

    All The Clubs In Pictures 2008

    great photos is it you with freddie and the cup in one of them?
  12. izzyidiot

    Antonio Lindback

    did anyone see in the speedway star recently a swedish clubs attempts to get T.rick back on a bike?? i know its not the same- but freddie E was only signed for 6 weeks to see how it whent. maybe the same will happen?
  13. TBH inviting batch down was wrong- being so close to the semis atm

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