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  1. brewer

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    And Richie worrall at Redcar for Leicester
  2. brewer

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    poor simon gets no luck, all the best to him if he is out. if that is the case maybe starke for a replacement avgs permitting.
  3. really hope kev gets a good turnout, as has been said one of the good guys , good luck to him for this.
  4. brewer

    Reserve To Top 5

    So why didn't they have an EGM in say January e.g. to rectify/amend as it clear by then it was going to be a problem. After all they quickly changed the system for wilko to join the stars, robbo not to be able to guest and last week the ht 15 and 15 metre rule were changed. Anything is possible.
  5. On another note, can you buy tickets online for the Kyle Newman farewell in October? Wonder if that will clash with Richie Worralls at belle vue.
  6. And that's why it can be easier for foreigners than British youngsters at times, no guarantee for them or accommodation/mechanic/driver/workshop supplied for free.
  7. I am probably coming up for this, but as the weather forecast is not good on saturday, am I right in saying FIM events are over a three day window?. If so can anyone suggest any reasonable hotels in the area please. Thank you.
  8. I actually thought your earlier post was quite sensible gavan, but you've resorted to your usual anti Poole/newman bashing/posting in your latest post. Give it a rest.
  9. And someone who failed to qualify gets in. If you had made it top eight no argument but wildcards are open to abuse/favouritism etc.
  10. Exactly he crashed out, didn't qualify, end of. Do agree with top eight though,at the end of the day you either qualify or you don't. But as the BSPA made it 7 then you have a problem especially as they've practically said king will get a w/c to me it's unfair if either reserve is given it over the other. So in the circumstances I agree with dfgtf in a 4 rider pre meeting race pick your gate out the hat.
  11. Not necessarily, like politicians, they tell you what they need to. Let's face it none of them complained or tried to get it changed in the winter before the season started, we as fans could see it was flawed back then why didn't they until recently.
  12. Why can't they swap bomber and king around
  13. brewer

    Wolverhampton V Poole. Ela 2/5/16

    but robbo fitted those requirements ie lower pl avg.
  14. So the new chairman is no different to the old one in overiding/ignoring a rule to suit his own team.

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