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  1. If you think cook tried to avoid him then best get to the opticians, watching that cook had no intention of trying to avoid or slow down imo
  2. brewer

    Eastbourne. Speedway Tavern

    Fair play to this guy, he seems forthcoming and honest , a rarity i don’t get this with people moaning “we booked hotels” surely everone books with free cancellation, usually it’s up to midday on the day.
  3. brewer

    Ipswich v Poole Prem. 11/6/19

    Could be interesting Wells 6 for BV earlier in season Newman 3 as guest at #3 for Pboro Kev knows the place well and after all for Poole earlier in season RW 2, Covatti 4 and Busk 2 agree the witches are the form team.
  4. Let’s face it the FIM don’t care about motorcycle sport at all these days as all they do is rent each discipline out to the highest bidder, not necessarily the best for the sport itself, as for SGP they should have stood up to the PZM along with the riders to stop this happening. ive noticed crowds are down at many polish clubs compared to a couple of years ago as they move to different race days and if the tv money dries up as it has here it could go **** up over there. i don’t think due to the contracts the riders have much choice but that’s the same everywhere for speedway riders, no rights.
  5. brewer

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I thought it was divided by 1.5 for cl to pl times 1.5 for pl to cl
  6. Dropping down partly but then to remain on a weds I would say is a bigger reason
  7. brewer

    Swindon 2019

    But cook does not have a current pl avg and if now joins a club it would be converted from his championship club ie Ellis to Birmingham ( in reverse I know) , surely that should apply re guests as well
  8. brewer

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    And Richie worrall at Redcar for Leicester
  9. brewer

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    poor simon gets no luck, all the best to him if he is out. if that is the case maybe starke for a replacement avgs permitting.
  10. really hope kev gets a good turnout, as has been said one of the good guys , good luck to him for this.
  11. brewer

    Reserve To Top 5

    So why didn't they have an EGM in say January e.g. to rectify/amend as it clear by then it was going to be a problem. After all they quickly changed the system for wilko to join the stars, robbo not to be able to guest and last week the ht 15 and 15 metre rule were changed. Anything is possible.
  12. On another note, can you buy tickets online for the Kyle Newman farewell in October? Wonder if that will clash with Richie Worralls at belle vue.
  13. And that's why it can be easier for foreigners than British youngsters at times, no guarantee for them or accommodation/mechanic/driver/workshop supplied for free.

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