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  1. Dunno about that but he's apparently stopping with Andersen for a while in Peterborough
  2. Oh yeah I stand corrected, posted a whole four hours ago, minus the last para on the Panthers web site.
  3. Nope I think you're wrong especially the bit "Nicolai has also accepted an invitation from the Peterborough Management to ride in the Panthers Press & Practice day on Wednesday 7th March" and I certainly haven't seen it anywhere before today about him riding in double J's testimonial.
  4. http://www.peterboroughspeedway.net/news.php?extend.210
  5. FlyinRyan


    Cute but probably not very clever.
  6. FlyinRyan

    A Date For Your Dairies

    It's a small (speedway) world!
  7. FlyinRyan

    A Date For Your Dairies

  8. FlyinRyan

    A Date For Your Dairies

    We've got class here in Obelisk Rise you know!
  9. FlyinRyan

    A Date For Your Dairies

    Funny, I thought this was going to be a thread about milk.
  10. FlyinRyan

    Most Domestic Medals?

    Bizarrely David Howe could be a rare candidate for this. Certainly he is the only rider I know who has Championship medals for CL, PL and EL (twice). Also he has PL KOC and EL KOC medals. Not sure about CL KOC though, but nevertheless not a bad haul for a relatively young rider who hasn't pulled up many trees lately.
  11. Don't think Loram opted out, think he was caught up in some red tape. If I'm paying money to watch a GP I want to see a rider who is good, not one who is there because he "deserves" it.
  12. Didn't realise PK had become British. But Loram is miles better than any other Brit currently on offer.
  13. I don't think Harris is good enough. On the basis that there has to be two Brits, Mark Loram should replace Lee Richardson in my opinion.
  14. Heat 16 is looking a bit tasty.
  15. To be honest he would be slaughtered in every GP, he wouldn't be doing himself any favours.

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