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  1. Cardiff 2010 Hotels

    I saw a childs bike outside, be a little more respectful and careful what you type.
  2. Cardiff 2010 Hotels

    A part? thats so ironic... i was with a tool all weekend. Alan said nothing of the sort, he just said (altogether now)... Magic Round About x PS dont bring fans that enjoy themselves apparently they are not allowed.
  3. Cardiff 2010 Hotels

    I would like a room with thermostat control and not to wake up after being basted and have an apple in mouth. Although i bloody loving crackling i do......i bloody love it.
  4. Alcohol At Cardiff

    i have brought a flannel im on routings....
  5. Alcohol At Cardiff

    Im in, im sure the rest of the motley/hangers on/entourage are in too x
  6. Alcohol At Cardiff

    definitely the later x
  7. Alcohol At Cardiff

    As long as you dont stand up to celebrate, cheer or look like you are enjoying yourself then yes you are entitled
  8. Alcohol At Cardiff

    .....and 3rd time was when you wrote this and he sprinted to the toilet before he pi55ed himself with your bu11 sh!t lies!
  9. Alcohol At Cardiff

    Barbless hooks and im still catching bert x
  10. Alcohol At Cardiff

    What a disgrace, how dare they enjoy them selves, they must sit down at once and fill out their programmes in silence. He is also responsible for the problems in the middle east and global warming.
  11. Alcohol At Cardiff

    They sell alcohol in the stadium???
  12. Cardiff

    I know of 5 if that helps?
  13. Not at this rate you wont. (Note to self) SACK JEREMY CLARKSON AS TRAVEL AGENT
  14. I was there last year and managed to have more room ... in the room than expected, i lost a smurf in reception. If anyone has a spare room please contact me, Jeremy Clarkson stuffed up my booking.