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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    It looks very much like Belle Vue, Swindon and Wolves are setting the pace and I would expect Poole to not be far off as I'm sure a few changes will be made. The other teams are just already Not on the same level and I do fear for Rye, a season too much for Scott. You keep waiting for the scores to improve but the next generation around are finding no issue with set-ups.Bomber also isn't the same rider as he was but as with Scott it takes nothing against what they have done and in time these riders now will have it happen to them. Times move on and at a time when Craig Cook, Max and young Dan Bewley are looking unbeatable at home it's not easy and it will take a very good team to get anything against them. I hope expectation of Dan is realistic and I recall not to the same level but Adam Ellis was going to be the next big deal and quick progression suddenly stopped but in saying that the proof is in the pudding as they say with rides Dan Bewley has been putting in.
  2. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    They just lack pace out of the start and even round a tight track like wolves have. Scott ran Howarth really wide in heat 15, left him racing room and had both masters and Kyle behind him and didn't know where to cover and was taken by both in one move.
  3. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    A great start for Wolves, very much like last season with Rory, Jacob and Masters looking strong. The real test starts next week vs Poole, Rye started badly and never got going, last out of the gate time and again and against wolves you just can't do it. Bomber went from 1st to last in heat 1 and never looked quick, Scott as always put the effort in and he is 40 next month and it shows. I always think of the great British finals vs Bomber and the tide is turning and you have to accept that the odd ride might be like the old times but being left at the gate and looking slow isn't good to see as a Bees fan. KK should have stayed in his van, wasn't even trying apart from when he got out and even then the lines he took were a little odd. At least with Eddie, Stuart, bomber and Scott you know they will put a shift in, look at Doyle tonight has struggled so it goes to show it happens to the best but at least race 4 laps with some commitment. congratulations to Rory and co and hope wolves have a good season. A well run club with always a well prepared track.
  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    The people who I trust here are the people trying to save the stadium and that is Jeff and David. Yes Mick did attend a NSSC meeting and fair play for doing so, however at the meeting a few days before the rug was pulled under us I am sure he said mistakes had been made and he understood our frustration etc. Some 12 months later and the same tune is being whistled, where had he been all winter and if financially he is backing this venture that is a very big risk to take as what research had been done regarding fans actually wanting a team and going to Leicester? 12 months ago we were not in a financial position to be able to complete the campaign in the view of the BSPA, what's changed in regard to this as if no fans turn up then there will be incomplete fixtures? His remarks about keeping it professional regarding criticism from ex employees such as Bomber, Colin Pratt etc. I don't think they have said anything yet that has been ultra damaging and they are both highly regarded and respected in the speedway world. Respect and loyalty is earned and I don't think that's really sunk in with the current promotion. It does seem you are in a Sandhu corner or a Horton corner. Both parties failed us to a point, my only question regarding Sandhu is the banks didn't just say sell tomorrow ! he had time to maybe sell to somebody who would keep the stadium the way it was being run. However I trust him a whole lot more and on the whole 90% of us would think the same. As in the podcast Mick correctly states that he owns the Bees and would be selective to who he would sell too? That opens up more questions as to if Sandhu would even be an option if a new site was to be built on as they would have to work together, Sandhu has capital and the stox rights, once this is all sorted Mick will have no assets just the rights to run a speedway team.
  5. Coventry 2017

    I thought the article was excellent. It shows what a little digging can do, who has provided what information & how some of the things they claim may not be as it they seem. Put it this way if the speedway was making money then I would hate to guess what the stox made, You have seen pictures of the world final and even other meetings and the place is packed.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Well, the Speedway star was a good this week. I must say I always thought Peter Oakes was good but this was brilliant ! Puts a few questions out there and someone has given out far too much information, A good job that the committee seem to be on the ball and the hours of work behind the scenes are starting to come out. keep up the great work and I wouldn't be surprised if they have another ace or two to play yet.
  7. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Was it because Peterborough are involved it may something to do with it? No love lost I feel, sure would have boosted attendances and I thought speedway was about the supporters.
  8. Nichols/kennett Rule

    The rule will be changed next winter no doubt. The overall feeling on here and social media is that the ruling is unfair, what do the BSPA gain by not letting these people earn a living? It just puts further distance between the fans and the men that are destroying speedway. Scott is pushing 40 and can pass on vital experience to the riders in his team, nothing at all makes sense from this and I hope all effected take it as far as they can. Rules for rules it seems. Rule BRITISH SPEEDWAY !! GET A EFFING GRIP...
  9. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    My stance hasn't changed at all, the Chris Simpson thing should and could have been sorted years ago. People asked time and time again to help generate some atmosphere as the jingles and general presentation Chris did was more of the time than Pete York. ? is Mick doing it for the right reasons or because by doing this it gets maybe a few more through the gate. WIth the news coming out today about Jim Lynch it wouldn't surprise me to see him as co-promotor. The Leicester team looks really good and will effect people going to see Coventry who maybe we're sitting on the fence, it's going to cost my dad a £1 more to see Danny King & co! The amount of statements from and concerning the bees that have come out and I read that the past is in the past is ridiculous. we had it with him falling out with Sandhu, A few weeks ago the save Coventry bees committee and now Chris Simpson? The person who deserves the biggest apology is Colin Pratt and the way he left Coventry via a txt message. Ex employees and sponsors also show its not just people on the outside jumping on the bandwagon and to fall out with so many people and that's just the few we know about ! When does the penny drop? That said I really do hope those who do go have fun and wish the team all the best.
  10. Rye House 2018

    Oh I remember very well the oxford and Hamill and Hancock row regarding ownership, not being able to use them and such like. Buying riders is a waste, no idea why Leicester did with Sarj to be honest.
  11. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    It is very sad to see it like this, although even it is all still fixable while there is still hope. The saddest thing and what really is hard to take if this is the end of Brandon Stadium is that we should have never finished like this, it deserved a huge send off, we deserved to be able to enjoy the last meeting and sad as it sounds but say goodbye. I walked out after the last stock car meeting and thought how devistated I'd be if the deal hadn't been thrashed out a few months earlier, little did I know that the stock car meeting was possibly the final laps to be completed. So very sad for all of us Coventry fans and all fans of speedway.
  12. OAP concessions, why?

    I am pretty sure at Coventry, They got rid of the concessions and it caused a few people not to go any more. At one stage I am sure they messed about with student discounts as well, I remember it getting messy.
  13. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    It's about morals for me, it doesn't sit right with many people and it's a personal choice to make. Would I put another penny into the mans pocket ? no. The same problem with Coventry City and SISU and people don't go because of the owners. What is the charge for a NL meeting?? £10-12 maybe or go to watch speedway at the same track and not have to look at somebody who is destroying the club bit by bit. Leicester have a good team and it's not like last year when they were fighting the wooden spoon I think the majority will go and see a very "Bees" looking line up with Hans, Danny and Sarj. If the sponsorship is still on the table who knows but running at the level he is planning then the Coventry Storm team that will be lining up is not the same as Coventry Bees is not really worth the "sponsorship" in a brown envelope that he may or may not be getting. Time will tell on this and like somebody said on twitter its a personal choice to make and it doesn't make us better or worse for what we decide. I just know I don't want to see the man again, he was partly responsible for the mess we are in. He played games with Sandhu and he has done nothing to help just cause unnecessary problems. Nobody really wants him in charge, he isn't stupid and you only have to read here or facebook for the responses people give. If its not for greed then please if anybody has a valid reason for him doing so then please feel free to say so. So as they say on Dragons Den.. ....That's me out!
  14. Coventry 2017

    Below is from the Coventry observer who have been in touch with Brandon Estates. It is interesting to read that basically they have done all the council told them to do, so basically throwing it back at the council. I am sure the council really going to bend over backwards to help this totally inept company with no regard for locals and have turned their neighbourhood into a trash site for gypo's. What will it take to stop the place being burnt down or trashed as each lot of travellers that get in do more damage than the previous scum. I am not sure the locks and measures they took in securing the entrance to the stadium were really ideal, more like they taking the p*ss. The scum that break in specialise in this sort of thing so an unsecured post and a padlock from B&Q really isn't really fit for purpose. TWO fires were ignited at Coventry Stadium on Monday night, sparking safety concerns among residents of Binley Woods and fans of the Coventry Bees speedway club. It is believed travellers – who occupied the site from Wednesday, January 3, until Tuesday, January 9 – started the blaze. The news came as little surprise to fans of the world-famous Coventry Bees after growing speculation the stadium could be set alight while the site remains unoccupied. Stadium owners Brandon Estates have told the Observer efforts will be made to ensure no further fires break out on the site. But they declined to give details. A statement issued to the Observer read: “The security measures that Brandon Estates Ltd have put in place are precisely those recommended by Rugby Borough Council and its independent legal barrister. “A great number of measures have been implemented, strictly in accordance with the advice from Rugby Borough Council, including staging the entrance to the stadium, fitting special locks and a VPS alarm system, a security team who visit the site daily, erasing the signs saying Coventry Speedway and erecting numerous signs warning of the danger of being on the site. “Brandon Estates are concerned that gypsies are on the site, and that a fire was started. Brandon Estates assures speedway fans and all members of the public that efforts will be made to ensure that no further fires break out on site. “We understand that the Police will issue a Notice pursuant to Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which should ensure the removal of the gypsies and no further illegal incursions.” Travellers have since left the stadium’s car park. A Warwickshire fire service spokesperson told the Observer: “Two fires took place at Coventry Stadium. “We were first called out at 10.58pm where we had two pumps in attendance. We believe this incident to be deliberate. “Then at 3.24am we had two appliances in attendance to put out a single storey building. The fire affected 100 per cent of the building.” We have also contacted Warwickshire Police but are yet to receive a response. The site is earmarked for housing. A planning application is expected soon. Campaigners fans, and the Observer’s Save Our Bees campaign, are seeking a long-term home for Coventry Bees, who will be competing in Leicester this season following a multi-party dispute over Brandon. They still hope one option could be a return to Bees’ traditional Coventry Stadium home.
  15. Rye House 2018

    I can see why people are saying about the age of the team but that's just a number.. Look around at other teams? Your going to wolves without Lindgren , Swindon without Doyle ? What you have is solid base to start the season, we know how it works and it won't be the team that finishes it. Full of entertainers and a good British core, a team that fans can relate to and use last year as a base to work on. Not in their prime but no means over the hill with Bomber, Barker and Nicholls you are going to see some brilliant racing at home week in, week out. If say the Poole deal goes sour and you end up with Holder that would be amazing (if he fits average wise) KK is a risk but on that average one very much worth taking as you treat him right and he gets on well with bomber then you have a few who can mix it with Morris, Thorsell and co.