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  1. Coventry_Bee

    Ipswich 2019

    It is not looking great for Ipswich but it's not always who you start with but... Will the owner bring in riders able to make a difference if needed I doubt. A massive own goal in not bringing Scott Nicholls in, he has not even spoken to Ipswich so it looks like he will start the season without a team and that is really unfortunate. People paying more this year to see a team that really isn't much better than last year and the possibility of getting a few tonkings along the way.
  2. Coventry_Bee

    Ipswich 2019

    He did indeed at the NSSC meeting last week, although I think there is still time for things to change and even if he started the season without a team it wouldn't be long before something happened. It would be a shame as he has an average that isn't going to eat too much into the team and what he can offer on and off track is still very worthwhile.
  3. Coventry_Bee

    CrazySue and Speedway Updates

    A very big thanks indeed.. I recall getting back from Brandon on a Saturday night, think it was putting on teletext then watching pages just pass you by until a result and a top scorer came through. How times moved on and now you refresh when there is a big gap between heat results !! Silver bee was great at one liners in his updates on the bees, he was particularity complimentary to Hans Andersen and KK (especially if away at Wolverhampton) The riders all must take a look and it is with a pinch of salt but like a post above mentioned if it was done by the powers above then it would be very dull. Long may it continue !!!!
  4. Coventry_Bee

    All Clubs are For Sale

    Quite a good debate for once, It did bring back memories of the 2005 issue Coventry had with Oxford. They wanted to loan Billy and Greg yet we had to buy Scott Nicholls from what i recall? It was 13 years ago. https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-129798675.html
  5. Coventry_Bee

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    This discussion may well of happened on here before so apologies if it has... But..... My Twitter feed has gone mad today with the "action" from the Moto GP race and the close action. I have watched the clip and although I now and again watch it if it's on I just don't get the mass appeal over it? The hype and circus that follows it (not as bad as F1) very rarely lives Upto the expectations. Maybe it's my speedway biased view but for close racing and action I think speedway as a whole is by far a better product than Moto GP? Don't get me wrong you do get some exciting racing in the Moto GP but it's absolutely drooled over, in the past few weeks we have seen racing from Belle Vue that has been on a different level to what I have ever seen. Speedway racing has never been in a worse state but the racing now is better than in the 60's, 70's and 80's when it was at its peak. The introduction of the air fence has riders throwing the bikes at each other and yes you get rubbish meeting but you get rubbish Moto GP races. The simple fact of 4 riders and 4 laps hasn't changed yet supporters have walked away from the sport in alarming numbers. The world has changed so much with so much more to do in people's leisure time but most sports grow such and maybe the supporters have been lost to Rugby, Ice Hockey where you see supporters going as families rather than speedway where it's mainly the older generation. In Sweden you see families but for some reason the sport here has been run like the dark ages and sadly been left in them. The AGM will no doubt be classed as "one of the most important in years". We hear this every winter and yet we still find clubs closing and supporters lost to the sport. We have such a fantastic sport, I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss going to Brandon. I just hope when we get (and we will) the stadium back that speedway is in a better position than it is today. The committee are trying so much to save stox and speedway and as much as the stox crowds have always been absolutely amazing at Coventry it would be much better for us and all clubs to have an organisation with a vision for the future and not scraping through year by year.
  6. Coventry_Bee

    The need for reserves?

    I just think when a reserve wins heat 15 you have to look and think it's not right. Where did it change from when I started going where reserves scored 4 or 5 and that was expected, home reserves are nearing double figures and away reserves are pushing 5 between them and the final scores are overwhelmingly influenced by this. In my view the top 5 are the points scorers and the reserves are the lower level riders who should be up and coming and progressing, but at the moment your heat leader can score 3 points and yet the reserve bangs in double figures and meeting won !!
  7. I have been thinking about the amount of meetings won by reserves huge scores. Take today when the Poole reserve wins heat 15 ? There could be a valid and obvious answer to this but what is the actual need for a reserve pairing in modern speedway? Apart from average/team fiddling that we go through year in and year out why not have 6 rider teams and no reserve riders as such. The amount of results where the in form reserve has had 7 rides and scored a silly amount of points and is near enough the teams top scorer. How can this be good for the sport? Along with a cap on team changes through the year to say 3 maximum. like I say, might be valid reasons out there be good to understand more?
  8. Coventry_Bee

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    I find it quite remarkable that suggestions of riders such as Andersen & Nicholls would score poorly on purpose! Anybody with an ounce of sense of common sense would know these both give 100% and any rider will and does go through rough patches. Scott is on the verge of becoming a second string and as I stated somewhere else he won't put himself in situations that is going to cause him bother, that's why he goes season after season not being injured. At 40 he isn't what he used to be, but still pops in the odd ride that up with the best.
  9. Coventry_Bee

    Peterborough v Ipswich Sunday 5th August

    If you were paid on performance I'd hazard a guess you would score as many points as you can to put cash in your own pocket. Riders don't really care who they ride for as they can quite easily get replaced, clubs have not an ounce of loyalty towards anybody ! He may have scored better for Ipswich recently but he has done a few laps around that place and is well known to be good at lakeside. He is 40 years old, he won't put himself in situations where he will get into bother, that's why he isn't out injured or getting rode over.
  10. Poole have managed to get a side together that will take some beating, The reserves as in any team are going to play a huge part and if you get that right your on your way to the playoffs. In years to come we will look back and realise how good the Nicholls/Harris races were we witnessed from epic British Finals to races like it sounded last night were. Bomber certainly improved since his Rye Meeting. But .. as with Chris, this is the time of year he usually starts popping in great scores.
  11. Coventry_Bee

    Poole Pirates Vs Leicester Lions 25/7/18

    Strange meeting by the sounds of it with the lions doing ok early on, then all went very wrong after the interval. I hate to admit but I have not really missed my speedway since the Brandon fiasco. The way you look at the sport changes and all meetings I see on the updates page I always look at the reserves to see what impact they have had, far to many meetings have one set scoring 4 and the others 10+. I know you can only beat what's in front of you but come on the Poole reserves will wipe the floor with any team, so effectively your main riders can score what they like as anybody having an off night you throw in an in form reserve. Hope to to see a major shake up next season and teams have a window to make changes as it's impossible to keep up.
  12. Coventry_Bee

    Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    I can't see unless major changes are made Poole can get anything close to Belle Vue, Swindon and Wolves. Be a scrap for 4th .... But as we know things change quickly and you would be silly to write anybody off.
  13. Coventry_Bee

    Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    I know this happens quite a lot but this year more than ever it seems the gulf in terms of reserves is frightening. I mean there are some struggling to hit 2 or 3 points and others getting double figures. The 1-7 are a team I get that, but meetings are being won more and more by the reserves. Rye missing Robbo has hit them hard and would have won tonight, also another off night for Eddie. Poole were lucky and don't see them getting near the play offs with this team.
  14. On tonight's showing I think he could. King isn't where he was 2 years ago, Nicholls wins or is last and just can't work the place out. Cook is struggling and he needed a strong start to the season to get his confidence up. Dan Bewley is great around everywhere at the moment, he is lucky he looks to be about 9 stone and on a speedway bike it really does matter. Be interesting to see if he bulks out as he gets older as missing the gate and riding round people is great, he needs to learn to mix it up on the first bend and that will come as he is so young but I worry being so lightweight he could struggle in that area of it. But.. Take nothing away from he is a special talent and doesn't look to have an ounce of arrogance that some half his talent carry. A joy to watch and they should give him the wild card for Cardiff tomorrow.
  15. Is Danny king riding? Scott rides Leicester well, Bomber should qualify but his bike issues recently puts a little more pressure on him. Can't see it being a classic, qualification is the key and staying out of trouble. I think that King, Nicholls, Harris, Lawson, Barker, Kerr, Newman and Ellis will qualify.

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