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  1. Really looking forward to this, took a day off work for it and cannot wait for what promises to be an extremley close and entertaining meeting!
  2. bradmeister

    Scott Nicholls Out Of Order

    To be fair, Scott Nicholls is THE best rider this country has to offer. Maybe it's true that he dosen't have the mental side to be a truley great rider but as a nation we deserve to see our best rider participating, not somebody who finished 3rd behind him. In my opinion Tai has to do it for a couple of seasons at least in the top leagues to be considered for the GP's.
  3. Talking about the meeting, how quick did Darcy Ward look to anyone who went? Seems to be racking up the points for boston, wondered how he'd fair on a totally new track. . . by winning all his races
  4. If any of this meeting is shown on channel m, could i please be pm'd when its due to be on? cheeky but my dad dosen't want to miss a chance of seeing a rider represent Norwich once more.
  5. No Emil Kramer will considerably weaken Somerset IMO
  6. bradmeister

    Rider Riding Styles

    Daniel Nermark for me, couldn't believe some of the times he used to wind it on, brush the fence and still catch his man. Troy Batchelor had a great style to watch too, likewise Ashley Jones, never ever gave up!
  7. In my opinion, for the top 3, look no further than Tai Woffiden, Troy Batchelor and Chris Holder. Not gonna dare to predict what order they will finish in though
  8. bradmeister

    Swindon On Sky Again!

    My dad always winds me up because he says "who we gonna see tonight, Rosco or Middlo?" Hes got a point, they seem to be on a majority of the meetings!
  9. bradmeister

    I Have Seen It All Now

    Hes got that bike hooked up out front, good job buddy
  10. bradmeister

    Vote For My Picture Please

    Gotta be batchelor, Roger Warnes written all over the bike!
  11. bradmeister

    Norfolk Arena

    Well worth it, best day of my life
  12. Panic over, its here Lovley Job, in perfect time for tonight
  13. Anyone who sent their tickets off for a refund received them yet? i sent mine off on the 8th of april and havent heard a thing. "Lost in the post?"
  14. So theres not going to be a re-staging?
  15. I personally was gutted it was off, as id bunked work to go! But as others have said it was the best decision to call it off. I also wanna point out JC saying goodbye to everyone as they were leaving and wishing them a safe journey, fairly common gesture but the amount of Kings Lynn and Chapman family bashing there has been on here, it would have been much easier for him to slump off to the bar.

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