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  1. The vast majority of riders pull off a move that could put another rider on the shale. Gollob was ruthless but Pedersen always gets mentioned. Madsen split Fricke in two in a GP but that is brushed under the carpet
  2. If he does ride I think he will be poor. His confidence looks low. No surprise after the terrible crash and I hope he can come back to full power.
  3. Bewley looks shot to pieces. Hope he can regain his confidence.
  4. I would rather watch paint dry than watch this dross. Has there been a pass in 11 heats ? Cant remember anything worth wathcing after the first bend. Sad to see 3 riders get hurt because of the track.
  5. I wrote too aggressive. That wasn't the quote from Pedersen and cant remember what he said
  6. when Pedersen retires there will be nothing left to talk about if the sports rulers continue to have the bigger meetings on boring tracks. Gustrow was another boring meeting so we are talking about Pedersen
  7. Pedersen was in print saying he was a too aggressive earlier in his career but I can't think of anything he's done in recent times that is worse than other riders. Zmarszik, Lindgren, Doyle have all pulled off moves far worse than Pedersen did. Madsen nearly put Fricke through the fence in a GP semi final but hardly a word said.
  8. I saw a view from behind. There was room but Bellego hit a pile of dirt against the fence which unsettled him. Probably the same view the ref saw which allowed him to make his decision.
  9. 7pm Poland which is 6pm in the UK
  10. Another bland TV meeting with only a couple of really good races. I'm starting to lose interest in the sport. I badly need an exciting meeting to get the season started.
  11. turned left ? that is one thing he didn't do as bellego was on his outside.
  12. need to see that from behind. looked to be enough room EDIT - referee agrees
  13. What with Super Sam do with no straight. he cant use straightaway
  14. Gate 4 looks a graveyard to get to the first corner but we have some passing for 2nd 3rd 4th
  15. Mark

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Krsko was boring in 1980 as it was in 2019. Nothing changes.
  16. Michelsen 100 higher Woryna 100 higher Go hard or knocked out.
  17. 10 good racing tracks are vital. The GP's are the sports biggest advert. Yet the organisers use poor tracks. Use better tracks and give great racing. It will attract fans and sponsors.
  18. thats a big win good pick

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