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  1. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    You are missing the joke of the earlier post.
  2. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Well done Colin 10/10. The showboating rider would crash immediately as the cut out attached to his right hand would be pulled out. That is why a rider can only point to go inside with his left hand.
  3. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Andersen pointing to his partner to go round the inside. Classic showboating. Why do we never see a rider pointing to his partner to ride on the outside ?
  4. Hope this is right, it can't be improved as a 12. Pedersen and Vaculik have won a GP to prove they are very much in the mix. When you have the best 12 someone still has to finish near or at the bottom of that 12. This does not mean a rider should be replaced. If Pedersen had not broken his hand early in the season he would have got the points to be top 8. Same for Vaculik as when fit he scores very well.
  5. I'm not the ref. Rules are far too complicated for me.
  6. That is what Lemon said. Replacement rides do not count, which makes sence
  7. Poor from the Lynn manager to get involved. He should set the example.
  8. Good reserve wins the meeting for Lynn. I prefer the Swedish system with reserves.
  9. Mark

    Torun 2018

    Cook said on BT Sport he will ride again this season. His wrist is not bad and plenty of movement. Another x-ray on Tuesday as early x-ray's not clear.
  10. terrible injuries and a maybe huge mental situation to overcome. hope he can get back to form but it may take some time
  11. I'd love to see you have a go round there.
  12. Jimmy Saville ! Are you some kind of brainless idiot ? Grow up lad. He was a despicable human being, no need to mention him in relation to anyone else as a benchmark.
  13. It makes me laugh when a poster signs his post with a imaginary name. Good work "Chopper".
  14. Lambert will make a fair 2nd string. He's got to get into the top league if he has GP ambitions in 2020
  15. Mark

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    That has disappeared quickly
  16. Lambert must get a top tier spot somewhere
  17. he broke his upper arm, has to be out for months not weeks.
  18. well done to Lambert. feel sad for Rybnik as the ref cost them and so did a puncture.
  19. thanks. Was that the clash with Batchelor ? I didnt think that looked to bad.
  20. who was going in the ambulance. doesn't seem right they show that
  21. Lublin will probably get promoted but I hope Rybnik go up as it's a far better track. Seeing the GP lads round there would be great TV

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