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  1. Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Baaaahhhhhahahaha. Glug Glug Glug!
  2. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Steve, what are you expecting the outcome to be from this?
  3. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    People are still biting......this unbelievable. Stop talking to him and he’ll only have himself to play with.
  4. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Can’t believe people still come on here and bother conversing with someone so obviously spinning a lovely little line. Bite central. Whats the point? Just ignore. Rotten luck for the boys last night. Don’t remember the weather having quite such a disasterous effect on the start of a season, ever.
  5. Swindon Stadium

    I really don’t think we’ve ever been on the slope. IMO we’ve been in the mire since day one. I’ve got the feeling that Osbourne, the developers and the council have been in cahoots all along. Complaints about a stadium already there when you move to the area can/should be dismissed easily. Buying a property with the good faith that the stadium will be moved and separated from the houses accordingly, though, only for those plans to change and the stadium to stay exactly where it is now, adds much more weight to the objections. I can’t really see where you could locate a new track where someone isn’t going to object.
  6. Swindon Stadium

    Is this available to view anywhere?
  7. Swindon Stadium

    Or in other words....it’s all a load of bollocks.
  8. Swindon Stadium

    I think you’re missing the point. We’re not complaining at the propect of a new stadium. If it were clearly a legitimate venture , swindon fans and hopefully the town in general would be bouncing about with anticipation of it being completed. But there’s been so much smoke and mirrors over the last 12(?!) years of this supposed plan (of which remember, didn’t even include the new stadium at all at the start. Osbourne has clearly never had any interest in the stadium being there), you can’t see it ever being a realistic success. The revised plans should be bringing reassurance that this is all going ahead, however, the history of the project, Osbourne being the slimiest, slug of a man over many years now and numerous plot holes in the logic of how the site has been redeveloped, the plans just look like another delaying tactic to enable more land around the site to be swallowed up by houses. The actual plans for the stadium whilst looking nice and modern at a quick glance, are so light on detail and seemingly less than ideal for speedway, you can’t help but feel that even if the council force Osbourne into creating the stadium, it’s going to designed to fail, straight off the bat. A couple of years of complaints from residents and apathy from the public, Osbourne is left with exactly what he wanted in the first place. A stadium that no one really wants on a prime piece of land for house development.
  9. Swindon Stadium

    Osbourne must just be playing the long game on this. He’ll get his way eventually as long as the council are too stupid to realise what he’s doing. All he’s doing is slowly suffocating the appeal for the new stadium. Constant delays and changes to the plan means the space around the stadium is slowly being taken up by housing. As long as that keeps happening he’ll be happy. Keeping the existing stadium where it is and shortening the track means that if he is forced to have to create the new facility, it will be cheap to build and the building probably barely permenant if they are using these fabled prefab blocks. We could see action in the new stadium, but the likely problems with parking and probable complaints coming from the residents will make the stadium’s existence untenable. The facility will be closed and razzed for yet more houses, just what he wanted all along. I should imagine the inconvenience of going through with a half arsed stadium build will be small change compared to the income from eventually developing it for housing. For as long as the new plans for the site have gaping logical holes in them, this is what I think is happening. Osbourne is a complete snake, everyone should know that by now and not trust him as far as you can throw him. The BBC article on Torquay basically confirms it. Trouble is the plight of the robins isn’t a big enough story for the bbc or any national journalism, and the local paper and jounos such a saccharine bunch of press release re-hashers, that there’s no one about to do some proper investigitive journalism on it and ask some awkward questions.
  10. Swindon 2018

    Cheers, Matt. The link you previously sent didn’t open for me for some reason. As I thought. Looks like houses planned to go in the car park pond, then. Hope any prospective residents have a few pairs of wellies with them. Unless Osbourne suddenly, miraculously finds a solution to the “drainage issues”.
  11. Swindon 2018

    When I very first read about the news I initially thought it was cause for cautious optimism. The more questions that pop up though, the more doubts it brings, at this stage. Are the actual new plans anywhere to look at? I’m assuming the old proposed new stadium site that was beset with “drainage issues” will be now used for houses? If so, how does it stop a stadium built on it but not a load of houses? i hold the same mentality as I have for the last 10 years. I’ll only believe it when we’re stood there watching a meeting.
  12. Pay Rates Mystery

    Talk us through your maths on how you get to £250k.
  13. Crikey, First chance Ive had to watch the match fully on the recording today. Was at Blunsdon on Monday, but was on a flight out to Spain for a golfing trip just a few hours later, so had to keep half an eye on updates Wednesday evening before managing to get the resort bar to find BT sports just in time for heat 15. Absolute scenes on our table of swindon lads and plenty of bemused faces everywhere else. 10 bottles of red between us, later, the next mornings early round at la manga south wasnt one for the golfing purist, to put it mildly. Comisserations to wolves, who were as good in the first leg as Swindon were awful. Who knows what would have happened with Fred and Jacob in the team, it could have been a walkover, it could have focussed the robins riders much more, well never know, sadly. I did get the feeling after that first leg though, that the performance from swindon was much like our early season form, where wed look useless for 2/3s of a home meeting, pull it back to something respectable in the last 5 heats, then go and put in a battling performance away by just grinding teams down, heat by heat, until we overhauled them in the end. Unbelievebale that the whole season boiled down to the very final heat, incredible stuff, Id have loved to have been at monmore, god knows how Id have taken the nerves though. Another one in the eye (as if it were needed) for the playoff deniers. Im not sure whether I should be pleased or worried that the play off meetings (that were shown by BT), made British speedway look mildly exciting and remotely competent in the end, when in reality this season has somehow managed to be an even bigger train wreck than seasons before. The BSPA should be doing whatever they can to bottle the tension and excitement (big crowds, close meetings, drama, rather than discussions over the inadequate rules and farcical team lineups), to produce that over the course of the season next year. For those reasons this one isnt nearly as sweet as 2012, but glad we pulled it off all the same. The pass from Morris in heat 13 to put swindon ahead and then the passes by BWD and Bellego in 14, was box office stuff. Just as well the bar I was in wasnt able to find BT in time for me to see those heats in real time, there could have been red wine all over the joint. Well done to the whole swindon camp, from top to bottom, staff and riders, whove made a real go at getting the town buzzing about speedway again in the last 3 months. Just rewards. Hard luck on the Wolves.
  14. Jeeeez. Swindon have managed to forget how to gate.
  15. Like pulling back heat 3 after howarth messed up trying to jump it with us on a heat advantage. Give them another go for Wolves to gate on a 5-1 ref?