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  1. Speedy swindon pete

    21•06•18 - Swindon v King’s Lynn - Premiership

    I thought it was better than average to be honest because there was possibly more than about 3 passes all evening. The racing this season has been absolute toilet in the most part. Decent enough crowd in the sun too. Seeing Lambert looking very quick and exciting in the flesh was great to see. Don’t remember him pulling up any trees particularly at blunsdon before, so was welcome to see him in full flight. Great stuff. its nearly July and there’s absolutely no sign of the stadium “redevelopment”. Have we broken another deadline yet?
  2. Speedy swindon pete

    World Championship Pairs

    Good god I’m glad I haven’t watched this from the very start. Painfully turgid stuff.
  3. Speedy swindon pete

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Most places can get good crowds in on a Monday with a bit of promotion and ticket offer of some sorts. Seen plenty of big crowds at Swindon on a Monday over the years, Wolves have always run on a Monday. So it’s clearly not a case of people just simply not wanting to go out somewhere on a Monday evening. The people are out there, they just need enticing in. I don’t get what goes on in Manchester on a Monday night that keeps everyone away?! To be honest I think there’s too much to compete with most weekends these days, in amongst other sports, shopping, household jobs and socialising. Week days might not get much travelling support but it should be fine for a majority of local supporters, which really is the bread and butter of any club. As orion says, if it was cut and dry case of weekend matches and semi pro riders pulling the fans in each week, National League crowds should be heaving. They simply aren’t.
  4. Speedy swindon pete

    Belle Vue v Swindon 14/5/18 BT Sport

    Bewley’s speed is sensational round there once the track has had a few heats on it. Got to be a super sub in the World Cup of nations champions thingy later in the year, for the second half of the meeting. well done BV. Swindon just a bit short of speed on the big track when it mattered.
  5. Speedy swindon pete

    Belle Vue v Swindon 14/5/18 BT Sport

    This is why I’m perfectly happy being weak in the tail at reserve. It might not work all of the time, but having such a solid top 5, we are a tricky team to kill off. Winning well at home and keeping it tight away at home will be plenty to keep us at the right end of the table this season.
  6. Speedy swindon pete

    Belle Vue v Swindon 14/5/18 BT Sport

    BV Promotion would have the book thrown at them if there was an independent body running the sport, for displaying such a piss poor atmosphere for a televised meeting. Only speedway promotors could be as short sighted to be charging 20 quid plus for seats for a match people could watch at home, worry about their immediate profit margin rather than using as a platform to market the venue and sport. they have a fantastic facility up there in Manchester, but some absolute clowns running the show.
  7. Speedy swindon pete

    Belle Vue v Swindon 14/5/18 BT Sport

    Have you still not learnt that you come out looking like a complete wally most of the time after calling for heads? keep going CR you’ll get one right eventually
  8. Speedy swindon pete

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    SGPs graphics are shocking. Looks like someone’s knocked them up in windows 98 word art and had to blow them up in size to fit the screen so they pixelate terribly. Nearly as incompetent as the ref’s decision to exclude Doyle rather than pawlicki in that early heat. It’s Pawlicki’s job to shut off if he’s got some one on the inside of him and they’re both closing in on the back wheel of Woffinden. They weren’t going to magically disappear. Not having any of this “should have been all 4 back bollocks”.
  9. Speedy swindon pete

    Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Baaaahhhhhahahaha. Glug Glug Glug!
  10. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Steve, what are you expecting the outcome to be from this?
  11. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    People are still biting......this unbelievable. Stop talking to him and he’ll only have himself to play with.
  12. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Can’t believe people still come on here and bother conversing with someone so obviously spinning a lovely little line. Bite central. Whats the point? Just ignore. Rotten luck for the boys last night. Don’t remember the weather having quite such a disasterous effect on the start of a season, ever.
  13. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Stadium

    I really don’t think we’ve ever been on the slope. IMO we’ve been in the mire since day one. I’ve got the feeling that Osbourne, the developers and the council have been in cahoots all along. Complaints about a stadium already there when you move to the area can/should be dismissed easily. Buying a property with the good faith that the stadium will be moved and separated from the houses accordingly, though, only for those plans to change and the stadium to stay exactly where it is now, adds much more weight to the objections. I can’t really see where you could locate a new track where someone isn’t going to object.
  14. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Stadium

    Is this available to view anywhere?
  15. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Stadium

    Or in other words....it’s all a load of bollocks.

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