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  1. Speedy swindon pete

    Are We Seeing The Beginning Of The Demise Of The Tory Party?

    Incredible it’s only now that the Tory cabinet grows a moral backbone. Absolutely fetid, rotten, spineless slugs, the lot of them.
  2. Speedy swindon pete

    A voice of reason?

    RAF Luton parody account hooks another one onto its fly paper for morons.
  3. Speedy swindon pete

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Getting so bored of people excitedly saying that there’s loads of dirt on the track tonight…Tatum prodding about saying it’s really grippy and the riders are going to love it…Only for the racing to be utter toilet. I don’t care what the riders love or the dinosaurs think makes a good racing surface…just dumping a load of dirt on the track doesn’t make for good racing these days. It’s just another example of the people that matter in the sport still thinking it’s the 1950’s, and black leathers and knee deep tracks are where the real entertainment is. Turgid stuff.
  4. Speedy swindon pete

    9/11 20yrs On

    You really think someone saying they don’t have any black or gay friends instantly gets labelled racist/homophobic do you?
  5. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Robins 2020

    What a glum day. On one hand it’s no surprise to learn of teams struggling to make plans for ‘21 with everything so uncertain still and deciding not to risk it. On the other it is somewhat of a surprise to me that Swindon have taken the decision themselves with the rest of the league still hoping to run this year. The stadium situation has been nearly 15 years in the making now though. All the false hopes of each previous announcement only make you more certain that the new stadium will never appear. I’ve said for a while that I thought the best hope of keeping speedway at Blunsdon is for crowds to keep turning up in good numbers, keeping the club in the local eye and as a tangible asset to the town and its people, rather than it just withering away and the community seeing it as something that should be put out of its misery. COVID has given Osbourne the perfect scenario to quietly shake the club off the site. Even if no building work on the site happens in the next 12 months, you can easily imagine the stadium being written off as unsuitable for use at scale after being sat empty for two years. Gives Osbourne the chance to show he’s not the the ghoulish, deceitful, slimebag some of us might think of him as based on previous form though, if a new stadium were to somehow emerge. I won’t be putting much money on it myself though. Even if against the odds, the robins do take to track in 2022, you wonder just what will be left of other clubs by then. Hard to feel much positivity about the sport at the moment.
  6. Speedy swindon pete

    'the Donald' Trump

    LAW & ORDER!!!
  7. Speedy swindon pete

    'the Donald' Trump

    Have Dean and BP been briefing republican congress candidates? One of their more coherent arguments.
  8. Speedy swindon pete

    Jason Garrity

    Could tell he was a wrong‘un the moment he rode through Daryl Ritchings at Blunsdon years ago.
  9. Speedy swindon pete

    'the Donald' Trump

    BP think? Good luck with that one.
  10. Speedy swindon pete

    BLM Uk protest marches

    It’s hard to follow exactly but it seems the watershed moment that really kicked this all off was a bloke writing for BBC music magazine saying (in his opinion) it was time to drop LoHaG, etc, and cited recent events and BLM among the reasons for that. Crucially and confusingly, this BBC Music publication isn’t even made by the BBC, its made by a different (non bbc) publishing company. So you’ve got one bloke not in any way employed by the BBC, writing a column for something with BBC in the title, projecting their own opinions onto BLM. Again, important point that this was projected on to BLM rather than it being a significant call by BLM themselves. The Daily Mail then manages to get wind of this column and (no doubt gleefully) rehashes it into a shock story about the proms dropping these songs, blissfully ignoring the fact that this one person isn’t employed by the BBC at all, instead implying he was a BBC columnist citing BLM as reason to drop the songs. Light the blue touch paper and retire. You’ve got a story that reads “BBC wants to drop LoHaG because it doesn’t want to offend BLM”, and everyone wants their say on it. Brucey bonus with managing to get some BBC bashing in there along with BLM too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8509685/Calls-Rule-Britannia-banned-Night-Proms.html Its hilarious how easily some are triggered when it comes to “lefty woke” opinions. You could quite literally have a couple of people (or just one in this case) giving their opinion on something, and you get accusations from snowflake-patriots claiming that they are sick of such views “being rammed down their throats”, as per rentaquote brexit MP in the mail story above. I don’t go around complaining about getting the views of cretins like Rod Liddle and Richard Littlejohn rammed down my throat...because I don’t actively go about looking for them. I might come across them from time to time, but I acknowledge that they are opinions from one person (or sometimes a select group), that I don’t happen to agree with. They are views and opinions. Take them or leave them, laugh, ridicule, whatever. These are for the large part relatively trivial subjects in the grand scheme of things, but sections of society seem to manage to lose all perspective of this, instead melodramatically insisting that the world has gone to the dogs and you can’t move for fear of offending everyone. There are subjects that do transcend this (such as party politics, brexit, etc) and have more majoratitive views because they do have more serious ramifications. But ultimately here...we’re talking about the names of bedrooms and a couple of jolly dittys played at an annual event. It’s not exactly G7 stuff is it. Which brings us back to my main point that started this all off. A couple of estate agents not referring to the main bedroom in a house as a “master bedroom” is not “proof” that we’re pandering and screwed as a society. Get a grip for Christ sake.
  11. Speedy swindon pete

    BLM Uk protest marches

    It isn’t. It really isn’t. Just read the article instead of only reading the headline and (wrongly) assuming it means “this country is pandering and well and truest screwed”. For a starter it wasn’t even written in or about “this country’. In the article they pose the question whether using the term master bedroom is appropriate, say “many’ think there’s reason to move away from it (without constituting exactly what “many” is) and get the view from some industry insiders. A couple say it might be time to change the language, a few others say that it’s just a word to describe a room and it doesn’t matter. It’s a poorly written piece, no doubt, but it clearly doesn’t say (as you seem to believe) that there is now some sort of national or global call to ban the term “master bedroom” on grounds of racism. Let me guess, you found this shared in a kind of anti-woke circle jerk on Facebook or twitter? Funny thing about the this lot is that they really have to work hard to find something to get into a froth about and turn into proof that the world is turning to rubbish because we’re pandering to snowflakes. Unfortunately the media knows that this kind of stuff is great clickbait, so can take a fairly minor and baseless claim, spin a story out of nothing and then stick a headline on it that will make people take notice. Sure enough the usual types are falling over themselves before long, sharing the story whilst using it as further proof that “the world’s gone PC mad again”. In reality it’s just a tiny story/incident/whatever that has absolutely no meaningful affect on a vast amount of people. It was the same with the proms debacle. The BBC wasn’t planning on axing songs on grounds of racism. Yet a story was manufactured to make it look so and everyone lost their minds over it. The same people fall for it every time. Professionally outraged of the professionally outraged.
  12. Speedy swindon pete

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Shame BluPanther has gone all shy on me. “Alarmists and fear mongers are manually challenged”. One of the greatest self-owns in BSF history. Shows just how much self-awareness some on here have.
  13. Speedy swindon pete

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I’m awaiting the “Zzzzzzzz...” response.
  14. Speedy swindon pete

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Is this an accusation or an admission?
  15. Speedy swindon pete

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Do tell....what would you consider your anti-vax, pseudo science, twitter dredgings, then? Alarmist, fear mongering? Ring any bells?

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