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  1. Pay Rates Mystery

    Talk us through your maths on how you get to £250k.
  2. Crikey, First chance Ive had to watch the match fully on the recording today. Was at Blunsdon on Monday, but was on a flight out to Spain for a golfing trip just a few hours later, so had to keep half an eye on updates Wednesday evening before managing to get the resort bar to find BT sports just in time for heat 15. Absolute scenes on our table of swindon lads and plenty of bemused faces everywhere else. 10 bottles of red between us, later, the next mornings early round at la manga south wasnt one for the golfing purist, to put it mildly. Comisserations to wolves, who were as good in the first leg as Swindon were awful. Who knows what would have happened with Fred and Jacob in the team, it could have been a walkover, it could have focussed the robins riders much more, well never know, sadly. I did get the feeling after that first leg though, that the performance from swindon was much like our early season form, where wed look useless for 2/3s of a home meeting, pull it back to something respectable in the last 5 heats, then go and put in a battling performance away by just grinding teams down, heat by heat, until we overhauled them in the end. Unbelievebale that the whole season boiled down to the very final heat, incredible stuff, Id have loved to have been at monmore, god knows how Id have taken the nerves though. Another one in the eye (as if it were needed) for the playoff deniers. Im not sure whether I should be pleased or worried that the play off meetings (that were shown by BT), made British speedway look mildly exciting and remotely competent in the end, when in reality this season has somehow managed to be an even bigger train wreck than seasons before. The BSPA should be doing whatever they can to bottle the tension and excitement (big crowds, close meetings, drama, rather than discussions over the inadequate rules and farcical team lineups), to produce that over the course of the season next year. For those reasons this one isnt nearly as sweet as 2012, but glad we pulled it off all the same. The pass from Morris in heat 13 to put swindon ahead and then the passes by BWD and Bellego in 14, was box office stuff. Just as well the bar I was in wasnt able to find BT in time for me to see those heats in real time, there could have been red wine all over the joint. Well done to the whole swindon camp, from top to bottom, staff and riders, whove made a real go at getting the town buzzing about speedway again in the last 3 months. Just rewards. Hard luck on the Wolves.
  3. Jeeeez. Swindon have managed to forget how to gate.
  4. Like pulling back heat 3 after howarth messed up trying to jump it with us on a heat advantage. Give them another go for Wolves to gate on a 5-1 ref?
  5. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    It’s not even that he’s got the quickest reactions either, he jumps with everyone else but just manages to drive the bike forward with maximum traction and minimum fuss. He was electric in the BV KOC match and wondered if that was just a one off. Clearly not. As you say, if he could bottle that talent, he’d be a popular lad.
  6. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Fair play to the pirates for being there to make things very uncomfortable for the robins at points. Fact is though, even with Swindon chucking countless points away, it was still a comfortable aggregate win (in the end). Swindon just had too much class in the end, as expected in the last few heats, and with BWD absolutely electric from the gate. He wasn’t quick but with the track as tricky as it was, he didn’t need to be. Fair play to Liam Carr too. Absolute demon gater. Would have been interesting to see how he would have got on with keeping Kurtz and Hilder behind him in his solo heat, even a second place would have brought the house down. Definitely worth having in the final. Could be a very tight final next week. It looked hard work tonight, but with more suitable conditions for a Ellis and French Dave, that top 5 is very classy. Hope they’re a cracking couple of meetings whatever the result.
  7. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Glug Glug Glug
  8. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Never in doubt 😳
  9. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    This is why the playoffs are here to stay. Largely guff racing but plenty of drama and tension....too much tension..
  10. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Ugh. Doors suddenly opening for Poole?
  11. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Thanks for making my point for me.
  12. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    What its the start marshals job to stop the race after an unsatisfactory start? Have a word. Hans always pulls back after the marshal looks away. The red is the one able to see across the line and should be laying the law. National league rider looking out of depth in the top league? Whod have thought. Lad can gate though.
  13. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Hans in unnoticed roller shocker. I say it every week. Where do they get these idiot refs from?
  14. Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    Thats even before we start considering the amount of restarts well have for moving at the start. At least its not going to be a cold one...hopefully. Swindon should have too much class in the top 5 and tail end of the meeting for the plucky pirates in the end. The reserves and track could have a reasonable impact though to make it a bit uncomfortable. I just hope we dont start off having a nightmare couple of first heats and struggle to regain our composure.
  15. Swindon - Belle Vue Koc 1st Leg 14.9.17

    You've lost me starman. The results are going swindon's way, generally, and the ref is still incompetent. For both sides.