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  1. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    The camera work is vomit inducing. Just zoom out far enough to be able to follow the main battles in the same shot instead of trying to zoom right in using a Sony handicap on a 5 quid tripod. It’s not that hard.
  2. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    Batch didn’t get the praise he deserved for his max in the last home match. He was absolutely electric, and he’s doing exactly the same again tonight. Very impressive.
  3. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    Track got better later in the evening and after some further attention, there was even a couple of good races. Still not good enough though. All it boils down to is whether that was worth nearly 20 quid (plus a cuppa and a choccy bar) of my hard earned? Answer is no. Sort it out, please. All the more annoying that the track has shown signs of being good (the first two meetings when it was slicker were much better than the last couple with more dirt on) and it probably cost us a win tonight as a couple of the lads were clearly spooked by the state of the track mid meeting.
  4. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    And your point is?
  5. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon v Poole - Premiership - Mon 27th May - 19:30

    1st bend very hard work. At least they’re trying to do something about it. No guarantees it’ll do much though. And the racing and product suffer again. hopefully blading some dirt out wide will make a wider line to avoid the bumps.
  6. I say it all the time, but what is the point in having referees if they can’t administer the most basic of rules? The only excuse the ref would have for missing that start is because they are completely blind or they simply weren’t watching and paying attention. How bloody hard is it? It wouldn’t be so bad if the ref hadn’t pulled a couple of identical starts to that back earlier in the meeting. If you can’t be right, at least be consistent...but seemingly even that is too difficult for some refs these days. I’d like to think the videos of meetings are used to review a referee’s performance to check they are fit for purpose? Or is it more a case of once you’ve got the job, you’re in no matter how senile you get? Trouble for the SCB, having performance reviews would likely mean that we’d suddenly have barely any refs left to run the leagues!
  7. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon 2019

    So after all the hand-wringing and gleeful doom-mongering from people only taking a passing interest in what has been going on with the Abbey Stadium saga, believe it or not the opening night on the modified track went pretty well. Not that that would be of much interest to some of the idiots on here. Firts half of the meeting might as well have been on the old track it was so dull, but in the 2nd half the racing got better and better. Crucially, there were no signs of it cutting up or becoming tricky to ride at all. Credit to Ron Russell and everyone else for putting in the hours to get it ready, especially as it sounds like Tuesday’s test didn’t quite go to plan. Particularly pleasing to see it go well in front of a huge crowd. Proof that there are still plenty of people out there who want to come out and pay to watch speedway. Hopefully some of the more casual attendees last night were sent home happy after watching a great few last heats racing, a tight score line and a tense finish, and are planning to come again soon based on the evenings entertainment. Thankfully this forum barely represents 1% of most speedway crowds. Reading some comments on here you’d think everyone would be avoiding the meeting for fear that the track would be unridable, and those that did attend would have been sent home disappointed after watching another National Stadium disaster unfold. Thankfully most attendees don’t think like that, they just want to turn up and watch some blokes bang handlebars for 4 laps at a time with a close score line and hopefully a home win. It’s not that complicated. The big crowd did create its own problems with getting in which the promotion really need to sort out. The car park was full by 10 past 7 (not a lot they can do about that admittedly), but the queues for the turnstiles were huge, with only two of them open, and there was no signage (that I could see) saying where people should go. I assumed as with previous years, pre booked tickets should go through the cabin at the top, but that apparently wasn’t the case, and it was being used as a normal turnstile, which I assume everyone queuing up for the main turnstiles didn’t realise. They were also telling everyone in the queues that they would be delaying the meeting by a few minutes to get everyone in, only for the tapes to go up 30 seconds later. Thankfully it sounds like Lampart got a late memo about the situation and decided to lay the bike down to buy everyone another 5 minutes. That aside though it was a decent evening. It shows that with some decent weather, the crowds are still there and not everyone has been put off by the daft rules or politics of the sport, we just need to try and make them come back as often as possible. Again, it backs up my theory that as long as the club is running with healthy attendances, it’s much harder for Osbourne to come up with excuses for not sorting the stadium out and trying to get rid of us completely. Well done to the club for getting the meeting on with their hands effectively tied behind their back until the very last minute.
  8. Glug Glug Glug
  9. Speedy swindon pete

    PSC • Swindon Robins v Poole Pirates • 18/04

    Welcome to the internet.
  10. Speedy swindon pete

    PSC • Swindon Robins v Poole Pirates • 18/04

    The existing lighting posts around the old parts of the track are exactly the same distance from the fence and have been there for decades. The fence is about 7 foot high also. believe it or not, people who have run a track for years and years are perfectly capable of making modifications to a track without having to consult with a bloke on the Internet first.
  11. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Stadium

    I’m convinced someone was employed by Osbourne to keep topping up that puddle in the car park that was there whilst that story was being peddled.
  12. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon Stadium

    This is what I’d assumed about these track changes, the club needed to push on with things and change the track layout to try and rejuvenate the project a bit. The old track certainly wasn’t fit for purpose any more and the entertainment value had gone through the floor. If the club can keep going with healthy enough attendances and general support, it makes it harder for the council to say that the site needs to be put out of its misery because only a couple of hundred of people are turning up a week and no one cares any more. I’m almost certain thats what would have happened with the old track and was Osbourne’s plan to bleed any support for the speedway dry. Hopefully with a better track and a competitive team, attendances and support will stay healthy....it’s then up to Osbourne and his cronies to fulfil their side of the bargain and put some sort of new stadium. If not, the elephant in the room over osbourne and this mythical stadium just keeps getting bigger. Sadly I think the club and council are still ultimately just being strung along though. I don’t know why Geoff58 is sounding off as if he’s just uncovered some inside scoop.....we’ve known all this for years mate... it doesn’t need rubbing in any more.
  13. Speedy swindon pete

    Swindon 2019

    Forgot all about this until now, but was at stanton house hotel last Thursday evening...saw a posh white Merc in the car park with a number plate along the lines of “K BJR3” (or something like that). Probably just a coincidence and didn’t think much of it until I remembered blunsdon is just down the road. Proper, old school rumour mill stuff, that.
  14. Speedy swindon pete

    Poole Vs Someset Play off semi Final 2nd Leg 01/10/18

    Bomber spares the ref’s blushes. What a ride. Doyle asleep at the handlebars. Somerset robbed by having Holder hooked off his bike, hard luck for them but well done to Poole for just about making the most of it.
  15. Speedy swindon pete

    Poole Vs Someset Play off semi Final 2nd Leg 01/10/18

    Oh my word. Refs in this sport are absolute donkeys. A massive majority of them are stealing a living. If you can’t see that was a perfect start you don’t deserve to be in charge of a meeting.

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