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  1. lisa-colette

    AGM November 2018

    Poole couldn't do that as last time I looked greyhounds had all those days. Edit - looks like they've changed the Friday for a Tuesday! So potentially Poole could do a Friday. Would actually suit me better too, no after school activities that day!
  2. lisa-colette

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I thought there were some photos on Twitter from the night, but I kinda just scrolled past without taking much interest
  3. Agreed, also got lucky that Harris couldn't sign for Somerset and Klindt was very close to signing for Leicester before we got him.
  4. Where have I ever said you haven't missed MPT, you don't half make some rubbish up sometimes.
  5. My mum was asking me yesterday how on earth a rider can ride for both teams in a final. Yep even a non speedway fan thinks it's ridiculous!
  6. Hahaha!! Think what you like but I would have congratulated the other way round.
  7. lisa-colette

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    Have they built some actual toilets yet??!
  8. What a surprise, KL and other clubs fans start talking about Poole and we get the blame for replying!
  9. So in other words 'I'm still bitter and can't take it..' Plus we were 8 up when we actually won, H15 didn't mean anything!
  10. Unbelievable! You want someone banned for an accident, not like he just completely rode into him. From the side and back angle it looks 50/50. What if MPT didn't get injured? Would you still want Jakobsen banned? Or is it purely based on if someone picks up an injury, not actually the incident?
  11. Doubt it. With the H12 contravsory at Poole, he wouldn't be able to help himself!
  12. lisa-colette

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    Why don't you lot stop talking to him. Having the last word isn't everything! Now someone mentioned Leicester going down? Surely the league can't continue with just 6 teams?
  13. lisa-colette

    AGM November 2018

    A lot of talk on Twitter about not having a points limit. If they did that would that mean we would have to use squads? If not how would it even work??
  14. lisa-colette

    whats going on with Chris Holder this year?

    But it seems to be getting better recently, so hopefully it's turned a corner now.
  15. The playoffs are to decide who wins the league. If you want top to have a trophy then don't have the playoffs.

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