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  1. TheScotsman

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sounds like time to listen to the head rather than the heart. Sad though that may be.
  2. TheScotsman

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    That would be taking farce to new levels.
  3. TheScotsman

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Actually - looking at the averages on the SGB site, there were only 2 riders currently in Prem teams who come under Nathan's average - Kyle Bickley and Jake Mulford.
  4. TheScotsman

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    29th September I believe.
  5. TheScotsman

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Knee injury (again). I assume a recurrence of the problems when he dislocated it a couple of months ago on't telly.
  6. TheScotsman

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Looks like Tom Woolley for Monarchs in for Nathan Greaves. No disrespect but that's not a great replacement when already using R/R for Anders Rowe. So he will have to take 4 rides and Drew Kemp 7, unless we have to use a TS which could cut him down to 3 rides. And Birmingham with R/R for James Shanes certainly strengthens then. Looking like a big hill to climb - hope the track is in good nick.
  7. TheScotsman

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Much prefer Mike Hunter and Graham Muncie on commentary.
  8. Oh for goodness sake. A tough night just got a fair bit tougher.
  9. TheScotsman

    British Final 2021

    I think you'll find Sam Masters' (and maybe Craig Cook's - I can't remember) contracts are owned by Edinburgh and therefore they are only doubling up in the Prem. Loan fees are paid accordingly.
  10. TheScotsman

    British Final 2021

    But a number of the riders are Champ riders doubling up, e.g. Cook. And of course Edinburgh's Sam Masters is 2nd in the Prem averages (to Jack Holder) and he doubles up (though not eligible for the British Final).
  11. Ellis is not that good average-wise!
  12. TheScotsman

    Newcastle v Glasgow (Champ) 15/08/21 1830 hours

    Lots of Lols to our weegie friends tonight.
  13. TheScotsman

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    Thanks. That's quite generous really.
  14. TheScotsman

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    What's the facility for a covid victim who hasn't yet raced for his team and is the replacement for a rider who never made to this country? (And was the new replacement, a replacement for a replacement?)
  15. TheScotsman

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Why would the streaming be free? Edinburgh and Glasgow charge just under £12 a meeting. And it is only available outside a specified distance from the track. (At least Edinburgh work it this way - 25 miles?)

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