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  1. TheScotsman

    Goodbye and thank you for the memories (for now!)

    Well it looks like Bustit has managed it. He's killed off my interest in speedway and I doubt I'll be watching any next year other than maybe the occasional few races on't telly. My lads won't be visiting the area any more so farewell P'bro, Ippo, Dry House and Lakeside - it was good knowing you. Yes I could go to one of his residences nearby at Lynn but no thanks I don't want to give him my hard earned shekels.
  2. TheScotsman

    Ipswich 2019

    Deary Deary me.
  3. TheScotsman

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    6 figure losses every season - crikey. Not gonna be dragged kicking and screaming into the highest league in the land then. A blow to the BSPA head honchos?
  4. TheScotsman

    2nd leg play off final

    Errr the 2014 winners of all three.
  5. TheScotsman

    Glasgow 2018

    What a silly post.
  6. TheScotsman

    Ipswich 2019

    Try this - http://m.speedweek.com/speedway-racing/news/134369/Mark-Riss-Dieses-Zigeunerleben-passt-mir-nicht.html#.W8XApwnsvbE.facebook Might need a bit of translation but kind of reads that he might be thinking about packaging it in. Great shame if he does.
  7. TheScotsman

    Ipswich 2019

    Sounds like a possibility Mark might not be back in 2019.
  8. Didn't think they had track lighting at Fox Holes!
  9. Not very good result for us. Well done Worky.
  10. Deary me - vino collapso - but without the vino. Be time to pack up soon unless all the fingers get pulled out. Never liked speedway in October anyway!
  11. Another? He top scored with double figures (paid) on both his previous visits this season.
  12. TheScotsman

    Massif thank you

    Ippo are running next season then? 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 home meetings? And the tm of the year still around? And the "it's my track" track man? Noticed he put water down regularly at Mildenhall the Sunday before last - even when the blue groove came out to play. Hope CL sticks around though. Dump the rest.
  13. TheScotsman

    Massif thank you

    Get a psychic to change the polarisation on the trophy and then give it to young Kemp and get rid of the rest. Failing that give it to Hawkins.
  14. Bad week at the office. Well done to the Banditos.
  15. TheScotsman

    Lakeside v Glasgow Friday 14th

    Ok - the unmotivated tiggers excluding monarchs asset Craig Cook.

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