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  1. So am I reading this right that the Peterbourgh promotion let Lakeside replace a rider that last visit scored zero , with a rider that last visit scored 9. Junior
  2. Broken femurs are a 12 month injury unless your prepared to take the huge risk of riding with the pin in your leg, was looking forward to seeing him ride in Aus, get well soon matey. junior
  3. junior fan

    Scorpions v Ipswich 24.08.18 SGBC

    Put that one in the running for stupidest comment of the year. Junior
  4. Top three in a state titles is what is required, and yes to the best of my knowledge the aussies involved have not yet achieved this. Junior
  5. junior fan

    Edinburgh 2018

    Lol read what i said mate and think about it, ive sacked you but when and if we want you come to back and ride for us,we will let you know, just take a few months off till we need you again.. Will need to ask Chop or Rob if he was even going back there. Junior
  6. junior fan

    Edinburgh 2018

    Always makes me laugh when supporters say , hope he comes back next year and rides for our club, why the hell would they when they have just been sacked by them, i hope they say f u and go on to better things at another club like Etheridge has done, Junior
  7. junior fan

    modern track prep

    Absolute bollocks, do you know any riders, do you speak to any riders, they hate dry slick tracks, lack of suitable equipment is the problem from what ive seen and been told. How many tracks have proper push graders, not ones pulled along behind a tractor, from the footage ive seen i would say Belle Vue do. Junior
  8. junior fan

    Edinburgh 2018

    Would Clegg have fitted , good for some points at home. Junior
  9. junior fan

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Lol , love it you put your nose in to stir rubbishe , then are made to look like a complete Pratt because they sent it to the wrong address, lol, couldn't make it up. The penny should of dropped when the wrong address used didn't have a post code. Junior
  10. junior fan

    Redcar 2018

    Geez do you ever stop moaning, you must be a joy to live with. junior
  11. junior fan

    KOC Rye House - Swindon 23.5.18

    Not quiet the same scores but you never know. http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/16083/rye-house-berwick-plkoc-2016 Junior
  12. One question , why isnt Garrity in the top league over in the UK, seems from results hes good enough. Junior
  13. junior fan

    Glasgow 2018

    Don't know mate, I don't know the kid or his family , that's why you won't find me slinging rubbish at riders, everyone has differesnt rubbish going on in there lives. Junior
  14. junior fan

    Glasgow 2018

    You really are just a flog, you don't know the kids personal issues , I suggest you just keep your big trap shut. Perhaps he's completely the opposite and if he has a kid on the way he's honoring his commitment and getting a real job or wants to be there as a father, speedway after all is only a sport. Junior

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