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  1. P T Preece

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    The young lads would have loved this, another stupid decision by the BSPA.
  2. Anybody know what happens if we get a rain off, will it be re-staged at the Leicester track or moved somewhere else as last year, what with the rubbish weather we are getting at the moment its a tad worrying.
  3. P T Preece

    Buxton v Birmingham 21st October

    A well run meeting in spite of the constant drizzle, well prepared track. They rushed it along and kept the action going, some good racing as well, really enjoyed the afternoon. Buxton should be proud of this one, well done to the track staff, it must have been cold out there, it was nice and warm in the car. Both teams rode well. Its good to now and again come away with a good feeling, some of the other places Ive been this season could learn a lot from the home of the Hitmen. Well done guys.
  4. Not much of a meeting, late start, rubbish ref and not a lot of action and considering a lot of the people last saw a 3tt back in the 80s, a lot of people were having trouble filling in the programme. Some sort of information sheet would have helped and why put the reserve races in the meeting if they didnt count towards the meeting. Don't want another one of theses next season.
  5. P T Preece

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

    It looked like Tom was trying to get off his bike, so I think the throttle was stuck, the bike hit the fence at a rapid rate and left him landing on his back.
  6. P T Preece

    Coventry v Birmingham & Stoke 9-9-18

    how anybody can go and watch speedway on track week in an week out amazes me, boring isn't the word, slow running, hardly any Bees supporters, counted 17 in the stand we were in. the track was patchy and unsafe, I was going to the NLRC but you can forget sooner watch EastEnders.
  7. P T Preece

    Coventry v Birmingham

    oh well, maybe in September now.
  8. P T Preece

    Coventry v Birmingham

    Thanks, I'm in Solihull and its pouring down at the moment, Its been a while since we had one of these days. Bring back the sunshine.
  9. P T Preece

    Coventry v Birmingham

    Anybody in the area know what the weather is doing over there?
  10. P T Preece

    Ben Fund

    Not been on for a while, the sport has lost some of its attraction, I was really looking forward to going to this event, good line up, decent time to start so its not too cold and hoping to be home for 7pm. The season hasn't even started and I have lost two meeting already, due to the farce of losing the Coventry vs Birmingham fixture as well. The usual excuse beyond our control, surely they signed a contract with the showground. dear, dear, dear here we go again another nail in the coffin.
  11. thanks Ghostwalker, Im going up early to Manchester so that's no good to me, wont be in a position to print one off, thanks anyway.
  12. anybody know whwere you can get a race card for this meeting, dont fancy stumpimg up silly money for something thats just going to gather dust in my loft. thanks in advance.
  13. I see they are doing this daft thing when they don't put the teams in order on the web site, they must think people are stupid all you have to do is a take a a blank sheet of paper and fill it in when they announce the teams at the start.
  14. P T Preece

    Buxton V Kings Lynn

    My interest in speedway has taken a knock this season, had a couple of silly incidents and the lack of meeting for the brummies hasn't helped my watching so there has been a lot less meetings for me to go to and enjoy. That all changed at Buxton on sunday, I went but wasn't going expecting to enjoy it but this is what speedway is all about for me a well run meeting, that keeps the action going and a close finish at the end, the riders giving there all and no messing about, a very enjoyable incident free meeting that started at 3pm and finished at 4.15, well done to all concerned I just wish you had one next sunday. The only problem you have is you have to get those toilets sorted out, hopefully next season that will be a thing of the past. Thank you very much for restoring my faith in speedway, lets hope it carries on when I go to Coventry on sunday.

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