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  1. Triple.H.

    Jason Garrity

    You've answered your own question. If you took a drug that made you more relaxed you would be more likely to go for the ever decreasing gap.
  2. Triple.H.

    The Smell

    Steve i don't know if its ever crossed your mind but having read about your family history with Ivan Mauger, then your own riding career followed by your photography career, would. if you can put it into words or find a suitable ghost writer make a good book or series in the Speedway Star during the winter. Youv'e experienced the sport from near enough every angle.
  3. Not filming Indoor League in the Hull Studios
  4. Very Very Narrow and once the sun set it made Swindon after sun set seem like the Caribbean
  5. Completely agree with the looking for your partner.issue But 6 rider races at Pardubice aren't a problem due to the size of the track. They could easily have 8 at the tapes and at a push 10. Though 8 and 10 would be loads of first bend bunching incidents. Be interesting to see how many current and former British tracks that would fit onto the centre green at Pardubice . Bet there's not many that would encroach on the track
  6. Someone shouted Plymouth and hasn't been seen since
  7. Past his best and joining a team who are National League North at best
  8. Triple.H.

    SON 2020

    Get Brian Leonard out there
  9. I didn't think you were one for idle gossip
  10. Triple.H.

    You Again?

    Please Please Pretty Please Did Wyer the Flyer give him a headstart and then smoke him like a kipper/Danish bacon
  11. Julia Bradbury interviewing Ryan Sullivan in a swimming pool was go and get yourselves a room TV
  12. Triple.H.


    Daft Idea warning Maybe when a subscription is up for renewal offer a free 2 week trial of the online edition, to give an opportunity for the subscriber to take a look and see if they would prefer to renew with the online option instead of print.

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