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  1. Triple.H.

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Didn't Len Silver keep an NL team running every season while Rye House rode at CL level ? He's a great believer in bringing through the youth and some of them developing and moving into the Clubs team racing at a higher level. It seems to work his riders stay loyal to him Also promotes the team ethic which so many of us moan about where riders change teams every season
  2. Triple.H.

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Did you miss out on your Geography lessons at school. Kings Lynn In the south ? You need a new pair of Clark's Commando's
  3. Triple.H.

    Team GB

    Probably can't ride as England in case the public mix us up with Georgia who may well, but are highly unlikely too, have a larger talent pool to pick from
  4. Triple.H.

    gp challenge 2020

    Like I've said before GP Challenge day after the final GP at the same track Or even the following Saturday. I'm sure plenty of tracks would love to run it Bottom 8 GP riders plus 8 challengers. Nobody is in the comfort zone of knowing with 4-5 rounds to go that they're already in for next season.
  5. Triple.H.

    Canterbury Crusaders

    With the benefit of hindsight I would willingly pay twice the entrance fee at just about any track just to see Les Collins even on an average day by his usual standards. As long as he missed the gate of course
  6. Triple.H.

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020 tickets

    Maybe having a Polish World Champion is encouraging Poles who don't normally attend Speedway to go and take in a live meeting.
  7. Triple.H.

    Tommy Knudsen

    The Referee warning them for doing so, think it was a certain Mr Ebdon
  8. Triple.H.


    My local Tesco superstore in Oxford stocks it.
  9. Triple.H.

    Well done the S.C.B.

    Maybe Cooke' s appalling fine was based as a percentage of the appalling pay rate offered by the promoters of the sport for riding in a National Event
  10. Triple.H.

    2020 Wildcards

    But due to his current circumstances, which could change for better or worst fairly quickly. Surely they should give him a date to declare that he will take his place so if he cannot commit to a full season another rider can be called in for a permanent slot.
  11. David Shields Oxford Cheetahs
  12. Triple.H.

    2020 Wildcards

    Get Ronnie P out of retirement and give him a Wildcard he makes his brother look like a Saint
  13. Triple.H.

    Swindon 2020

    I think a lot of them who are only going to do Poland and GPs may start looking for another gig when they find their race sharpness isn't quite upto scratch. You can do lap after lap in practice and be fitter than a butcher's dog, but it's not racing and racing is what keeps you switched on. As for TW it's a bit presumptuous to drop Sweden when he's not even guaranteed a GP spot next year. I know it's a high probability and there would probably be uproar, but what would he do if he didn't get one ?
  14. Triple.H.

    Torun 2019..

    Said that to my mates in the pub
  15. Why doesn't a promotor phone Berwick and say can we hire your track covers. I know it would mean a bit of forward thinking but stranger things have happened. Admittedly it wouldn't have helped tonight, but if rain was forecast in the days leading upto the meeting and day of meeting was forecast to be dry they could help getting it on.

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