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  1. Let's hope the weather forecasters have it correct about the duration of this heatwave. Otherwise I'm going to look a right plonker if i have to wear my shorts and wellies
  2. My band offered to play but the stadium owners said it would be a danger if everyone went to the bar at the same time.
  3. 22 riders 15 Laps with a Le Mans start Winning team riders have to finish in consecutive positions but not 21st and 22nd
  4. Triple.H.

    KENT 2019

    Did i say they weren't ?
  5. Triple.H.

    KENT 2019

    I doubt if there's a problem regarding pay. Len Silver is old school. Why historically have so many riders stuck with his various teams.
  6. The way the sport is promoted in this country i doubt if there will be many riders of the calibre of the Polish league riding here soon Probably in their eyes more cost effective to be owed £2-3K per meeting by your Polish club than £500-£750 by your British one
  7. Why not have a festival of speedway at the NSS next season over August BH weekend NLRC Friday CLRC Saturday PLRC Sunday
  8. If you had it the day after the final GP. 9 -15 from the GP plus the top 9 from the qualifiers. Winner takes all. Well top 3
  9. Maybe now that plan B has worked the shackles are off so they're riding with less pressure. They've both been pretty under par all season but all of a sudden they now ride to their ability
  10. I predict on the Sunday after the GP people will be moaning about bag searches at Cardiff. They take no notice of the Please don't big a bag other than a small handbag type pleas. Then moan about the searches and time taken to get through them. I've been to many big events over the years and the amount of people of every sex who feel the need to take a rucksack that a Royal Marine would struggle to carry and then moan about being stopped searched and delayed is phenomonal
  11. If you're a GP rider and doing the qualifiers as your plan B . you'd still be doing your best to get a top 8 place till the end of the final GP as you wouldn't know you already had a place for next season.
  12. Didn't it always used to be after the last GP. Also if a rider wanted to go on his holidays before the end of the season he'd soon change his mind if he wanted the opportunity to continue as a GP rider or become one if he wasnt
  13. GP Challenge final shouldn't be till after the last GP. Maybe have it at the same track as the final GP but the day after. Ideal for TV coverage
  14. Being a British rider and the Reigning National Champion to boot. I would expect Charles Wright to be at practice
  15. You'll love next season when those two mediocre riders sign for the mediocre Pirates.

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