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  1. Triple.H.

    Good luck Robbo

    IMO he deserves a Farewell/Testimonial meeting.
  2. Triple.H.

    Where is SCB

    The way the sports going in this country. the forum might be down to only two sections SGP/SWC Years Gone By
  3. Triple.H.

    Oxford Speedway Books

    Just ordered them also noticed that theres a fair few books about those pesky Robins down the A420 and a book about Gordon Byers too
  4. Pity it's not at Gustrow
  5. Triple.H.

    Oxford Speedway Books

    AhHa i instantly recognise the site address Thanks Steve
  6. Triple.H.

    Oxford Speedway Books

    Steve Have you got the link for buying them please I actually saw them advertised and emailed the link to myself but somehow deleted it all.
  7. I just picked a team.
  8. Maybe when riders sign a contract to ride for a club it should stipulate what dates they must be available to ride. Say for instance it's one big league next year and it has 16 teams. BSPA decide now that the final will be held at Buxton on September 8th 2019. If you cannot be available on that date then you don't get a licence if you're a rider who needs a visa you don't get a visa.
  9. i have always said if the track looks a little tricky, every rider should go out on their own and do a couple of laps to get the surface turned over. Then a quick grade if required, If everyone then happy start the meeting.
  10. Triple.H.

    Kent 2018

    Len has always done early call offs as far back as I can remember. Sometimes it's the wrong call but it's better IMO than getting everyone there and then calling it off. Only so many times you can handle the forum melting down. If it's called off and the forecast is wrong everyone moans. If it's match on and forecast correct so match gets called off everyone moans.
  11. Which is exactly what a rider should say to the referee if he got excluded. So both my wheels crossed the whiteline. Which one is the whiteline for this meeting
  12. Considering so many of his peers like to have a dig about Nicki Pedersen I found it heartwarming that they allowed him to be their spokesman and all in agreement with his concerns.
  13. I'd hazard a guess he's been there more times than you can shake a stick at Mark Where do you watch Speedway ?
  14. But it's a lovely stiff middle finger to the Polish Authorities who think they're the centregreen of World Speedway.

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