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  1. Triple.H.

    Dakota North

    With that name and some decent chatter he could probably get some lucrative sponsorship deals.
  2. Triple.H.

    Dakota North

    It is, But hat about current NZ rider Chopper Bagshaw
  3. Triple.H.

    Dakota North

    Bit wild but a good rider. With the right guidance he probably could've gone a long way in the sport. Seems to have left the sport behind, never see him mentioned in the Australian section in the Speedway Star. Many Australians who retire still seem to pop up having a spin at a meeting every now and then.
  4. I fall into one of the high risk categories and work in people's homes everyday. My employer has allowed me to choose when to stop coming into work to protect both myself and our customers. I'm currently still working as I had some jobs booked in which fell into the S••• job category. I didn't want a colleague to have to pick them up or for the customer to end up being put off for a few days. I am reavaluating the situation daily. But can see me confined to barracks so to speak sometime next week.
  5. Triple.H.

    Championship fours

    Anybody got a link please ? To the race featuring Ben Barker and The Fish from day 1 of the 2 day 4TT Thanks
  6. Apologies If I could workout how to multiquote on my phone my post would be made more sense. I was using your post as a generalisation as a few people mentioning flights and probably lose their money for the air fare. One would hope the larger budget Airlines such as Easy jet and Ryanair would struggle through but I can see a fair few following the Flybe demise. For instance do budget airlines have the same level of cover as major airlines ?
  7. I would think most people have booked with budget airlines. There's a fair possibility a few of them could go under in the next 6-8 weeks
  8. Triple.H.

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Unfortunately I have no need to be liked If people like me or not, it's their choice.
  9. Triple.H.

    Sheffield 2020

    Spoke to Nicki a few times while he was at Oxford and a couple of times since. He is a nice friendly guy. When he gets in the pits he's in work mode. In his line of work winning is the business. Yes he's taken a few riders out but he has also been on the receiving end many a time. As for the time the Goldenboy Mr Hancock launched himself at NP in Sweden . GH should've been banned for a few matches
  10. Triple.H.

    SON 2020

    If you want to encourage team riding 3-2-1-0 If you finish behind your partner in a point scoring position as it is now in league racing. You get a bonus point. In the event of a tie the first decide is the team with the higher amount of bonus points
  11. Triple.H.

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Dear Hacksaw Jim Duggan You're a dungaree wearing softy Regards HHH PS Apologies to all other forum users but I couldn't resist a dig
  12. Triple.H.

    Ipswich 2020

    Then they can play like they've never met each other. Bit like the Tractorboys
  13. Triple.H.

    Ipswich 2020

    3rd and 4th too ?
  14. Triple.H.

    Freddie Lindgren music video

    If they're in Love and enjoying life why not do something you want to do and can afford for your Children to show your Grandchildren. The singing ain't too good but they look happier than dogs or children the first time they get taken to a beach.

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