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  1. Triple.H.

    Transfer Window

    Not RR An NL guest who only rode NL at start of the season and on the same Start Points Travel money As the rider they're replacing
  2. Triple.H.

    Eastbourne 2020

    Carrying a few extra pounds now that middle age spread has hit. We all suffer from it.
  3. Triple.H.

    Eastbourne 2020

    Let's be honest if MD is as big as he was the last time I saw him then they'd have to cull a herd of Wildebeast to make his racesuit.
  4. Triple.H.

    Adam Roynon

    Sure I read in the Star a few weeks back that he was looking for a team spot.
  5. Triple.H.

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    TBH if he was dropped by Text then the management deserve any criticism he fires their way. There are polite and proper ways to sack people. Those being sacked may not like it but I daresay most would accept it more gracefully if it was done in a more correct manner.
  6. Triple.H.

    bandits 2020

    NO MEETING AT BERWICK ON MAY THE 9TH 2020. Sorry thats my best guess
  7. Triple.H.


    My Mother in Law would be a natural for Cow Racing. Ooh I've gone all 70s Comedians there.
  8. Triple.H.

    Kent Kings 2020?

    In the event of British Speedway ever getting an independent body in charge. BJ and PP are probably in with a shout of being the preferred choices for that body by the BSPA
  9. Surely any sensible promotion would be sniffing around Josh Pickering. His career is on the up whereas you could easily argue Todd Kurtz and Ricky Wells have peaked. No offence to TK or RW. Winning titles is about getting a few riders who can put a bit on their average. Averaging 8 at home and 2-3 away isn't the kind of rider you want. One always comes in handy but too many and you get punished in away matches.
  10. Triple.H.


    Not allowed Bangers etc at Oxford. If Stadium does reopen Dogs will be running. The Greyhound racing fraternity have also played a major part in the fight to get the Stadium reopened.
  11. Triple.H.

    Somerset 2020

    I've heard he has a decent and reasonably well known sponsor.
  12. Fairly sure there was something similar 15 - 20 years ago where ST holders got a couple of quid off entry or a free programme. But I think it was only when your team were riding there.. Just had an idea. Why don't the BSPA issue an annual photo ID for say £50. Which gives the holder a £1 reduction on entry to any track for any meeting except for shared events. All profits after admin fees to the Ben Fund.
  13. Triple.H.

    Club Merchandise

    It's the hottest day of the year in Cardiff and the SGP Bandwagon has rolled into town, closely followed by a small army in various Wulfsport jackets. My mates and me often wonder how the wearers survive in the heat
  14. Triple.H.

    bandits 2020

    Everyday' s a schoolday Thankyou Mr Chips
  15. Triple.H.

    bandits 2020

    They've signed Tintin and Captain Haddock too

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