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  1. Triple.H.


    Man up, show her who wears the trousers, oh she already has them on
  2. Triple.H.


    You would also need the patience of a Saint and an extra thick Scrum Cap as I think you'd find yourself banging your head against a wall on a daily basis.
  3. Triple.H.


    James, you have hit the nail firmly on the head, IMO someone like yourself would be an ideal person to oversee the sport in this country and bring the promoters into line. Though when you did your presentation and mention your background in the sport Fan Sponsor Former Promoter and Team manager Successful businessman, and the amount of market research of supporters from all over the place that you have carried out over the years. I still think they would find some obscure reason to say you were unsuitable for the role
  4. Triple.H.


    Only problem i can see is that lower level riders need to test them selves against higher opposition, so maybe 1 race per rider against the next grading up
  5. Triple.H.

    Swindon Robins 2020

    The stadium is probably the best looking building in Port Talbot and its still in its box
  6. Triple.H.

    Swindon Robins 2020

    How old is Clarke Osborne ? i remember him from the time he was trying to close Oxford, so i assume he must be in his 70s
  7. Triple.H.

    Rye House

    Really enjoyed my visits to Rye House over the years from sunny sundays in the NNL, to King Cinder, then after Oxford closing going 4 or 5 times a year dependent on opposition, football and gigs
  8. Triple.H.

    Stadium Design

    Never a problem for the Swindon riders as always in the shade created by the Cheetahs/Rebels in front
  9. Triple.H.


    You may have to rejoin as dave69 mk2, unless one of the moderators can sort something out for you
  10. Yes all riders came out and rode around to be introduced and then did a flying lap, i remember Andreas Jonsson doing a particularly fast time. I bet Lucifer Sam could tell us all the times etc
  11. Ah you may be correct Steve, my memory isn't what it was either, i'm probably getting confused with the flying parade lap that Steve Purchase had going for a while
  12. When Steve Purchase took over Oxford we had proper old fashioned rider of the night 2nd halVES for a few weeks, until the powers that be said NO
  13. Re straight back to the start, i saw a video from i think Industry in California, 5 riders 1 lap dash, last rider eliminated, The 4 remaining riders straight round to the start where it continued until 2 left. Winner of the 1 lap dash matchrace picked up $100. Proves you can get riders to go straight back to the start, Also i reckon a nice way to get some easy sponsorship for a 2nd half event, bet theres a lot of one man band operations out there who would think £100 for a bit of advertising in a different way was good value
  14. Triple.H.

    Vertically challenged riders

    I don't know how tall Sam Nickolajsen was but when he retired he became a painter and decorator and had to have a special skirtingboard ladder made for him
  15. Triple.H.


    Geographically too far north was what i heard on the grapevine, also if it was nearer the sea away fans may make a day out of it

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