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  1. Triple.H.

    Track Grading

    I'll admit that when I was there for the Oxford match that I only watched one session of grading as I use those moments to pop to the loo/bar dependent on if I'm filling or emptying the tank. So I based my post on what I'd seen.
  2. Triple.H.

    Track Grading

    i noticed at the IOW that they do it continental style ie tractors go clockwise.
  3. I agree with the previous poster. Also it's now over 48hrs since the incident and nothing yet announced by the authorities.
  4. Think thats the rule at every British track, i have seen plenty of people riding both in and out of the pits. Is the no mobile phones in the pits rule still in force ? As thats another one thats constantly ignored.
  5. Which one ? Cook or Cooke ? I know how this predictive text works
  6. I have no affiliation to either team. But surely to allow your riders to practice allday on the day of the meeting will (1) affect the track and could be almost construed as gaining an unfair advantage. (2) be deemed using football terminology, as ungentlemanly conduct by the home team
  7. On your bottom Seriously, most years we sit upper tier on 1st/2nd bend about halfway up it's a cracking view for the racing and Polish Lasses and prices are in the mid range.
  8. Triple.H.

    'Cheetahs' at the Isle of Wight

    i'm going. Haven't been to the IOW in years and never to the speedway
  9. Triple.H.

    Swindon Stadium

    No doubt someone in authority will claim the vibration caused by speedway bikes and dogs running has caused all the problems
  10. Triple.H.

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    If they ever have a GP in Dublin they could have practice the day after the meeting. P.S. Before any do gooders get on my case I am of Irish Stock
  11. Triple.H.

    Championship fours

    Fairplay 2hrs for 22 races including grading and a few incidents. BigBalls shown by Lewis Kerr too
  12. Triple.H.

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Can't do much this season but the FIM could bring in a rule for next season that you have to be signed in by 3pm local time on the Friday. That would scupper their Friday night fix..
  13. They could have the meeting over 3 heats 2 eight rider semi-finals An eight rider final. Let's face it there's enough room
  14. One of the problems from what I've seen at Marketa and Krsko is the GP riders are just too good for the track. They're at the top of their game and don't often make mistakes. I've seen some meetings there with lower standard riders and theyve been entertaining If you watched a meeting with a Championship league level line-up I reckon you'd get a pretty entertaining meeting. Only way to improve it for GPs is widen the straights by a metre and the bends by say 1.5 - 2 metres on 1st and 2nd and about 3 on 3rd and 4th.
  15. Probably would've also injured themselves and possibly others in the ensuing carnage. Racing incident as I see it Madsen came out of the bend pretty damn fast and touched Fricke. I'm well aware at those speeds a nudge is more than a wink. When you see it from behind Fricke had a fair bit of room. As Del-Boy used to say he who dares wins. Maybe Fricke should've cut inside instead of trying the outside. Who knows life is full of If's but's and maybe's. You get one chance to make a split second decision. Also Fricke didn't throw his toys out of the pram afterwards.

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