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  1. 9 hours ago, geoff58 said:

    one of your fans posted on here some plans which clearly showed the houses would be on old bends 1/2 and car park hence why they are taking track back and shortening it !! the houses will be as close as they are in the pits now !!clearly what it shows on them plans ???  to many change of plans who knows fully what is going on ?

    Houses on the 1st/2nd bend ?

    i thought the authorities were trying to cut down on building on flood plains

  2. To me it's a No brainer to go for Madonald. With all due respect to them Lambert and Wilkinson are yesterday's men. Both solid and highly unlikely to improve. Whereas MacDonald has youth on his side and seems to be well thought of as a good prospect by his fellow Australians. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Tsunami said:

    But he never left the white line, and that was his undoing.

    If I remember rightly Daz Sumner took the fire extinguisher at the starting gate out one night at Oxford  So definitely a white line hugger.

    Though it was the result of a big dingdong coming out of the pitbend

    Should've taken lessons off Cocker he sold anyone and everyone down the river round the pitbend 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Chris116 said:

    Dear BSPA, 

    I have watch speedway regularly since 1958 at Wimbledon, West Ham, New Cross, Hackney, Crayford, Romford, Rye House, Arena Essex and Skegness. I am now back living in London which maybe you have not noticed is the CAPITAL of both England and the UK. Without a car how do I support this wonderful sport? 


    One very upset former supporter, who would still be a supporter if there was a track in London. 

    Have you ever considered yourself to be a bit of a jinx ?


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  5. 10 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    I actually did some promotional work on behalf of Nigel Wagstaff at some local schools...however I had been promised a bike to display but nothing materialised.

    What was odd was that the outgoing promotion (Steve and Vanessa Purchase) apparently 'owned' the 'Cheetahs'  nickmane and it wasn't part of the deal when Waggy took over hence the adoption of 'The Silver Machine'. All very complicated!

    I remember him saying at a fans forum that he couldn't use the Cheetahs name. Pretty sure he also said that he thought it could be thought of as Cheaters the idea of which he didn't like. 

    Regarding team changes we were pretty much decimated by injuries.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Humphrey Appleby said:

    I notice you don't remember the 'Silver Machine'. :D

    There's many on this forum who slagged Waggy off.

    Strangely lots of his supposedly daft ideas now seem to have been taken on board. 

    Everybody can have a dig about the Silver Machine name. Which I did think sucked on the big one if I'm honest. and his problems paying riders at the end of his tenure. 

    But he tried his best to gain publicity and advertise the team. Strangely having been a member on this forum for donkeys years, I seem to think lack of promotion or even attempting something new to try and promote a team is one of the biggest gripes I read about.

    But back on topic IMO Swindon if the stadium ever does get rebuilt will probably only get a couple of seasons before the inevitable happens. 

    Virtually nowhere to park and houses skirting the perimeter. It's got Nimbyism written all over it.

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  7. 44 minutes ago, mrss said:

    Who said R Lambert lives in Germany? As far as I know he still lives at his parents farm near Norwich.

    I heard an interview with his mum and she said he spent most of his week living in Germany with his Girlfriend. Think it was during the SoN 

    Think she was asked if he had a fryup for breakfast and she spoke about his healthy eating regime 


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