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  1. On 2/14/2020 at 1:48 PM, old bob at herne bay said:

    Iron Scorpion, apart from the Bank Holiday Monday fixtures, away support at Central Park is a very small number of fans. This is probably true at most tracks ? 

    With the distances involved , and time taken off work to get to midweek meetings, the cost of admission is a relatively minor expense for away support. 

    Just make sure the bar is well stocked and manned when Edinburgh and Glasgow come to town.

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  2. On 2/7/2020 at 3:32 PM, gazzac said:

    Personal weath/income maybe be greater in the south east, but disposable income is probably no greater, especially when property is concerned, purchase price or rent on an average 2 /3 bed property in the south compared to the north more than wipes out any gain in income. I know there are other factors, employment being the main one,  but I do think the north south divide is a bit of a myth, you only have to look around some of our southern coastal towns to see some deprivation.

    Poole fans will have you walking the plank as interval entertainment.

  3. Yes

    But he signed Peter Schroek too. If I remember correctly.

    So 50% of the first influx of EEC riders at NL level weren't really upto the job.

    HenryW must be top of the averages for fast typing

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  4. 2 hours ago, screm said:

    IMO one of the meetings between Somerset and Leicester will suffer a poorer crowd than what would normally be there as going from Somerset to Cardiff to Leicester is going to be expensive for many.

    You can go to Somerset and suffer the M5 holiday traffic. 

    Stand on a grassy bank drinking Cider and watch what is generally good racing.


    Go to Leicester

    Still a crap journey even if you are heading northwardsish from Cardiff.

    Unless you're one of the 1st thousand in you'll mostly be looking at the back of someone's head. Which TBH from admittedly my only 2 trips there would be better than the racing.

    Somerset for me.

  5. Not a Newcastle fan but I do have a suggestion that maybe other teams could also take up.

    1st meeting of the season a draw for all ST holders.

    1st prize ST cost refunded

    2nd Prize £50 refund plus a Club Polo/T shirt.

    3rd prize if you have an NDL team free entry to 3 or 4 of their standalone meetings.


  6. 7 hours ago, scottyfan said:

    The story going round when he first rode for Poole was, He rode in a Grasstrack meeting in the afternoon and came off, landing in a cowpat....He then rode a Speedway meeting in the evening wearing the same unwashed leathers....hence the name “Smelly Smith” :t:

    So I'm kind of, in a roundabout way, sort of more or less correct

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  7. On 1/2/2016 at 9:57 PM, Hobnob Smith said:

    LOL razzer was never a dirty rider hard yes but not dirty and if I remember right if knight would have got to razzer it would have been a big mistake by Knight , good cup final thou I remember one night at Oxford 3 times Neil Evitts rode razzer into the first bend fence on the fourth attempt all Hell broke loose , the following season razzer rode for Ipswich and Evitts was on the opposing side Jens tapped Evitts on the shoulder and said no funny business tonight and Evitts didn't ride well all night and scored hardly anything lol

    Wasn't that a double header and Wiggy I think got injured during the first match. Mr Evitts guested for those Mighty Fine Cheetahs in the 2nd match. When he and Rasser were due to ride in one race. Rasser just rode through the tapes and replaced by a reserve. When interviewed Rasser said something alonv thd lines of he wouldn't ride in the same race as that B'stard 

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  8. On 1/16/2020 at 2:55 PM, woofers said:

    Well, there's always going to be a some bad eggs, and it seems there is cheating of one form or another in every sport.

    Possible sanctions:

    Pawel Polski is seen to be a proven liar and has his licence to ride in British speedway revoked (or something like that)

    His replacement signing no longer has a team place and the club have to run r/r for the remainder of the season. Very tough on the replacement but would make clubs and riders think twice before signing and/or pulling these stunts.

    Not RR

    An NL guest who only rode NL at start of the season and on the same 



    Travel money 

    As the rider they're replacing

  9. 27 minutes ago, iris123 said:

    As I said when I was looking at some of the flat track stuff from the US and Canada I noticed there is a growing protest movement trying to stop horse racing, because some horses die or are put down due to injury. 
    You are missing their point though. Of course pets are put down. But it is to put them out of their misery usually and are usually in a loving environment. As one or two have pointed out these dogs are bred and then put down because they have no use to the owner. That is a bit different to a pet being put down

    Never even heard (should that be herd?) of cow racing. Must be a Finnish sport

    My Mother in Law would be a natural for Cow Racing.

    Ooh I've gone all 70s Comedians there.

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  10. On 12/13/2019 at 10:40 PM, arnieg said:

    Too soon to say, but unlikely to be any changes until 2021 at the earliest.

    If Priti Patel is to be believed then it is likely only a handful of top foreigners would be allowed in. But it is quite possible that Boris may trim to the centre and any restrictions will be fairly modest.

    Either way I wouldn't rate the chances of riders like Jakob Bukhave and Emil Grondal having much of a future in GB.

    In the event of British Speedway ever getting an independent body in charge.

    BJ and PP are probably in with a shout of being the preferred choices for that body by the BSPA

  11. Surely any sensible promotion would be sniffing around Josh Pickering. His career is on the up whereas you could easily argue Todd Kurtz and Ricky Wells have peaked. 

    No offence to TK or RW. Winning titles is about getting a few riders who can put a bit on their average. Averaging 8 at home and 2-3 away isn't the kind of rider you want. One always comes in handy but too many and you get punished in away matches.

  12. 2 hours ago, Daniel Smith said:

    If it was my money, I'd add exactly that but bin the greyhounds and make the track bigger and wider

    Not allowed Bangers etc at Oxford. If Stadium does reopen Dogs will be running. The Greyhound racing fraternity have also played a major part in the fight to get the Stadium reopened.

  13. Fairly sure there was something similar 15 - 20 years ago where ST holders got a couple of quid off entry or a free programme. But I think it was only when your team were riding there..

    Just had an idea.

    Why don't the BSPA issue an annual photo ID for say  £50. Which gives the holder a £1 reduction on entry to any track for any meeting except for shared events. All profits after admin fees to the Ben Fund.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, CountyGround said:

    Tasteful merchandise that can be worn anywhere. Do you remember those awful Wulfsport jackets? not a good look other than in the stadium.

    It's the hottest day of the year in Cardiff and the SGP Bandwagon has rolled into town, closely followed by a small army in various Wulfsport jackets. My mates and me often wonder how the wearers survive in the heat


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