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  1. 40-38

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Some changes needed for the Lions. Bjerre not good enough and reserves appalling as usual.
  2. Reserves badly letting us down at the minute. Neither Sarjeant nor Kurtz are inspiring confidence.
  3. One of the best races I've seen all season at Beaumont Park..!
  4. Both are pretty dire at the minute!
  5. *I* wonder what on earth I see in speedway sometimes! 7 years of this at Leicester has left me a more casual viewer for the last few seasons.
  6. To be honest it did improve briefly a year or so ago but it's gone backwards again. Surface isn't anything like as smooth as it used to be either.
  7. It's been this chronic all season folks...
  8. A certain David Hemsley built it whilst everybody else was looking the other way!
  9. Dave Darcy said (in his usual brusque manner) that some supporters seems to think they know more about the team than him and that Wright was signed for 28 days only and Danny King will be back for the Lions so there.
  10. Lions very poor. No bite at all at reserve.
  11. Surely Sarjeant has to go now and how the hell did Masters get away with that? It was blatant!
  12. If I forget why I love speedway, and I often do being a Leicester fan, just watching the racing on a track like Belle Vue reminds me why the basics of this sport has me hooked even now.
  13. He's the best British rider of the past 10 or so years bar none and all credit to him. I think he and Lambert have done us proud. I just think, gamble and unlikely as it may have been it was worth a shot to at least try and help Robert through as we were losing regardless.

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