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  1. 40-38

    Leicester Lions 2018

    What an utter joke. Laurel and Hardy appear to have taken over the promotion of Leicester Speedway If it weren't for being cast adrift by the cut off you do wonder if the riders would have turned round and told them to do one after that.
  2. 40-38

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I can't find anything on the net about this but it's definitely in the hard copy of the local paper.
  3. 40-38

    Leicester Lions 2018

    According to this mornings Leicester Mercury; Robson and Mountain are out, Howe and Starke are in.
  4. 40-38

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    Looks like it's now David Howe guesting not Paul Starke.
  5. Not sure why we're quite so crap. I mean we've got some decent riders...!
  6. Not exactly exciting stuff yet...
  7. He moved when the tapes went up there, looks like saggy tapes more than a move at the start!
  8. It's a pick up truck with a water cooler on the back by the look of it!
  9. No way that should have been pulled back! Beauty of a start.
  10. Dust is terrible. You can see riders backing off when they get hit by the cloud of it.
  11. 40-38

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    What's with the wheelies in third place?!
  12. 40-38

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    What the hell was that? I'd love to know what the referee thought there. Appalling decision.
  13. 40-38

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Some changes needed for the Lions. Bjerre not good enough and reserves appalling as usual.

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