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  1. If that's true someone remind Rossiter to stop faffing about as it's freezing standing here.
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    Or David Hemsley!
  3. Leicester Lions 2018

    Damn, I was hoping for Ilya Bondarenko, first into turn 1 and last halfway round turn 1!
  4. I was thinking of going for only the second time this year and possibly taking a newbie with me but I can't justify the money when two of our best riders are riding against us and how do I explain that away?!
  5. Leicester Lions 2017

    https://twitter.com/staechmanager/status/879349610401202177 RIP Ila Teromaa :-(
  6. Leicester V Rye House 29.05.17

    David Howe? Im struggling to think of anybody else we could get in.
  7. Leicester Lions 2017

    It wasn't quite as bad as Glasgow in 2011, we didn't win any races that night if I recall. Last night wasn't far off though, I don't know if they're having trouble getting shale still but it looked quite patchy and we didn't seem to have any speed at all. Somebody told me Lasse blew an engine the other night which might account for him looking out of sorts. We had a bit of bad luck, Wolves moved twice at the start but never touched the tapes we did it three times and demolished them!
  8. Programme said Chris Durno.
  9. Bjerre looked a shadow of his usual self, Garrity was as wild as I remembered him first time at Leicester and King is woeful. Ayres seemed a bit more on the pace which as nice to see, he gives it a lot of effort.
  10. Leicester Lions 2017

    Lasse Bjerre was never afraid to go wide and give it the beans either. With the changes it should be better but the track surface does look poor at the moment. I know there were problems getting the shale but surely there is more than just one supplier?
  11. Danny King hasn't really got going yet for Leicester so I've been a bit disappointed with him so far. I've been really impressed with Erik Riss considering I didn't really know anything about him and Josh Bates impressed me with his working out of the inside cut on turn 2 at Beaumont Park, especially giving Jason Doyle a fright in the first meeting of the season.
  12. What Went Wrong?

    Well some more seamless presentation would be a start, rider interviews you can hear at the appropriate times, like before the meeting so it isn't drowned out by the tractors, stop randomly cutting songs into each other, play music that makes more of an atmosphere for an exciting motorsport (which I appreciate is subjective but they play the same dozen records every week), stop the in-jokes and the cliches. You don't go to watch other sports and feel like you've stepped back in time like you do with speedway, perhaps it's the demographics, I really don't know but you have to make the most of every minute you get the punters through the gates or you'll lose them to something that does that better. I think the problem stems more from the clashes than the actual doubling up. It's not ideal but I get the necessary evil of it in some respects, but trying to say to a new fan that you won't see nearly a third of your team tonight because they're riding for a different team just doesn't make sense to the unconverted. It doesn't compare to other team sports so I'm not going to go into it but at least if you turn up to football or basketball or rugby you know barring injury you'll see the team you signed! It baffled somebody I work with that Leicester, in the "top league" would be missing two riders tonight because they were riding for a different team in a "lower league".
  13. What Went Wrong?

    The sport in its presentation is far too old fashioned now, it isn't the 1970s anymore, people want more, expect more. Waiting around for all the faffing of the riders in below par stadia when all you get is stop start music, interviews you can't hear, Smashey and Nicey type presentation, "new badges in the club shop folks, let's go racing, give us an L.. give us an I..." and it's so naff I wouldn't dare take any of my contemporaries and I'm only 32! I also agree with not feeling an affinity to the team though, you never know who you'll see one week to the next some times and it's the reason I fell out of love with football, it doesn't feel like it belongs to me, an ordinary bloke in Leicester, anymore. In fact that's one of the reasons I didn't go tonight to watch with two riders elsewhere and we got a predictable thumping so I saved my money instead.
  14. Leicester Lions 2017

    Does Dave Darcy report to Buster Chapman then or is he still a Hemsley stooge? Can't say I'm overwhelmed by the news, I was hoping for a totally new broom.
  15. Leicester Lions 2017

    I can only speak from my perspective but I'm more likely to attend on a Saturday evening than a midweek evening purely because by the time I get home from work, and especially if I've had a bad day, I'm less inclined drag myself back out than I would be anticipating a Saturday night out at the Speedway where I can build up to it. Aren't football crowds lower for midweek evenings compared to Saturday afternoons as well? That said given the way Speedway is along as we field a competitive team whatever day then I'm not going to be complaining!