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  1. Midland Red

    The forgotten forums

    Surely not
  2. Midland Red

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    No question about it - Nigel Boocock
  3. Midland Red

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    Been a good meeting, but there’s still too many bumps in the track to call it good Watch Musielak take the first bend in heat 14 - like he’s riding over a corrugated strip That’s not mentioning the rut on two which the track raker has been working on and has caught out a number of riders of both teams
  4. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Didn’t anyone rate the fifth man then?
  5. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Can’t disagree with the fact that he should have achieved more than he did
  6. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    That’s misleading at the very least. I reckon / My opinion is that Lee was a better rider than Woffinden, but I concede that Woffinden has been far more successful. Not sure where the “know” comes from. As I said, I’m comfortable with my opinion - and that’s all it is, an opinion. I have no axe to grind with Woffinden, and have no reason to favour a Kings Lynn rider (Lee). Pick any two riders, and anyone can have an opinion as to which one was the better rider - but the choices will not all be the same! Because that’s what opinions are about. Comparing achievements, records, etc - those are facts, and in the main indisputable. Having seen Woffinden on the mike last night for the first time (I’ve missed his other recent appearances), I will say how impressed I was. Clearly an area in which he is better than Lee, in my opinion.
  7. Perhaps Chris Harris qualifies as the highest average British rider in the latest GSA issue after Lambert and Cook (apart from Rory Schlein)
  8. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    I don’t need a clue, and I’m certainly not “getting all worked up” - sometimes you are unreal with your comments! In fact I am totally comfortable with my opinion, having followed this sport since 1964, that Lee was a better rider than Woffinden Not more successful in terms of achievement, I grant you - I have no problem with that - nor with the question of their respective behaviour Regarding behaviour, as others have referenced, you are very quick to label forum members and their opinions as unintelligent, foolish, and many other adjectives, in an apparent attempt to belittle them Not sure how high your horse is, but it seems to tower over the majority of reasonable forum members We are all entitled to an opinion, yourself included - they don’t need justification, because that it what they are, opinions, and they don’t call for your personal crusade to belittle or insult those with which your opinion differs Perhaps now, you will “get it”! PS I think it was you (apologies if it wasn’t) who mentioned bias - I said there’s no bias involved in Lee v Woffinden; the only rider I have ever been biased against was, and still is, Ole Olsen, and I’ve consistently admitted that!
  9. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    It defines the word “opinion” I gave my “opinion” I did not state a “fact” You regularly give on this forum your own “opinions” on assorted matters, the majority of which are other people’s “opinions”, with which you disagree - meaning that you consider your “opinions” in some way superior to other people’s “opinions” Where you disprove “facts” quoted by others, there can be little argument or discussion But if it’s an “opinion” with which you disagree, or which you disprove of, then that is an entirely different matter I stick by my “opinion” about Michael Lee and Tai Woffinden, whether you disagree, disapprove or not I made no statement of “fact” about the two riders, so there can be no discussion there
  10. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    opinion /əˈpɪnjən/ noun a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
  11. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    You never cease to amuse! - not quite at Shoveller’s level, although he does occasionally admit to not being factually correct in what he writes You have your opinions, I have mine - neither are right, yours or mine - they’re just opinions, which we’re both entitled to But stop putting forward your opinions as facts
  12. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Totally agree - superb rider, top class
  13. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Any comparison I make has nothing to do with “things” either rider have ever got up to
  14. Midland Red

    Tai / Rosco - Team GB 2020

    Not bias - no reason to be It’s an opinion based on what I’ve seen

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