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  1. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Pay the riders what they're owed, maybe they can then pay their suppliers
  2. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    So? Needs sorting, houses put in order, miscreants dealt with, victims satisfied
  3. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Shouldn't there be a proper, official, investigation into Kim's claims Surely the SCB and/or the ACU should get involved It needs stamping out Would be interested to know whether Philip Rising's magazine would care to take the lead on this It is, after all, speedway news, and that's what Speedway Star is there to report
  4. Henryk Zyto - 1960 Coventry - R.I.P.

    Sad news about Henryk, so soon after Buzz Are Bentke, Pajari, Soederman still with us?
  5. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    So, what trouble has the group caused?
  6. Caption fun...

    Steve Shoveller locked out of school
  7. Team GB Franchise?!

    Perhaps they'll get rid of that stupid title "Team GB" and call it "Great Britain"
  8. Bt Sport Coverage

    I take it from your previous comments that you actually know each of them and everything about their nature Will you accept that the increased amount of televised speedway in recent years has actually caused attendances at league meetings in the UK to fall? I'm not saying it's the only cause
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    I'm not talking about those who drifted away prior to the vast increase in televised speedway It's those who have gone since - indeed there may be many reasons, but it is the televising that causes them to stay away For example, there are financial savings to be gained by watching on tv compared with regular track attendance Televising therefore offers that incentive, being the cause of staying away, not the reason Your knowledge of human nature does not seem to recognise that some patrons actually enjoy the sport itself, with no tribal instinct to support only one team - therefore "skipping it to watch another team on tv" doesn't actually enter their equation
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    Baffling! Now you're saying more people would have drifted away from speedway had it not been on tv (which is NOT the same as saying people have been attracted to the sport through it being televised) Please supply proof that you do actually know about the wider world's human nature I'm not sure you understand your own!
  11. Bt Sport Coverage

    Have you tried getting a ticket for a Premier League fixture?
  12. Bt Sport Coverage

    Gosh - such a highly qualified person on the BSF - who would have thought it! You may know about your own human nature - and that of your nearest and dearest - but the wider world, oh no you don't! Seriously - you actually prove my point by saying "tv may have given them an excuse to stop going" They definitely wouldn't have opted out of so many meetings had speedway not been televised - which is the whole point I make
  13. Bt Sport Coverage

    You obviously know more about my friends and acquaintances than I do
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    Not solely Philip, but tv coverage most definitely is a factor
  15. Bt Sport Coverage

    Not the ONLY cause, granted, but definitely A cause - and I have proof from friends and acquaintances who no longer attend, at all or as much, because it's on tv so much