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  1. Certainly Sam isn’t on this planet!
  2. Midland Red

    Odsal hopes

    Spot on Mikebv. Just add “take it off the tv” and you increase the chances of success
  3. Midland Red

    Odsal hopes

    I should have added... Live at the track, not in front of a tv screen
  4. Midland Red

    Odsal hopes

    It’s time they did - like most teams used to Saturday night is speedway night
  5. Midland Red

    Polish Speedway on TV

    No, it’s a recording of a future meeting
  6. Midland Red

    Odsal hopes

  7. Chris Julian had two seasons I believe at Glasgow - resident in deepest Cornwall
  8. Midland Red


    Imagine turning up for a league meeting and finding that the opposition were tracking Ivan Mauger at reserve, and he would be off a 10 yard start! Hard to believe, but it happened to Bees once - 18 Jul 1963, at Oxford. Result was a comfortable 44-34 win for Oxford, with Mauger top scoring with a 12 point maximum, and no.1 Ronnie Genz returning an 11 point tally. Top Bee was Ken McKinlay with 12 from five rides, beaten twice by Mauger. Mauger was beaten in the 2nd half by Nigel Boocock, who went on to win the Rider of the Night final.
  9. Midland Red

    One Day World Final?

    A one-day World Final - what an excellent idea World Champion crowned on the day Why has that never been thought of before? Let’s go for it
  10. Midland Red

    Best Race Jackets 1964-65.

    Fighting Bee in Black & Gold
  11. Midland Red


    Have you seen this? https://www.curtis-sport.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2543
  12. Oh dear. Peter York.
  13. Gate 1 was the master!
  14. Midland Red

    New speedway Facebook group

    Highly recommended is the “Speedway Scrapbook” group on Facebook - don’t know what the link is
  15. Midland Red

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Can confirm Derick is the spelling registered for his birth record!

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