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  1. Midland Red

    Should we scrap Team Speedway?

    So . . . how many meetings does a track have in a season?
  2. Congratulations to James Shanes - winner!
  3. Midland Red

    Poole 2019

    Only six holes then?
  4. Midland Red

    All Random Chat Here

    Wrong thread!
  5. Midland Red

    All Random Chat Here

    Thank goodness we have this wonderful fred - sorry, thread We should be very grateful for whoever created it It helps me in particular to get through the day
  6. Midland Red

    All Random Chat Here

    To begin with, you need three stained posts Then, some official thread Mix together, and leave to cool for 4.234 days
  7. What's so strange? Most strange comments about things Poole come from you As you're out of the country, does that show that your cart dealership is an international business?
  8. Midland Red

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 17/06/2019

    Still want to get rid of Bomber, Witches fans????
  9. When was that, then? Are you old enough to remember when the track was good? Hope your cart dealership is more successful than "Poole Speedway plc"
  10. Dreadful advert for a once-great sport
  11. Track "preparation" to blame for heat 1 crash?
  12. Midland Red

    All Random Chat Here

    Oh, hello
  13. Midland Red

    One League - Matt Ford

    One advantage of those days from the past - there was little or no televised speedway, live or recorded So, if you wanted to watch the sport, if you wanted to see the "big name" riders, the ONLY way was to pay your shillings and pence at the turnstiles With a big league in operation, there was probably only one chance a season (two with a cup meeting) to see the stars when they appeared at your track
  14. Midland Red

    Swindon 2019

    Yes, Zach is immense on grass. So too is James Shanes Pity they can't transfer this to shale

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