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  1. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Where to from there?
  2. Race Nights

    Belle Vue's race night will be Monday? Will they also be at home on some Wednesday's? Surely all teams will have to ride on both nights, not just one?
  3. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good: 1964, GB v USSR at Brandon, preceded by Golden Helmet Match Race, Nigel Boocock beat Ove Fundin 1970 World Final, Wroclaw - hearing National Anthem played for Ivan Mauger's victory Consistently high standard of racing on well-prepared Blackbird Road track Whit Monday trips to FIM Internationale meetings at Plough Lane Charles Ochiltree, Nigel Boocock, Allen Walker, and all who made Saturday nights at Brandon so memorable Bad All track fatalities - Lee Richardson's hurt so much The terrible crash involving Les Owen and John Harrhy, and seeing the long-term effects on both men first hand Coventry Stadium 2017/18 The tragedies of Billy Sanders and Kenny Carter Speedway GP and its detrimental effects on British speedway
  4. Race Nights

    Won't the Monday night clubs be the opposition on Wednesdays?
  5. So where did it all go wrong?

    I think it's agreed on here that one area which needs addressing is the "spectator experience" An observation from an old-timer who remembers better days, which on its own may sound trivial, but identifies a part of the reduction in the "spectator experience" - and it may not be correct at some tracks, I can only speak of the late, lamented Brandon In the "good old days", for each race, four well-turned out track staff members, dressed in a top and beret/cap of the four helmet colours, would each wheel out a bike onto the track - there would stand the four machines, ready for action Then the four riders, helmeted and ready to race, would walk from the pits onto the track - entry of the gladiators - and mount their bikes The clerk of the course would then indicate that the track staff would push the riders away for their journey to the start line All this would take a couple of minutes, perhaps longer, but was all taking place in the view of the spectators - they would see the bikes, the riders, the preparation - during this time, and be able to cheer their individual favourites (or the opposite!) The race if not stopped would last some few seconds over a minute, and it was usual for the riders - perhaps all four - to complete another lap, whether a lap of honour or just a "warm-down" So there was "spectator experience" of around five minutes for each heat throughout the meeting In more recent times - certainly after the introduction of greyhound racing caused a relocation of the pits gate - riders would appear on track on their bikes heading to the start, pushed off by their mechanics from inside the pits like the GPs (out of view of the crowd) So the "spectator experience" was diminished I said it sounded trivial, I know there was a reason at Brandon with pits gate moved, but it's the kind of minutiae which Charles Ochiltree as promoter would look upon as very important, and the riders too had a part to play by not disappearing off-track asap at race end I discount the trend for copious "gardening" by riders at the tapes - I don't see that as anything other than a pain in the backside of many spectators who see it as a delay, not a build up, to the racing Do today's promoters even consider such matters to be important?
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I assumed that "making a living in the UK" meant paying all the bills (domestic (costs of living, holidays, home, etc etc) and speedway), having some savings and a satisfactory positive net balance at the end of the day If he could achieve all that from UK speedway, then any surplus from Poland and Sweden is extra "profit" - if there's "extra" from those two countries, it takes the pressure off the UK speedway a tad - in other words, off the need to "make a living in the UK"
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Does Lambert want to earn a living out of riding in Poland, and earn a living out of riding in Sweden, as well as earning a living out of riding in the UK? Three livings? Isn't that a tad greedy?
  8. Kings Lynn 2018..

    One phrase in the Lambert article highlights some of the problems with speedway in the UK, and in particular the cost of attending meetings He refers to "making a living out of speedway in the UK" - he's 19 years old, should he really be trying to make a living out of riding for Kings Lynn at that age? Did Terry Betts and others expect to do that, at 19 or even older? Most certainly, no they didn't, and admission prices reflected that It's fine to be ambitious, but lads these days seem to expect far too much from a sport that is not F1 or Premier League, and far too soon
  9. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    I asked on the Coventry 2017 what, if anything, has happened to Nigel Boocock's ashes - does anyone know for certain?
  10. Coventry 2017

    May I be the first in this thread to wish Bees a successful season at Rugby Road next year!

    I still maintain that a major factor in the reduction in demand for the product is due to the growing availability on television
  12. Coventry 2017

    Does anyone know for certain if anything has been done with the ashes of Nigel Boocock at the stadium?
  13. Coventry 2017

    The puppy is ok - confirmed
  14. Swc 2018

    Good! They've pi@@ed me off for years
  15. So where did it all go wrong?

    Love the sidecars on the grasstrack - but speedway tracks seem too narrow in comparison (and too short) for full on racing Brandon staged sidecars on occasions but I never found any entertainment or excitement from them
  16. Why 2 Leagues

    That sounds a bit like going back to the National League and the Provincial League The NL had the majority of the star riders but there were reducing numbers of clubs, whilst the PL was expanding In the end, they amalgamated and made "one big league" - the British League - and that was a great success Perhaps that's the blueprint for the future!

    ????? The original post referred to the downward spiral in British Speedway, to which I offered OOFC as a major contributory factor The original post referred to an article on the state of British Speedway and was written before the 1981 World Final ever took place The thread has, for some reason, moved on to become a discussion about that event, which was not the original topic To return to Mr Rising's 1981 article and the comment in his opening post, I refer to my opinion about a major factor in the continuing downward spiral in the 36 years since then (irrespective of the standard of racing in one particular event)

    If you mean the decline in British Speedway, YES I AM If you mean the 1981 World Final - to which the thread appears to have moved - NO I'M NOT

    This thread concerns the state of British speedway, and therefore Ole Olsen's Flying Circus (or SGP as you prefer to call it) has EVERYTHING to do with where British Speedway is in 2018 Riders' costs and expectations have risen astronomically since the introduction of OOFC - and the expectations of the promoters and fans have changed too, there is a win-at-all-costs mentality nowadays which there never used to be in the "good old days" [yes, they were!] In days gone by, the important thing was putting on a show for the customers, so that they'd come back next week and the week after - and the teams were THEIR teams, not a gathering of journeymen riders with guest numbers risen out of all proportion The "glamour" of OOFC is a major factor in the downturn in British Speedway

    It was . . . . It really was!
  21. Craig Cook Support Group

    Oh dear, how you all misunderstand the comment - and soon forget the past Bomber was heavily criticised for trying to raise funds - not by me, but by many on this forum Hence my comment - not against Craig Cook, but against those who vented their anger at Harris I invited them to react in a similar way - and no one appears to have done so Why? Good luck to Craig - and Happy New Year to all of you on this particular thread
  22. Craig Cook Support Group

    Hope he gets as much stick as Chris Harris did when he tried to raise some funds
  23. Who is the Greatest ?

    Plechanov's World Final record is superior to Nigel's - which I think answers your point
  24. Robert Lambert

    If it's accurate, good riddance after this season's shenanigans
  25. World Speedway Riders' Association

    Must be Middlo's fault!