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  2. Midland Red

    Les Owen

    Passed away 16 years ago today. RIP Les.
  3. Midland Red

    Coventry Bees @ Leicester 11th April

    Plenty to chose from for a competitive team - Harris, Nicholls, King, Garrity, Andersen, Auty, Sargent, Kennett, Bates, Howarth, Morris, etc
  4. Midland Red

    Les Owen

    Yes he did, but continues to this day to suffer ill-effects from the crash well over 40 years ago
  5. Midland Red

    Catford Speedway 1934

    In 1932 there were apparently rumours that Crystal Palace were relocating to Catford. Fred Mockford denied this and added that construction of speedway at Catford Stadium would not be permitted - Norwood News, 2 Sep 1932
  6. Midland Red

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Great entertainer. RIP Roman
  7. Midland Red

    Un-official World Finals

    In 2015, John, you posted this: French staged World Championships - 1929-37: at the Buffalo Stadium, Paris. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1929 - 1 Charles Bellisent (France) 1930 - 1 Charles Bellisent (France) 1931 meeting 1 - 1.Billy Lamont (Australia) 1931 meeting 2 - 1.Vic Huxley (Australia) 1932 meeting 1 - 1.Jack Parker (England) 1932 meeting 2 - 1.Bluey Wilkinson (Australia), 2.Billy Lamont (Australia) 1933 - Claude Rye (England), 2.Leopold Killmeyer (Austria) 1934 meeting 1 - 1.Fernand Meynier (France), 2.Leopold Killmeyer (Austria) 1934 meeting 2 - 1.Jean Landru (France) 1935 - 1 - Billy Lamont (Australia), 2.Leopold Killmeyer (Austria) 1936 - 1 - Charles ‘Pee Wee’ Cullum (USA) 1937 - 1 - Martin Schneeweiss (Austria)
  8. Midland Red

    Cyril Maidment

    Who was Don How?
  9. Midland Red


    Don’t they even freeze to death?
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  12. Midland Red


    Thanks for that - appreciated
  13. Midland Red


    What’s the English translation of this, please?
  14. Midland Red


  15. Midland Red

    New Cross 1963

    I have an autograph book with about half a dozen rider autographs from Coventry Speedway 1930, which include Squib Burton, Jack Parker and Tom Farndon. They are genuine - they were collected by my previous mother-in-law and she handed the book to me in the 1960s I often wonder if they have any value?
  16. Midland Red

    Vic Eastwood RIP

    Weren’t there several Lampkins regularly on tv?
  17. Midland Red


  18. Midland Red

    Glasgow 2020

  19. Midland Red

    Wolverhampton 2020

    That’s very nice of him, considering all the damage he’s done to our beloved sport in this country
  20. Midland Red


    To me, doubling up is a problem To me, fixed race nights are a problem To me, one league senior league, plus a development league, is a must
  21. Midland Red


    Then do away with doubling up
  22. You stay on this (your very own) thread and leave all the others to speedway fans
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  24. Midland Red


    Council meeting tonight https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/18032604.crucial-meetings-discuss-future-oxford-stadium/
  25. Midland Red


    No mention of biscuits, though

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