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  1. The draw was the draw and we made the most of it. We are cup finalists, so should make the most of it. Granted, League form has been disappointing and, as I told Martin Phillips in the pits last night, I expected a lot better from this team and so did he. Perhaps (and hopefully) lessons have been learned.
  2. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    I think (although not entirely sure) the idea might have been that we would have decent chances away from home and hoped the riders not used to Brough, would do so in time. Sadly, that clearly hasn't worked out. The idea of the lower CL average at the start of the season was to try and get back to the days gone-by when the top flight was just that and the CL was the next level down. Perhaps there has to be an even bigger difference in the averages between the two leagues to achieve that?
  3. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    You clearly haven't been watching Max regularly at Brough Park this season. Last night he took a heck of a knock in heat 2, so you'd be a bit slower than normal for the rest of the night after that. Max has been one of the few shining lights so far this season. Along with Matty Wethers. Danny now scoring what he should at home now. Edwards finished second in the U-19 British Final, so has something about him.
  4. Preview here: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101019
  5. StevePark

    berwick bandits 2019

    15th Sept., I believe
  6. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Assessed (top-ish) riders are coming in on a 7pt ass ave now rather than 9.00. Does that not tell you something?
  7. StevePark

    Sheffield 2019

  8. May seem a daft question, but if he's riding on a British licence how is he ineligible?
  9. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Thread started!!
  10. Short preview from Diamonds website: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101016
  11. StevePark

    Redcar v Newcastle

    We can't gate for love nor money at the moment, for some reason. Hopefully that will return for Sunday.
  12. StevePark

    Redcar v Newcastle

    What's the weather like at the minute down there? Forecast not great, but might get away with it?

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