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  1. It knocked the dogs running on a Sunday on the head.
  2. In response here is a Newcastle Diamonds Statement: https://newcastle-speedway.co.uk/latest-word-from-the-2020-diamonds/
  3. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Diamonds statement in full: https://newcastle-speedway.co.uk/latest-word-from-the-2020-diamonds/
  4. You are not reading it correctly then. You are adding 2 and 2 together and coming up with something other than 4.
  5. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    The only negative that I can think of for switching back to a Monday is it would mean a 7.30pm start (except on Bank Holidays possibly) and would mean no Double Headers which could kibosh the Gems (depending on the total number of fixtures needed for both teams of course)
  6. Which one? (Does it say?)
  7. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    I presume you mean Pelaw Grange, in which case, there are enough houses surrounding it to stop speedway being raced there IMO.
  8. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    A new venue was looked for years ago and they couldn't find anywhere near(ish) to Brough. Tsunami could tell us all about that! Cambois was looked into, but I can't remember why that was knocked on the head. It's not only finding a place to build a track, there is these days an insurmountable amount of Red Tape to plough through. Exeter springs to mind and they've been looking since 2005 (there are others who have found a place and then got no further, despite all the positive display of public announcements). Oh and as a P.S. Would the BSPA allow a track share? Bearing in mind Cradley and the like have been told they can't run while sharing a track?
  9. So, providing that "statement" is true, you would rather see Glasgow race in 2020 (what's left of it) and go bust and not return in 2021? Weird logic.
  10. Or are they just "toeing the party line"? Glasgow are the only club (so far) to put their heads above the parapet and say how it really is (for them) and I still reckon there could be more to follow.
  11. StevePark

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Also: http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.38116
  12. StevePark

    bandits 2020

    Can't make it any worse.
  13. StevePark

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    NO Gems in National Trophy in 2020 after all: https://newcastle-speedway.co.uk/newcastle-speedway-postpone-their-national-league-gems-season-for-2020/
  14. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Tsunami is quite right, you can't buy them directly, the only place you can get them is if any turn up on eBay, or any other selling site like that.

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