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  1. StevePark


    All sounds rather fishy to me!
  2. StevePark

    Newcastle 2018

    20th August South Gosforth CIU Club @7.30pm
  3. StevePark

    Workington 2018 .

    Kitchen?? You were lucky......
  4. Got to be one of the first names on the teamsheet for 2019, surely? Well done the Diamonds. Cheered me up in my hospital bed no end!
  5. StevePark

    Newcastle 2018

    Fixtures update: Away Glasgow Friday 31st August Home Scunthorpe Sunday 9th Spetember
  6. StevePark

    Edinburgh 2018

    Last season 2010 with Edinburgh according to this: http://wwosbackup.proboards.com/thread/1755/william-lawson
  7. StevePark

    Sheffield 2018

    Surely this is an illegal approach?
  8. It p**sed down all night and most of the morning. Whether it's raining now, or not, is pretty immaterial as the track was flooded. 7.45pm and starting to hammer it down
  9. StevePark

    Sheffield 2018

    The thinking behind it might well be that they aren't going to get into the play-offs, so might as well take a look at the Dane, as they've got nothing to lose if it doesn't work out.
  10. Which way to Holland? It's over there.....
  11. Would Keith Denham come back? And, if he did, would the Comets fans welcome him back? Not saying for one minute that Laura, Steve etc., should go, but if they were, just asking the question.
  12. Not just Workington's finances, but when they are away from home (like on Sunday vs Newcastle), I am sure fans will think twice about turning up, so it could/will (delete where applicable) affect other club's finances too.
  13. Obviously not. If you were sacked from your place of employment on the Thursday, would you go to work the next day?
  14. I think that has very little to do with it. The fixtures were announced before the season started with Workington having a few Friday meetings in it, but the carpet has been pulled from under their feet in that regard. The promoters of all teams due at Workington on those Friday's must have agreed to the fixtures, otherwise they wouldn't have been released with those fixtures listed. Not to worry though it's all "in the best interest for the sport."
  15. I have asked that very question in reply to the above Tweet. That was a few hours ago and, surprise, surprise, haven't received a reply!

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