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  1. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Lewis Rose has said he will not be returning to the sport. Best wishes to him for the future and thanks for all your efforts whilst riding for the Diamonds. He has said this on his Facebook page: "So after a long time off from speedway this year after putting everything into it during last winter preparing I think was easy for people to see I wasn't enjoying riding at all . Was such a hard decision to stop at the time . But now after being away from speedway I've decided not to return to it .. I had a good crack at it during the 6 years met some great people and made some close friends. I had some great sponsors who I can't thank enough for what they did for me and for understanding my decision this year .. Work is going good I'm really keen and eager to get stuck into work making this new business a success and a good future for my family .. hopefully see yas about and keep.in touch with everyone.. but thanks again to everyone who helped me a long the way you all know who you are so thankyou Lewis rose 822"
  2. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    It depends if he would miss many meetings due to all the international commitments he's likely to have.
  3. StevePark

    Workington 2019

    Massive shock signing for Glasgow.... NOT!!
  4. StevePark

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Massive shock (not)!!!
  5. StevePark

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Now you're just being silly....
  6. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Which would leave just over 4 (4.04 I think) for the last rider. Wilko (3.96 - 2,5%= 3.86) perhaps?
  7. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    So, the likes of Stevie Worrall, Robert Lambert and Stuart Robson don't cut it for you then? Just about every club (to have announced their admission prices so far) have bumped their prices up for next season, so we are in-line with everybdy else (as I said, so far). If you think that the season ticket price (and, I have to admit I haven't really studied ours, or anyone else's) is a rip off, then the answer to that is quite simple and I'm sure you can work that one out for yourself!! The league may have been "watered down" but teams appear to have built with a weaker lower-end and still the top guys, i.e. Cook, both Worralls etc., are still getting a place in the 2nd tier, so I think it's still decent value. Please note, I am not having a go! It's just my opinion, something I have always tried to do on here if I happen to disagree with someone.
  8. StevePark

    berwick bandits 2019

    He's listed now.
  9. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Danny P put on Twitter (and I think Facebook and Instagram) that he was all sorted for 2019. So he's obviously fixed up somewhere which hasn't been announced yet.
  10. StevePark

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Some do it when they are (supposed to be) with an adult.
  11. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    I doubt Bjerre will be one (pity you didn't mean Kenneth!!), he doesn't do Brough very well. I'd also doubt Lawson will head this far north for a team-spot. With the 3.17 (providing I've got that right) for Max C(with his 2.5% reduction), I think that leaves us with 23.80 (depending if Matty W gets a reduction or not, as that seems a grey area! If he does we have 23.95). Welcome Max.
  12. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say !!
  13. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    I was responding to the top post by Leander, who is obviously unaware of the 'news.'
  14. StevePark

    Newcastle 2019

    Richie W has signed for Leicester

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