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  1. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Without checking the rules, I think Max said such at the Talk-in before Christmas.
  2. StevePark

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    Confirmed. First signing Archie Freeman: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101074
  3. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Confirmed that the Gems are in the NL Trophy. First signing Archie Freeman: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101074
  4. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Newcastle Diamonds Official now launched on YouTube. Please subscribe!!
  5. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Newcastle would be in the Northern Junior League ( and probably still will be), not the Midland Development League. I believe Archie is moving up to 500cc full time from now on and Danny could be following suit.
  6. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    I don't think that is the way they are thinking at all. They are giving competitive racing to the likes of Josh Embleton, Archie Freeman, and Danny Smith, rather than just giving them the Northern Junior League to be involved in.
  7. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    He's signed for the IOW as well.
  8. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Newcastle have applied to race in the NL Trophy competition in 2020. http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/home.asp
  9. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    No idea! I presume they want you to book your ticket, so they know the numbers for the buffet, but as far as payment is concerned II don't know. The Supporters Club are the ones organising it.
  10. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    A Race/Bingo night has been arranged for Friday 7th Feb with a 7pm start at the South Gosforth CIU Club. New signings Nick Skorja, Connor Mountain and Ondrej Smetana will be in attendance and there will be a Hog Roast supplied by Rob. Tickets available via the Supporters Group. http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101072&fbclid=IwAR3tTJqwySFxZSb-KL8Eg61B6TDysfbSFH8JhQ-6AY6zgaolil0MlsshYGE
  11. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    Important advanced ticket information for 2020 season: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101071&fbclid=IwAR3Indh8eawPmLg2NvROhnH-ykKMXCbsTEmhuVAWvARbHtbSflDkzGn3HTU
  12. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

  13. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    James rode for us at Sheffield as guest reserve in 2003 and he scored 2+2 that night and I said to George in the bar afterwards "sign him"!!! He was riding for Buxton at the time and were obviously a Sunday track too, so it wasn't going to happen, sadly!
  14. StevePark

    bandits 2020

    Copied and Pasted off the Berwick Rangers website: The Bandits made a formal request to widen the straights by 1 metre, which of course means narrowing the width of the Shielfield pitch. Currently 64 metres wide, the pitch would reduce to 62 metres, two metres wider than that required for Bronze Club Licence and six metres wider than Entry Licence.
  15. StevePark

    Newcastle 2020

    As long as they don't emulate his away form too......

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