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  1. How is this possible when you are riding tonight?? There must be something wrong somewhere!! Will be heading down the A19 for this one. Hopefully an entertaining meeting with no injuries.
  2. Steffan N, even! I think some credit should also be given to ref Darren Hartley, who pushed the meeting through swiftly, despite a 12 minute delay following the Lewis & Danny P crash. It was also great to see Dalbers back.
  3. Scorpions 2018

    Gino Manzares rode well and you could argue deserved more than the 6 points he got.
  4. Rain on the MetOffice site for Byker, now forecast (50% chance) from 21:00. So we should be OK. Lewis Kerr guests for Stevie Worrall at number 1 for the Scorpions.
  5. Regards the Ty Proctor thingy. It just goes to show the stupidity of the whole thing, when a rider can ride in one league, but not another!
  6. Hopefully it will stop raining long enough to come down for this one and support the Diamonds, for what will be my first meeting of the season! I'd guess at Kyle Howarth for the guest spot for Stevie, if they don't go down the R/R route.
  7. Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    The meeting wasn't over two legs, though, was it?
  8. British Under 21

    Tomorrows meeting at Newcastle is OFF. I didn't see this thread and started one in Individual/Shared Events !
  9. It it's kids, then why don't the parents keep control of them and tell them to stay away from the incident?
  10. Interesting line-up for this one, which has now become the season opener at Brough Park, after last week's postponement. Line-up: 1 Jack Thomas, 2 Taylor Hampshire, 3 Leon Flint, 4 Kean Dicken, 5 Alfie Bowtell, 6 Anders Rowe, 7 Ben Woodhull, 8 Kyle Bickley, 9 Callum Walker, 10 Joe Lawlor, 11 Layne Cupitt, 12 Kelsey Dugard, 13 Alex Spooner, 14 Nathan Greaves, 15 Bradley Andrews, 16 Jack Smith. Reserves: 17 Kieron Douglas, 18 James Hitchen. Adults £10, Kids (age 11-16) £3, Under-10's £FREE. Just to remind people, Season Tickets NOT Valid for this one, as it's a BSPA event.
  11. Looks like it has come through now, as he's listed in the Comets Line-up on their Twitter and Facebook pages, so panic over! Best wishes to Stevie W after his trip to hospital. I hope he's OK and it's nothing serious and just a precaution.
  12. Workington Twitter feed lists both Ty P and Chris H in the line-ups.
  13. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    Good Friday was 30th March this year!