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  1. What’s the weather like near the stadium I’ll be heading there after work in Milton Keynes as the forecast looks promising for tonight
  2. racerback


    thought we wanted to entice the top riders back to the league then restrict the number you can have with a stupid one rider over 8 rule well done british speedway
  3. racerback

    Stars V Pirates. 13 July

    surely middlo will be a character witness after all isnt it what young kids do these days
  4. that might be why i didnt see him ride if thats true would still be intrested to hear his thoughts or any of the riders that rode yesterday
  5. would be interesting to hear david howes on this as i saw him in his riding gear in the pits but never ride the track I left about 3ish after a 2 rider race that was enough for me
  6. still problems thats not good but didnt someone post when it first happened that it would be 4 weeks until ready and if thats true why dodnt someone just come out and say it from the managment
  7. is this the final nail in the coffin for uk speedway when the poles can dictate when we can use riders who are contracted in our country poland flexes it muscles and the uk bows down have to feel sorry for morris but really this should not be allowed to happen
  8. racerback

    Wolverhampton 2016

    and just why would the premier league want to change the way it runs just to help out a elite league that cant run itself properly
  9. racerback

    Wolverhampton 2016

    just look at team strengths in the 90's see how much they have diluted the sport now
  10. racerback

    The Points Limit

    sad state of affairs if sides are struggling to get an attractive side together with a points limit set lower than the 46 points it takes to win a match im very much in fear for our sport i hope buster and co at the bspa can rescue the situation but i fear its too late maybe a 1 big league can save it for a few seasons
  11. stop posting sense and logic it will never be accepted by the bspa
  12. stabilizers needed for the swindon boys
  13. racerback

    Danish Gp In Horsens 08.08

    kildeman goes down easier than a local lady of the night
  14. racerback

    Swindon 2015

    yes only speedway could make welcoming back a rider banned for drinking such an event what next the tour de france with former winner and serial drug cheat lance armstrong shown in a saints outfit sometimes i just have to wonder why speedway keeps shooting its self in the foot and just for the record i feel darcy is free to ride as hes now done his time just dont think we should be hailing him as the saviour
  15. for me it has to be per jonsson still had so much to give before that horrible accident

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