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  1. mikowhy

    Finnish News

    Isn't it former Swedish coach?
  2. mikowhy

    Speedways Motocrossers

    Tomasz and Jacek Gollob during their early two years in speedway were a motocrossers. Tomasz was even on the rostrum once or twice in U21 Polish Motocross Championship. Watching Gollob on speedway bike you could notice some of motocross riding style.
  3. Mungo - Foreskins do Dangle everywhere and everytime
  4. I apologize for that kind of corny behavior once more. I promise those who were found guilty - will be properly punished. Bluepusher - forgive us.
  5. Guy's why don't you use this FORUM STS FOR BRITS?
  6. Ok ADZ. Rger that. If you won't have enogh riders we will complete mixed polish-gb team.
  7. CLick !!!!! Topic about 2nd friendly test clash PCnorwood - i have already signed there up. Make me the king of that forum
  8. My suggestion is 9 p.m. in Polnd so that is 8 p.m in England. Collect 6 riders plus 1 reserve. 2.0 version opponent - my DF team from Poland - so ADZ and WElly - be ready to ride against other Brits .
  9. Still no response about 2nd team and 2nd friendly clash.....
  10. POEPLE!!!! I wrote before - I WANT YOU TO SORT SECOND TEAM TO MEET WITH MY DF TEAM IN FRIENDLY CLASH TONIGHT!!!! PLEASE SORT IT AND LET ME KNOW AT WHICH HOUR YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RIDE. Adz - I'm happy to hear you are in my team. It's just league team - so you can be in Gb either in another Gb team too - but not in Polish league. I hope you and welly will be present today and u'r gonna ride for DF your first clash. 2.0 - before you play - of course extract it using winrar. Than choose player in game menu and enjoy the game. Cu tonight. WE REALLY NEED MORE ROOM HERE ON YOUR FORUM TO DISCUSS ABOUIT STS IN DIFFRENT TOPICS BECAUSE IT IS A KIND O MESS HERE NOW AND IT BECOMES RUBBISH PLEASE - ASK YOUR MODERATORS TO CREATE IT!!!
  11. ADZ I don't get your problem. Can you load the game? Or you cannot and some message appears? If so - tell me what the message tells? ADZ what about our contract?
  12. 2.0 for next few minutes
  13. <DF>Welly - when our team will be completed - we will all think about a home track (now I'm signing contarcts with riders). We also should wait till the 2.0 version is completed - we will check all the tracks and choose one. Please - train at all of them in 2.0 now. SPOOK - please contact me via e-mail because my private message box is out of order. percuro@rejestracja.pl
  14. After spendin' few moments with you guys yesterday on your server I must say I'm realy impressed with your sts form now. You are surely reachin' the highest level. I have a proposal for adz. Would you be interested in riding in my polish team? Welly is already in, signed few day ago. If so - mesage me on my e-mail rejstracja@percuro.pl Skrzypek - WTS team manger also would like to sign a contract with one of you guys. Use MSN to contact him on skrzyp13@hotmail.com. Spook - don't worry about our patience during the clash. We are gonna have lots of it in stock . After first few heats - rules of a clash will be clear for you. Do not worry about that too. If you have any questions - just ask me. Would it be a problem for you to sort another team and meet with my DF today too?
  15. cannot connect ;/ Spook nice to see so strong team sorted for tomorrow's frindly meeting . Some of that nicknames looks familiar to me .

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