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  1. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2020

    Shame, after the time and expense of travelling to Poland etc and looking promising in his first serious outing since his broken leg. I just hope he's not going to be one of those promising riders who's career never really takes off because of injury. He seems totally fearless, but needs a decent run with no more injuries.
  2. gazzac

    Kent Kings 2020?

    If the majority of people take the vaccine when approved and available, it should control it, but being harsh if the one's who don't they will either be lucky and not catch covid or will become ill or worse, or at best recover and hopefully have some immunity, and the only ones they could pass it on to are like wise non participants of a vaccine. Maybe some people will have side effects with the vaccine, but that is the same with any vaccine but the whole picture would be far better with a vaccine than without, just hope the Oxford one is successful, would still have far more confidence in our processes than Russia, USA etc. Only horrible variable with all of this is if the virus keeps mutating, then it really will be with us in big way for a long time.
  3. gazzac

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Or a parting memento for the fans to cherish I suppose, even being an Eastie fan I hope that's not the case, still looking forward to the usual beating them at Arlington followed by the not looking forward to stuffing at Poole.
  4. gazzac

    workington ..

    Exactly the same at Eastbourne as Richard touched on, plus such good meetings between the 2 clubs at that level.
  5. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2020

    NL type standard or a challenge with Poole if they're up for it and stadium use at their end permitted?
  6. gazzac

    challenge matches ?

    Think it may be the only chance of speedway, home and away with a local team if they're enough promotions wanting to run a few meetings.
  7. gazzac

    bandits 2020

    Does a bear s**t in the woods etc? Surely a given.
  8. gazzac

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I don't think he'll be the first especially the slightly older riders, earn enough to make a living, and still get his adrenaline fix at the weekend with speedway or grass track/long track.
  9. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2020

    Also shows why the NL was so good over the last 5 years and was so good to watch, with these 3 and many other youngsters pushing each other on week in week out.
  10. gazzac

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Ban speedway riders from riding moto x bikes and normal bikes during the season, don't know what it is, but it never seems to end well! Must be safer ways to keep fit and sharp.
  11. gazzac

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Sad, but at least now everyone knows and if possible can plan for next year. Only hope is a few challenge type matches, but can't see that happening really.
  12. gazzac

    Newcastle 2020

    Think there's a short film to be made somewhere there .
  13. gazzac

    Newcastle 2020

    I always thought I had a load of unnecessary old rubbish in the memory bank, but I think your amount is astonishing, well done . PS, got two boys and a daughter, haven't seen her for a few years, better check the attic! ( Only joking, she's lovely and a speedway fan along with her brothers)
  14. Only racing I can see this year are challenge type matches with a home and away for an aggregate win. Won't be like a league, but having had no matches all year , hopefully would be well enough supported over the last few couple of months of the season.
  15. gazzac

    Newcastle 2020

    More likely had twin girls and wanted to lock them all upstairs to keep sane in the years to come?

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