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  1. First matches of the season.

    With the NT though on Good Friday? Or Saturday, but could say play Kent home and away, 2 matches that mean something rather than pointless challenges.
  2. I see Mildenhall are now defending the National Trophy, which means from an Eastie point of view ( in fact most teams point of veiw) we now have all the league matches plus hopefully the playoffs to follow, a minimum of 8 NT matches, and the Ko Cup first round proper. If we perform as we have over the last few seasons in the cup matches add another 8/9 matches on top. Surely this year even more so than the last few years,the season should start before the end of March with preferably the NT and do away with the pointless challenge matches. Have a proper full day press and practice the week before to test machinery etc . If not will be the usual 6.00 on the last Sunday in October keeping fingers crossed on the weather with a poor crowd for what should be a blue ribband match.
  3. Eastbourne 2018

    So it is an old mates team after all. I hope Mark proves me wrong but still don't see him as a No1, a really good 3 or 5 , will be competitive but won't win it looking at Mildenhall's team like last year with BV. If Mark was signed before the points limit Jake would never get a team place unless it went up to about 43 which was never going to happen.
  4. Eastbourne 2018

    Very little in it, and if Knight had not posted that he was gutted not to be back when the limit was announced we'd be thinking it nailed on he'd be the last signing. Maybe they think we need a change to push that last bit to win the playoffs having failed last year.One thing we do need is a No1 who maintains his average to stay at No1 leaving Brennen and Wood at 3 and 5 being strong in those places, as well as if it is Mountain and he gets called away on championship meetings can get a decent guest rather than R/R . Just assuming now it is him, would not look good if it was Baseby having left Knight out.
  5. Eastbourne 2018

    If your last prediction of Mountain at 1 is right, will be a very competitive team again within the 39 points, and very strong at home. Will be there or there abouts again, and if Edwards moves on in leaps and bounds should still always have a strong reserve pairing if he swaps with Kelsey. As you say just need Kelsey to stay on and not have any injuries again.
  6. Eastbourne 2018

    Unfortunately you're right, 39 points was always going to lead to teams like this, for example Kent are looking to run Taylor Hampshire at 4 who may improve but not a rider you'd normally think of in that position. As usual we will be very strong at home.
  7. Eastbourne 2018

    Agree , although I like Mark, he's not really a No1, especially when we still have enough points to have Jake. So as it's not him hope we're going for someone thought of as an out and out No 1 .
  8. Eastbourne 2018

    Would be a great signing, still remember the performance he put in the season before last in the ko cup final when Birmingham came with an illegal no 1, kept the meeting alive , scoring 19 against the likes of Knight, Adam Ellis etc. from reserve. Do think it unlikely though unfortunately.
  9. Eastbourne 2018

    Just seen a few more of his videos on his Facebook page, very exciting looking rider in the Shanes style,if he can master a 500 around our tight track, he does look a really good 'find'. Well done to the Dugards once again.
  10. Eastbourne 2018

    Great to have him back, gives his all in every meeting above and beyond his ability some times and when you think of Eastie and the NL, with all the success we've had, he's been the constant factor. If he can improve his machinery a bit, will definitely be consistently an 8.00 plus rider.
  11. Eastbourne 2018

    Apart from using up all the points, would Connor Mountain be a better No 1 especially at home than Jake Knight? Would rather have Jake again really.
  12. Eastbourne 2018

    We could have Jake, but I think Mark has been 'promised' a team place, if the limit had been say 42.5 may have jigged a team with Jake as well, the moment 39 was known Jake was on Twitter saying he was gutted. Shame but the points limit will restrict us to a slightly mediocre team.
  13. Eastbourne 2018

    If you mean ready for a 500, probably not , will do one meeting on a borrowed bike, then we'll use guests for the remainder of the normal season, until the sharp end then we'll do our usual and have the next 15 year old wonder kid for the playoffs and cup finals. Sure this will be the case as it's so liked by most supporters. (I've been told before sarcasm gets lost in text, I am being sarcastic again, but stranger things have happened, Hurry assessed average etc! )
  14. Eastbourne 2018

    Think you could be right, but if that's the case, is a slightly underwhelming team, and leaving 0.41 spare.
  15. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Yep,does tend to give people the hump(or two)!