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  1. Martin Dugard sprint ? Don't think he could do that when he was riding, not much chance now!
  2. Hopefully there's a time limit of a week on this thread, can't think it can go into a second week going over and over the same stuff, or is it just me.
  3. You're right, seen it quite a few times when a rider had to be helped off the bike having twisted and injured his back in a race, sure it's genuine.
  4. Think unfortunately it just shows the difference between a rider who thinks he's world class and a truly world class rider. Back in the day when Eastie were in the Elite league when it was such, never remember the likes of Rickardson, Adams etc at worst commenting that the track was anything thing else than a bit tricky, just got on with it. Pedersen rode there for 4 years and even Jason Crump never complained which was unusual for him! Can't believe track prep is dramatically difrerent , just a different class of rider and sportsmanship, unfortunately seems a different era now.
  5. Well done Eastie, kept their heads and got on with the job, so pleased for Georgie Wood getting a paid max at the difficult No 2 slot, the final should be a cracker.
  6. gazzac

    Mildenhall vs Plymouth 28/7

    think I'll go and have a few , might make sense of it then.
  7. gazzac

    eagles v rebels sat 27 july

    You would imagine a few sessions with Martin Dugard would go a long way, unless that has already happened. I remember last season Charlie Brooks couldn't get round bends 3/4 without hitting the air fence and seem to remember Martin giving him some good advice to move him on. Different level I know, but some tuition by the master of Arlington could only help one would have thought.
  8. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Eastie have throughout the years been a predominantly British team. Most of our success in the top league was built around Martin Dugard, Norris, Barker and Screen, hopefully that will continue.
  9. Up to my usual standard with predictions
  10. Could be right, can't think it'll be the only change now.
  11. I genuinely think Eastie will persevere with the current team baring injurues, may come back to bite us in the semi finals, although still have a chance in both with the current team. It may go against the general ethos of this league, mostly caused by the points limit, but if they do keep with the current team, think they should be applauded picking a British team in the first place, and sticking with them. Not many of the wholesale changes at other clubs have been welcomed with open arms by the fans.
  12. The Eastie boys did it again!
  13. Think by these last 3 opinions, just shows what an open competition it is. I do think tracks are tricky rather than trick, and although not often,teams have come to Eastie, mastered our small tricky track and reaped the rewards. When Josh Pickering guested for Leicester earlier on he didn't have any problem having never riden there (I think), and certainly was a major factor in Leicesters league win. Think a lot of riders are already beaten mentally on arrival, come with the attitude of Pickering or Broc Nicoll and it's a different story. Have to say Eastie at the moment don't seem to have that attitude on their away tricky tracks for them, whoever does will probably win it.
  14. Totally agree, going to some exciting second legs, with some close aggregate scores.

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