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  1. Used to get great racing in the past at both tracks even though tight. Track prep at both was fantastic and the riders skill level back the days of Elite league was so superior to now, don't remember Crump, Pedersen(s) Peter Karlson, Mark Loram, plus many others having difficulty providing good races on both. Current day bikes have been a big factor as well only right for big wide open tracks really, seemed to get dramatically worse when the silencers were brought in.
  2. gazzac

    workington ..

    Have you a seen NL meeting THJ ? Sure it'll be tested by a few. Saying that the track and fence look amazing.
  3. gazzac

    workington ..

    And stinging nettles, lovely.......
  4. gazzac

    workington ..

    That track looks fantastic, can even plug into the wind turbine to keep costs down? .....
  5. I suppose there maybe an older more experienced rider who's deemed a stronger option, but on Auty's average on the night I would rather come to watch an up and coming rider who's getting better by the month, who will ride his socks off whatever, as it's at PB and not at Poole, I genuinely think he'll out score his average which is all you can ask of a guest really.
  6. gazzac

    Leicester vs Mildenhall 21/5/22 7:00pm

    Just shows how difficult the refs job is in real time I suppose, I've slated them before as we see what we want to see to a point.
  7. Sorry Lisa didn't mean to offend, did put a .
  8. Not allowed out during term time then.....
  9. gazzac

    BERWICK v KENT (Saturday 21st) 7pm

    Those line ups will make a more exciting meeting than most championship ones I imagine. Anyone who hasn't tried it needs to give it a go. Unfortunately I live near the south coast and too far, but brings back memories of some great competitive meetings when Eastbourne were in the NL.
  10. Have a 45 point limit every season then none of this would have any effect at all really. Did I just really say that......
  11. Was it Castrol R days? Can smell it now...
  12. Is the conversation rate of 2.0 someone who doesn't let the other person get a word in edge ways, or am I getting confused...... again....
  13. Another sad outcome, I always remember his 18 points haul( or something around that figure) against Eastie in a proper NL a few seasons ago with Eastie at their best thinking he was was the best away rider I'd seen there, especially as it was his first time there. Always thought at the same young age at Arlington not much between Woffinden and Bridger, funny how thing's pan out.
  14. gazzac

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Agree he's already riding above his average, and you know whatever he scores you'll get 100% effort.
  15. gazzac

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Would have thought he would be, young, met, maybe exceeded expectations and will only get better.

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