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  1. Fancy having to look up luddites you ninnyhammer
  2. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Looking at the quote over a few times, it was as you say a harsh but fair point aimed at the rider's mentioned, and a stupid and unnecessary line about the NL standard, which we know over the last 4/5 years hasn't generally been the case. It does look to me it may have been part of the 'rant' to give Wood and Morley a kick up the a***, but in what seems to be his usual way, not well thought out, be nice if he clarified it was that in the next programme but unlikely to happen, especially if he really believes that. I do think him being there is part of the long term project, be a shame if you don't attend whilst he's they're, especially if our ex NL riders do turn it around.
  3. gazzac

    REDCAR 2019

    I understand, and wouldn't want him at Eastie and you're probably right, but if he does ok for Redcar other factors could have had a hand, starting at 1, track, management etc. Glad Eastie have the other Birmingham cast off by the way, think he'll do a good job for us in place of Tom Brennen in his correct position at 3 or 4.
  4. gazzac

    REDCAR 2019

    Suppose wait and see how he goes, one of you will be right, the other eating humble pie.
  5. Just looked, we're away at Redcar on Friday 14th, home on Sat 22nd and away to Scunthorpe on Friday 28th, so Fridays are out anyway, and Leicester already have a home fixture on Sat 29th. So Sunday 30th it is, think it'll be a bumper crowd again.
  6. I do prefer evening's at Arlington, but even with the dust think the crowd will be bigger on a Sunday afternoon than a Friday night, at the moment that's the name of the game so can't see it being altered. I'll be going wearing glasses and not my contact lenses! Mind you, if this weather continues throughout June, dust won't be too much of a problem.
  7. Think the odd results were the 2 loses earlier on to Leicester and Glasgow, the team seem to have got used to the track now, think we'll beat Leicester this time round, probably not enough to win overall, but glad we have the first leg first , should be 15 cracking heats.
  8. I'm not sure how it works, just assumed if home riders take extra rides, would pay for the extra points won (hopefully) but a guest would be paid to ride plus points scored?
  9. I think you're probably right, in the past that seems to have been the preferred route, sure a lot of it's financial, extra points paid to the current team must be far cheaper than a top line guest like Adam Ellis.
  10. gazzac

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Obvious, you'd miss out on the usual fixture pileup at the end of the season instead of running on what would hopefully be a nice June evening unlike today , can't have that.
  11. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    I agree, a very big ask to win overall, but everthing went Leicester's way last time at Arlington, including Pickering being a fantastic guest, and Richards heat 15 error. I for one am looking forward to it, still not sure when we play the away leg as we have a fixture on Leicester's reserved home date, hope we get the first leg really, will guarentee 15 hard fought heats, rather than perhaps a result one way or another earlier on.
  12. gazzac

    Newcastle 2019

    Think I'll book my holiday now, sounds lovely!
  13. gazzac

    Shield semi-final

    Think they've trouble with 2 balls in a bag!
  14. gazzac

    Shield semi-final

    I can understand the logistics and cost of making it Berwick v Glasgow etc, but should it not be a proper draw ? How would it have been done if say Somerset had been the forth team? Would it have been Leicester v Glasgow as they are closest, then people would have moaned that the 2 strongest were put together. A proper draw gives it some credibility at least.

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