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  1. gazzac

    National League thread title

    Thanks for clearing that up, both Sings and I got it wrong. Just shows our interest in football I suppose.
  2. gazzac

    National League thread title

    Save the grief, call it Speedway Division 1, be the same as football then over the 3 leagues which more people will relate to and save the annual argument over it's title.
  3. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    When you look at the goings on at other clubs ( Berge at Somerset, Workington pulling out etc) it makes the current situation at Eastie seem even more admirable. An all British team certainty capable of the payoffs, management/promoters doing their utmost in obtaining secure sponsorship and backing, and making appointments that the fans want such as Kevin Coombes. Happy days for Eastie fans at the moment.
  4. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Even when it was raining! Can't wait, memories of the early days of the Elite.
  5. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Hopefully Kev Coombes, made so much difference to the atmosphere when we were in the Elite league.
  6. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Just had a study of it, as you say it's a cracking site, so sharp, clear and informative.
  7. gazzac


    Think Eastie have loaned them the interval draw machine and a monkey to turn the handle.
  8. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    When you think the Eagles nearly ceased to be 4 year's ago, think the exciting steps Dugard, Cook and Jordon have taken in the current economic and speedway climate deserves to be applauded and be successful. I'll be expecting to do as many meetings as I can this season despite my 100 mile plus round trip.
  9. gazzac

    2019 Championship Improvers

    I've been banging on for year's saying make the limit 42 in all 3 leagues and set it for 2/3 seasons. Everyone knows where they are at the begining and end of season and can build accordingly straight away. Will never happen though too simple.
  10. gazzac

    Isle of Wight 2019

    Start a petition for the tunnel again? Actually scrub that, think it might upset your headline sponsor!
  11. Maybe but better than doing nothing.
  12. Because no true speedway fan wants to see any club cease to be, or is that too obvious? I'm an Eastie supporter, unlikely to attend any or certainly at best an Eastie away meet if in the same league, but still prefer to have an Arena Essex than not, so have signed it.
  13. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2019

    Had beef instead of turkey this year, so nice to have a change to a piece of meat with taste
  14. gazzac

    Play off contenders

    Not many will rate Eastbourne as contenders for the playoffs , but Wood and Brennen generally had the beating of anyone at Arlington last season in the NL including Kemp and Mountain, add in the fact that a lot of riders in the championship won't have had any experience of the tight turns of Arlington , can't see them losing at home next season especially with a top end that ride Arlington well. Away will be Eagles of old but win all at home, pick up an odd point or two away and you certainly should get to the playoffs, probably not win them, but top 4 a definite possibility.
  15. gazzac

    Mildenhall 2019

    Unfortunately and I know it's not right but suppose that's partially why Dugard went on to be a gp winner and Rob didn't progress much further.

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