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  1. gazzac

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Scott does seem to have the knack/skill of bringing the most out of a team, so would have only made a positive difference I would imagine. What seems almost the norm is most of the Premiership riders who did the business this season, underperformed in comparison in the championship, not totally sure of the reason, can't believe its machinery, but maybe the generally tighter tracks compared to BV and Peterborough?
  2. gazzac

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Being an Eastie fan, would have loved your season, but as an outsider seem to have just slightly underperformed all round all season really, I had you down as champions earlier on, and even maybe at the playoffs stage. A slight improvement all round next year will surely put you in the frame again.
  3. gazzac

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Think just the one point with Tom is he had a dreadful broken leg and other injuries and was put in icu for a week or so a couple of seasons ago and lost a year out virtually, and then covid struck the country! It's only this season we've seen the real Tom I think, and he is getting better and better pretty quickly now, but like the other current young crop in the Premiership and championship came through a competitive NL
  4. I think if you're pessimistic and you're right with a bad result, you can feel good to a point because you can say, " well I was right", and if the result goes like it did against Leicester you can post how pleased you are that you were wrong, win win situation for the middle aged man. I'm past middle age, unless I break the record for the oldest man ever, so don't know where that leaves me!
  5. There's someone parked in my parking space at the moment and I don't know who, so I can't moan at them so you're welcome to this one
  6. Ok, ok I was wrong, but hopefully it was the catalyst for Gordon's excellent post
  7. Surely no different to the playoffs in various countries and generally accepted, my team have had been on the right and wrong end of them, love it when it comes good, hated it when we came top and lost the playoffs, all part of speedway now, certainly seem to remember occasions where the top team in Poland didn't win the playoffs, 2 seasons ago?
  8. gazzac

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Had to have a 'laugh' this morning, on the official BSPA website praising team GB's win and proud that all 4 riders involved came through the NDL having practically finished it off now.
  9. I think Peterborough were great this year, and were fabulous to watch on tv and remarkable how all of the army probably found form they hadn't had for a few seasons and just gelled into a forceful team. I just wondered if it was a pinicle that can't be repeated again especially with the older riders and maybe need to keep some of the older team but need to bring in a couple of younger riders to freshen the team and spur the likes of Nicholls on again, just a thought?
  10. Slightly disappointing on the official website in the latest post congratulating team GB on their fantastic win, apart from his picture and name in the scorers, not a mention of Tom Brennen by name. Think 7 out if 8 points from his 2 rides deserved a mention, don't think we'd have qualified for the semis if he'd have scored 0,0.
  11. Correct we just played the set out rules the best. No different to our playoffs really, did enough to get in the semi finals, then it's always game on for all teams left in it.
  12. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2020

    Fingers crossed then!
  13. gazzac

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I did say it with it with a smiley face and tongue in cheek, but was a jibe at the 2 leagues being too close together really. Not likely to change as the top riders won't or can't ride here, and doubling up/down will always keep it as it is now.
  14. gazzac

    Eastbourne 2020

    All good posts above, if running I'll be back, just hope the last couple of years haven't lost too many. Certainly will need a good promotion which can really promote.

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