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  1. Kent 2018

    Again just doesn't seem right as it's a 'late' call by Glasgow because of another riders decision. Great for his progression but as you say so unfair on another national league club. I wasn't over impressed with 'my' Eastie team when announced but perhaps I can now see the logic in going for a team that doesn't look like any of the riders are likely to double up this season at the moment.
  2. Birmingham 2018

    Hope the weather improves so we can all get out, it's been a long winter ...
  3. Birmingham 2018

    It still is a development league,as proved with the likes of Bewley,Smith,JPB, Brennen,etc,and I'm looking forward to the development of Edwards,Kemp,Flint and Brooks etc. But by definition a ' league' is surely competitive with 'winners' and 'losers'.Make it competitive with a 42.5 point limit and it'll be a competitive development league that will attract fans who want to see youngsters progress and watch an exciting meeting.
  4. Birmingham 2018

    I sort of agree, but as I and many others have said if the points limit had been what it should have been 42.5 you wouldn't have had a rider shortage.
  5. Eastbourne 2018

    Cannot believe there's any commercial gain for Paul Goldsmith and his companies with speedway sponsorship. I don't know him personally, but everything you hear about him is that he is a true speedway fan. I just think we're so lucky that he's an Eastie supporter. He may not own the club, but I seriously doubt there would be any speedway at Arlington without his involvement. Regarding the website, the old one was beginning to look a bit tired, and I'm sure when the new one's completed will look more up to date.
  6. Eastbourne 2018

    I assume that as our new main sponsor is a competing IT company in the previous one, they would want to put their own stamp on a totally new website as it is part of what they do as a business, although I seem to remember seeing that both companies maybe owned by the same people, but imagine they'd still want to freshen the website up a bit.
  7. No job

    I've said it before make all 3 leagues 42.5, leave it alone for a minimum of 3 years, you're always get stronger and weaker teams (no different to now with 39) but shouldn't have this problem with riders like Knight unable to get a ride, and the likes of Brennen ,Kemp etc will ride against better riders before going up a league. Actually having thought about it again scrap that idea, it's far too simple.
  8. No job

    I bet if you looked at posts on this forum from the first years it started in any league in any year about diluting the product, there would be hundreds of posts similar to the last few, this sport will never or never want to learn. I said months ago it should be 42.5 to match the other leagues, and I remember some posts from Jake's father Richard saying this would happen, perhaps fearing the worst for Jake. What's worse we'll be having the same conversation next year with more promising riders missing out.
  9. Cradley 2018?

    I think like a lot of supporters I'm beyond caring now as it'll be made up as the season goes along. What credibility ( I do lose the word lightly)the NT had has long since gone out the window. I envy BV not being involved in it , sounds a bit harsh but think deep down a few clubs probably wish they were not involved in it. I'm not anti Cradley and never want to see a team cease, but this doesn't seem the right way.
  10. Cradley 2018?

    Thanks for clearing that up then Sings
  11. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    This sounds like a Harry Hill argument when he used to do TV Burp. "So which is best a Brennen or a Bickley, there's only one way to find out ------ Fight !
  12. Cradley 2018?

    I've nothing against Cradley trying to keep a team going and there's obviously no rule to stop them building a dream team, but think it's already starting to devalue what is already the third rated tournament in the NL. I'll be honest and say I wish Eastie had taken the decision not to enter the Trophy competition this year as they struggled to get all their fixtures completed last year and will probably be worse this season. I can do a lot of home fixtures but not all, and unfortunately I don't think I'll be alone in marking league matches and Ko cup and ignoring the Trophy.
  13. Mildenhall 2018

    Totally agree, absolutely ridiculous!
  14. First matches of the season.

    With the NT though on Good Friday? Or Saturday, but could say play Kent home and away, 2 matches that mean something rather than pointless challenges.
  15. I see Mildenhall are now defending the National Trophy, which means from an Eastie point of view ( in fact most teams point of veiw) we now have all the league matches plus hopefully the playoffs to follow, a minimum of 8 NT matches, and the Ko Cup first round proper. If we perform as we have over the last few seasons in the cup matches add another 8/9 matches on top. Surely this year even more so than the last few years,the season should start before the end of March with preferably the NT and do away with the pointless challenge matches. Have a proper full day press and practice the week before to test machinery etc . If not will be the usual 6.00 on the last Sunday in October keeping fingers crossed on the weather with a poor crowd for what should be a blue ribband match.