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  1. Matt Webb beat me to it. option b for me, used to go to Lynn but option b is not an option at Saddlebow so dont go anymore - a couple of good meetings a season was just not worth the money, whether that is or isnt the Chapmans fault is not the point of this thread so dont want to sidetrack the debate Bryn, you say that there are lots of threads with a 'as long as my team wins' type attitude on the forum this season - is that because they are the only fans left going - the real die hards who will support 'their team' no matter what, whereas the 'speedway fans' who perhaps travelled further or who went for the entertainment have drifted away?
  2. TonyM

    Kings Lynn Stars

    Thanks Trees, I had called my Mum and after lots of do,do,do do-do-do do do ing we got the tune and the memories flooding back but alas no title to seach Youtube for, not a dry eye in either of our houses tonight but thanks again
  3. Either the regs dont exist, are not applied or someone is being economical with the truth - see about half way down the page http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...onf/8404813.stm
  4. But thats the whole point Andy, in the time it takes to resolve the affairs of an estate (as I think was the case for Newport) the club cant carry on as the executor is probably not in a position to do so liability wise, whereas if it was shares in a limited company that the executor was dealing with the company COULD in all likelihood continue to trade As far as the FA are concerned the company owns the club, hence I have nowhere to go on Saturday afternoons between now and the end of the football season because King's Lynn Football Club (1994) Ltd was wound up in the High Court yesterday, who owned the shares in the company was completely irrelevant. In all honesty the whole Buster Chapman thing was a bit of a red herring by the Football Club board looking to divert attention away from the real issue which was their mismanagement over recent seasons that had got the club to this point, I dont doubt Buster would quite like the football stadium to run events from but as he said himself he isnt really a football man and as he would have had to save KLFC (1994) Ltd to keep their place in the league at a cost of ~£180K it was always a very, very long shot
  5. Its not company law but, as you suggest, a sensible ruling by the FA for their member clubs although their main objection seems to be that the ultimate owner of a club (ie the company not the shareholders) needs to be able to be liquidated which is not the same as personal bankruptcy. Also speedway fans are well aware of what can happen if the club and the owner are one and the same - when the owner of Newport died the club died with him, had it been a limited co then it could have carried on subject to finance.
  6. TonyM

    Interested In A Fan-owned Club?

    Sorry Andy but your capitalist tendancies are clouding your view. In the same way that the Co-op and John Lewis can have a slightly different ownership to many on the high street, there are perhaps certain circumstances where an alternative business model could work for sports ownership. I am not talking about the nonsense that saw you and others buy Man Utd shares but rather the model that other reds fans took in forming FC Utd which seems to be holding up in the non-league pyramid (my guess is with crowd levels above that of Belle Vue) To answer the specific issues raised * there would be no financial return, think less of shareholding and more upon a subscription type of model * agreed there needs to be volume to make it pay, but speedway does have a fair bit of goodwill attached to 'distant' fans (much like yourself). This is just a function of the lack of popularity of the sport as there is no financially justifiable business model that can cope with the current fan base (or lack of it) * shareholding in football trusts is dependent on maintenance of annual subs * decision making for the members would be at the strategic not the operational level * annual subs designed to cover annual running costs, capital can be raised through the membership (see Swansea FC Supporters Trust for the hows and wherefors) if required * dilution of control - absolutely, thats not running everything by committee but is taking decisions for the good of the club not the 'owner' On another thread you asked for 'outside the box' thinking - well this isnt really it as it is a model that is gaining in popularity with a reliable track record (admittedly not always good) where the benefits and pitfalls are now sufficiently known to have a rough idea as to whether it would work under given conditions. As I said the big problem would be the blinkered approach that I would guess the BSPA would view this with
  7. TonyM

    Interested In A Fan-owned Club?

    Long term the 'worldwide' model is unlikely to work, the latest on Ebbsfleet is here: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/footbal...ff-1812837.html That said a good, local fans based team could work but just cant see it being acceptable to the BSPA. They have had some sucess in non-league football clubs and are now moving to rugby league / ice hockey but as others have suggested they are not putting fans as 'decision makers' on a day-to-day basis but as shareholders who set the general direction / policy for the club with paid staff handling the operational duties.
  8. TonyM


    You seem to have misinterpreted the word 'investment' when applied to sporting teams, easy mistake. The Oxford English Dictionary lists investment as: • noun 1 the action or process of investing. 2 a thing worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future. However the word investment when used in the sporting context means: To throw a load of money at a problem / team / sport that cannot survive financially on its own merits Hence most 'investors' in sports clubs are more rightly known as benefactors, again thanks to OED: • noun a person who gives money or other help (my emphasis) At least Eastbourne seem to accept the fact by making it into the worlds most expensive 100 club and it is nothing to my knowledge like the Ebbsfleet model, another football Supporters Trust seems to be doing OK for itself http://www.supporters-direct.org/news/item...=5852&cat=%
  9. Supporters Direct (www.supporters-direct.org) have helped set up a number of Supporters Trusts in football (and more recently Rugby League) and whilst the main aim is to allow a fans voice to be heard, where some clubs have got into trouble the Supporters Trust has taken over the running of the club itself (AFC Telford, Cambridge City plus others) It could work in speedway but the need for a promoters licence holding 'front man' would be one of the problems along side the fact that speedway as its currently structured is nigh on impossible to run without annual subsidies from the owners Still think speedway would benefit from an independent executive board along the lines of the RFL to replace the BSPA (note replacing the BSPA as a body does not in any way change the management or ownership of any of the individual clubs)
  10. TonyM

    Independent Ruling Body

    I'm sorry Andy but what you are saying is effectively the sport of speedway is ungovernable because its clubs are run by a bunch of egotistical maniacs who will 'run off with their ball' at the drop of a hat, whilst some on here may agree I would hope that is not the case for the majority of clubs and any commissioner would have to have some sort of security of tenure such that it would take a fair percentage of clubs to oust them from office. OK the commissioners life may be made difficult by the odd promotion but equally you could argue that some promotions may come under a bit more peer pressure to tow the line and do whats in the best interests of the sport if other clubs can see changes are for the better Speedway is typical of many organisations that are governed by committee in that there is a complete lack of radical thinking (unless tweaking a poorly thought through idea from last year counts) essentially because no one is ultimately responsible for anything. Many sports were governed in that way in the past but most have gone through some fairly major changes in the past few years with those at the top being held account for their actions and many sports producing clear stategic plans for how their sport will move forward in the future and individuals tasked with implementing the changes necessary and held account for their actions, what does speedway get? - a 3 year plan of watering down the top division and nothing else, if thats what counts for strategic planning heaven help us
  11. TonyM

    Independent Ruling Body

    I still dont see why it needs a mass buy out of clubs to get to a commissioner role - US sports manage quite well in accepting that whilst each club runs its own business as it sees fit the 'running' of the league/sport is best done by an independent person, effectively all you are saying is that we continue with the BSPA but with a membership of one, because the same person owns all the clubs! What is needed is for a few influential promoters to come out and say 'the way we govern the sport doesnt work in the sports best interests', from that point on there can then be a reasonable debate as to what the alternatives are (commissioner vs board) and what sort of remit the new person/body would have (leagues, development, working with SGP/overseas governing bodies, etc) and how it would be controlled (RFL has a governing council made up of clubs, the amateur leagues, etc which their board has to report to each year and the theory being if the council are not happy procedures are in place to make changes)
  12. TonyM

    Independent Ruling Body

    Great post, agree 100% Colin, in answer to your original question of naming names I think anyone who is 'known' to the speedway world is probably the wrong choice, certainly if you are looking for a commissioner type role, if you were looking for a governing board along the lines of rugby league then I guess one or two could have speedway backgrounds but I just think the sport needs an outsider to be above all the petty infighting plus I see very little evidence within the current bunch of the skills required to take the sport forward
  13. Better than last years 3 points for an away win which was always too blunt an instrument to really make a difference. Dont agree with the extra point for a big win (home or away) but a step in the right direction, personally I would still prefer to see a wider losing margin rewarded but scrap the tactical double points which is presumably why the margin cant be bigger
  14. TonyM

    What Will Save British Speedway

    An end to the three year plan (whatever that was)
  15. In spite of Humphrey's great explanation of how the land currently lies the one thing he left out was the role of the individual promoter to run and promote a team at an individual track (or as seems to be happening more often running more than one team) Vince is right in that many promoters do a fairly decent job, often against the odds, of keeping their team going from season to season but where I disagree is that the skills required to keep that track going have any bearing in running a professional sports governing body and because they have a vested financial interest in their club that entitles them to unduly influence the environment that their club operates in which leads to short term, reactive decisions coming out of the AGM each year Could the BSPA ever get their clubs to submit franchise applications and then summarise them on their website the way the RFL did? http://www.therfl.co.uk/about/page.php?areaid=193 The RFL should really be a role model for what a governing body of speedway in the UK could look like but whether the BSPA (and more importantly certain individuals amongst its membership) could ever relinquish their powerbase is unfortunately very, very unlikely

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