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  1. wolfcrazy

    Places To Practice?

    Hi guys, After racing motocross all my life and finally giving speedway a go last year at the ripe old age of 35 (and absolutely loving it!) i really want to give it a proper go (as in a bit of amateur racing) so before I take the plunge and start hunting for a bike and kit I really wanted some general advice on where I could firstly get some practice in and secondly take part in a bit of amateur racing for a bit of fun? I'm based in the East Midlands so centrally based so where in the country regularly holds practice days for owner/riders to get some laps in and is there anywhere in the UK that runs amateur racing? Any help appreciated.
  2. I know that Speedway can throw up surprises but was not expecting that. Well done boys. It's hard to gauge whether that was purely a fired up Wolves, an ill-prepared' complacent Swindon or the perfect balance of the two... Depending on your perspective of course
  3. I've filtered through the above thread regarding places and times to ride but could someone just give me a breakdown of tracks to practice with your own machinery (turn up and ride) and also tracks that hold amateur meets? I'm based in the midlands so anything not a million miles away would also be a bonus. Many thanks
  4. wolfcrazy

    Dirt Bike Show 2011

    I think you'd be surprised. In previous years we've had a speedway bike on display, usually on the Hagon Shocks stand, and the bike always has a crowd around it. I assure you that many more motocross/enduro fans would take a closer look at speedway if it was represented properly at the DBS. Speedway bikes are sexy machines to a motocrosser ...
  5. wolfcrazy

    Most Likeable Riders

    I couldn't tell you too many riders that weren't friendly and approachable, particularly today. But I think that's because speedway riders generally aren't elevated to superstars anymore. There's liittle room for them in speedway.
  6. wolfcrazy

    Speedway And The Uk Recession 09

    You can't just jump onto an mx bike and throw it 60 feet into the air either so I'm not sure what your point is there. And we clearly have a different idea of what thriving is. The amateur speedway scene isn't thriving by an stretch of the imagination but I agree that it is getting bigger but as it was relatively none existent before hand, it's not something to shout from the roof tops. Marketing is a cop out and it's what people throw out when they have no other suggestion for a solution. This isn't working so it needs better marketing. Marketing isn't the only solution. The prospects of being able to do speedway as an amateur aren't great. Practice tracks are few and far between and rather than having a strong governing body supported amateur scene it is essentially a few kind hearted souls who are willing to invest some time and money into putting on a meeting or opening up a track for a few hours at the weekend. If speedway was a sport available to the masses to compete in with a solid amateur series or even a number of amateur series split into counties with more tracks to race and practice on then speedway could make some money from actually selling stuff and having an industry behind it...imagine that. Incidentally, most people who wear NYY caps don't even know who they are or what they do let alone support them.
  7. wolfcrazy

    Speedway And The Uk Recession 09

    Coming in a bit late on this debate but thought I would add my 2 cents. I'm amazed that speedway survives in this country generally let alone in a climate we are currently trying to ride out. I'm always surprised how speedway as a whole makes any real money and when crowds are slowly eroding then I cannot see how it can survive. I hate using the same thing but as a Motocrosser and a promoter of MX in the UK I often try and draw comparisons to speedway. Regardless of recession a sport like Motocross will survive. If the fans stop going to MX events, Professional or amateur the sport will still keep going strongly, simply because fans of MX are riders themselves and buy into the culture of the sport. Fans will continue to buy bikes and race kit and MX related casual clothing etc etc but speedway has no real industry to keep it propped up. the amount of fans who are themselves amatuer speedway riders is barely worth mentioning. Surely speedway needs a strong amateur market to go and buy bikes and spares and race gear to keep the sport going strongly, particularly in this country. I myself would hang up my MX boots and take up speedway if it were possible to do it but unlike MX the possibility of practicing and racing regularly is none existent. If speedway had more than just turnstile fans then surely it could comfortably ride out times like this because the sports big boys - Jawa, GM not to mention all the other suppliers of speedway parts and clothing would still be selling kit and in turn passing that on to the sport. If speedway were more viable to the average punter then perhaps it wouldn't have to worry quite so much about keeping the turnstiles spinning.
  8. wolfcrazy

    Eating Dust

    I know what you're saying, I think it may be more to do with the fact that the film on it's own looks poor regardless of its speedway theme. I sort of got the impression that it's not so much a Speedway film, rather a film with speedway in it which I think is why people on here (myself included) don't see it as knocking a piece of potential speedway history rather some awful looking film that has speedway in it. But I agree, publicity for speedway in any form is good publicity at the moment.
  9. wolfcrazy

    Eating Dust

    Do you have some vested interest in this production? You haven't handed over some cash to get it finished have you?
  10. wolfcrazy

    Eating Dust

    Frankly I'd be amazed if this got as far as the high street stores. If the 'trailer' is an actual segment of the completed film then it is going to be pretty awful. It's more akin to a student project. If it does paint speedway in a bad light then I really wouldn't worry too much about it. I imagine only hardcore speedway goers will watch it anyway.
  11. That's taken me a good while to read. Clearly went off on a tangent in the middle there but we seem to be back on track now. I'm slowly making my way back into speedway after a 5 year 'break' and it's interesting where the sport is at the moment. It seems that the problem with English/British talent hasn't changed at all though. I wonder if we over complicate the problem and as a result leave the solution barely workable? I often draw parallels with Motocross and I find that one of the biggest problems with UK speedway is simply the lack of UK based places to ride and the ensuing costs as a result. Speedway is simply not an easy sport to pick up and do, particularly for youngsters. If you look at MX, there are litterally hundreds of young riders climbing the ranks and making a big dent in the world scene as well as over in the US. The beauty of Motocross is that for most riders, you are rarely more than half an hour from a practice track or a local race meeting. There are a number of governing bodies organising race events for kids and adult riders. There is no end of potential practice for an aspiring world champ. Speedway just isn't an easy sport to pick up and do. Logistically it's a nightmare. The intial expense of buying a bike and kit isn't much more than MX but sustaining it is, and second half races and a 'once in a blue moon' practice session isn't going to make you a potential world beater. I may be over simplyfying here but in order for speedway to produce good riders it needs to be more accessible, otherwise you end up with only the very rich being able to take part, unlike F1 though there are very few rich kids aspiring to make a modest income racing a speedway bike. I'm always amazed at how many young kids go into motocross with the hope that they will make a career out of it. Indeed actually making money from MX is not easy and is far more complex and difficult than speedway yet the number of riders/parents who absolutely believe a career can be made from MX I am sure far outways those who see Speedway as viable career path. Conversely, I wish I had pursued Speedway as a youngster rather than MX. Hindsight is a wondeful thing.
  12. wolfcrazy

    I Must Have Missed Something...

    Chicken and egg scenario. Does anyone, other than the speedway going public, care enough about speedway or its stars to take any notice of a media savvy speedway superstar? I'm not sure it is the answer and to put so much pressure on one individuals shoulders seems a big ask. I'm not sure that Moto GP would be 'on its arse' without Vally. Of course he is a massive draw but the sport itself still has a huge world wide appeal with massive manufacturer backing. Sponsorship is futile without fans and new fans won't keep coming to a second rate sport that can't survive without sponsorship.
  13. wolfcrazy

    I Must Have Missed Something...

    No doubt I have been through the peaks and troughs in my time as a Speedway supporter but it certainly seemed (from reading on here) that Speedway has gone through one of it's toughest periods recently. I guess it perhaps demonstrates how much an effect forums like this can have and how it can alter perception quite drastically. I guess, like everything at the moment, it's having a tough time but it's all relative to the current climate. It needs someone, by all acounts, with a very forward thinking approach to pull speedway back out of it's rather deep rut. Either that or someone very very rich. Incidentally, I need to find somewhere relatively local to get my speedway fix again. As passionate a Wolves fan as I was, travelling there isn't an option every Monday and I'm afraid it wasn't a big enough draw to keep me in sunny Wolverhampton.
  14. Admittedly I have been out of the Speedway loop for near on 5 years now and litterally went cold turkey. Moved away from Wolves to live in Northants and almost entirely forgot about Speedway. I think it's probably fair to consider me a complete newbie to the sport. So, what's happened? Quickly flicking through a number of threads it seems this once wonderful sport is in deep peril in the UK. I get the distinct impression it is fighting to keep it's head above water? So, in a nutshell, what exactly has happened during the past few years to get speedway where it is right now?
  15. wolfcrazy

    Speedway Dvd's

    Cheers Nevs. Spot on. exactly what I was looking for!

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