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  1. Also Richard Lawson.
  2. Al Stewart

    Newcastle 2019

    Unfortunately Thomas Jorgensen has withdrawn but hopefully you will still come!
  3. Al Stewart

    Gareth Rogers

    I hate getting involved in this ill-informed thread but as far as I know the previous conviction of Gareth was overturned and compensation paid. So it should not be brought up again and nor should the behaviour of a completely different person with the same name.
  4. After the disappointments of last year the 10th Ben Fund Bonanza is scheduled for Leicester on 17th March 2019 start time 2pm. Leicester thus becomes the first track to stage the Bonanza twice.
  5. Al Stewart

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I noticed this a while ago. It would have been better so say "You don't have to keep the team the same if it isn't working" because changing is indeed easy, far too easy really. However it's always best to start with the right team. Edinburgh started and finished with the same team in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and made one change only in 2013 and 2016. Sadly last year was another story.
  6. Al Stewart

    Ben Fund

    There are four groups of riders as far as the Ben Fund goes. Firstly there are riders good enough to bring in fans who are regularly committed to the event. This group includes Ben Barker, Steve Worrall, Chris Harris, Rory Schlein. Secondly there is an equally committed group of not-so-good riders who will always ride but really just make up the numbers. They deserve equal applause. Then there are those who will do it if pushed and if they have nothing better to do. They will then pull out without any feeling of guilt if a paid booking crops up. A substantial number of riders did that on this occasion. They don't realise that this is the LAST meeting you should pull out of, not the first. And finally there are those who won’t even consider doing it. They get asked and don’t even return calls. Support from the promoters comes from just one or two who are prepared to offer tracks to stage the meeting or to push their riders into competing. But generally they are not supportive, individually or as a group. Because I am involved I do know a lot of scare stories about riders and promoters who don’t give a damn about the Ben Fund. I consider it truly shocking. But I can’t name names unfortunately because that has to be Paul Ackroyd’s call. Fortunately Paul is a strong character otherwise the whole business would bring him down.
  7. If they are both out which seems likely, surely that affects Somerset more?
  8. Anyone know why this isn't on Eurosport 2 as it is supposed to be?
  9. The BBC suggesting light showers can mean anything from dry and sunny to a torrential downpour.
  10. Everyone has harped on for years about Edinburgh's home advantage, this is the first year it has actually been true and borne out by statistics. In previous years we have been good home and away with a lower-than-average difference between home and away scores. However surely everyone would agree that getting in to the Playoffs because other teams had rain-offs would be very disappointing and one of several reasons why I can't abide the Playoffs.
  11. Where is this fantastic photo?
  12. I am not saying that anything was Newcastle's fault, nor that there isn't decline elsewhere. I am simply expressing concern for a club I like. Apologies for intruding on your domain.
  13. Looking at the team Newcastle put out, the performances of some of those who did ride, and the length of time taken to run the meeting, you have to seriously worry about what the attendance will be for next Sunday when Workington are the visitors.

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