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  1. Al Stewart

    Ben Fund

    There are four groups of riders as far as the Ben Fund goes. Firstly there are riders good enough to bring in fans who are regularly committed to the event. This group includes Ben Barker, Steve Worrall, Chris Harris, Rory Schlein. Secondly there is an equally committed group of not-so-good riders who will always ride but really just make up the numbers. They deserve equal applause. Then there are those who will do it if pushed and if they have nothing better to do. They will then pull out without any feeling of guilt if a paid booking crops up. A substantial number of riders did that on this occasion. They don't realise that this is the LAST meeting you should pull out of, not the first. And finally there are those who won’t even consider doing it. They get asked and don’t even return calls. Support from the promoters comes from just one or two who are prepared to offer tracks to stage the meeting or to push their riders into competing. But generally they are not supportive, individually or as a group. Because I am involved I do know a lot of scare stories about riders and promoters who don’t give a damn about the Ben Fund. I consider it truly shocking. But I can’t name names unfortunately because that has to be Paul Ackroyd’s call. Fortunately Paul is a strong character otherwise the whole business would bring him down.
  2. If they are both out which seems likely, surely that affects Somerset more?
  3. Anyone know why this isn't on Eurosport 2 as it is supposed to be?
  4. The BBC suggesting light showers can mean anything from dry and sunny to a torrential downpour.
  5. Everyone has harped on for years about Edinburgh's home advantage, this is the first year it has actually been true and borne out by statistics. In previous years we have been good home and away with a lower-than-average difference between home and away scores. However surely everyone would agree that getting in to the Playoffs because other teams had rain-offs would be very disappointing and one of several reasons why I can't abide the Playoffs.
  6. Where is this fantastic photo?
  7. I am not saying that anything was Newcastle's fault, nor that there isn't decline elsewhere. I am simply expressing concern for a club I like. Apologies for intruding on your domain.
  8. Looking at the team Newcastle put out, the performances of some of those who did ride, and the length of time taken to run the meeting, you have to seriously worry about what the attendance will be for next Sunday when Workington are the visitors.
  9. There is no reason why you should not get a guest up to Bach's average.
  10. Al Stewart

    Scorpions v Glasgow 22.7.18 5.00pm

    The rule is this: No facility is permitted to replace a rider, who although included in a Re-declaration has not made an appearance for that Team since being re-declared. So clearly according to that there should be no facility. It's stupid of course, the point of the rule is to stop teams deliberately signing an injured rider to get a facility. It should not apply here but because of the poorly written rule, it might.
  11. Al Stewart

    Edinburgh 2018

    The situation with averages is not hard to understand. At the start of the season – If a rider rode in last year’s Prem and Champ then their average carried over to each league separately for 2018. Once the season starts if they are in both Prem and Champ then they develop separate Rolling Averages in each League. If they ride initially in only one or the other, then their average should they choose to take up a position in the league they have not started in, is their converted average (factor 1.3) from the league they are already riding in. The rationale would be that it is an attempt to reflect current form rather than last season’s form. Things might not be spelt out clearly in the rulebook but that is no excuse for promoters, because they can always telephone the BSPA office and ask. There really isn’t a right or wrong in these average situations, but there has to be a rule. You might think Clegg is fortunate to get a 3-point average when he was previously higher. But the flip side of that is Sam Masters who would get 10.5 if he returned to the Championship, but was only 8.57 in that league last year. He would very likely have been back in the Edinburgh team before now had the rule been different.
  12. Al Stewart

    Scott Lamb

    Can any Berwick statistician tell me where Scott stands in the list of all-time Berwick point scorers?
  13. Al Stewart

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    It's pretty unbelieveable, bikes started warming up for the rerun of heat 6 at 9:45 and if the updates are to be believed, 25 minutes later they still haven't got on the track. I certainly agree with the poster above. Surely they can't just run it to heat 10 and then expect people to think they have had their moneysworth.

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