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  1. Ben Fund

    We thought it might be quite a good way of raising some funds for the Ben Fund by selling sets of the 10 programmes for the meetings we have had since 2009. One drawback - the Rye House meeting of 2009 was a complete sell-out so we only have 9 of them available (at least when the Peterborough issue is produced). Is there any chance that anyone might have a spare copy of the 2010 BFB at Rye House they don't need? If so you could send me a message. Postage would be refunded.
  2. Ben Fund

    Grachan's comment is totally wrong. I can't understand why he would say it. There are numerous examples of big name riders being asked but either saying no (sometimes for some appropriate reason and sometimes not) or simply not giving an answer at all. It was never in anyone's interest to publicise these disappointments.
  3. Dave Rattenberry Rip

    This is a very unpleasant shock as I hadn't realised Dave was ill. He's one of these people you thought would always be around. I must have known him since 1970 at least and seen him at dozens of tracks. He did the souvenirs at Powderhall in the late 70s and early 80s though he wasn't there every week. When he did the souvenirs at Glasgow and Berwick with Mick Gregory in the late 80s and early 90s, they stayed with me and we had some very enjoyable weekends, going for meals or occasionally to football, which was Dave's main interest. He had been to thousands of grounds. His snoring was legendary. I'm very, very sorry I won't be seeing his cheery face any more.
  4. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I understand the club throw them away, but I will try the Barbers, thanks.
  5. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Edinburgh's away match at Peterborough was rained off on 1st October, and the programme was re-used for Workington's visit on the 6th with a wrapround. Is there anyone who has this 1st October programme and would be willing to sell it? (Ideally I am looking for 9 copies!)
  6. I'm impressed by this post it is absolutely right. Craig is not a naturally confident person. At his best and with some decent backing to have the best engines, I believe he could do very well in the GPs. Maybe that won't happen, maybe the intense pressure he puts on himself will bring him down and make him under-perform as he sometimes does on big occasions. These are not a true reflection of his ability. I sincerely hope he does himself proud.
  7. Generally any team wanting to be in the top league will be welcomed. Lakeside have already said it is what they want. So if that's still the case how can the losers of this Playoff be told they can't be in the top league? All this is pretty much too obvious to bother saying. At least it gives another couple of TV matches at venues which aren't seen all that often.
  8. It's so wrong it's unbelievable. A serious shortage of riders and one who wants to come here, is blocked by people who don't know anything about the situation. Pointless rules. But would he not qualify for a new one if he got in the top four of a State Championship?
  9. That doesn't absolve you of the requirement to post fairly if you want to be regarded as a serious poster rather than a childish irritant. Perhaps you prefer to be the latter, it's easier.
  10. How can you chop the end off someone's quote, the part which gives the explanation why he left, and then present yourself as any kind of impartial observer. A pathetic post.
  11. Of course there is a very strong Monarch connection with Belle Vue as well.
  12. Newcastle V Redcar 3/9/17

    As I see it, you get 24 hours grace on either side of an FIM event in which you are allowed to miss meetings. Your team gets a facility. If he's had a rain-off then that effectively puts him into that situation. Had he ridden in a meeting then the facility would have been lost, you are not allowed to do that.
  13. Unfortunately remaining matches are home v Wolves and away v Rye House. They need to beat Wolves on Friday.
  14. Well it's certainly going one of the ways!
  15. Even in normal circumstances they would do some track prep between meetings so there is bound to be a gap. When you have just lost 34-58 and have maybe two riders injured, perhaps enthusiasm is waning slightly.