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  1. Al Stewart


    This Friday Edinburgh have their final rewind of the summer, the 2002 Scottish Open.
  2. Al Stewart


    We are taking a week off from the EMTV Rewind matches because of the GPs. Next one will be Friday 4th September.
  3. Al Stewart


    The meetings are chosen first and foremost for the standard of the racing. We have a record of how many heats from each match were chosen for the end of season highlights tapes. So while Newport may have had better teams in other matches they did not provide such good racing.
  4. Al Stewart


    How many clubs have shown a home defeat in their transmissions? Edinburgh have.
  5. Here is the link to join the Monarchs auction: https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/news-centre/article/2020-06-06/going-under-the-hammer
  6. The route into Saturday's Monarchs 100 auction, plus a list of the items being sold, are on the Edinburgh website now. Joining the auction on Saturday at 2pm will also be via this route, just a one-click button.
  7. The Edinburgh Monarchs 100 fundraising group will be holding an online auction of memorabilia and other items on Saturday 6th June. The auction is expected to include rare badges, racing suits and helmets, race jackets, rosettes and programmes. Richie Worrall has promised to donate his league winning Leicester kevlars from last season and the other 2020 Monarchs will be asked to look out some personalised items! Details on how to take part in the auction will be announced well in advance, as will the full list of what is to be auctioned. The auction will be hosted by Scott Wilson, and anyone with any donations can contact Scott on auction@scott-wilson.net
  8. Al Stewart


    It was connected to the takeover of Sheffield and the way Cliff Carr was treated.
  9. Al Stewart


    We were late notifying last week I gather. Ours will be on there in future.
  10. Al Stewart


    I thought we were organised to get this coverage but obviously not. I will investigate.
  11. Al Stewart


    I bumped into Geoff last year and emailed him last night to check he is doing OK. He is and sounds very cheerful. He stopped coming to Armadale at a time when his work made it awkward, and he also had a spell of ill health. He writes articles on chess now.
  12. Of course you are correct in what you say but in fact the SRBF doesn’t really have a website at the moment. The intention for some time has been to set up a new one but it is not yet ready.
  13. Can any kind Diamonds fan recommend how to get from St James Park to the Speedway by public transport on Sunday?
  14. Absolutely correct 2-4 was the best they were ever likely to do.

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