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  1. Al Stewart

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    I remember one of my favourite quotes, a rare piece of BSF wit, when someone said "Garrity has declared himself fit", to which someone else replied "He'd declare himself fit if he had three broken legs."
  2. Yes. Though it is on the screen in our stadium every week.
  3. No it's just at the stadium. Permission given by the BSPA and BT Sport.
  4. No not at this stage. It was announced at Somerset last night and I thought they would have advertised it further. It's a test but certainly those responsible believe it is ready for much wider availability.
  5. Whether our season is "done" or not (for me it's not while there are matches to watch), the visit of Somerset to Armadale on Friday will be shown live at the Oak Tree Arena. Could be an important innovation for British Speedway.
  6. I honestly thought Newcastle had a good team when they made their changes. They are Cup Finalists! But some of their riders are miles below what they should be doing.
  7. However, viewed from the situation at heat 4, there appeared to be a problem. You would have needed a crystal ball to be aware that times were then going to improve, maybe of course you had one.
  8. The track didn't look bad enough to me to justify a stoppage. However what the previous posters haven't said is that times went from 58.2 (heat 1) to 64.0 (heat 4 so it suggests there was more of an issue than it appeared.
  9. Masters ave 8.79 Jensen 7.65 so all ok by your measure.
  10. OK I've seen it now. Another unnecessary complication.
  11. This is spot on. Up to now my belief is that the Team GB setup is far more about style than substance. I would be very happy to admit if I am wrong about that. I can't even think of any way that things can realistically be altered. Either the riders are up to the job or they are not, and things like fitness, nutrition and team bonding sessions make only a marginal difference. The re-definition of 'team' to mean two riders plus an U21 has helped but realistically GB should not need this, there should be more riders at a good level. The aim should be to race Test series against Poland, Australia, Denmark etc with 7 or 8 man teams - proper Tests. This might happen in the future but the selection of Chris Harris (much as I admire what he has done over the years) doesn't suggest that we are aiming in this direction. Even Woffinden said we should be going with youth - surely he has a strong voice within Team GB?
  12. One thing that I haven't seen anyone pick up on is the unevenness of the gates. If I've calculated it correctly, the results were: Red and Blue 51 White and Yellow 74.There were only 4 advantages for gates 1 and 3, 3 of these being against GB or Germany. All six of the 5-1s were from gates 2 and 4. It's disappointing when results in a big meeting, or indeed any meeting, are skewed in this way. The big finale winner-takes-all race is likely to be decided either by luck or by whichever team gets the better gates, assuming the balance is the same on the second day.
  13. Al Stewart

    Swindon 2019

    You have it spot on.

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