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  1. steven101

    Good Friday Central Park Rockin' 'double Header'!

    I thought they was on a 5-1 iv been thinking i wouldnt of messed up that bad, so my results are correct the official result from referee was wrong. Ill edit the post tonight for it to make sense.
  2. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    No broken bones for richie, soft tissue and ligament damage.
  3. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    But if hurry ended up coming in on something like 6 anyone be stupid to turn him down surely.
  4. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    Right, been thinking what to say really, been to both meetings today and am not convinced this is a title winning team. The 1 to 5 arent that bad they are going to take time to gel, its such bad luck that we have lost our no.1 and captain to horrific injuries but i have no doubt connor is already sorting the problems. The real problem is the reserves they signed powell expecting another georgie but he quite clearly is nowhere near that doesnt look comfortable at all. As for phillips at kent tonight he was oversliding the bike almost everytime that bad that he sliding sideways on the straight. As for replacements im not sure what 3.00s there are out there. As for hughes/andrews they could go more solid or go for aroumd what they have now theres a few they could sign as a big no.1 Stefan Nielsen, Steve Boxall, Paul Hurry, from what i understand jacobs doesnt want to do NL so rule him out. Perks never looked any good at arlington last year so wouldnt sign him i dont think. Maybe marc will come back, kelsey would of been ideal replacement for andrews had he not signed for IOW today. Definately big problems atm for the ITfirst Eagles. As for monday best we can hope for is a rain off, try get some new riders on board.
  5. I have a ticket thats not needed now, south terrace, bought 3 but 1 person let me down. does anyone want to buy it off me? £20 what i paid for it.
  6. steven101

    Just A Bit Of Fun

    1 L Bowen 8.52 2 C Coles 5.61 3 G Wood 5.90 4 J Kingston 5.84 5 N Greaves 7.08 6 B Andrews 3.00 7 D Hume 3.79 39.74
  7. steven101

    Lakeside 2016

    I think this will be a good move back in december i saw he was putting hard training in on his instagram so must of been wanting to come back since then listened to that interview and he has said he wouldnt come back if he didnt want to be the best and is aware of the risks but doesnt bother him because its what he wants to do. Good luck lewis
  8. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    Iv had an idea for this charity boxing event, 3rd fight - catinthehat v niall ?
  9. steven101

    Isle Of Wight Wightlink Warriors 2016

    I personally cant wait for my trip to the IOW to see the eagles win
  10. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    Now that would be amazing but wont happen. Could complete side with Ellis, Powell and Hume or Hunter!
  11. steven101

    Eastbourne 2016

    To keep the fans on their toes, they want to be talked about, we wouldnt be talking about the team as much if all 7 were signed up and they know this, i expect the no.1 to be the last 1 announced maybe as a new year gift.
  12. steven101

    Belle Vue Colts 2016

    That would leave you with 8.94
  13. steven101

    Stoke 2016

    Just saying i called wilson the other day will be a superb no.1 for stoke, look forward to seeing him at eastbourne.
  14. steven101

    Isle Of Wight Wightlink Warriors 2016

    Marc owen and kelsey dugard to complete the team?
  15. steven101

    Cradley 2016

    No mate, you wont see him make a return 100%.

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