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  1. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    RIP Ivan Simply the Best
  2. Coventry 2017

    No further Bees assets likely to ride over here, I think the cupboard is bare in that regard, but there is.... Greg Hancock, Shamek pawlicki ,andreas Jonson.martin smolinski That’s all I can remember. could be the elder saucepan brother of the Poole rider.
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Fabulous result, I have to admit when I read the article about it I got something in my eye at the same time .
  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    After listening to the Facebook chat, which is well worth a listen, I still can’t understand the disconnect between the current promotion and the campaign group.Horton says he wants to cooperate with them ,must be a reason they don’t want him on board. i don’t trust Sandhu either he has obviously contributed to this mess. going forward we just have to hope Rugby BC reject the application and the subsequent appeals which will no doubt follow and drag it out for several years.
  5. Always liked watching Alan Wilkinson ride he was a real warrior, I recall in this era Belle Vue were stacked with young GB talent and would give the Bees a right tonking.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    This is the article...... FOLLOWING a meeting at the SCB on Tuesday (January 9), Coventry’s participation in the 2018 National League was ratified. Home matches are to take place at Leicester’s Beaumont Park, which is described as a ‘temporary’ home whilst efforts continue to bring the club back to its rightful venue. Members of the Campaign Group then held a meeting with promoter Mick Horton in order to clarify the aspirations of both parties going forward. We have always been clear throughout the Campaign process that our intention is not to go back over old ground, and that our complete focus is on fighting the proposals to redevelop the stadium with the objective of facilitating a return to Coventry. Notwithstanding the disputes which eventually put paid to the 2017 season – when the stadium owners eventually elected to take their own course of action – it must be stressed that the reason why Coventry are unable to race at Brandon in 2018 is not down to Mick Horton. That is entirely a matter for Brandon Estates and John Downer. We needed to be satisfied that the National League venture at Leicester is not being supported financially by Brandon Estates. We have been given a categorical assurance by Mick Horton that there is no financial input from the developers. That being the case, we are satisfied that having a Bees team racing 30 miles away is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on efforts to restore speedway and stock car racing to Coventry. The move to Leicester is a personal/business gamble being taken by Mick Horton and at this stage nobody can be certain of whether or not it will prove to be a success. We know there are obvious reasons why some supporters will choose not to attend – including the practicalities of travel, and the fact that they will race in the lowest tier – but by the same token, it must be accepted that there are also supporters who simply wish to see a Coventry team on track, and this move provides them with that option when there is no available venue locally. The worst thing that can happen at this point is for the fan-base to be split by arguments amongst themselves over whether they should be attending, or personal attacks on those involved. We are unified by our desire to get back to Coventry as soon as possible, and in the meantime people should be free to make their own choice without receiving criticism from within. The activities of the Campaign Group and the speedway promotion are separate, but we are not working against each other. We fully accept that to get speedway and stock car racing back is going to require co-operation from all parties. For the Campaign Group it is most important to maintain the momentum which was built up during 2017, where there is huge opposition to the proposed redevelopment. Whilst the developers maintain a wall of silence – their Autumn planning application has yet to materialise, as has any response to the public exhibition feedback, which was promised to all who replied – the stadium itself continues to fall into disrepair. Events since the turn of the New Year have been particularly upsetting, and all of the questions at this stage should be directed at John Downer, Brandon Estates and Howell & Co Solicitors (James Crocker). WHY have they continually failed with their security measures when the previous owners managed to maintain a safe environment for all over many years? WHY have they allowed the stadium to continually deteriorate in comparison to its ‘tidy’ state of December 2016? WHY have they allowed local residents to be put at risk due to the criminal activities over recent days? WHY has it been left to the vigilance of locals and the intervention of the Leader of the Council to protect the site from even more damage? WHAT are they actually doing now to ensure that whilst the latest set of travellers have now left, more do not follow shortly after? We know that having a Coventry team racing in the National League away from Coventry will not be to everyone’s taste, and we also know this in no way helps the stock car fraternity who have similarly lost their sport. But please don’t use that as a stick to beat the riders who will be representing the club and doing their best to progress in the sport. The decision to race at Leicester does not alter or affect in any way the focus or aspirations of the Campaign Group, and we wish the team well for the season ahead. Finally, despite the shocking state of the stadium, please do not write off a return to Brandon in the future – we believe it still offers the best chance of both sports returning to the area. We will communicate further Campaign updates in due course.
  7. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I believe Dave Jones is making statements of truths not assumptions. He understands the larger picture that is being played out between BE and slippery Mick . Good luck to the riders ,but this just doesn’t sit right with me ,equally I do understand BE will spin the situation as they seem fit . i prefer to defer support to the Save Coventry Speedway campaign and their diligent efforts to restore the Bees back to Brandon, this NL dalliance will only exist for one season i am sure the campaign group can keep the Bees name prominent for the same period of time. As for bomber slagging off Mick Horton maybe he is a mardy sod ,but he does have first hand knowledge of him. Flip this around where have you seen anyone praise Mick Horton in the recent past. up the Bees
  8. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I am sure you are right there is a new town/village being built at Crick and several large developments at Dunchurch and Cawston.
  9. Bye bye Gate girls?

    The offended are taking over that much is true.
  10. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Can Brandon Estates go on record and confirm no money has been sent to Mick Horton to help fund Coventry Bees’ National League speedway venture at Leicester this season? Responding to our question, Brandon Estates said: “Brandon Estates will not be commenting on any historic speculation regarding the site. “Our focus now is on moving forward with the future of the site and the proposed development, on which the public can continue to provide feedback.” .. No suprises here then. not lining slippery micks pockets ,of course not . and the moons a balloon then.
  11. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I am clinging on to the hope of a Brandon return. i do not believe there will ever be another stadium.
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I agree with Walter and others slippery Mick is not getting my coin. i can’t see this venture furthering the case for speedway at Brandon Good luck to the young lads who will get a ride now though that is a positive.
  13. Bt Sport Coverage

    Too right they are probably arguing on the size of the signature ,only one letter over 8mm . Who signs first etc.
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    I think BT coverage is far better especially with the after meeting interviews and chit chat much better than the rushed finishes with sky . Natalie is quality and whilst I admit Nigel and Kevin are too shouty, you can’t knock the enthusiasm. we should start a petition to get Floppy back I thought he was really good.
  15. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    James Sarjeant has been sold to Leicester. Its in this weeks star ,the January sales have begun.