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  1. naffer

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Very sad news, Roman was a real entertainer and a rather robust riding style . RIP
  2. naffer

    Brandon Update

    Looks like narcissus has done well.
  3. After 4 heats, no good races ,track looks terrible . Riders are spaced out awful.
  4. naffer

    Eastbourne 2019

    Best wishes Tom.
  5. naffer

    Brandon Update

    What did I do? i supported the team and paid to get in that’s what I did . i didn’t realise I had to be a major investor or promoter to have an opinion sorry about that. i did nothing to prevent his attempts at Leicester either. So wrong on three counts .That probably makes you tricky dicky from Billericay certainly not Clever Trevor. Mick Horton a paragon of virtue please .
  6. naffer

    Brandon Update

    What are you blathering on about with free admission. Correct he has run the bees since 2011, but I would put it down to a by speedway standards a large and loyal fan base ,not his mercurial promotional skills. Dont try and make him out to be a figure from Brandon’s past to be looked up at.He is a business person he knew he could make it pay at Brandon because of the fans. he probably thought he could break even at Leicester so does that make him Francis of Assisi or Clueless Clarence of Caerphilly?
  7. naffer

    Brandon Update

    My logic in thinking Horton was out of the way was because Coventry speedway ltd was dissolved in January. There is article about this is on the Save Coventry Speedway website
  8. naffer

    Brandon Update

    Positive news ,at least we have a chance now.chancer Horton is out of the way( I think) so full steam ahead the good ship Bees. A great big thanks to the campaign group. up the bees.
  9. What a great race thanks for posting that. can you imagine Nige and Kelvin commentating on that good old Nigel’s head would explode.
  10. naffer

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    I always thought at one time both Andy and David Clark would make heatleader status but it never happened ,what happened to David Clark I cant remember.
  11. naffer

    Ronnie Moore seriously ill

    RIP Ronnie Moore saw him ride for the Bees in the 1970s he had an effortless style similar to Simmo. it still amazes me that NZ had three of the best riders ever.
  12. naffer

    Poole 2018

    SCB Blimey what a twit, hope he can run fast .
  13. naffer

    Poole 2018

    Not having team Kevlars makes sense now. Mind you probably would have got a discount for a bulk order.

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