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  1. Ask him why he has not been on the Poole forum since 24th December while you are at it!
  2. Blue Blood Pirate

    Darcy Ward

    Thanks for taking on and fostering our ' love child ' (starman 2006) The Poole Forum has been paradise the last few days Long may it continue Any problems contact the CSA and you will get their full support
  3. Blue Blood Pirate

    Matt Brightens The Troops

    Regardless of club allegences, the message the deed portrays is what matters and most posters here see it that way. The military of all nations and speedway riders share some common ground. The jobs they do can have consequences on their families and future lives. Hope we have another 'Armed Forces Day' in 2011. Well done Matt Ford and any other person who susequently recognises respect for those who may not be in the comfort zone we currently are.
  4. Blue Blood Pirate

    This Weeks Speedway Star. - Postal

    Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poole Pirate asset with too high average to fit in the team) was in the Winners bit Kev. Lakeside and Coventry paid us for his services and he paid our local authourity his council tax so everyones happy down here. Enjoy Krzysztof in 2011 Kev he will do a good job for you. Krzysztof and Bjarne loan fees will part fund our campaign so business as usual.
  5. Blue Blood Pirate

    This Weeks Speedway Star. - Postal

    Don't worry folks this weeks Speedway Star contains the Poole Pirates 2010 track review. Also full page interview with Bjarne Pedersen (Poole Pirates) And Isle of Wight 2010 track review featuring Danny Warwick and Brendan Johnson (Poole local lads). So production runs to meet the high demand will cause a few problems. It is on sale in newsagents today at £2.70 (New Year price increase from £2.60, but it has all that top quality Poole material in it) 4th Coventry 52pts + 9th Ipswich 26pts = 1st poole 78pts Statistics forever inscribed in the history books.

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