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  1. If Glasgow hadn’t got 2 5-1’s when they had watched the track being graded and watered in the interval whilst Sheffield had a cup of tea, the score line would have been even less pretty. Worrall and Harris were woeful, Stark and Robson tried but for little reward. Vissing was steady. A decent debut for Nichol, if not for his chain he would have outscored anything Jan has done so far this year. Can only see him getting better.
  2. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2018

    Personally wouldn’t want to see Lasse go. We aren’t going to win anything this year and so would prefer to stick with a team that wins and entertains at home - Lasse is the most entertaining rider we have and drops very few points at home...
  3. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2018

    Feel for Jack - thought his last meeting was his best to date, but something had to be done to try and strengthen
  4. Well... I know the track being as rough as a badgers arse didn’t help matters, but not the best meeting. Berwick were fairly woeful with pretty much Gappmeir and Howe coming out with any credit - particularly Howe who after his crash was pretty much dragging his left leg when he tried to walk. Nice to see Todd getting a max and I thought it was possibly Smith’s best meeting to date (prior to him coming a cropper)
  5. Is Jan now a permanent fixture do we think?
  6. Although... if we could fit Berge in, it wouldn’t be a bad thing
  7. Not a bad meeting, but think we used our get out of jail card to win that one. If Klindt had ridden like he can or Compton hadn’t tailed off in his last 2 we would have been in trouble. Nice to see Ty back to his best. Thankful to Graversen for last year, but he needs replacing ASAP. Even 6 points from that position would have turned it into a 52-38 result.
  8. I fear for Sheffield, we struggled at Newcastle and only scraped a draw last night at home. 55-35
  9. Fair play to Peterborough, a deserved draw. Don’t think Scotty has ever ridden Owlerton that well before. Losing Howarth / Howarth not riding to his normal standard had a big impact and not helped by Graversen’s non-impact on the meeting. Not the best meeting, racing wasn’t great - track seemed very dry and slick by the end.
  10. If the top 4 and Shanes ride like they have been doing at home, Sheffield should be fine; if Graversen can hit the ground running it should be a comfortable win. Famous last words
  11. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2018

    He should be ok at home, although think people will probably see what a difference riding in the main body makes. Away from home I’m not sure that it will net us many more points than r/r - hopefully I’m wrong
  12. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2018

    Graverson is back...
  13. Did not know that!! Thanks
  14. You can only have a guest for your number 1 - unless they are riding in an official meeting elsewhere
  15. After heat 13 I heard Howarth telling Steady that going down the back straight Barker had told him that he was going to put him on a stretcher... Kyle took offence! No idea what was behind it as I didn’t see that Kyle had done anything wrong. Somebody afterwards said that the threat extended to Wright as well, but I don’t know if that’s accurate or not. Kyle had words after the race, punches were thrown, mechanics were involved... then it kicked off in the pits after Kyle’s dad had a word with Ben... more punches were thrown.

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