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  1. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019

  2. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019

    Is it April 1st?
  3. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019

    Just wondering... we had gold on the race suits this year given we were the champions, do you think we will have wood grain next year given we've got the wooden spoon?
  4. Think we will have to agree to disagree on this occasion. Barker was no where near him
  5. Thanks - my point was that Tai was shocking in his first GP series attempt too (although I know he had other things going on such as his father’s death to contend with)
  6. Just thinking on the whole ‘is Cook a GP rider or not?’ - how did Woffinden do at his first attempt in the GPs?
  7. on this occasion I don’t think you can blame Barker. From where I was stood he was no where near Ty and didn’t do anything wrong. Ty was on the outside chasing the dirt, went in too hot and slid off, nobody else’s fault.
  8. Forgot to say, hat off to Cookie for donating his winnings to Ricky Ashworth - there aren’t many riders / people generally around who would do that.
  9. Good racing, good meeting, deserved winner. Well done Cookie!
  10. Cue Ball

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

    The rule quoted in the Scunny-Sheffield thread appears to be in relation to the individual long track championship, not the world team longtrack which Harris and Shanes are riding in today
  11. Just thinking - is there a difference between the World Long Track Championship which is covered by Rule 16.5.1(K) - isn't that the individual world championship? Whereas Shanes is riding in the Team Long Track World Cup - 2 different things? Looks like signing on was from 11am this morning and if he wanted to practice his bikes had to be there for between 11am and 12.10 for examination. I would guess that if you want to practice, you had to have your bike checked and to get your bike checked you had to have signed on first...? which I would guess means that he couldn't have flown out this morning and got to practice. I have no idea if that is an accurate hypothesis or not. Seem to remember in the GPs that Harris didn't always practice
  12. No idea at all about the politics, rules or regulations behind Sheffield being granted a facility - and to be honest I couldn’t really care less, I just want to see four riders, good racing and preferably a Sheffield win! But... It cost me about that to take a suitcase to Croatia and back - I doubt Shanes, his mechanic (dad?), bikes, engines, spares etc will be able to fly for that amount!!! And given flight delays etc, would you risk arriving 2 hours before practice when representing your country? I wouldn’t. Harris has a team and no doubt has somebody who can drive a van to France for him - which from Sheffield would take best part of around 13 hours non-stop, so add on waiting for the ferry/tunnel, toilet/food stops etc, you’re looking at 16/17 hours travel at least, so too much to do in one day safely - That person or persons can no doubt set up the bikes and so forth when they get there. Shanes doesn’t have those kind of resources at his disposal. Also, I would guess that Shanes wouldn’t turn down the chance to earn money riding for Sheffield if he could help it - at his stage of career, he will no doubt want and need all the cash he can get his hands on. Finally, if you look at his schedule he isn’t exactly work shy when it comes to riding his bikes! He seems to cram in as many as he can, so again, would think that he would have preferred to ride if he possibly could have done. Anyway, perhaps we can all stop putting a dampener on what was an entertaining night. Scunny got 3 points regardless of the Sheffield team make up and so can be happy. Sheffield salvaged some pride after some woeful home performances. Everybody’s a winner
  13. Gutted! Another good Scunny v Sheffield meeting, good racing but shame about the result! Can’t believe we led for 14 heats and then lost
  14. Cue Ball

    Sheffield v Edinburgh 23/08/18

    Phew!! Glad they managed to stop the rot(ish) for the last meeting. Missed this and the last couple of meetings due to work and holidays, hoping that we come back bigger and better next year.
  15. Why are people banging on about riders not being paid? Here and on Facebook. There is absolutely no evidence or suggestion that is the case, fairly sure if it was that one of the riders or those associated with them would have said something by now. As for blaming Steady!! What has he done wrong??? Won the league last year and everybody thought he was the best manager ever - tactically aware, great in the pits with the riders etc. This year, we didn’t have as good a team arguably, especially with losing Josh B before a wheel was turned, but we’ve done ok at home for the most part until the last month (and there hasn’t been a word said against him prior to that) - can’t see that Stead has changed over night and turned him Into the worst manager ever as some seem to suggest.

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