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  1. Why are people banging on about riders not being paid? Here and on Facebook. There is absolutely no evidence or suggestion that is the case, fairly sure if it was that one of the riders or those associated with them would have said something by now. As for blaming Steady!! What has he done wrong??? Won the league last year and everybody thought he was the best manager ever - tactically aware, great in the pits with the riders etc. This year, we didn’t have as good a team arguably, especially with losing Josh B before a wheel was turned, but we’ve done ok at home for the most part until the last month (and there hasn’t been a word said against him prior to that) - can’t see that Stead has changed over night and turned him Into the worst manager ever as some seem to suggest.
  2. My mum always told me that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all - if other people’s mums said the same I’m guessing it is going to be very quiet on here!
  3. Just hope there is a team next year - Mole already commented a while back about the stick they were getting and some of the comments on Facebook etc wouldn’t exactly entice me (if I was in their position) to bother risking my cash just to get abuse
  4. Really don’t see how Steady can be taking any flak for this - what can he do?? He can’t make people gate or take different lines when in mid race or stop breakdowns... everybody was singing his praises last year with his tactical awareness etc, really don’t see that his management skills have gone away, the team performance has just hit a cliff for some reason. it is curious how the entire team have forgotten how to gate, wonder if the track set up has changed somehow and it is just catching them out?
  5. Sorry, but Jan was a great reserve last year, but in the main body of the team this year he was pants. Replacing him with Broc was a risk, but the right thing to do as it turns out.
  6. Should even things up - looks like Sheffield sacked Bjerre last night, not withholding his services so I suppose we will with a NL guest too
  7. Hats off to the Bears, they out gated us and when they didn't, they out rode us. Yes, we had a few mechanical gremlins and lost a few points as a consequence, but not enough to have changed the outcome. We just never looked like being able to win from heat 1 onwards. Remind me, why did we get rid of Berge....????
  8. Wtf Thankfully I am away this week and so missed what appears to be an absolute nightmare of an evening what happened????
  9. That was embarrassing. How can we fail to win a single heat in the last 9 races? A few riders need to be apologising for their performances I think. Hats off to Lakeside, they were far and away the better team on the night. Fair to say that our season will be done and dusted by the end of August.
  10. I may have posted too soon
  11. Rained for about a minute so far, nothing to worry about yet!
  12. Agreed - I do like a trip to Scunny, but can't make it this week, so fingers crossed for rain
  13. For those who have this meeting a miss.... big mistake!! Been some absolutely cracking racing
  14. Cue Ball

    Craig Cook

    Although.... there was a post on Facebook or Twitter earlier saying that it hadn’t been authorised by the BSPA yet and I notice that there still isn’t an announcement on their website

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