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  1. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Hmmm... past experience of how the track has been left unfortunately suggests that Jesus could be the track curator and it would still be a struggle to it anywhere near its best!!
  2. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    So I read that as saying... “Sheffield speedway will be crap this year due to additional stock car and banger races resulting in the track being torn to shreds on a regular basis. There will also be an abundance of punctures.” Hope that they enforce them tidying up after themselves a bit better than they have in previous years
  3. Cue Ball

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    From what I remember of the Nagy incident, tempers were running high from a previous coming together earlier in the meeting. For some reason they were both put into a race that I’m sure they shouldn’t have been in (although it was a long time ago, so I could be wrong) - neither rider gave any quarter on the run to the first bend and the resultant accident was horrific
  4. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    RIP Roman The guy was an out and out racer and entertainer
  5. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Don’t believe it was suggested it did have any relevance in the uk... so what’s your point? Although, Jack Holder will be a Sheffield rider next season, so it is of relevance to Sheffield supporters... and as most of us live in the UK, it does have some relevance here...
  6. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Welcome back Todd
  7. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Can we go back to the CL please? Fans were much nicer Auty = a decent rider on his day, but has bugger all to do with Sheffield anymore, so I’m at a loss as to why we seem to have pages discussing him, or why there is so much unnecessary abuse. Think there are a couple of people on here who need to take their handbags outside or just chill the hell out!!
  8. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Love watching Auty ride, but can’t gate to save his life - which has meant that he has never reached the heights he should have done. Lack of ability to hate means that he will never get anywhere in this division. Would like to see Berge back; would definitely strengthen us at home
  9. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Next rider being announced in the morning... place your bets!!
  10. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Wonder if there was a swap deal - we get Kyle, they get Broc?
  11. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Howarth has been released by Wolves, so presume that he will be on the team sheet in the near future
  12. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    Would love this if true, the guy is pure box office. As has been said, in the UK there would only be about Doyle better. Would imagine that Holder is the more likely ex-world champ to grace us with their presence
  13. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    It’s a tough life...!!!
  14. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2020

    If Chris Van Straaten is to be believed, this thread needs moving to the Premiership section. Apparently he announced that Kent, Berwick and ourselves are on the move
  15. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019

    Out of interest, why?

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