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  1. Redcar pushed Glasgow to a last heat decider last night, definitely won’t be a pushover
  2. MPT has tweeted that he never agreed to ride today - he was asked, but hadn’t said yes, he then cracked his frame which meant that he couldn’t in any event.
  3. Schlein should get a ban for that little stunt The pat on the back from his mechanic and the big grin on his face in the pits is pretty disgusting and disrespectful to those who have paid to watch. Made worse by Kurtz popping out of the gate and getting the fastest time of the night so far... track can’t be that bad. Have always liked Rory, but have just lost a lot of respect for him
  4. And Broc has just taken a trip to hospital from Leicester...
  5. Any word on whether we can have a guest for Kyle?
  6. Cue Ball

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Not a good meeting from a Sheffield perspective - if Bowtell hadn’t taken a dislike to the back straight fence, Scunny would have been deserved winners. Still not really sure how we managed to win to be honest!!
  7. Looks like we might possibly both be a man down for this fixture. Howarth and Garrity both failed to make it past turn 1 at Redcar in the British semi and have headed to hospital, fingers crossed they’re both ok
  8. Any news on Drew? Birmingham surprised me for the first half of the meeting by keeping up with us, but the second half was a different story and having heat leaders made the difference for the Tigers. Made me chuckle when the announcer before heat 13 said something about the battle of the big guns and I overheard a Brummie supporter complaining because they didn’t have any!!
  9. Ah, the old, “I didn’t go, but it was a crap meeting” trick They were young lads racing, it was never going to be GP standard, but I thought it was alright. I didn’t have any problems getting change at the turnstile, cafe or when I bought my programme. You would obviously have a better idea of whether the bar was open or closed from your armchair than me as I didn’t venture upstairs, so will concede to you on that point.
  10. Not a bad meeting, despite the gulf between some of the riders. Why did Scunny let List go?!? Looked bloody fast today and only ended up second because of a very determined ride by Jordan Stewart in the final
  11. Heat 15. Wowsers. Hats off to all 4 riders, talk about saving the best until last!
  12. Cue Ball

    Sheffield v Redcar 7/4/19

    Does anybody know how much the picture got auctioned off for in the end?
  13. Cue Ball

    Play off contenders

    I don’t think Bates’ fitness or attitude will be a concern for Sheffield. He’s riding for Leicester
  14. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019

    3 weeks until tapes up
  15. Cue Ball

    Sheffield 2019


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